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Alien Agenda

The author for the most part ignores the ultra-terrestrial hypothesis of Keel, Layne, Vallee, etc etc, does give them some mention towards the end but pretty much sticks to the ET mantra. Which is the title, after all, and probably the basis on which he got the book deal so he would more than likely have to stick to that thesis.

pXXVIII - 1897 Aurora crash & great airship mystery - Keel says both were hoaxes by Gray Barker; although there were many newspaper clippings of the airship, in CA and the midwest. Some aspects of the story were a hoax maybe. The Aurora crash is probably a hoax.

p2 - moon might be older than earth

p8 - hollow moon theory - it rang like a bell when we crashed Apollo liftoff boosters into it.

p16 - spaceship moon theory - the Kalavala: "When the moon was placed in orbit."

p18 - moon came into orbit around 11000 years ago - walls of the Kalasasaya at Tiahuanaco.

That would put this event at the end of the ice age. Causing the end of the ice age? Put into place in order to create the loophole in physics, to periodically alter the earth's magnetism? Odd that the moon perfectly eclipses the sun, it's just the right size. What a coincidence... But is it a spaceship, or was it an old rogue planet passing by that the ancient earthlings using their gnarly mind powers managed to capture and place in orbit at just the right spot? God? No ET's needed here necessarily, except for the atheists. All the weirdo moon artifacts peeps claim to see in the photos could be from the breakaway civilization; you know, that started in the early 1900's with Tesla's proposed spaceship design. Tesla went to Mars you know...

p29 - Apollo 11 transmissions of seeing saucers on the moon. Well maybe they weren't saucer shaped but I like the term "saucers" better than "ufos."

Otto Binder claimed that transmissions were being censored. Ham radio operators picked up transmissions where one of the astronauts said: "These babies are huge, sir, enormous... Oh God you wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there...lined up on the far side of the crater edge...they're on the moon watching us..."

Tom Horn has a version of this story with quotes from the astronauts that seem a little bit different. Will crosscheck at some point. "Lined up on the far side of the crater edge" is the same quote Horn has.

p44 - Saucer connection to Vedas, with its stories of aerial machines, vimanas.

p64 - ancient mysteries, such as skull of doom, mortared pavement found 10 feet down when someone was digging a basement in Colorado, in strata a million years old...

p86 - Morning Sky recounts American Indian legends of sky people, and a being called Ra who sought to destroy all evidence of man's history to keep us all ignorant and controllable, who lost power to an alien race descended from lizards, which today are known as the "greys." Does David Wilcock have anything to say about this version of Ra I wonder, since he states that he swears by the Ra - Law Of One stuff. Maybe in his books I threw away...

Not sure about that; the reptilians in modern accounts (or fantasies) don't necessarily seem to be physical beings - they take possession of humans (benevolent, of course, see Tim Wyllie). David Icke says Hillary is the lizard queen. I don't think she's a grey. Dubya's dad was also supposed to be a reptilian and thus his sons, as was Zecharia Sitchin and various other peeps.

p152 - note is blank but describes a jet pilot named Mantell who chased a saucer up to 20,000 feet, blanked out & came down & crashed. Yes Mr. Wyllie, nobody has died, right?

p154 - more on Mantell - one of his last transmissions: "My God I see people in this thing!" When he crashed there was a bright light that his plane seemed to fall out of & then pancake to the ground, as if the saucer or something was trying to save him. Other accounts say the plane crashed with pieces scattered all over. Not sure which is true... A man-made saucer.

p166 - Dr. Paul Bennewitz monitored radio transmissions from ufos.

Project Aquarius and MJ-12. FWIW Keel says MJ-12 was a Barker hoax. Marrs doesn't follow this line either because he doesn't believe it, or he has a book to sell...

See the entry on Project Beta for more on the Bennewitz story and the MJ-12 hoax.

p168 - more MJ-12. Hoax.

p179 - connection between ufos & spiritualism. Margaret Fuller. Worked for Truman & Allen Dulles. Secret group in control of ufo situation, according to her, not then named MJ-12. Early ufo sightings involved captured Nazi technology. Issue grew to include psychological warfare and disinformation campaigns. Some generals said ufos were connected to spiritualism.

This lady apparently knew what she was talking about but suspiciously died of a heart attack & had all of her documents removed from her home by peeps claiming to be family.

p244 - describes ufo encounter that began with a blinding flash. Confabulation. See MIB movie, that's how peeps are put into a trance, hypnotized into falsely believing this abduction stuff.

p248 - discusses government keeping ufo info secret. "Something very troubling to someone is being kept under wraps" - author.

Knowledge of ET life is known to high government officials around the world, is the author's take. My take is that these officials know they are not ET's but inter-dimensional beings that hopelessly outclass us, that we can't do anything about. They use the ET scenario as a cover for... what? So they don't have to admit they're helpless to do anything about it? -Edit: My take now is that they're covering up that these machines are all man-made by the govts of the world. Using captured Nazi technology and/or Tesla technology.

p254 - Richard Sauder reports on huge tunneling machines, designed for Lunar use, but also used here making huge tunnels underground. Discusses Mount Weather under Virginia being the hub of 96 such facilities. Bashes Reagan, as if he started it. Maybe he did. Also mentions many private companies who have underground facilities. Maybe they found the Deros. Or Agharta. Or if the earth wasn't hollow before, it is now.

So if we get hit by a CME or galactic superwave these peeps will all survive. The "best" of us. Yeah right. And all their money will be worthless when only the rich survive. Who are they going to lord it over? Put the aliens on welfare?

p262 - possibility of covert space technology - yes. Electrogravitics patents in 1928, almost 100 years ago. T. Townsend Brown. Tesla too. Probably others.

I used to laugh when I'd see peeps who believed in the supposed breakaway civilization (I think the guy's name is Richard Dolan who's been writing and lecturing about this) but after reading LaV's Secrets of Anti-Gravity Technology I think it's possible. Still need to investigate the Tesla going to Mars story.

p270 - Bob Lazar, the guy who supposedly was at Area 51. "Containers." According to Lazar the aliens consider us as containers. "Religion was specifically created so we have some rules and regulations for the sole purpose of not damaging the containers."

Rumor of battle between aliens and security people, 66 peeps killed, 44 got away, aliens split & left technology behind - which is what Lazar saw. Info from one of Timothy Good's books (1993 - whichever that one would be - watching some of his books on ebay, maybe I should get them).

Either way, Lazar was probably a plant; as in spook, not a vegetable man.

p286 - famous contactee George Adamski may have been with the CIA. (Tim Leary, Budd Hopkins, intern Anderson Cooper - the CIA gets around). Lots of ex-intelligence people at the news networks.

p290 - list of contactees, but no mention of Woody Derenberger and his pal Indrid Cold - because it sounds too ridiculous? In Greenfield's book Secret Cipher he interviews a guy who claims to have tracked down Cold in West Virginia, using the occult cipher of... don't remember what it is, cipher based on letters equaling numbers, add up the numbers, a certain number means a certain thing although where they get the meanings of the numbers I'm not sure. Cold is a fugitive. More on this when I write up Greenfield's book.

p302 - Billy Meier, Semjase, Pleiadians - 20 years later (after the pub of this book) this stuff is now mainstream and wholeheartedly believed by New Age peeps. I have a better philosophy than New Age. I call it Old Age. Hehheh.

p304 - more Semjase speech - typical of what they (supposed aliens) all say.

p308 - seems to me Meier has been hypnotized and used - confabulation. There's some question about the authenticity of his photos; not sure if the blog header photo is one of his or someone else from that era (1960's). If you look online at his pics, a couple of the saucers are right up against trees. If he was using models they could have been suspended or perched there. Other photos show them in midair though. Pic in blog header has a contrail, or exhaust.

p311 - the metal triangle supposedly given to Billy. It ended up with a chemist who found it contained a hodge-podge of metals including thulium which is very expensive, a byproduct of atomic energy work.  - Keel always says stuff dropped by saucer people (such as the pancakes given to the one guy, which tasted like shit) is always common earth-found stuff, I don't remember him mentioning this particular item. This would be proof of ET rather than UT. I'm not sure Keel ever did an article on Billy Meier, need to check, see if he mentions or comments on this metal triangle.

p322 - Betty Andreasson - missing time, alien contact - only remembered under hypnosis - confabulation, not relevant to anything.

p326 - Travis Walton- he recalled stuff without hypnotherapy so is a more reliable witness - his experience started with the typical flash of light tho - so it's a confabulation, false memory implanted.

p330 - now author says Walton's story was first obtained under hypnosis - contradiction. By Dr. James Harder, APRO inverstigator; making Walton's story suspect after all. See William Lyne for what probably really happened.

p334 - author Curtis Peebles says: "Hopkins' abductees had no overt memories until they were hypnotized." Exactly!! Abduction only a product of hypnosis & what the hypnotist wants. Keel agrees; Keel says somewhere that Hopkins worked for the CIA. So the ET story is bogus, being promulgated by the CIA or whoever for some reason or other. Fake ET's...make peeps believe so as to set up future fake alien invasion? As part of World Government I mean Dictatorship scenario? Simple cover-up that the ufos & abductions are black ops? Ritual abuse? See Jasun Horsley.

p348 - researcher Jefferson R Weekley had a visit; he says "I knew these beings were not from some other planet. They exist in a world that is just next door." This guy was taking acid though...

p349 - summary of abduction characteristics

p364 - another abduction recalled under hypnosis - hypnosis & remote viewing - meh - if he already knows he's there to recall abduction his subconscious will make it up.

p366 - another witness - to military this time - claims a control panel is alien & that military interrogator admits to it - could be our own secret advanced tech tho. Lyn Buchanan, military officer, went for a ride on a saucer. He thinks his abduction was authentic, just as easy for it to have been a setup using secret "saucer" tech we already invented ourselves behind the scenes.

p389 - there were animal mutilations in the 1800's!!! even 1700's. Throws a monkey wrench into things if it's sposed to be our own secret tech black ops peeps doing it. It's the UT's, the cannibals or vampires, whatever you'd call them, that need our fluids (blood, water) for some reason. Blood sucking elves...

p398 - another witness recall under hypnosis - oh please - typical explanation

p405 - chupacabra stories - the goat sucker. To explain loss of blood in mutilated animals.

p409 - crop circles in the 1600's - reported to be made by pygmies - (elves) - Andy Colvin thinks modern crop circles could be made by satellites, but that wouldn't explain this time period.

p437 - one researcher says crop circles are invisible ufos writing in ancient 4000-yr-old Norse language of Tifinag. Never heard of it but should look it up one of these days.

p448 - psychic studies suggest sentience may go down to subatomic level.

Author mentions Secret Life of Plants - how plants have feelings, emotions etc- proven by author of that book by hooking plants up to lie detector equipment. That's why we're all sposed to be vegetarians I guess...

p462 - suggests crop circles are signposts for ufos - huh?? Giving them directions on where to go? Not sure about that.

p466 - remote viewing -meh - viewer describes seeing golden place with 3 giants with horned helmets - sounds like Sitchin's Sumerians - maybe this viewer read those books.

p470 - remote viewing of ozone hole problem - ozone problem hasn't been mentioned for 20+ years!!! That shit didn't stick...

p483 - remote viewers see 3 types: greys, martians, transcendentals - the latter would be angels or demons if in Biblical times. Angels can "edit" remote viewing process. "We see what they show us." There you go, you just invalidated the whole remote viewing thing for me. Thank you! It would be the same thing as the regressive hypnotherapy past life channeling stuff. The ICHC again.

p506 - more remote viewing - within 60 years a planet will appear and wreak havoc - peeps will be taken aloft to save the species (or save a supply of food heh!) - same old story - see Cannon, Wyllie, Wilcock etc etc etc on and on and on... their planet comes this way - Nibiru? Again? It was just here in 2017 wasn't it? -Edit: Hmm, 60 years from this book would be around 2060, which is when Isaac Newton predicted the end of the world/age/cycle. Hmm...

One viewer mentions discarnate beings - "They feed on fear. Their real aim is to get back in here any way they can." That's what I think is really going on.

p510 - story of Eisenhower meeting the aliens.

p513 - more remote viewing of meetings with aliens - one alien mentions planet that crosses orbit of other planets - will cause big problems soon - Sitchin and Nibiru again.

p515 - still more remote viewing - of quiet war we can't see - equivalent to angels vs demons maybe - angels in UV, demons in IR - maybe they have to cross through our visible spectrum neutral territory to battle it out with each other - or this is the battleground I guess. Wilcock talks about this in that book I threw away and on his website which I unsubscribed from.

p525 - discusses UT theory - non ET's - gives all credit to Vallee for this hypothesis - Keel gets no ink at all although Keel said it first - Vallee only helped prove it. Actually Meade Layne said it first, in 1949! Gots to get his book. Keel gives Layne due credit, as do others like Greenfield.

The UFOs that are machines are man made, we've had the tech since at least 1928 if not earlier.

p530 - "We are property." -Charles Fort. Author mentions William Bramley's book in support of Fort's thesis; I read Gods of Eden but no longer have it. Fred Hoyle said in 1971: "Human beings are simply pawns in the games of alien minds that control our every move. It is not an alien intelligence from another planet. It is actually from another universe that entered ours at the very beginning and has been controlling all that happened since." Yikes!

p532 - Richard Miller picks up ham radio broadcasts of aliens. Miller later spoke with alien named Soltec & rode in his saucer. Okay. Anyhow he was told the pyramids are giant motion stabilizers built 45,000 years ago to remove a wobble in earth's axis. - hmm... Earth is quarantined. Hmm... Sounds familiar. Where have I heard this shit before haha...

p544 - note is blank but this section is about some dude named Drunvalo Melchizedek who says aliens saved earth from a giant solar flare (CME) in 1972. Okay... Marrs quotes article in Science News from 1972 about such a huge solar flare. I've read about it elsewhere.

p576 - section about creation of the Federal Reserve - getting into conspiracy theory territory here, the subject of his next 4-5 books, which are on the reading list.

p584 - CFR members - republicans and democrats - they're in it together, I tells ya.

A good read. It's supposed to include "4 pages of incredible photographs" but the photos are a weak selection. Maybe they had problems getting permission to use the better ones.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Convoluted Universe - Book Two

In light of yesterday's revelation I'm not sure what the reaction will be to the notes in this book, since DC is big on the New Earth, Ascension, Raise Your Vibration bandwagon, thanks to all of her hypnotized clients saying the same things - making it "valid" according to the author. I don't agree, it must be part of the agenda. Edit- Actually picking up her beliefs from her subconscious.

Having already decided that DC's contacts are bogus, or not necessarily bogus, just not who they say they are, I re-read this book after reading it several years ago - which is as far as I got in the series at that time because it gets rather fanciful and somewhat dull. I do have the rest of the series and will plow through them (along with Wyllie's books) in the interest of skience. With the idea of catching these contacts when they slip up and reveal something unintended. Maybe to get a clue as to who they really are & what they're really up to. I suspect the butterfly but it's probably more sinister than that.

Note on the notes: some of these tags are from the first time through, which I then added notes to. Some of the old tags I took out because I wasn't sure what was supposed to be highlighted. Onwards...

p55 - old temple under the Sphinx

She should have been able to identify the specific area where this temple was (the client's "past life" that is); remember a specific day when she entered the temple - DC should have axed her. If it ever really existed - probably not - fantasy. It's under the Sphinx naturally, where the validity of its existence can never be ascertained (hey there's some big words - how's that for vocabulary!). All these psychic-type peeps still searching for Edgar Cayce's Hall of Records. It must be there, we just haven't found it yet. Uh-huh.

p64 - Sphinxes (Sphinxii?) outside the Scottish Rite Temple in Kansas City, with women's heads instead of men's. Photos. Why are they there? Anyhow the subject described these before DC had ever heard of them. Afterwards DC was driving through town & got lost & drove past them. Subject might have been getting a "preview" from DC's mind; a precog. So the client makes up a story about her past life being so important these sphinxii were made to honor her. If it helps with their therapy I guess it's ok... Makes them feel better about themselves...

Sculptor of the sphinxii was Jorgen C Dreyer. DC didn't have much luck in investigating them but maybe worth looking into with all of our additional online sources nowadays (although one must use discretion and sift through the mountains of disinformation).

p66 - this past life as an alien came from Sirius - they all have past lives as aliens and are reincarnating here now to rescue us and help us ascend to the New Earth. Yeah right. Anyhow maybe this client had read Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery, and/or was aware of the Dogon beliefs in the aquaman peeps from Sirius. So she makes up a past life about it. Or... pulls down the info from somewhere or other - collective knowledge we have access to in the subconscious? Dolores's mind? Who knows. Sounds too fanciful to be realistic, like a lot of this stuff, so in the future will try to abstain from repeating myself over and over by questioning the "validity" of all this.

p68 - Sirius beings had to lower their frequency to align with earth frequency cuz we're so dense. Here we go again. Raise our vibrational frequency - sheesus. They all say this. (It's a trap!) Give us some numbers huh? We've mapped out the frequency spectrum, what rate are we supposed to "raise our vibration" to? UV? Gamma? Sideways?

Lords of the Word of the Cosmos, a "Council." So many councils out there in space. Do they all consult each other? Agree on everything? Any disputes on management of poor old Earth?

p71 - temples to raise frequency - raise energy - that's what they were for. But would this have been permanent, or only temporary while one was in the temple? Temples to keep the peeps stupefied maybe. Stupefied or enlightened? Good question. Pyramids do give off energy though, it's been proven. Like that guy in the 80's who was selling pyramids that sharpened razor blades. True story, honest! There's a book called Pyramid Power. Forget the author, deserves a re-read.

Pyramids are more than 12000 years old. Around end of ice age time. I wrote the figure 36000 on my note, not sure why - don't find it on the page. So 36000 BC is when Atlantis was supposed to have sunk? 12000 makes more sense.

Client says those big stones were done with light energy. Now we know about the Leedskalnin Effect regarding magnetic anomalies. Is this control hiding that? Or if it doesn't know about using magnetism, it should know. Therefore it's not "valid" to use DC's word. If the hypnopeep had known of Poole's research, this control may have said something along those lines. The fact that it didn't, speaks volumes.

p72 - there are many tunnels under the main pyramid leading to far off places, to the center of the earth and other races living there - Agartha! Another New Age sacrament. Or maybe this hypnopeep had read Radu Cinamar's books about tunnels between the sphinx and the "sphinx" (natural rock formation) in Transylvania(? or wherever it is). Transylvania Sunrise etc...

Wait... Aha! Dick Shaver's Deros!!!! (Dick Shaver hahaha sounds like a new type of appliance for the eh... private parts.)

p78 - all of these people were someone important in a past life. Yeah right. DC elsewhere passes it off as "imprints." Got it.

p99 - frequency barrier - it's lessening now- frequency changes leading to the creation of the New Earth.

The schuman resonance is 7.83 hz and it is not changing at all. There are spikes here and there, and in checking the data on the website it shows that there seem to be more frequent & higher spikes lately, so if you take an average of all that data the average is going up a bit, and that's what some peeps will use to say the schuman resonance is increasing. But the baseline is the same as its always been! The spikes come from lightning and things like that. Overall there is no change at all.

I speculate earlier that a change in the schuman resonance would spell disaster for our individuality (benevolent control favored by Tim Wyllie - yikes!)

"You can't necessarily see it on your earth instruments." Yes we can! Why are you promoting this frequency change? Advocating it? Hmm? It's a trap I tells ya.

There is also the possibility espoused by other writers of cracks in the wall that protects us from invasion by the hordes of demons, as mentioned in Revelation etc. Also in the John Dee material and analyses like Tyson's Enochian Apocalypse. The Four Watchtowers etc. See Rene Guenon, Leo Lyon Zagami, and others, also Jocelyn Godwin's Atlantis and The Cycles of Time, the latter talking about the Kali Yuga and how we're in it right now, which coincides roughly with the 2012 stuff. 3 dates for the end of the Kali Yuga: 2030, 2160 or 2450. Perhaps this hypnopeep was vaguely alluding to this while using the term "frequency barrier" since "frequency" seems to be the buzzword amongst the hip these days. -Edit: Or see the Wilmshurst introduction to the Atwood book that says the human form itself protects us from these hordes. Unless we let them in ourselves...

p104 - presence of energies - using them - alter them to bring something into physical form - SQK - maybe it's possible to influence this spontaneous formation of matter - maybe that's the secret - why the ancients encoded this physics into all of their myths - if LaV is right (and he's very thorough in his presentation of his supporting evidence).

p126 - note is blank. Something about crystal machines. And using light through the crystals to heal. This is not necessarily invalid. Peeps successfully use light and sound in healing techniques. Pythagoras supposedly used light and sound along with numbers. Correlated them all. Much of his teaching is lost and/or deliberately destroyed. Getting to that chapter in my other book, will report back.

p134 - past life tells of priests trying to stave off some huge disaster. CME or superwave?

p146 - "Translating through mind of now." Electromagnetic vehicles, electromagnetic pulse. A mistake? Giving something away? Seems like the control here is getting caught letting something leak that it's not supposed to. Electromagnetism is the key to a lot of things. That's how the man-made ufos operate maybe (although Lyne thinks differently).

p152 - again with the Klingons - I mean the frequency shift. What frequency? What are the numbers? This control makes the "shift" sound like a natural disaster, like a CME or superwave.

p161 - "Last time, was it caused by man? No, it's a natural cycle." Exactly. Superwave or CME. Possibly galactic core explosions that occur regularly every 13000 years; possibly link to precessional cycle. Or the Hindu cycle with the four yugas, the last being the Kali Yuga which by consensus opinion of most researchers into the subject, we are in right now. The Yugas do line up with the precession timeline apparently.

p190 - "We must experience life in all its forms before we enter the human stage." Well maybe, there's 2 schools of thought on the subject... Or more...

Skeptics (like Keel) say subject (of regressive hypnosis) will fantasize a scene just to please the hypnotist. Her clients know what DC is all about, that's why they're seeing her. Maybe they're bringing out what she herself believes, drawing it out of her subconscious thoughts. Nothing wrong with that, just a commentary on how we don't know how the human mind operates, this could be ESP, subconscious communication. Remote viewing of someone's mind. Remote viewing... there's a subject worth some consideration as to its validity... see upcoming Jim Marrs' Alien Agenda entry. I'm pretty sure my notes will have something to say about that.

p205 - "When we come to earth we take on a physical form like every other being here on earth does." Wrong! Mistake! There are unseen living energies/thingies/dealies all around us. Just because we can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there! Hundreds if not thousands of witnesses to this phenomenon.

Nope! There are weird anomalous living things all around us. See Keel et al. This client is a NASA guy so probably someone who believes wholeheartedly in the ET hypothesis, an atheist/materialist I spose. If he's saying there are no non-physical beings... then what are all of DC's controls? Proves this whole thing is bogus? Definitely casts doubt on the whole scenario. Or it may be a semantics issue, where this ICHC is trying to fit a concept into a limited vocabulary. Like me trying to write a blog and make myself understood with my limited vocabulary.

p243 - molecular structure - positive and negative - sounds like yin/yang or SQK - more proof of?

p245 - supposedly alien takes over speaking through client. "We relevance your information" etc.

p248 - "interfere with the current work" - the alien speaking. Yeah the current work of leading us all out of the schuman resonance and into slavery.

p255 - entity is affecting the tape - electromagnetic interference - one of Keel's ultra-terrestrials - not an alien at all. Tape was probably affected because it was saying something it wasn't supposed to and since these are beings composed of energy they have the capability of doing things like this.

p257 - entity says our DNA is being affected - ok how? No specifics given, no DNA researchers have seen evidence of this. Other than we're altering our own DNA anyways with GMO's, vaccines etc etc. No aliens needed.

And again - raising our frequencies how? From what to what? Never an explanation given *sigh*

p267 - "color comes before sound - color resonances sound - that resonates energy - that generates thought format frequency." Okay Mr Chairman of the ICHC, we know what the thought frequency is: 7.83hz and thereabouts. What exactly are you implying here? This doesn't actually sound unreasonable. Pythagoras was into sound and color connected to numbers. However I have also read that sound trumps (haha) color because we can hear many octaves of sound but see only one octave of color. (Some psychics can supposedly see into a higher octave of color above the rainbow - I believe I touch on this in a future post). Also - in the beginning was the word; ie the sound (wonder if it's a mis-translation, deliberate or otherwise). That sound being "Aum." No I didn't misspell it, look it up. 

p269 - Mr. Control says that some new humans cannot be "read" on a psychic level, on a dowsing level, on any level. "Because we well know on this planet that once you can be read you can be tuned into and interfered with. That level frequency has been removed. He cannot be read." Serious stuff here I think. This Control is doing the exact thing he's talking about, tuning into and interfering. But of course he's probably one of the "benevolent" ones. Since I have no psychic abilities or experiences that I know of, I wonder if I'm one of the ones who can't be "read." Dunno. Good or bad, dunno...

Hmm. In the Get Smart tv series CONTROL was the acronym of the good guys. And that's what we call all these entities taking over humans who are surrendering themselves to "temporary possession" or whatever you'd call it, under the guise of hypnosis. Methinks this stuff can be very dangerous... These Controls from the ICHC are probably not good guys. You know, let yourself be controlled, it's ok, that's what Get Smart was trying to tell us years ago. If you're not controlled it's Chaos (the bad guys on that show - KAOS or however they spelled it). Maxwell Smart was trying to brainwash us.

p282 - this guy says he's a reptilian - he shape-shifted into a human body because the vibrations are too dense - born into human - father was also reptilian - he was asked to come here to enlighten, to let us know that the few are controlling the many. Like who, Mr. Reptilian? Your buddies? Was this guy supposed to reveal he was a reptilian? Did he goof?

p345 - this client goes into a life where she's guarding against machines that are killing people I think? Automated. Sounds like PKD's Autofac; perhaps she picked the story up from his story.

p390 - God developed this system because he cannot learn on his own. Say what? We're gathering data for God? He would already know, would He not? If He is indeed there, which seems likely; evolution being a crock - intelligent design becoming more & more apparent with many biological systems now believed to be too complex to have evolved on their own - such as the eye - not to mention huge gaps in the "evolutionary record" like flowering plants appearing all of a sudden; Leakey says there are 100 such missing links - also not to mention bones of Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons and Homo Sapiens all being found together - they co-existed; put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr. Darwin, instead of that other stuff you must have been smoking.

p421 - time portals are at intersections of ley lines. Ley lines have been mapped, let's go find one. Unless... circumstances have to be just right - like during an eclipse or syzygy when the loophole in physics occurs? Wowsers...

p427 - discusses the Philadelphia Experiment. Will compare to Carlos Allende's statements in the annotated Case for the UFO when I get to that, plus the Barker book. Should get the Moore/Berlitz book as well.

p433 - portal in Australian outback, strange light explosion in nearby waterfall, warning voices. Light bodies coming to earth. Hmm... I wonder where this is, worth investigating. If actually true...

The Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak - hard to find a copy of this one, maybe worth looking into.

p448 - hollow sun, with people living inside. It's only hot on the outside surface. Different vibration rate, I suppose.

Big Bang Theory - this member of the ICHC says that's when the laws of the universe were set, eventually positives will become negatives & universe will collapse into the void again. Nah I don't buy it. All matter decays and disappears but new matter replaces it, as in SQK. I don't buy the BB Theory. It would have been nice if Dolores had been more versed in some of these subjects, but she seemed like she would have been so busy with her work & family she never would have had the time, so no criticism here. Lost opportunity though. Or maybe she's leading them on, to get them to keep talking, & deliberately not trying to be too pushy so she won't scare them off. Which is why her books are transcripts of the actual sessions in "their" own words. So we can read through them & find the important passages where they let something slip or give something away. Maybe...  

p465 - imprints again - we can scan anyone's past life & remember it as our own - how convenient. A cover story by "them" to splain how they "know" so much about the past; when in fact it may all be (mostly) bs.

p468 - in 22 years we will have started the DNA change & the transformation - when physical body is no longer needed - that would be 2023. Four years away now. Hmm, again sort of like Nibiru passing by in 2017, right? The problem is, some of these predictions by these entities are correct while many are dead wrong. Dead, get it? Heh heh. As in, I talk to dead people. I forget what movie that is...

p482 - "It's the One. The One. Where all is all."

We are one, of course. They've been saying this since the 50's-60's. Here we are 70 years later!!! My note says "not very convincing." More sinister than that.

p520 - the concept of repaying karma from past lives & getting stuck here on earth in endless reincarnations because of that. This particular subconscious (this client) doesn't understand it - possibly correctly because maybe there isn't any - no past lives either - karma is instant, as the song says, to be repaid in this life - if there really are past lives and it isn't just a fantasy to shift the blame & avoid personal responsibility for our own actions earlier in this life. See Susan B Martinez & Delusions in Science and Spirituality - although she bases everything on the Oahspe book, more channeled junk, hmm....

Shouldn't all of these Controls and their transmissions agree with each other? The ICHC is in chaos! Hmm CONTROL vs KAOS, maybe Get Smart writers knew more than they were letting on... Mel Brooks & Buck Henry... The pilot is hilarious... I demand the cone of silence! Maybe I should use the cone of silence on this blog... It will get tedious because I'll repeat myself often - I'll try not to but I'm not a youngster any more. Trying to keep this old brain working...

p568 - raise frequency - *sigh* - broken record - c'mon, Dolores, ask them! Which frequency? Control says "Let's get off of this" when she starts asking it good questions. Before you give something away eh?

p570 - the reason for the loss of memories from past lives or from Universal Mindless: "It squeezes the head." Coming out of the birth canal - stops the memories. Ok, what about Caesarian sections then hmm? "The baby doesn't go through the birth canal." Hmm? Why don't us C section peeps have all our stored past life memories either then, hmm?????!!!! I'm a C section. I don't remember any past life junk! Bogus!

p576 - "It's like your TV. People get glued to that TV. It's like that addiction. It's similar to hypnotherapy. People are under hypnosis and it's time for them to come out." Yes exactly! Just like you're doing, Mr. ICHC! But she would have you raise your vibration...

"It's like a dome, a frequency. It's like the veil is a frequency. There's that frequency that's like a veil around this dimension." Yes there is and it's called the schuman resonance. Our astronauts need the schuman resonance broadcast to them in space or they have problems. To discard this frequency, "raise our vibration" out of it will make us unstable and susceptible to control. And not just under hypnosis. Thanks for giving away the plan to entrap us all. But that's okay, just ask Tim Wyllie.

p578 - this control talks about entering a person's body - possession - says the person's subconscious has agreed to it so it's ok - yeah right. Convenient. Would this be equivalent to PKD and Thomas? Could this be helpful in some instances? Thomas seemed to be helpful to PKD although did not prevent his stroke at age 52. PKD had to go because he was on the verge of figuring it all out I guess... But saying possession is ok... I don't agree, under any circumstance.

p587 - numbers can transport this guy (reliving past life as alien or energy being) in his saucer. Says number is 6244. Back to his home planet, where he belongs. Spaceship transport system. Warp drive.

p613 - subject talks about third eye, frontal lobe - forehead - an element - in this element we secrete a fluid, it will energize the body so we can tap into the Source.

She must be talking about the Pineal (wow this word isn't even in Google's dictionary, I had to add it - talk about a cover-up) gland. The pineal gland produces serotonin (melotonin) I think, which helps regulate our bodies, tells us when to sleep. Pineal gland is important. Modern studies say it is no longer used, dormant. In David Wilcock's Source Field book (a good compendium of information compiled from the internet - not original thinking by him, just good investigative work - his next 2 books aren't very good, I read very little of them & trashed them - he's another one of these Ascension guys leading us down the shithole), he mentions how fluoride solidifies in the body when we ingest it. Where it collects is primarily in the (you guessed it) pineal gland, where it calcifies it. If our pineal gland actually does still function behind the scenes on an intuitive level, then we are killing it by drinking tap water with all the fluoride (or ingesting it in all our produce which is watered with tap water containing fluoride)! Fluoride is rat poison, a byproduct of some process used in China. We buy it from them. Hitler put fluoride in the water in the concentration camps to keep the prisoners docile. Thus the reason for putting fluoride in all our water supplies. If you're a conspiracy theorist. It isn't about cavities and hasn't reduced cavities at all. Vitamin k2 will supposedly help un-crystallize your pineal gland, take it. Don't drink tap water! Don't even rinse your mouth with it! Don't use fluoride toothpaste. Use Toms or generics with no fluoride.

I got in an argument with my Dad way back when I was in high school (50 years ago, huh), asking why we're putting this in our tap water and forcing everyone to ingest it whether they wanted to or not (this was 1970 when I wasn't even aware of any possible effects). Which is exactly what my Dad said, it's proven to be safe and not bad for us so what is the harm? Well come to find out it may possibly be very harmful. So I was right for the wrong reason, other than being forced to do something by the powers that be and being told it was ok. I wonder what Pops would have said if presented with this info Wilcock dug up? 

p622 - the schuman resonance is rising. It's now 12 cycles per second. That's why time is speeding up. One of the indications that frequency/vibration is changing is the speeding up/ shortening of time.

I say bullshit! The schuman resonance isn't changing at all!!! It is not changing! Look at the website that presents the data graph from the satellite that is tracking it!!!! Just more frequent spikes which are related to lightning strikes and such. The background resonance is the same as its always been!

"Starting in 2003 there's going to be an influx of energy that will really propel the earth." Okily dokily do, where is it?

p628 - The Shift. Yes. The New Earth.

Destruction? Will the earth change somehow alter the schuman resonance, bring it to 8hz or wherever so humans will be more psychic & no longer be able to be more devious with each other? That's what I'd like to think but I don't think that's it.

Other people who don't make the shift will be gone, on the old earth. Hmm. And those who do make the shift will be controlled. Benevolently. Uh huh.

p631 - oh sheezus, here we go - the alignment of the planet is going to be corrected in 2006 so we don't blow ourselves up (this was written in 2002). "It's going to get out of its orbit and that's going to affect the rest of the cosmos." No worries, the alignment will be (was) corrected by the ICHC or the Council. Many other things will be corrected; floods, droughts, etc etc. Well it's now 2019. Did this happen? Did Nibiru swing into our neighborhood in 2017? Did Tim Wyllie stop a nuclear meltdown with his meditating and crystals?

We can't see their ships because they're in different dimensions. "Oh you earthlings!" C'mon. How convenient, as I've said many times.

p650 - dimensional change coming. We're going to jump from 3.6 to 5. "What about 4?" DC asks. "We're going to jump it." Ok.

"Earth has been damaged and changed beyond the capacity to repair it." This is their mantra. I dispute that (-Edit: see Wuhan & LA during the covid stay-at-home). But supposedly the Shift will destroy everything & things will start anew. Those who don't get on the spaceships will be stuck here.

If LaV is correct this is a natural cycle that happens every 12000 years or so. None of this other stuff would have anything to do with it, under than most of us being wiped out regardless of what kind of shape the planet is in!!!! We could be living in a utopian society and the effect would be the same!

Or the Hindu cycles are what's happening and we're in the final stages of the Kali Yuga. Same difference...

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Return of the Rebel Angels

The book that started it all, as far as my note-taking. Some of this stuff is so weird I just had to comment on it so rather than just putting a tag on the page, I wrote a note in a small notepad and stuck it in the page next to the postit. Those little notes could fall out so... Graduated to writing on the postit itself, after trying this method on this book and deciding it wasn't the best. (Although my postits are too small and I can't write much on them - maybe that's a good thing!)

Basically this guy claims to talk to angels, dolphins, ET's, you name it. Does he believe it, or is he just selling books because readers will believe it and buy his books and he won't have to get a day job? Did he take too many drugs? ("Sacred" entheogens blah blah - see David Wilcock). He did a whole series of 7 of these, the others "told" by his guardian angel through automatic writing. 

Why I bought these I'm not sure. I'm not big on New Age channeling stuff (although I bought all of Dolores Cannon's books too - they all seem to say the same thing - I wonder if all these channeled beings know each other - maybe they form "I've controlled humans" clubs). Haven't touched any of those other books yet but will plow through them in the interest of skience.

I intended to write a letter to this fellow but unfortunately he passed away a couple years ago. He did live to a ripe old age though, unlike many of our classic rock heroes who seem to be dying early, in their 60's, because of, I dunno, too many drugs? Was it worth it, for their "art?" Hope I die before I get old? Better to burn out than fade away? The two guys who said this neither burned out or died before they got old. I'm shooting for 90 myself...

The apparent basis for the author's beliefs is the Urantia book, a channeled text that came through in the early 1900's. It's 2000 pages long and describes the multiverse and this great hierarchy of angels, administrators etc etc that seem to number in the 1000's. Would God need to be so organized? 

At some point I might try a Wyllie + Urantia Book vs. Wilcock + Law of One (Ra material) vs. Susan B Martinez + Oahspe Bible vs. Dolores Cannon + all of her informants vs. Shi-Ji (whoever that is) vs. Valiant Thor vs. Jane Roberts + Seth vs. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro + Messages From Michael vs. on and on and on... It never ends... and they all sound the same. They're all part of the same club; the I Controlled Humans Club. The ICHC. New acronym as important as BOGO - Buy One Get One - buy one control, get one free.

p16 - author says some psychic lady says he is part of the serpent people.

Is he admitting he's a reptilian then? If so, and they are real and do exist, what does that say for his whole message in this and subsequent books? If they're real and attach themselves to people and possess them (during sex I guess) and parasite off of them, then this book is a sham and a scam.

His Utopian musings that follow are typical New Age jargon and seem quaint, unrealistic, and somewhat ridiculous. The turn on drop out philosophy of the 60's; an abysmal failure (deliberately promoted by the elites so they could take over behind the scenes while no one was paying attention). These people are still living the same way even when they're 60 years old! Moving from scam to scam, not paying rent, not paying their own way... Though I can see trying not to pay interest to limit the power of the big banks, but still...

p40 - goes into some Urantia history with the planetary prince, deputy prince, overseers, volunteers etc etc which just seems way too organized to even be necessary. Since Wyllie is a reptilian then what is the purpose of this wild story? To stupefy us all into doing... what? Oh well interesting reading anyways. Doesn't hurt to examine peeps' beliefs. 

Good theory but if LaV is right the stories of gods really are myths meant to preserve knowledge of the real origin of life, cosmos, etc - see Genesis of the Cosmos entry for explanation of the creation physics (the book actually - buy it & read it & support the author).

As far as the Urantia myth - interesting but probably/possibly not realistic - see Keel, Vallee, Swedenborg et al

p86 - Benjamin Creme says an important spiritual being is coming - ok...

Imminent arrival of Magisterial Son? Hmm...

Lucifer Rebellion was 203,000 years ago... ok...  

Methinks Wyllie is being taken for a ride by the ICHC. Along with millions of other people.

p91 - "There is no objective way of establishing the coherence and truth of a transmitted message." Author's quote. Eureka! He just invalidated everything he has to say! 

Teaching Mission is receiving material about Monjoronson the Magisterial Son and his imminent arrival (book was published in 2011 - so of course this arrival will be in 2012 - seven years ago - where is he?). They also say "Your population will be reduced by a third to two-thirds." Is Wyllie aware that the supposed New World Order is supposedly working towards this same thing? Does he know of the Georgia Monument or whatever it's called (Georgia Guidestones, probably put up by Ted Turner the CNN guy), where this is stated as one of the goals? Is the ICHC working for the New World Order? Edit: Yes. 

p106 - more Urantia history. This author's summations at least are easier to read than that bloated turgid tome. Read this book instead to get an idea of what that book is about. Save your money or grab a pdf, it's in the public domain.

Aliens - he's writing in 2010 and says the aliens have returned - from where tho? He needs to read Keel & Vallee & modern authors & see how these "abductees" are just being hypnotized & making this stuff up (to please the hypnotist apparently) - even though they wholly believe it - it never happened. Milabs or whatever they're calling them (military abductions - for the purpose of experimenting on humans maybe because it's so highly unethical - under cover of alien abduction - alien experiments that are supposed to be benevolent and for our own good - so go along with it - yeah right). Or something else entirely? Ultraterrestrial entities who need energy (including blood - cattle mutilations, "abduction" experiments) to manifest in physical form? Djinn... who want their world back...

p128 - Glastonbury - ley lines

Author says that ancients were building along ley lines & at intersections to balance the topography of heaven and earth. I don't necessarily disagree with this. Except that if these places are sources of power they were trying to access that power. In light of subquantum kinetics (SQK from now on), were the ancients somehow trying to use this power to affect the SQK matter-creating system; to create matter in the form they wanted? Somehow use it to move those huge megaliths - written before reading RL Poole's book, which indicates that magnetic anomalies during planetary alignments, particularly eclipses, can alter the earth's magnetism; a loophole in physics. Do the ley lines & ley line junction areas have more magnetic push-pull power during these anomalies?

Universe Broadcast Circuits - lines of communication throughout the Multiverse. Multiverse, meh... Anyhow would this be equivalent to PKD's Valis? Vast Active Living Intelligence System. Trying to break through our supposed "quarantine" and reach PKD and the peeps?

p146 - thought-forms

Is this how we can influence the formation of matter through SQK? Mind over matter? Not creating something out of nothing but influencing the already-being-created forms into something we want?

No mention here of Tibetan thought-forms, only supposed forms created in the astral - where they can't be proved, 'natch. 

The Tulpa - Tibetans believe the thought-forms can take physical form - like that episode of X-Files called Arcadia where the HOA president rules the roost with the aid of a tulpa created out of the landfill garbage the tract was built on.

I saw a tulpa in Namche Bazaar in 1984 (not that long ago) in the street below my hotel window - a piece of crumpled up paper probably about 8x10, blowing down the street in the wind - several of the Tibetans walking there were afraid of it, I saw one guy pointing and yelling and running away from it. I didn't understand his shouting but didn't need to, I know what he thought it was. It's not just superstition.

I also saw a yak running down that street with people running away from it, but it wasn't a pissed off thought-form, it was a potentially dangerous very real animal that was scaring people!

p147 - author proposes sympathy for snakes because of serpents' being linked by the church to paganism - guilt by association - however, if there are reptilians, and he is one...

p190 - Delphi - good research into causes of oracle's visions - ethylene gas, which is hallucinogenic - compare to discussion of Delphi in Secret Teachings of All Ages (entry to be added soon). 

Also see Robert Temple's Oracles of the Dead for his rediscovery of another oracle site and his exploration of that site (can't remember where, will add citation when the book can be dug out of storage)

p219 - Samaria on Crete - author "imagines" a contact with some entity that has the same (possibly sham) message as all the rest. Probably a result of the author's (and others') wishful thinking. These entities are fucking with us & Wyllie is one of the gullible ones - probably. See Keel, Swedenborg & the rest.

p235 - Wyllie's midwayers, helpers from the astral plane who have arrived en masse to help us (because we poor humans couldn't possibly save ourselves - that's how bad the mentality has become), live in the UV spectrum of light, or at least there's good reason to believe they do. He claims to have seen a small group of them when light patterns in the sky were weird; sunset at the beach or wherever it was.

Photo pages - In between the two previous pages is a series of color drawings by Wyllie which he takes a lot of stock in. While he is a talented artist (most peeps couldn't draw something like this), he has a vivid imagination. He "imagines" an Arcturian mothership over New Mexico's Manzano Mtns, as well as the Verdants' (whoever they might be) secret city in those same mtns, at "another vibration" (my quotes) so of course we can't see it so of course we're taking the author's word for it. Wishful thinking on a grand scale. However.... if thought-forms can be made to exist, can we create shit like this by thinking about them hard enough? So we create all these thought-form ufos and aliens ourselves, just by thinking about them we make them real. Stupefied... Or... it's possible to make them real if you can learn the technique & learn where to find the info.

p239 -  author talks about Greek etc myths, taking them literally to support his midwayers view - see Zechariah Sitchin & his sumerians etc. - without even considering what LaV has to say in Genesis of the Cosmos - a book he supposedly read because it's in the bibliography. Unless he just looked at online excerpts which is likely - or outright dismisses LaV and SQK because it doesn't fit in with his own theory - yet he constantly criticizes other peeps who do this very thing! Summarily dismiss anything and everything that doesn't fit your theory, that's how skience works. Gotta keep the grant money, or the book advance money, rolling in...

p240 - Julian Jaynes - Breakdown of Consciousness in the Bicameral Mind - must get this book!

Profound shift in consciousness occurred sometime in the past - the Gods spoke in a person's mind. No personal volition at all in these early times. Wyllie's analysis here is pretty good. He doesn't agree with Jaynes' conclusions. 

How does this tie in with the Schuman resonance - brain is supposed to be psychic at 8 hz - Schuman resonance is 7.83 hz - did this change at the point of the breakdown in the bicameral mind? Did Schu res drop? At the end of the ice age? Only big change that could account for it. Change in earth's circumference due to sea level rising 300 ft. Does that make sense? Enough to alter schu res? But Jaynes has this change occurring at 1000 BC apparently. Which doesn't line up with anything monumental that I know of that could have happened at that time - although I don't know much about that time period. Jaynes bases some of this on the Iliad and Odyssey. Possibly not good enough evidence, as Wyllie indicates. & it doesn't take into account the Druids (or is it Celts?) who have oral traditions that go earlier than this time period and contrary to this theory.

p243 - proposes that many of the UFOs seen are midwayer craft - in other words from the UV spectrum range. Sorry Tim you're years too late for this announcement. Meade Layne was the first in 1949, others followed, notably John Keel in the '60's who first posed Ultraterrestrials - Vallee followed suit afterwards in the '70's (and gets all the ink). None of these guys give each other credit haha. 

See Jim Marrs' Alien Agenda p179

UFOs - yes they're not from other planets - they are energy beings from "this" planet that we can't do anything about (Djinn) - thus one reason for the cover-up; aliens who are never found (for some reason) are less scary.

If there are physical UFOs - there very well may be, probably are - they're machines made by people on "this" planet - electrogravitics patented in 1928 - plenty of time to build test craft to fly over Rainier in 1947 (unmanned - seen by Kenneth Arnold) and "crash" one at Roswell with dummy aliens aboard that some peeps are allowed to catch glimpses of - a craft made with technology already available here to the military but not the public - according to Andy Colvin there's material from Union Carbide found at the crash site - plastics or something something.

It's all hypnosis - fake - abductions - see John Keel and proper distrust of anything disclosed through hypnosis. All the evidence comes through regressive hypnosis which is unreliable as evidence, and may just be made up by the subconscious under suggestion. Keel has witnessed several people hypnotized, told a simple sentence that they were abducted, being brought out of it and spinning a whole yarn about it - and believing it! Budd Hopkins worked for the CIA, according to Keel.

p262 - if I see the word chakra one more time I'm gonna puke. Author relates how he and his friends saved the world from a nuclear meltdown in France by placing crystals along ley lines and meditating. Okily dokily do!

p266 - some good basic info on Cathars. Some deserved bashing of Roman Catholic church. Get the Roman. The Romans... Cathars vowed to return at the end of time. Reincarnated, I guess. All these channeled beings vow to return. Quetzalcoatl vowed to return. A setup? For another Cortez-like incident in the near future? Fake alien invasion? Fake inter-dimensional invasion, in order to unite us into voting ourselves into the fema camps?

p268 - contradiction between Urantia and reincarnation - Urantia says there isn't any - kudos to Wyllie for reporting this since he doesn't agree with it - a lot of past life stories come from regressive hypnosis - possibly the unconscious just spinning a yarn. Past life therapy - highly suspect - see John Keel. As truth though; it does seem to have therapeutic value though, as bogus as it might be.

p269 - Rennes le Chateau, Holy Blood Holy Grail, no new insight, brief summary.

p270 - says Priory of Sion a hoax. I wonder how he knows? Maybe that came out at some point and I wasn't aware of it. Edit: confirmed as a hoax in another source.

p284 -  therapeutic hypnotic regression by Dr. Arthur Guirdham, finding a bunch of Cathars reincarnating in southern France, including he himself. Which is why his patients' subconscious's are telling him they're all Cathars too. His book is The Great Heresy, plus several others. I haven't looked them up. Validity of regressive hypnosis is seriously questionable, as I've mentioned more than once.

Everyone's past life is someone famous or important - right? Not likely! This is splained in Dolores Cannon's books as imprints, where someone can imprint the record of a past life without actually having lived it - which is why the subconscious remembers it under hypnosis. Convenient.

p292 - Stupid anti-materialist rant whilst he's living in a 25th floor penthouse overlooking Central Park in NYC and has money to travel around the world. Contradiction there? No? Socialists with houses full of personal possessions. Contradiction there? No?

p293 - typical gloom and doom global warming gibberish without acknowledging allegations of faked data, UN suppressing data (Climategate), global warming scenarios derived from flat earth models, etc etc. Believes us evil humans are causing it all - maybe a slight portion, but the vast majority is the climate changing on its own - the earth's climate isn't static people! And never has been! We've had ice ages in the past, when there was no industrialization whatsoever. The Maunder Minimum. The Medieval Warm Period. Wake up! All this stuff eliminated from the data, including the mini ice age in 1800 when wolves were coming down into London along the frozen Thames. Modern data begins after this point (1800). Why isn't all previous data included, hmm? 

p323 - Adamski and Desmond Leslie - probably confabulated but Wyllie says their info about the moon and Venus could be from those planets in different frequency-domains, as he calls them. Ok, what frequency? What rate are they vibrating it? Again this is promotion for ET visitors, which I believe is all faked. Read LaV's Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion for arguable proof that all the saucers (the machines) could have been built by man. Or read William Lyne.

p324 - world as a hologram - our brains are receivers and amplifiers - see what EF Benson wrote 100 years ago! This isn't a new idea. 

Again mentions frequency-domains, without giving us any numbers. What frequency? Above gamma ray? Above cosmic rays? We've mapped out all the frequencies - what specific frequency area are you talking about? Unless there's a "sideways" frequency or something, perpendicular? But none of these "change your vibration so you can move into the New Earth" ICHC guys ever says this, or gives any specifics. And nobody ever asks!!!!! I'd get thrown out of a session because I'd be demanding of whatever ICHC thing shows up to explain exactly what and how. And then I'd demand to know who he is really; instead of who he's pretending to be!

-[Pause- ground is shaking a bit - another Ridgecrest aftershock - or am I getting vertigo again... ok nvm, back to our regularly scheduled program]-

p332 - UFOs - Gordon Creighton & the Djinn - GC says they're responsible for all the UFO stuff - GC mentions Keel (they're ultra-terrestrials, not ET's with a superior technology coming here to save us) but author doesn't make any mention of having read Keel - again because it would negate a lot of what he's saying - so ignore it so it doesn't ruin your theory or mindset - and keeps the paycheck coming in. It might undermine his whole Multiverse jargon.

p334 - Creighton - 3 types of beings - angels, humans and djinn. Djinn were created before man. Meade Layne & his dense etheric world where the UFOs come from & djinn operate. The Coming of the Guardians is Layne's book - which is on my to buy list.

p337 - author says regarding abductions being benevolent and for our own good: "No one has been killed." Except that people have been killed. Animals too. Dogs and cattle. Thousands of cattle since the 1960's. Why do they need the blood? Many early UFO investigators died mysteriously. Why? Wyllie loses all credibility here. Or isn't familiar enough with the subject to where he should be talking about it. Abductees are scared shitless!!!! And they should be. It is not for their, or our, own good.

p358 - talks of hearing the voice of Shandron, whoever that is... Takes it at face value. Why don't you ask him who the fuck he really is?! Instead of believing in who he's pretending to be. C'mon Wyllie, you're being duped.

Using Richard Shaver's Mantong alphabet for this name we get Sun Human Animal Detrimental Horror Orifice Seed-sport-child-ninny. In short, a dero. Hmm....

"Join as brothers, be us all as one." Alan Greenfield says when we see the "we are one" message we're in important territory. Important as in being BS I think. You are being stupefied.

p372 - discusses alien abductions - says that "perhaps some continue to insist they were taken against their will" - he's utterly dismissing their claims as what, untrue? That they're lying? All of them are being taken against their will! Only under hypnosis are they persuaded that it isn't harmful, which is a crock because we don't even know why hypnosis works or what it really is, and we do know peeps are very suggestible under hypnosis. Whose side are you on, Tim?

What about those abductees who invoke the name of Jesus & the abduction stops? If these guys were beneficial, Jesus would be helping them, not saving us from them! Maybe Wyllie just isn't well-read enough in the field, cuz he seems like a busy guy, travelling around the world and stuff, but I doubt it.

p374 - more hypnotized dupes - they're being used by the black ops - Milabs I guess they're called now - they're not aliens!

Same old story, dying alien race needs us, our DNA - probably stealing our genetic material to use it to somehow manifest in the material world - it's the only way they can do it.

p378 - more Urantia crap - here we go again! Ascension! Shift our frequency higher! How, when we're locked into the schuman resonance and need it to shield us? Aha! If we raise our vibration higher than the schuman resonance maybe we'll be more vulnerable to frequency attacks! That's it! It'll be easier for them to use vibration & frequency (sound waves for example) to control us. Wow!

So that's the purpose of this whole New Earth bullshit that they've been saying for years. Raise your vibration & make yourself more vulnerable to psychic attack and possession! Wyllie, Wilcock, Cannon etc all being duped by the ICHC!!! That's why Greenfield says "we are one" is important territory. The territory of raise your vibration and make yourself vulnerable. Again, wow...

p381 - once again the old theme of earth becoming uninhabitable, "global threat" etc etc. What a negativist view - the "humans are destroying everything" mindset... Well we are throwing away too much plastic stuff, and our nuclear waste has a half-life of how many thousand years... Edit: Wuhan pollution cleared up in 3 days, LA in 7 days during the covid stay at home hysteria in 2020. What permanent damage, hmm?

p382 - discusses LaV and superwaves, not particularly ably in my view. Read LaV's work instead of this highly questionable guessing.

p384 - again mentions LaV and superwaves, puts Genesis of the Cosmos in the bibliography, but makes no mention at all of SQK, LaV's main hypothesis that predicts all this other stuff. Very disturbing. Maybe because it would invalidate his whole Urantia thesis with matter arising spontaneously instead of this huge improbable organization that God needs to keep track of things.

p390 - all this Urantia & Lucifer Rebellion stuff - keep in mind what Swedenborg says - they're all liars etc...

p402 - the New Age in a nutshell - only intervention from elsewhere can save us... Crisis! Woo... Surrender to "benevolent" control - woo! - We are one! -gasp! They've been saying that since 1960! Not sure why he put this article in as an appendix, it is lousy. Article is called Some Speculative Scenarios on the Future of the Human Race.

I'll give you a speculative scenario. This benevolent control, after we raise our vibration out of the schuman resonance, won't be so benevolent. A boot stomping on a human face forever, as Orwell said. And this mass migration of vibration-raised peeps who take off in the UFOs that come to rescue them and take them to the New Earth, with the rest of us left behind on this mad world, the ICHC will probably mind-control you into walking right into the oven.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Genesis of the Cosmos

I think this guy's figured it out. Let me splain...

Trying to catch up on the books I read where I started writing notes on the postits. Not too many. If I keep skipping it I'll never get caught up!  Must remain current.

His theory is that the universe is made up of subquantum particles that continuously interact, forming wave patterns and eventually matter. Continuous creation. Always been happening, always will happen. The universe is infinite, its always been here and always will be here. It is not expanding. Redshift is a measure of tired light, not speed. Galaxies are not moving away from us. Centers of galaxies aren't black holes but centers of matter creation that spew out matter, that is, explode, every few thousand years in the form of superwaves that aren't exactly beneficial to any living organisms who might be in the way. Such as us. The last one caused the end of the ice age, he theorizes. He goes into that more in Earth Under Fire.

Oops, I didn't write any notes for this book, therefore we shall have to wing it and find on the page itself what we thought was worthwhile to tag. Which will take even longer...

Not to worry. Excelsior!

p8 - Tagged this page because of a lengthy paragraph about how wrong the big bang theory is.

"The big bang theory proclaims space, time and existence to be an improbable transient phenomenon, of relatively finite extent, that emerged essentially out of nowhere together with physical form. The ancient science, on the other hand, theorizes that physical creation has come into being from a pre-existing prime substance, or ether, and that space, time, and this ether are infinite and virtually immortal. Whereas the big bang theory postulates that material existence emerged all at once in the briefest fraction of a second from an infinitesimally small point, the ancient science describes matter and energy creation as a continuing process taking place over many billions of years (dare I say trillions - me).

"The big bang theory proposes that the universe and the space in which it exists emerged explosively, leaving distant galaxies to rush away from our own at incredible speeds. (How can the Milky Way and Andromeda be on a collision course then, hmm? - me) The ancient science makes no such claim; it assumes that space is static, neither expanding nor contracting, and it has been so for all time."

He continues with how the bb theory offers no explanation for where this burst of energy came from. How could "nothing" blow up, hmm? Please explain.

The bb theory arose from a misinterpretation of redshift as a measure of speed, when really it's a measure of proton energy loss.

p19 - discusses the second law of thermodynamics, how ordered states in closed systems increase in entropy, or disorder. (Take that, Lisa Simpson).

p46 - chemical waves, the reaction-diffusion wave phenomenon, which arises spontaneously with certain chemicals; B-Z reaction.

p53 - Brusselator reaction system that spontaneously generates wave patterns. - compare to heating some oils in a pan & they spontaneously form a hexagon shape; or drop a pebble in a pool of water, it generates rings or waves, not a random chaos of moving water

p56 - how reaction diffusion waves self-organize; different from mechanical waves which must originate from an outside source

p80 - how the ether system produces matter from self-generated waves; order through fluctuation

p84 - splains why matter is generated and not anti-matter

p89 - & onward, says how the "matter making up our physical universe came into being gradually through a process of continuous creation" - galactic core explosions expelling matter outwards to create the galaxies & everything else

p94 - space telescope observations confirm the continuous model which proposes that dwarf elliptical galaxies evolve into spirals and that spirals in turn evolve into giant ellipticals

Regions between galaxies are filled with tenuous hydrogen gas medium; there might be as much matter residing between galaxies as in them; problem for big bang theory as it suggests there's more matter than big bang models predict

p125 - quote from the Purana - "Worlds come into being and dissolve, much as drops of water are thrust up by the ocean's waves... only to return to that formless mass from which they arose."

p127 - PD Ouspensky - "Only a symbol can deliver a man from the slavery of words and formulae and allow him to attain to the possibility of thinking freely."

p130 - Paul Christian, History of Magic - discusses Egyptian initiations, which supposedly took place in labyrinthine passages under the Sphinx and connecting to the Great Pyramid. Where are these tunnels and will anyone ever be allowed to dig and find them - doubtful, with who's in charge over there right now. Bought the rare book to see if there's any further description of the tunnels below the Sphinx; not much interest in magic initiation.

p143 - begins chapter on Tarot - first mention of playing cards by Swiss monk of Brefeld in 1377 - "A game of cards has come to us in this year - in which the state of the most excellently described and figured. But at what time it was invented, where, and by whom, I am entirely ignorant."

p181 - begins discussion of the zodiac; in addition to Tarot deck, it also describes the subquantum kinetics creation physics. This author is certainly thorough, almost to the point of tediousness. But he makes his point, which is, after all, his reason for writing this book in the first place.

He discusses most creation myths, from Egypt to Greece & others, all essentially the same. The Kalavala has a creation myth; have it but haven't read it yet.

p207 - Virgo - over 10000 galaxies in the Virgo supercluster. 3000 of those galaxies are in a "hub" about 40 million light years away. If bb theory is correct, why aren't they more evenly distributed? In fact, where did the big bang happen? Haven't they traced it back by now to the origin point? Oh oops it was just an accidental explosion of nothing because, you know, there couldn't possibly be God, right?

p209 - Virgo & Aquarius - "Virgo portrays the feminine intuitive right-brain mode of thinking that is concerned with the generation of creative thoughts. Aquarius represents the masculine logical left-brain mode of thinking concerned with testing the reasonableness of new ideas and integrating them into the larger whole of the mind's store of learned knowledge. Virgo is the mind's private creative side while Aquarius is its public social side."

And we're entering the age of Aquarius, with our social media, cell phones etc. Gasp!

p236 - psychics delving into the subatomic realm and seeing particles smaller than atoms, in 1895 more than 30 years before Heisenberg. Their book is Occult Chemistry by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater. They see 2 oppositely spinning closed loop spirals; in other words, subatomic vortexes. Matter in the process of being created. Yin yang. The Tao. - Addendum: Hmm, a couple of Theosophists, not a good source for anything since Blavatsky made it all up based on obscure books, and Leadbeater was apparently a pedophile... 

p264 - at this point LaV finally gets into the meat and potatoes of his argument, after the middle third of the book on ancient sources; which can be skipped, mainly it's proofs, although the Tarot & zodiac sections are worth re-reading.

Explanation of the Michelson-Morley experiment and how it put an end to the mechanical ether theory because of the surprising result; tested by many others afterwards, same result. - Addendum: The experiment did not disprove the existence of the ether, it simply did not detect it.

Because this isn't a mechanistic universe! Stuff happens all around us, in us, all the time. Just cuz we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. We're more blind than the blind, with our precious mainstream skientists leading the way in imbecility.

p268 - relativity paradoxes - contradictions such as twin clock paradox and light source velocity paradox - space-time is dependent on the observers' speed, schizophrenic concept of reality.

1913 Georges Sagnac turntable experiment disproved relativity, Paul Langevin in 1921 neutralizes him, Herbert Ives rebuts in 1938 but no one reads Ives, Langevin wins the day and the concept of an ether disappears, leading to the notion that anything not observable doesn't exist. "Physics entered the era of the excluded the possibility of a non-physical realm of existence. If there was a spirit world beyond the material, it had to be potentially observable and quantifiable, just like the rest of the physical world." God has to be a physical energy field or He doesn't exist. Way to go, Skience!

1951 Ives disproves relativity again by demonstrating the speed of light is not a constant, using results of Michelson-Morley.

Solar system is moving towards constellation Leo at 365 kilometers per second, which in normal measurement is 227 miles per second which is 817,000 miles per hour. How come we don't feel it? Because of magnetism holding us to earth?

Ernest Silvertooth, Panagiotis Pappas, Peter Graneau (author says there are others as well) all disprove relativity; Lorentz force law is not valid & should be replaced by cardinal force law (magnetism? - me) of Andre Ampere.

Relativity concepts such as space-time and warped space must be replaced by Newton's concept of absolute space and absolute time. (Although I don't think time exists, it's an invention of humans to measure the normal decay or move toward entropy of all physical matter; otherwise, yes.)

p275 - the crux of the biscuit - "The notion that the universe might be expanding came about as the result of the misinterpretation of wavelength shifts seen in light spectrograms of distant galaxies."

p279 - Hubble's Law - galaxy redshift increases proportional to distance

p280 - tired light, a better alternative - Fritz Zwicky in 1929 proposes different interpretation; reduction in photon energy, not increase in speed! Some kind of drag in the "vacuum" of space.

Well there is no vacuum. Empty space isn't empty. The "drag" would come from the ether, or from random particles in outer space; dust etc.

p285 - more proof that big bang redshift is baloney. Big bang cosmologists must explain how a galaxy that is about 1 billion years old can contain stars that are 12 billion years old. Or, as stated earlier, how a universe that is only 12 billion years old can be 82 billion light years across (or whatever the figures are - see the previous blog entry).

p303 - Stephen Hawking claims to have made a mathematical device that enables the big bang theory without having to explain the initial energy pulse (out of nothing - me). "What place, then, for a Creator?" Followed by discussion of agreements among modern skientists, then a chapter heading called Big Bang Hot Air.

p312 - Tesla's strong disapproval of Einstein's space-warping assumption. "I hold that space cannot be curved because it can have no properties. ...To say that in the presence of large bodies space becomes curved is equivalent to stating that something can act upon nothing. I, for one, refuse to subscribe to such a view."

Discusses problems with quantum field theory.

p316 - "If space were curved by even the slightest amount, evidence of this would have shown up in astronomical surveys. When data are evidence of curvature is found."

"Compared with the density estimates (of galaxies - me), the predictions of quantum theory and observational astronomy differ by more than 41 orders of magnitude, and possibly by as much as 118 degrees of magnitude." Wow. Larry Abbott - "few theoretical estimates in the history of physics made on the basis of what seemed to be reasonable assumptions have ever been so inaccurate."

LaV - "If it were unopposed, the attractive gravitational field produced by such large zero-point energy-mass densities would be so great that the big bang fireball should have collapsed on itself the instant it was born."

Cosmological constant - another effort to alter the data to fit the theory. Way to go, skience!

Quantum theory explains the microcosm, relativity splains the macrocosm. Bring these two major branches of physics together and they mutually annihilate each other.

p320 - talks about stars being sources of genic energy, they generate their own energy

p328 - points out flaws in supernova theory

p335 - electrogravitic effect - T. Townsend Brown in 1920's

The final chapter talks about ancient civilizations, Baghdad battery etc. Wonders how ancient megaliths could have been moved. Does LaV know about Coral Castle? Has he read RL Poole's book? Loophole in physics?

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Leedskalnin Codex

Ed Leedskalnin built the Coral Castle in Florida single-handedly, quarrying and cutting and moving huge stones weighing tons (the largest is 30 tons). Youtubers supposedly (I don't watch any youtube videos - I'd rather read a book and digest the information at my own pace - slow) mercilessly debunk this guy without knowing what they are talking about.

RL Poole has apparently figured out how he did it and the implications are nothing short of staggering.

Ed was all about magnetism. His treatise on magnetism called Magnetic Current is a must-read, full of examples and directions on how to test magnetism the same way Ed himself did. If you can figure out how to set everything up, or even acquire all the necessary supplies. He spills the beans, so to speak, but indirectly. Poole decoded some of the code language.

Poole discovered a date written in the megaliths of the Coral Castle; the date of a solar eclipse on the other side of the earth from where Ed was (Florida) as well as a conjunction with Venus on the far side of the sun, all lined up in a syzygy on Sept. 10th, 1923, the day Ed built the castle. Basically what Ed is saying, and Poole discovered, is this alignment of planets causes a loophole in physics where the interacting magnetic fields of the lined-up celestial bodies make it possible to move these huge stones; because all the planets, the sun, etc. are all gigantic magnets. In fact Ed didn't believe there is any such thing as gravity, it's all magnetic forces.

There aren't any page numbers in Poole's slim book, but my first note says "Holy sh*t!" I remember getting chills reading this part of the book, like you would hearing a certain piece of music (which would have to have been recorded before the dreaded autotune came into standard use). Never got chills reading a book before.

"What if what has been happening for thousands of years is that our ancestors knew that certain celestial alignments can alter the physics of our planet in the spots in which they are focused, and that is what they have been doing and demonstrating all along? What if certain celestial alignments create a circumstance of extreme magnetism for short periods of time which can be taken advantage of by the clever and the prepared." Holy cow.

This effect would make these huge megaliths light enough to move, and soft enough to carve with precision, as the ancients did (and as Ed himself did - example photos in the book). Ed worked in Florida at the same latitude as Giza, the Zone of Silence in Mexico, the Dragons Triangle in Japan; his location being right at the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. Why this latitude? "It appears that since the moon is at a 5 degree tilt to our own equator, locating yourself that percentage of the Earth above the equator would put you most in line with its effects."

Poole goes on to mention the Bermuda Triangle and how it might be a place of extreme magnetic anomaly. Planes and ships don't disappear into another dimension; the metal goes soft and turns into rubber and the planes fall from the sky and/or disintegrate, taking their occupants with them. - This doesn't take into account the instances of ships being found intact but with all the passengers and crew mysteriously vanished.

He doesn't mention places like Stonehenge which are at a more northern latitude, but the path of solar eclipses is always different and the effect must have been the same there. Stonehenge would have been set up to track solar eclipses and planetary alignments to make use of these magnetic anomalies. I'm not sure how the tilt of the moon would come into play at this particular location.

The idea being, with Venus on the other side of the sun, and the moon between the earth and the sun, on the side of the earth away from the eclipse (the outside point of the syzygy) one would get a "push" effect like you get with two magnets, and be able to lift incredibly heavy weights, if you knew how to do it. Amazing.

Poole could have done more research, for instance track solar eclipses and planetary alignments as far back as the records go, and see if these match up with where all the megalithic structures are. But that's a minor quibble; maybe some researcher has already done that.

He is supposed to have some youtube videos, probably worth watching.

An amusing note: when I got the book I thought it was missing some of the front pages, because it started in mid-sentence. After I flipped through it I found page 1 in the back. The book had been printed backwards! It's one of those independent publishing thingies, doubt it's the author's fault. No biggie really. Probably a magnetic anomaly.

E F Benson

This writer was unknown to me prior to several years ago when I stumbled across him whilst browsing through some horror collections. His horror short stories are collected in this volume:

I became interested because he's probably a distant relative of my clan, which also originated from the London area. Benson is one of three brothers who all wrote prodigiously around the turn of the century (last century, not this one). The other two also wrote some horror stories, collected in another Wordsworth volume (older edition, which I purchased used but haven't read yet).

Every week or so I'll read another story, haven't finished the book yet but I did make note of a couple things with my postits. These ghost stories were written at the height of spiritualism; seances and so forth.

His stories are frequently included in horror anthologies you can find at places like Barnes & Noble.

p153 - Outside the Door - a couple of lengthy quotes which I thought were exceptional and extremely relevant;  I edited them down to the basics.

"We are only just beginning to conjecture how inextricable is the interweaving between mind, soul, life - call it what you will - and the purely material part of the created world. That such interweaving existed has, of course, been known for centuries...that anger produced chemical changes in the blood, that anxiety led to indigestion...(etc) that under the influence of strong passion a man can do things which in his normal physical state he is incapable of performing. Here we have mind...producing changes and effects in tissue, that which is purely material."

" some force, out of that innumerable cohort of obscure mysterious forces with which we human beings are garrisoned, can pass, as it is constantly doing, into material things. The laws of its passing we know not..."

There's more to this world than we can observe with our senses. 

p159 - The Terror by Night

"We are all of us probably 'receivers' to some extent, and catch now and then a message or part of a message that the eternal waves of emotion are ceaselessly shouting aloud to those who have ears to hear, and materializing themselves for those who have eyes to see. Not being, as a rule, perfectly tuned, we grasp but pieces and fragments of such messages, a few coherent words it may be, or a few words which seem to have no sense."

Written decades before the flying saucer and New Age channeling crazes, he seems to be describing them perfectly. Colin Wilson in his book Mysteries (to be added to the blog later, lots of post-its in that one) says that 1/3rd of all people are psychic, so you'd have to be one of those 1/3rd to witness or rather produce (consciously? unconsciously?) any phenomena; non-psychics can witness others' anomalies. I am not one of those 1/3rd, whether that's good or bad.

p249 - Machaon - one of the characters discussing channeling

"My gifts have nothing to do with this person who sits eating and drinking and talking to you. quite expunged before the subconscious part of me...gets into touch with discarnate intelligences. Until that happens, the door is shut, and when it is over, the door is shut again, and I have no recollection of what I have said or written. The control uses my hand and my voice but that is all. I know no more about it than a piano upon which a tune has been played."

So what are these discarnate intelligences? During the spiritualist craze, they were dead relatives or perhaps dead writers or gurus or other known personalities. The modern ones, space aliens? That's what they're pretending to be (see Dolores Cannon et al). But what are they really?

p341 There's no such thing as time really; it has no actual existence. Time is nothing more than an infinitesimal point in eternity, just as space is an infinitesimal point in infinity. At the most time is a sort of tunnel through which we are accustomed to believe we are travelling. - One of his characters says this. I agree. No such thing as time. Time Tunnel indeed; 60's TV show. I don't think we watched it very much, some other show was on at the same time.

p401 Is (the control) really communicating, or am I only putting down the thoughts of my subconscious self. Is she really an independent intelligence, or is she part of your own. Outside normal perceptions. Possible that you may get those facts through telepathy. - Characters discussing their mediumship. They could just as well be talking about hypnosis & aliens.


Benson has a series of unrelated books that are quite amusing, the Mapp and Lucia series. Comedies set in twenties Britain about socialites battling for supremacy in their small towns.

In the first story they get involved with yoga and then a spiritualist, both adventures turning into a comedy of errors. Hilarious stuff. Great writer.

p21 - Character talking about yoga, an example of a few pages I tagged:

"Om. I understand the ejaculation to be Om. And there are very curious physical exercises; you have to hold your ear with one hand and your toes with the other, and you may strain yourself unless you do it properly. That was the gist of it."

 And that's the gist of this blog entry.

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Disneyland of the Gods

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Just some notes, to see if this will fly without being too much work...

(update: It is too much work but your correspondent shall persevere...)

This book is a collection of articles by Keel from Saga magazine (a "men's" magazine I believe) which appeared around 1970. Dated? They don't read that way. Keel investigated many cases in the field, collected hundreds if not thousands of newspaper clippings, and corresponded tirelessly with others in the field as well as numerous contactees.

Most of his collected articles read like summaries of all this information.

One thing I like about his reporting is that he eschews the use of hypnotic regression; in fact, he thinks anything revealed by hypnosis is unreliable and may just be the subconscious inventing a story to please the hypnotist. He documents elsewhere in his work several instances of a random person being hypnotized and told they were abducted by aliens, and upon being woken up spinning a whole abduction scenario out of the blue. And believing it. His other example is a CBS TV show where a technician was hypnotized and told CBS was conspiring to take over the world. Upon being snapped out of it he launched into a story about it, believing every word.

Keel only used what the contactees could consciously remember, and did not reveal to other contactees what they said. That way he was able to compare all their stories and find similarities & draw some conclusions about the flying saucer/ abduction scene.

Now on to some notes:

p14 - Fafrotskies; Keel is talking about Charles Fort & things falling from the sky at random, like chunks of ice.

Last year (2018) a chunk of ice hit a house in Chino, went through the roof of the garage if I remember it right. I wanted to go to the guy's house and ask to see some of the ice, but I never did. Not very intrepid reporting on the part of our correspondent. It's sposed to fall from airplanes but airline people will tell you it couldn't happen.

p16 - "The biggest astronomical scam of the 1970's was the black hole."

Yes - there aren't any. See Paul LaViolette's Genesis of the Cosmos, Earth Under Fire and Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion where he shoots down, successfully in my view, the black hole and big bang theories. Those theories are so full of holes... Seems like atheists going to any length necessary to prove the universe is entirely mechanical and that there is no God, and their theories keep getting more and more convoluted as more data comes in, in order to fit the facts into their theory. How about the universe that is supposed to be only 14 billion years old and yet the latest galaxies discovered by our space based telescopes are 92 billion years away (in light-years). Does that make sense? Fook no.

The center of our galaxy isn't a black hole, it's the opposite. It doesn't draw in matter & energy into a singularity, it periodically explodes, creating matter. See LaV's theories on galactic superwaves. One is on the way. Are we prepared? Not even.

p17 - Author says Fort says the future somehow controls the present and past and not vice versa. See Robert Schoch's Forgotten Civilizations where he says the same thing, based on studies conducted by a professor on his students, where he had them study randomly picked words after having already taken the test, and finding out they did significantly better on the test, even though it had already been taken!

The future reaching back to affect the past; in this case, as long as you haven't seen your score or grade yet. Far fetched? Apparently not.

p21 - Lester J Hendershot

This fellow developed a "miracle motor" which ran on its own without an outside power source or fuel. Must investigate. This is the same year Townsend Brown filed the patent for his electrogravitics devices. Hmm... Both inventions disappeared. Hmm... The latter was apparently immediately classified by the US government so no one in the private sector could work on it. The former... never heard of it or the inventor.

Learning through LaV's book about Brown's work totally changed my conception of ET's. There aren't any! There are no aliens with their "superior technology" flying around in our skies and abducting people. Any machines seen in the air, and there are some, are products of human beings. Which humans is the question.

Our government? Russia? Britain? France? Germany? All of the above? Black ops peeps? Inner Earth weirdos? International Nazis? Which is why the ufo photos from the 60's look like they do, with their rivets and such, and current ufo videos look like Nick Fury Agents of Shield flying fortresses. Why didn't the airship of 1897 or Billy Meier's and George Adamski's ufos look like modern flying fortresses? If these ships are coming from outer space they wouldn't have looked like they change along with current Earth technologies. They would have looked like flying fortresses in 1897!

No aliens people! You are being stupefied. But more of that elsewhere...

p41 - In 1953 (year of my birth, hmm...) an unknown satellite was spotted orbiting Earth. This is 4 years before Sputnik. In 1957 an object was photographed following Sputnik II. Weird. Must investigate further.

Also "The Black Knight" in 1960, circling the globe in a polar orbit. No nation had successfully put a satellite in polar orbit up to that time. It was estimated at 15 tons. Reported by New York Times, Newsweek, Life. Oops, maybe there are aliens. Or secret technology way ahead of what the public is allowed to know.

p45 - Duncan Lunan and LDE's

Long Delayed Echoes, bounced back from space. From the 1920's. Lunan plotted the data on a graph and it made a map of the constellation Bootes. He guesses these signals were coming from the mystery satellite (unsure about this), Bootes is where they would have been from. In theory. Except that his map showed Bootes in the position it was in 13000 years ago. That's right around the end of the ice age... That's when this mystery satellite might have been put in place...

Where is this satellite now? Why have I never heard of it before? Is it that unimportant? Or was it just a weird temporary asteroid that later burned up...

p59 - Magnetic disturbances produce ufos

In other words during periods of magnetic activity, flying saucers are seen. Are they always there but just become visible at this time to certain people (psychics probably)?

Look up Project GARP, a 1974 study of the atmosphere and magnetic field.

Look up Dick Tracy comic strip, author says for years it contained an "incongruous little box" that said "The nation that rules magnetism will rule the universe." Which brings us to Ed Leedskalnin and the Coral Castle in Florida, and how this little guy built it all by himself. More on him in another post, along with the short book by RL Poole who seems to have found the answer, decoding the clues left by Leedskalnin.

p93 - Idaho Triangle? - weird stretch of 10 miles along I-15 in Idaho where people inexplicably drive off the road for no reason. Between Incom and McCammon. Next time you're on vacation in that area, take note.

Update: I was in this area a few months ago (Oct 2019) but didn't have the time to detour to this spot. A glance at the map shows there's a state park here along this stretch of I-15 called Indian Rocks. Coincidence? Magnetic anomaly? Native American hocus pocus?

p103 - author mentions John Fuller's book on Betty & Barney Hill, says that he left out some important details that tend to discredit their abduction story. Those tapes were all made under hypnosis. Keel presumably has heard those tapes. After Fuller's book appeared many other victims came out of the woodwork. Someone from somewhere merely studying us. No? "There is really much more to it. Much more." -Keel yeah it's a fake story concocted by the humans (military ops or CIA or whoever) who did it & used hypnosis to implant the bogus aliens stuff. The Hills saw military uniforms.

p114 - Wilhelm Reich, of orgone energy fame, constructed instruments that caused ufos to explode or dissipate. Wha....? Investigate. Cloudbusters.

p121 - "We are one." "You are endangering the balance of the universe."

The mantra of the New Age channeling of supposed superior alien intelligences. What a crock. So if we are one I guess we're supposed to abandon our individuality and join the group mind. Follow the crowd. Follow what's trending. Do what you're told. Stop thinking for yourself. The benevolent aliens will save us. Sheesus. This "we are one" crap has been going on for over 50 years! The elves were probably saying that to our ancestors in the middle ages.

p125 - Moodus Sounds, East Haddam, Conn. - area called Morehemoodus by the Indians - strange explosions still heard occasionally even nowadays. Story of a brilliantly luminous rock found in the same area by a European named Steele, who took it off to Europe and was never heard of again.

p131 - The whole chapter on hybrids and sleepers...

Scary stuff. Discusses how people can be hypnotized and later triggered into doing things without having any conscious memory of it. Also discusses how real events of supposed alien abduction can be buried underneath planted abduction scenarios, and how therapists in recovering the planted scenario totally bury what really happened. Keel suggests that the CIA may have studied the abduction phenomenon and learned how to use it. I suggest that the CIA (or others of their ilk) have been doing it all along, creating the modern abduction scenario to set up a false belief in ET's. For what purpose you ask? Maybe to stage a fake alien invasion at some point in the future, to unite us all into a world government to combat the threat, when really all it will do is install a world dictatorship.

p139 - Dr Meade Layne and the psychic explanation

Layne called the saucer people Etherians. In 1949. He had already dismissed the ET hypothesis. Keel compares ufos to psychic phenomena & says they're basically the same. Mentions Allan Greenfield. See Cipher of the UFOnauts for a scarier psychic/occult explanation for what's going on. Not into the occult explanation myself, I hope that's not what's really happening. The ET hypothesis is a cover for something else, that's for sure.

p151 - Gen. George C. Marshall:

"Visitors from outer space are trying to work out a method of breathing and staying alive in our atmosphere before landing and establishing contact."

Keel then goes into how witnesses say MIB seem out of breath and stagger around like they have the bends, mentioning the symptoms, particularly vertigo and nystagmus. Too much nitrogen in the atmosphere. Smell of hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs) is common in ufo encounters. If that's part of their atmosphere, the most common place where hydrogen sulfide is found is the center of the earth. Asian belief in King of the World, ruling the world from underground, the Shaver Mystery and the deros... Wha....

p174 - one last quote from the author after 5 brilliant articles that close out the book:

"Illiteracy is rising so fast it can hardly be measured. People who can't read are, of course, cut off from the past, from history, from the thoughts and perceptions of great minds, from art and culture, from everything that has any meaning. The loss is staggering. We are becoming a race of animals living only for the immediate moment, with no vocabularies, speaking in grunts and guttural noises like the cavemen."

Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...