Monday, May 24, 2021

Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generating 200 foot high walls of water that travelled several hundred miles an hour all the way to the Arctic Circle. Alaska's Akiachak volcano erupted at the same time sending additional tsunamis southward. Yikes. And peeps are worried about "global warming"? 

p50 Human thought if properly focused has the ability to change physical reality. According to Dan Brown. Hundreds of others have said so before him but I guess if he can present the idea in a best-seller so that more peeps become aware of it, can't hurt. 

Zero Point Field. Uh, just another name for the Ether which is one of the 5 basic elements along with earth, fire, air & water. Again, read the Vedas, or Rene Guenon's writings about them.

Ted Kennedy in 1975 says: "the deputy director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an extensive testing and experimentation program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign. Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to unwitting subjects in social situations." Cool. Thus the UFO & ET craze which began in the 60's. CIA insisted MK-Ultra had been abandoned by early '70's, CIA vet says not so.

Remote viewing, claims that it actually worked. Publicly stated that it didn't.

p206 Roswell. If Marcel can be believed, we have a genuine UFO crash. The crash test dummy theory has been laughed at, but I think the dummies were plants. Make the peeps think aliens are flying these things instead of our own secret govts. Nobody saw them clearly. Corso's book is questionable as pointed out by Colvin? I think, the "antiquated" science he claimed was found. Carbide plastic found at the site, etc.

Redfern thinks the bodies were Japanese POW's being experimented on at high-altitude; many peeps in our rocket progs at the time were ex-nazi's, like Werner von Brahn...

p220 Copper Scroll is a treasure map. Article author believes the treasure had already been found in Egypt before the Scroll was even found, thought to be a thief's plunder, & is already on display at the Cairo Museum.

p230 Article writer cites Spiritualism as proof we survive death. All of his quotes can be debunked by reading Guenon's The Spiritist Fallacy, where he pretty much proves the whole thing is real but is generated by the minds of the medium & the participants; not dead peeps coming back to speak to us.

The real proof is in the NDE's which thousands of peeps have had (my uncle for one) and in the Vedas which says that our personality survives in a different state & continually moves into different undetermined states. Proof enough without citing phony spiritualism as a source. "All are wrong" my note in the book says, about deniers & believers both. Guenon settled this 100 years ago; no one paid attention & no one bothered to translate him into English until 20 years ago.

p236 Richard Feynman suggests that a positron might be an electron moving backwards in time. 

When an event occurs it generates various fields and gives off various waves that move both forward and backward in time. As we move forward through time we may encounter waves or fields from an event that has yet to occur. 

All events may not give off signals of equal magnitude; different types of waves may move faster or slower relative to each other. 

The past might be changeable also; Schoch has tested all this stuff in the laboratory; see The Parapsychology Revolution from 2008; have it but haven't read it yet.

The data or the past is only malleable before it is viewed or studied by someone. Hmm, so as long as an event in the past remains hidden, it can still be changed? By the mind? Is that the real purpose for all this obscure ancient history? The WTA's or whoever are trying to change the past? In order to accomplish... what? PKD said a long time ago he thought the past changed. 

FIP's, a phrase coined by writer J. B. Priestly, for Future-Influencing-Present effects.   

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Unseen Forces

p21 "The liberal media..." Thank you, Mr. Sitchin. Yes they are not unbiased. Attacks on Darwin are "creationism in disguise" and "a good disguise" according to Time Magazine; that disguise being called Intelligent Design. It would be interesting to find and read the article quoted & see if they bother to mention that many scientists now believe that many things are too complex (the eye, 5 properties of cells etc etc) to have evolved from a puddle of slime or anything else, which may or may not have anything to do with creationism.

p24 Radiant Energy Device - it used 29 vacuum tubes to trap & store energy from "the void." It would power 35 100-watt light bulbs. He was threatened, shot at, denied a patent etc, all the usual to protect the power elite & their monopolies on energy.

Hermann Minkowsky & his framework for the concept of space-time in 1907, which leads to Einstein's theory of relativity where the speed of light is a constant & timing of events is relative to the observer; which replaced the Galilean concept of Absolute Time. 

p28 Tom Bearden & "Energy From the Vacuum" where he's doing the same thing but states that the energy is coming from the time dimension; when mass or energy increases, time decreases: or something like that. I think this energy comes from the ether, which no skientist nowadays will even admit exists - because they're using it behind the scenes to power all sorts of things and don't want us ordinary peeps to know. This guy has built a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator that produces power from thin air. Cool. Still think he's wrong about the source of the power.

p32 Article on Tesla. Obscure inventions & ideas - electric car powered by wireless energy, cosmic rays that travel 50 times the speed of light, a cosmic ray machine that gets power from the atmosphere (from the ether - me), 300 page paper on bladeless turbine that is lost or stolen, particle beam weapon, dynamic theory of gravity.

Tesla says the sun absorbs more energy than it emits. Disagrees with Einstein, says space cannot be curved because it has no properties.

p34 George Gamow says in the 1920's that Goudsmit & Uhlenbeck measured the rate of electron spin as 1.37 times the speed of light. See previous entries where LaV mentions several discoveries of things moving faster than the speed of light; also that others have discovered that the speed of light is not a constant.

Einstein said if the ether could be detected then relativity must be wrong. - Therefore the ether remains unmentioned by modern academia in order to propagate the false physics we've been saddled with for 100 years; in order to keep the real physics to the elites & the WTA's.

p37 Tesla's dynamic theory of gravity is that all matter is constantly absorbing ether at 1.37 times the speed of light. This is what gravity is. The influx of ether pushes us to earth, makes radio waves follow the surface of the earth.

The ether exists in a realm that transcends the speed of light.

p70 Article writer thinks the Ark contained a sophisticated electronics device, believes it was dug up from the Temple by the Templars & taken to France & later to Montreal of all places. He thinks it generated negative ions; massive amounts I guess. Mentions negative ion therapy & the positive effect on the brain as in inner peace & well being. 

Or the thingy inside the Ark was a big crystal which was also at one point inside the Great Pyramid in the sarcophagus in the King's Chamber, used to release energy of & mitigate earthquakes. Or be used as a power source, of negative ions or electromagnetic force. Or see Chris Dunn's book, he thinks it was a power plant.

This version of the Ark & where it might have ended up is different than Hancock's & his 8 pages are better than Hancock's whole book.

p80 Ancient temple structure closely related to antenna propagation patterns - for projecting or accumulating sound waves. 

p82 Round towers of Ireland are amplifiers of electromagnetic waves from the sun, the waves being fed to or accessed by anyone in the towers, ie the monks. We also have the stone chambers, structures & circles in New England that have unexplained electromagnetic anomalies; pulses of 16.5 mhz to 1675 mhz. Communication channel? Door being opened?

p124 Well well well another author who mentions that the sphinx might originally have been carved as Anubis the jackal, based on ancient Egyptian sources; doesn't mention that earlier Robert Temple had the same theory in The Sphinx Mystery; great book (he was ridiculed for it by Schoch, Bauval & others), beats these other guys by a mile. And the lion's paws are a later reconstruction; we don't know what the original paws looked like. So all the comparisons of the sphinx with the constellation Leo might not mean anything as far as the origin or purpose of the sphinx in the beginning.

p186 Earth as a crystal, evolving from dodecahedron to double penta-dodecahedron. The lines on this crystal are the ley lines, dragon paths, fairy tracks etc. 

p189 Lines & node points are where all the shit happens; Bermuda Triangle & Devil's Sea for example. Also all major ancient monuments are located along these lines, like the Great Pyramid, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Mohenjo Daro etc etc. The node points indicate stuff like center points for ocean currents, origins of storms (high-low barometric pressure), planetary hotspots & fracture zones, migration paths of birds & animals, places where new species have originated, concentrations of humans, birthplaces for ideas of art & sciences, locations of all major monuments which means they were trying to harness or control these forces in the past or whatever. So all of these changes occurring nowadays where birds migratory patterns are changing, dolphins & whales beaching, lost as if looking for new routes, etc, may be happening because of this, not because of anything humans are doing. 

Magnetic field dropping, schuman resonance increasing... The former, yes, the latter, no; the baseline of the schu res is still the same 7.83 hz it's always been. Does that invalidate any of this dude's argument? Not necessarily... However it might invalidate humans as the cause of any of these changes, which is why you'll never read anything like this in the mainstream press...

p221 "There is an incredible prejudice against new ideas amongst status quo scientists." - Schoch. Max Planck said: "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

p231 "Academics and scientists matriculate in an environment, or paradigm if you will, that ridicules the concept of an afterlife. So it is psychologically difficult for them to take seriously the idea that there could be hard evidence for something they have been ridiculing all their professional lives." - Dr. Neil Grossman , prof of philosophy at U of Illinois at Chicago. - Might I add that this applies to everything from science to socialism as well as reincarnation & karma to aliens.

p232 "My atheistic friends resist even the slightest whiff of an argument for an afterlife. Why is this? Why would anyone resist such good news? It doesn't matter how hard you try to convince them that the contemporary case for afterlife is not based on sacred texts but on empirical studies conducted by well-credentialed social scientists or doctors. The older generation grew up hearing that the only things that were real were material. Changing their minds on that score would threaten their very identity." Dr. Stafford Betty, prof of religious studies at Cal State Bakersfield. This applies to everything not just NDE's. Try arguing with these people, you can show them absolute proof & they'll dismiss it as if you're the one that's nuts.

Fundamentalist science (global warming etc) gives us a meaningless and soulless world.

p234 Good article on Climategate where UN officials were caught discussing in emails how to essentially fudge the data in their global warming fiction. Climate Research Unit at the U of East Anglia in Norwich, England. Hacker released 3000 pages of files in 2009.

Advice on how to avoid complying with FOIA; how to manipulate peer review process to exclude skeptics; failure of CRU's computer models to show worldwide decline in temps from 1998 to 2010 (date of this article). - Therefore they can't call it global warming anymore, they now have to call "it" climate change. 

p236 Draconian measures that have been proposed might be worthwhile to stave off eco-disaster, but can hardly be justified if the underlying science itself is in doubt. 

"The global warm-mongers have wholly corrupted the peer-review process."

"Climate science isn't settled. Confident predictions of catastrophe are unwarranted."

p240 A review of 21 scientific misconduct surveys from 1986 to 2005 found 2/3rds of researchers who said colleagues had committed questionable practices; 1 in 7 said that included inventing findings. - All in the quest for grant money presumably, and a share in a "shrinking pie." Wowsers, you global warm-mongers.

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Lost Powers

No, not Austin taking a wrong turn on the go cart...

p5 eka-lead element 114 if induced to decay would produce gold.

p6 Polywater a plastic made from water at room temp, produced in1967 by Russian chemists but also known to ancient alchemists.

Ancient instructions for the Baghdad Battery as well as electrolysis - turning water into hydrogen and oxygen, and the reverse; in the first millennium BC.

Aluminum belt-fasteners found in 297 China. Aluminum wasn't "discovered" until 1857.

p7 Mercury engine used in vimana flying machines, heated by controlled fire from the iron containers. Newton: "Because of the way by which mercury may be impregnated, it (the knowledge) has been thought fit to be concealed by others who have known it, possibly an inlet to something more noble, not to be communicated without immense danger to the world." Hmm... Article author wonders what the danger might be... Yeah it's poisonous or what evs but other than that... Mercury as a power source?

In the '70's in a cave near Tashkent the Russians found ancient sealed ceramic containers each with a drop of mercury in them. Hmm...

p9 Fullerene carbon C-60 microscopic nanotubes sewn together for modern body armor. Element found in nature. Chinese Emperor Yu paid a fortune for a garment from the Silk Road that supposedly could deflect arrows & spears. Same thing? Hmm...

Another suit of armor provided the wearer with perfect camouflage. Made of carbon (nanotubes nowadays) to form dark material that reflects very little light? Hmm...

Graphene (from ordinary soot) and graphene oxide; electrons flow at the same speed as neutrinos giving it unusual electromagnetic properties. Could serve as ultra high speed transistor circuitry & store huge amounts of data. Is this the mysterious "black powder" of the alchemists? Hmm again...

Bendable glass non-magnetic mentioned in old Arabic manuscripts, has now been created in 2007; amorphous glassy steel that can bend 90 degrees without breaking. Hmm... 

p11 Rose scent stimulates brain performance; heightens output of the hippocampus.

Frankincense is a resin extracted from the boswellia tree; used as incense throughout the ancient world. Many prescriptions for perfumes, powders and scents in the ancient world, which we don't know what they were used for. Brain stimulation?

p33 Dr John L Turner of Hilo, Hawaii, thinks that "the evidence coming to us through hypnotic regressions, near death experiences, out of body experiences and mediums" is of reincarnation, reviewing the life lessons, blah blah blah. Blavatsky did her job well. Hypnotic regression revelations are untrustworthy & probably just the subconscious thoughts of the hypnotists, right or wrong; not trustworthy as evidence or proof of anything. Mediums are channeling the wandering influences warned about in all the old traditions; also not to be trusted. Near death experiences happen but are personal & while proving that we survive this state that's all that it proves & may or may not be literally what happens to everyone since we all move on to a different state but maybe not the same one. Out of body experiences prove that the subtle state exists & that extensions or "prolongations" of the human form do exist; that the material world isn't all there is. Beyond all this, they don't prove reincarnation at all. In fact they disprove it by proving the survival of the personality.

p52 Gopi Krishna: the reproductive system is the mechanism by which evolution proceeds, religion is based on inherent evolutionary impulses in the psyche, and there is a predetermined target for human evolution toward which the entire race is being irresistibly drawn. Okay... but if like me you think the theory of evolution is a crock, where does that leave us regarding these statements? We evolve, not as humans or humanity, but as individual personalities as we move through different states of being. Humans are basically the same as they've always been. Keel falls into this "evolution" trap also in his speech to the Humanist Society (latest Keel blog entry). If one realizes that the human form itself is not evolving into anything else, that it's just a stage all beings pass through, many of these questions and/or answers are rendered moot and irrelevant. One can achieve personal realization through kundalini but it has nothing to do with humanity as a whole or as a species.     

p63 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: "The school of materialism holds the world in its grip and is the root cause of all our misfortunes." Correct.

p144 His mother and grandmother wondered if a "previous incarnation" might be involved. - So the poor kid picks up the info telepathically from them, to please them. Reincarnation is not proven by any of the cases listed here. Oooh I'm a skeptic; so I must be wrong. It can all be splained by ESP, telepathy & such, just like regressive hypnosis, mediumship, etc etc. See Rene Guenon, writing 100 years ago and satisfactorily splaining all this stuff that peeps still believe in for some reason. I feel sorry for kids like this; like they're being used to prove the beliefs of the parents.

p152 Then we go to the next article on orbs & mysterious lights in photographs. The pic of the light coming out of the well proves there's something to it, but digital photos with orbs are commonplace, I have a lot of them. Most likely simply defects in the digital lenses. The article writer doesn't even go into the difference between analog & digital photography & if that would have any effect on the phenomenon. Does an expensive Canon or Nikon (analog or digital) pick up orbs like a cheap cell phone camera? Who can say? Not this article writer...

p180 NDE experiences & list of evidence proving it, particularly seeing & hearing things while clinically dead ie seeing with your eyes closed. Conclusive proof of life beyond the physical body which of course the atheist skientists ignore.

p183 Dualism; mind and matter are independent of each other. For materialists there is no possible evidence that could convince them (might I add atheists and socialists). You can't give them positive proof of anything; they ignore it and dismiss it no matter what.

p198 The year 1816 was the coldest ever recorded, possibly caused by eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia which threw a bunch of dust into the air. Maunder Minimum was around this time also... Hmm I thought only humans could cause climate change...

p203 Painting in Italy of God the old man in the sky & Jesus sitting with their hands grasping the antennae of a "time machine" according to the article author:

It looks weird for sure, like a Sputnik or early type of satellite. This was painted in 1600. What is it really? Did the painter (Salimbeni) actually see this object in "real life" or did he dream of it or whatever? Who can say? I don't agree with this article writer that it must be an actual object from the future that had physically appeared in 1600. Did Da Vinci ever draw anything like this?

p215 Robert Schoch: Does a child who seems to remember a past life actually access this information from the past directly, rather than being the incarnation of that person? Might the child in question pick up the information telepathically from still living persons who might have known the deceased? Might mediums do likewise? - Thorny questions, he says. Answered 100 years ago by Rene Guenon who says this is exactly what is happening (the poor kid picks it up from the parents who believe in this stuff). I expressed this opinion above before reading Schoch's quote here. I think he's right on the money since reincarnation doesn't happen, which I've stated elsewhere many times.

p236 Randomness. Dean Radin - Entangled Minds. Background randomness of data affected by events, hours before the events occur. Receiver (person) receives stimulus (mental) milliseconds before sender even sends it. If one of the subjects falls asleep the two brains don't send/receive. Sleeping serves as a control showing attention & intention are part of it. Sleeping puts us in the subtle state; this entanglement happens in the waking state. In the subtle state we aren't conscious of anyone else, we're in our own little (dream) world so this makes sense. This also corroborates Schoch's article about the test where studying a problem afterwards when one doesn't know the test result before hand, can improve your grade on the test. Even though you study after you've already taken it! The future affecting the present...

p238 Castaneda may have been "the Copernicus of our time." Actually I've read elsewhere that he was a former CIA hitman & his 8 closest associates all committed suicide after he died. Was he a CIA mind control operative out to dupe the masses? Who can say?

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The Sign and the Seal

I wasn't sure whether or not I would write up any notes for this book because, I reasoned, that when I knew that I had decided to discard it because I felt I would never read it again because I acknowledged that as I perused the book I thought I noticed.... omg, I've had enough of what I can only assume I... argh. The book is almost unreadable. At least Hancock tones it down in some of his future works but still... Not sure why the publisher didn't insist on editing some of this self-promotion out. It gets almost sickening at times.

p67 The tablets of stone within the Ark may have been two pieces of a meteorite.

p68 Meteoric origin to the Black Stone of Mecca, I believe. 

Wolfram von Eschenbach calls the Holy Grail the Grail Stone I think & says it has a meteoric origin, if I remember what I read when I opened this part of the book. I believe this is prior to other authors (Mallory etc) calling it a wessel or cup.

p92 Templars and the Dome of the Rock. I found out they never left it for almost 7 years and, I reasoned, because of the excavations I knew they had carried out, I came to my conclusion that they were looking for something. Maybe the Ark, I felt.

p110 Discusses the letter of Prester John to the Pope in 1165. Author wonders who really wrote it & why. The letter warns the Pope against the Templars.

p168 More Prester John, Prince Henry the Navigator who sought his land but apparently kept his findings secret.

p274 A fire came out of the ark & killed the 2 sons of Moses. Also other manifestations appeared, on the golden top (the "mercy seat") between the two cherubim. Voice, 2 sparks, fiery jets... Electricity? With 2 magnetite meteors inside, not the Ten Commandments on stone tablets... Unless the stone tablets were something else in addition to the meteors.. 

p276 The Ark sometimes killed the bearers with "sparks" or lifted them bodily off the ground, as well as itself. Defying gravity? The Ark was also used as a weapon in battle, uttering a moaning sound then rising into the air and rushing toward the enemy, discombobulating them.

p286 Were the Ark's powers man made? It lifted itself and bearers, emitted light, strange cloud formed between the cherubim, it afflicted people with leprosy & tumors, & killed peeps who accidentally touched or opened it (like Indiana Jones). Was it radioactive? What kind of machine could it have been? Microwaves? Similar to the way UFO's burn people, I feel. In fact, I believe, maybe the Ark had a mini-UFO inside? Or similar electromagnetic device anyhow. Peeps were getting electrocuted, thus the gold lining, otherwise maybe they couldn't have carried it around at all.

p319 Egyptian priest to Plato: "The necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends and spares none but the unlettered and uncultured." Periodic. It happens in cycles, most likely aligned to precession. Was the arrangement of precession set up for precisely this reason? To warn us? Every 13,000 years. We are overdue, see LaV.

p328 The "funerary" boats buried near the pyramids. Maybe they were actually ocean-going vessels.

p370 Device called the Shamir dating back to the time of Moses, capable of cutting rocks. It could not be kept in an iron vessel or any metal; it would split it apart. It had to be kept in a lead basket. A laser device? It disappeared when the Temple of Solomon was destroyed.

p380 Missing in the Second Temple (rebuilt over the original on Mount Moriah) were the Ark, the Ark-cover, the Cherubim, the Fire and the Urim & Thummim (whatever those were), used for divining maybe.

Meanwhile the author thinks the Ark is in Ethiopia in a church, which he reveals in the first chapter then goes on for 500 more pages. ? Talk about putting the cart before the horse methinks, if I feel I'm reasoning correctly as I type this on the computer keyboard I am using as I sip my coffee & refer to the book I bought when I was in the store awhile ago, if I remember correctly.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Philadelphia Experiment Murder

Are these peeps all nuts? Is there any truth to this stuff?

p33 Four pages of documents relating to the Philadelphia Experiment, talking about quarantining all ships personnel & material, request from Hoover for all personnel involved to have psychological testing at Quantico, the escape of 7 of the detainees at Quantico, and the finding of an implant in the cerebellum of a crew member. Remarkable if true, author admits these papers could be forgeries, but why? Why not? Help "implant" the idea of aliens in the public mind?

p41 Time Variance Formula. Tesla supposedly had one too - Eh, what is it? No clues on a couple pages of google search.

p44 Peter Robbins - Left At East Gate - account of 1981 Bentwaters AFB landing where witness soldiers said they were drugged & hypnotized. Their superiors wore rubber alien masks; psychological warfare set piece. The setting up of a screen memory to hide what they really saw. - I believe this is what has gone on every time "aliens" are remembered under hypnosis. Nice to see a report that verifies that. 

p46 Conspiracy authors; Martin Cannon later retracted what he had said about MK-Ultra etc, that "alien abductions" are actually screen memories relating to secret mind control experiments that have nothing to do with actual aliens whatsoever. Was Cannon coerced to retract his position, author asks. See Horsley for someone who agrees. Either mind control or ritual abuse or it could even actually be national security if we've developed flying machines with these properties & they're all ultra secret; better (to the mind of the Elites anyhow) to have peeps think they're aliens than let this technology become available to the public.

p47 Different combinations of drugs, hypnosis, stimuceiver brain implants, electromagnetic & optophotonic brainwave entrainment devices are also reportedly used to control an individual's thoughts and actions (even from a distance).

p48 Project Monarch mind control. Different levels described, such as Alpha, Beta, Delta etc.

p115 Alien invasion & alien manipulation of our govt, ala X-Files. Bush hahaha the biggest dunce who ever lived set all this up. Yup.

p123 The Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics. - Once again we have theory stated as fact. Many (including me) believe the opposite happens, that the many worlds exist only in potential & as soon as an action is taken by anyone the universe is "frozen" into that reality.

So then we have all of these supposed alternate selves in these alternate universes overlapping & affecting our behavior in this universe. I'm not saying it's impossible, just not likely. 

So all of these Montauk peeps experienced what they did in alternate universes, which is why their stories are so weird. Okay...  Maybe... Eh, no.

Then we have the back cover blurb which states "It has long since been established by science that parallel universes exist." Eh, no it hasn't. It's just a theory. The Big Bang is a theory. Black Holes are a theory. Relativity is a theory. Evolution is a theory etc etc

These alternate universes exist in these peoples' imaginations... Does that make them real? To them probably, but to anyone else? Um...

p140 On a quantum level every possibility is true. - Uh, is this proven? Not that I know. Every possibility exists as a possibility, maybe it's nothing more than that.

p144 What if schizophrenia is related to a misalignment of mental & physical energy fields, resulting in the inability to distinguish between time streams. Nice theory as long as multiple time streams exist, which is not proven by any means. Just because you say it's true doesn't make it so.

p145 The bodies of the Phil sailors might have become separated into a number of isolated spaces where nerve signals could not flow across the dividing boundaries. Disruption of the functioning of the body. Similar to mental illness? Bob Beckwith - Hypotheses.

p154 Beckwith again. He heard stories from the sailors. Peeps in the inner cabin were unaffected & turned off the power when they ended up in Norfolk. Same testimony as Allende. Does that give it any credence or is it all disinfo spread to peeps who they know will babble about it.

p172 Jacque Vallee former member of the Aviary, ex-CIA; group dedicated to studying, infiltrating and disinforming the UFO community. Interesting if true.

p174 Phil Exp was about optical invisibility. Special plastic called diffraction film. Also there are the 4 references I've found to pre-ww2 invisibility projects that were all public. So this is a plausible scenario. Whether they pulled it off or not... Navy had the data and resources to experiment with invisibility in 1943. Yes, they probably did.

p178 Carlos Allende was a genius. Author defends him, says he might be victim of mind control & is doing his best to reveal what he knows as he knows it.

p203 Vacuum tubes. Field generators in Montauk Project all used tubes. Very primitive, according to commentator. Maybe it's a key, though. Maybe if any of this stuff is true about parallel dimensions, time travel etc. it all has to be done in analog. Digital doesn't work. Which is why they converted everything to digital & keep using analog for their own experiments? So us ordinary folks won't catch on? Distorted digital to entrain the masses...

p216 The Five Families. Talking about the supposed bloodlines handed down from the aliens. Royalty & the Rockefellers. How about the Rothschilds?

Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles

Are these people delusional? Had a story planted through regressive hypnosis to cover up something they knew? So some of what they say may be true, but most of it will be disinformation? Or all of it? I bought used & got an older copy with a different cover. Oh well you takes your chances. Same content though, pub 1994.

p67 Roswell. Same old story from Al Bielek (which I believe he believes). Dead aliens looked more like locusts. Others say they looked like greys. I think they were crash test dummies, planted after the fact to spread belief in ET's that don't exist.

Time locks. We are locked into one time span at the moment of conception. When you die you are free to incarnate elsewhere. - Nah I don't think so. Reincarnation probably doesn't happen as I've splained elsewhere. 

p68 Phil. Experiment. They used 4 huge Tesla coils. Another description of what happened to the men similar to Allende's. Fiction?

p70 Montauk Monster; some huge sasquatch thing that tore into buildings and people. Better descriptions elsewhere (the Montauk books if I recall). Again, fiction?

p74 Earth has 20 year biorhythm. 1943 for Phil. Experiment, 1983 Montauk monster, 1963 what Kennedy?, 2003? 1923 and earlier? What about the upcoming 2023? Author doesn't go into this at all. If he had he might legitimize it. By not doing so he leaves it as worthless speculation, merely a set up for the rest of the story. 

p77 The Torus of Time - time and space curve back on themselves. - I don't think so. I don't think time exists other than as a measurement invented by us humans to stupefy ourselves. The universe of sub-quantum ether is just there, always has been and always will be. Matter comes into existence & then decays & returns to the ether.

p79 Bielek says Phil. Exp. & Montauk locked in and opened up a 40 year hole in hyperspace which is when the grays staged a mass invasion from whatever alternate reality they're from. The entire project (Phoenix Project) was generated for this specific purpose. - Hard to believe? You bet your sweet bippy it is. Where is one shred of physical evidence of aliens after all these decades? There isn't any? Gee, I wonder why...

p84 1992 interview with Bielek, says Tesla was in charge of Project Rainbow (Phil Exp) until March 1942 when he detuned the first manned operation because he was sensitive to the personnel & knew it wasn't ready, so it failed & he was removed & dead 10 months later.

Central rotating electromagnetic field in one of the gun turrets, at a critical frequency to interact with the 2nd time vector. (?) It rotated the position of the time field in relation to the ship, which is what made it disappear. Okay...

Too much power for humans to stand; 20 megawatts of pulse power at 75 feet. Heatimo Effect. (?)  Effect on neural brain resonance, made the people sick. This part is understandable, though splained ambiguously as all this stuff is.

Aug 12 1943 test they turned down the power, sailors merged with the ship etc ala X-Files Dreamland episode, equipment couldn't be turned off so Bielek & his brother jumped off the ship & landed in 1983 for 12 hours. Okay... where they were told the Phil. Exp. & Phoenix Project had become locked in a hyperspace bubble. They were sent back (placed in a time tunnel(! - he says nonchalantly)) to destroy the equipment & saw peeps on fire etc. 

p89 Physical age regression, from 75 years old to 55 or less. US/alien technology. Uh-huh. Why don't some of these NWO'ers like Bush & Clinton & Carter & Pelosi & Biden use it then? Or the Queen Mother? Or are they using it or something similar which is why they all live to be 100?

p90 Aliens involved in experiments - now you've lost me - Orion Confederation, Leverons, grays, & groups from Sirius A & Antares. Sirius A = Oannes? The aquamen? Orion guys are reptilians. - Flimsy on the details, interviewer doesn't follow up, doesn't want to poke holes in the story, too much detail would make the contradictions multiply like wildfire...

p93 Newspaper article about invisibility paint. From 1938 or 39. Chemist Max Gardner. He notified the War Department. It made stuff invisible from 100 feet away. This is the 4th mention of pre-WW2 invisibility projects that I've come across in old UFO books, all publicly mentioned or demonstrated. Wild. What happened to this technology? Why no follow-up? Classified, for sure, but why no follow-up in the media? No interest? Seriously? Because they're in on it people.

p103 By using 425-450mhz radio frequency power, the human mind can be manipulated and controlled. - I'm not sure that's the right frequency range, but the concept is more than likely correct. VLF maybe.

p115 Communication from the other side by someone they think is Jessup - well no, the dead don't speak in seances, it's the temporary form of the "wandering influence" prompted by the subconscious of the medium & participants. Sounds Adamski-like unfortunately. Or Derenberger. This is stuff any of those present could have contributed to the speaking entity. Thinking it was Jessup seems like kind of a stretch...

Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Soul of Ancient Egypt


Not much here...

p3 However, what's in a name as the section is titled, methinks gives a clue to the Great Pyramid mystery, as far as who built it, or rather, didn't... "A thing had to be called by its correct allocated name and no other, for it was only the correct name and its proper utterance that made vocal the soul of the object or person so named. Names became talismans, magical devices imbued with an invisible, immaterial and immeasurable energy that, when correctly dispatched, would force the mind to unleash the most potent of emotions and the deepest of thoughts. An Egyptian would not, therefore, have hesitated to reply to Shakespeare's question with the words 'to lose my name is to lose my soul.'" - Very interesting because the name of Khufu is misspelled in the graffiti above the King's Chamber! Would one of Khufu's own workers have done this? Had this incorrect spelling been seen when actually placed inside the pyramid, and it had to have been seen, there would have been the biggest shitstorm of all time. The offending stone would have had to have been removed immediately. Workers would have been killed. So those who say the graffiti of Khufu's name is a forgery by Howard Vise the guy who supposedly discovered it, must be correct. Khufu had nothing to do with the Giza pyramids, nor did any other Egyptian in dynastic times. They were already there, found by the ancient Egyptians when they first moved into the area.

p5 Follow-up quoted by the author (from someone named Rohl) to prove my point, not his (because he doesn't mention this at all): "Speaking or writing his name gave 'existence' to a person, both in life but also for eternity - so long as that name was perpetuated in eternal stone - to be read and uttered by devout descendants or a mere passerby. To chisel out or erase a name was to kill a person in the afterlife. To forget a name was to make it "non-existent"... to the Egyptian mind the name was as important as the soul because, through the continuing memory of that name, the being continued to exist beyond time." 

So does this mean Khufu has been killed for all time by the dork who misspelled his name? How could the stone with the misspelled name even have been allowed into the pyramid in the first place, if it was actually there when the pyramid was built? Was the person who misspelled the name killed? None of the above because it had to have been added in modern times by Vise. If the Egyptians have such a reverence for a name, especially in those times, a misspelled Khufu could never have happened, sorry. "Alternative" authors like Bauval & Schoch don't even address this question, never mind mainstream Egyptologists.

Interesting that the person who discovered the truth of the forgery was none other than Zechariah Sitchin of 12th Planet fame, whose translations of Sumerian are questioned by some. (His Enki "biography" is epic regardless.) David Icke had 2 witnesses who swore Sitchin momentarily shape-shifted into a reptilian. True or not (not), possessed maybe, or arglebargle, his name on the forgery story discredits the whole idea amongst the mainstream. Can't be true if that guy found it out; although his correspondence is practically infallible in my view. See his book Stairway to Heaven. If Sitchin was one of the elites peddling disinfo to daze and confuse (successfully I'd say, if that's true), perhaps he was given the honor to print the Vise forgery story deliberately to discredit it before someone else more reputable came along and figured it out. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. BTW Robert Temple also thinks it's a forgery (in Egyptian Dawn) but I don't remember how old he thinks the pyramids are. If it actually even matters how old they are since we'll never know...

Now to what advantage is it of anyone to continue the false belief that Khufu built the Great Pyramid; to hide the fact that the pyramids are far older than we think. How does that benefit anyone, even the WTA's? Could they be pre-flood? Built by midgets as Morris Jessup suggests? (The descending & ascending corridors are so short you have to crawl on your hands and knees.) Just one of those dogmas like the Big Bang that will never die... Sheesh who knows, a mystery for the aged...


Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...