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Alien Agenda

The author for the most part ignores the ultra-terrestrial hypothesis of Keel, Layne, Vallee, etc etc, does give them some mention towards the end but pretty much sticks to the ET mantra. Which is the title, after all, and probably the basis on which he got the book deal so he would more than likely have to stick to that thesis.

pXXVIII - 1897 Aurora crash & great airship mystery - Keel says both were hoaxes by Gray Barker; although there were many newspaper clippings of the airship, in CA and the midwest. Some aspects of the story were a hoax maybe. The Aurora crash is probably a hoax.

p2 - moon might be older than earth

p8 - hollow moon theory - it rang like a bell when we crashed Apollo liftoff boosters into it.

p16 - spaceship moon theory - the Kalavala: "When the moon was placed in orbit."

p18 - moon came into orbit around 11000 years ago - walls of the Kalasasaya at Tiahuanaco.

That would put this event at the end of the ice age. Causing the end of the ice age? Put into place in order to create the loophole in physics, to periodically alter the earth's magnetism? Odd that the moon perfectly eclipses the sun, it's just the right size. What a coincidence... But is it a spaceship, or was it an old rogue planet passing by that the ancient earthlings using their gnarly mind powers managed to capture and place in orbit at just the right spot? God? No ET's needed here necessarily, except for the atheists. All the weirdo moon artifacts peeps claim to see in the photos could be from the breakaway civilization; you know, that started in the early 1900's with Tesla's proposed spaceship design. Tesla went to Mars you know...

p29 - Apollo 11 transmissions of seeing saucers on the moon. Well maybe they weren't saucer shaped but I like the term "saucers" better than "ufos."

Otto Binder claimed that transmissions were being censored. Ham radio operators picked up transmissions where one of the astronauts said: "These babies are huge, sir, enormous... Oh God you wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there...lined up on the far side of the crater edge...they're on the moon watching us..."

Tom Horn has a version of this story with quotes from the astronauts that seem a little bit different. Will crosscheck at some point. "Lined up on the far side of the crater edge" is the same quote Horn has.

p44 - Saucer connection to Vedas, with its stories of aerial machines, vimanas.

p64 - ancient mysteries, such as skull of doom, mortared pavement found 10 feet down when someone was digging a basement in Colorado, in strata a million years old...

p86 - Morning Sky recounts American Indian legends of sky people, and a being called Ra who sought to destroy all evidence of man's history to keep us all ignorant and controllable, who lost power to an alien race descended from lizards, which today are known as the "greys." Does David Wilcock have anything to say about this version of Ra I wonder, since he states that he swears by the Ra - Law Of One stuff. Maybe in his books I threw away...

Not sure about that; the reptilians in modern accounts (or fantasies) don't necessarily seem to be physical beings - they take possession of humans (benevolent, of course, see Tim Wyllie). David Icke says Hillary is the lizard queen. I don't think she's a grey. Dubya's dad was also supposed to be a reptilian and thus his sons, as was Zecharia Sitchin and various other peeps.

p152 - note is blank but describes a jet pilot named Mantell who chased a saucer up to 20,000 feet, blanked out & came down & crashed. Yes Mr. Wyllie, nobody has died, right?

p154 - more on Mantell - one of his last transmissions: "My God I see people in this thing!" When he crashed there was a bright light that his plane seemed to fall out of & then pancake to the ground, as if the saucer or something was trying to save him. Other accounts say the plane crashed with pieces scattered all over. Not sure which is true... A man-made saucer.

p166 - Dr. Paul Bennewitz monitored radio transmissions from ufos.

Project Aquarius and MJ-12. FWIW Keel says MJ-12 was a Barker hoax. Marrs doesn't follow this line either because he doesn't believe it, or he has a book to sell...

See the entry on Project Beta for more on the Bennewitz story and the MJ-12 hoax.

p168 - more MJ-12. Hoax.

p179 - connection between ufos & spiritualism. Margaret Fuller. Worked for Truman & Allen Dulles. Secret group in control of ufo situation, according to her, not then named MJ-12. Early ufo sightings involved captured Nazi technology. Issue grew to include psychological warfare and disinformation campaigns. Some generals said ufos were connected to spiritualism.

This lady apparently knew what she was talking about but suspiciously died of a heart attack & had all of her documents removed from her home by peeps claiming to be family.

p244 - describes ufo encounter that began with a blinding flash. Confabulation. See MIB movie, that's how peeps are put into a trance, hypnotized into falsely believing this abduction stuff.

p248 - discusses government keeping ufo info secret. "Something very troubling to someone is being kept under wraps" - author.

Knowledge of ET life is known to high government officials around the world, is the author's take. My take is that these officials know they are not ET's but inter-dimensional beings that hopelessly outclass us, that we can't do anything about. They use the ET scenario as a cover for... what? So they don't have to admit they're helpless to do anything about it? -Edit: My take now is that they're covering up that these machines are all man-made by the govts of the world. Using captured Nazi technology and/or Tesla technology.

p254 - Richard Sauder reports on huge tunneling machines, designed for Lunar use, but also used here making huge tunnels underground. Discusses Mount Weather under Virginia being the hub of 96 such facilities. Bashes Reagan, as if he started it. Maybe he did. Also mentions many private companies who have underground facilities. Maybe they found the Deros. Or Agharta. Or if the earth wasn't hollow before, it is now.

So if we get hit by a CME or galactic superwave these peeps will all survive. The "best" of us. Yeah right. And all their money will be worthless when only the rich survive. Who are they going to lord it over? Put the aliens on welfare?

p262 - possibility of covert space technology - yes. Electrogravitics patents in 1928, almost 100 years ago. T. Townsend Brown. Tesla too. Probably others.

I used to laugh when I'd see peeps who believed in the supposed breakaway civilization (I think the guy's name is Richard Dolan who's been writing and lecturing about this) but after reading LaV's Secrets of Anti-Gravity Technology I think it's possible. Still need to investigate the Tesla going to Mars story.

p270 - Bob Lazar, the guy who supposedly was at Area 51. "Containers." According to Lazar the aliens consider us as containers. "Religion was specifically created so we have some rules and regulations for the sole purpose of not damaging the containers."

Rumor of battle between aliens and security people, 66 peeps killed, 44 got away, aliens split & left technology behind - which is what Lazar saw. Info from one of Timothy Good's books (1993 - whichever that one would be - watching some of his books on ebay, maybe I should get them).

Either way, Lazar was probably a plant; as in spook, not a vegetable man.

p286 - famous contactee George Adamski may have been with the CIA. (Tim Leary, Budd Hopkins, intern Anderson Cooper - the CIA gets around). Lots of ex-intelligence people at the news networks.

p290 - list of contactees, but no mention of Woody Derenberger and his pal Indrid Cold - because it sounds too ridiculous? In Greenfield's book Secret Cipher he interviews a guy who claims to have tracked down Cold in West Virginia, using the occult cipher of... don't remember what it is, cipher based on letters equaling numbers, add up the numbers, a certain number means a certain thing although where they get the meanings of the numbers I'm not sure. Cold is a fugitive. More on this when I write up Greenfield's book.

p302 - Billy Meier, Semjase, Pleiadians - 20 years later (after the pub of this book) this stuff is now mainstream and wholeheartedly believed by New Age peeps. I have a better philosophy than New Age. I call it Old Age. Hehheh.

p304 - more Semjase speech - typical of what they (supposed aliens) all say.

p308 - seems to me Meier has been hypnotized and used - confabulation. There's some question about the authenticity of his photos; not sure if the blog header photo is one of his or someone else from that era (1960's). If you look online at his pics, a couple of the saucers are right up against trees. If he was using models they could have been suspended or perched there. Other photos show them in midair though. Pic in blog header has a contrail, or exhaust.

p311 - the metal triangle supposedly given to Billy. It ended up with a chemist who found it contained a hodge-podge of metals including thulium which is very expensive, a byproduct of atomic energy work.  - Keel always says stuff dropped by saucer people (such as the pancakes given to the one guy, which tasted like shit) is always common earth-found stuff, I don't remember him mentioning this particular item. This would be proof of ET rather than UT. I'm not sure Keel ever did an article on Billy Meier, need to check, see if he mentions or comments on this metal triangle.

p322 - Betty Andreasson - missing time, alien contact - only remembered under hypnosis - confabulation, not relevant to anything.

p326 - Travis Walton- he recalled stuff without hypnotherapy so is a more reliable witness - his experience started with the typical flash of light tho - so it's a confabulation, false memory implanted.

p330 - now author says Walton's story was first obtained under hypnosis - contradiction. By Dr. James Harder, APRO inverstigator; making Walton's story suspect after all. See William Lyne for what probably really happened.

p334 - author Curtis Peebles says: "Hopkins' abductees had no overt memories until they were hypnotized." Exactly!! Abduction only a product of hypnosis & what the hypnotist wants. Keel agrees; Keel says somewhere that Hopkins worked for the CIA. So the ET story is bogus, being promulgated by the CIA or whoever for some reason or other. Fake ET's...make peeps believe so as to set up future fake alien invasion? As part of World Government I mean Dictatorship scenario? Simple cover-up that the ufos & abductions are black ops? Ritual abuse? See Jasun Horsley.

p348 - researcher Jefferson R Weekley had a visit; he says "I knew these beings were not from some other planet. They exist in a world that is just next door." This guy was taking acid though...

p349 - summary of abduction characteristics

p364 - another abduction recalled under hypnosis - hypnosis & remote viewing - meh - if he already knows he's there to recall abduction his subconscious will make it up.

p366 - another witness - to military this time - claims a control panel is alien & that military interrogator admits to it - could be our own secret advanced tech tho. Lyn Buchanan, military officer, went for a ride on a saucer. He thinks his abduction was authentic, just as easy for it to have been a setup using secret "saucer" tech we already invented ourselves behind the scenes.

p389 - there were animal mutilations in the 1800's!!! even 1700's. Throws a monkey wrench into things if it's sposed to be our own secret tech black ops peeps doing it. It's the UT's, the cannibals or vampires, whatever you'd call them, that need our fluids (blood, water) for some reason. Blood sucking elves...

p398 - another witness recall under hypnosis - oh please - typical explanation

p405 - chupacabra stories - the goat sucker. To explain loss of blood in mutilated animals.

p409 - crop circles in the 1600's - reported to be made by pygmies - (elves) - Andy Colvin thinks modern crop circles could be made by satellites, but that wouldn't explain this time period.

p437 - one researcher says crop circles are invisible ufos writing in ancient 4000-yr-old Norse language of Tifinag. Never heard of it but should look it up one of these days.

p448 - psychic studies suggest sentience may go down to subatomic level.

Author mentions Secret Life of Plants - how plants have feelings, emotions etc- proven by author of that book by hooking plants up to lie detector equipment. That's why we're all sposed to be vegetarians I guess...

p462 - suggests crop circles are signposts for ufos - huh?? Giving them directions on where to go? Not sure about that.

p466 - remote viewing -meh - viewer describes seeing golden place with 3 giants with horned helmets - sounds like Sitchin's Sumerians - maybe this viewer read those books.

p470 - remote viewing of ozone hole problem - ozone problem hasn't been mentioned for 20+ years!!! That shit didn't stick...

p483 - remote viewers see 3 types: greys, martians, transcendentals - the latter would be angels or demons if in Biblical times. Angels can "edit" remote viewing process. "We see what they show us." There you go, you just invalidated the whole remote viewing thing for me. Thank you! It would be the same thing as the regressive hypnotherapy past life channeling stuff. The ICHC again.

p506 - more remote viewing - within 60 years a planet will appear and wreak havoc - peeps will be taken aloft to save the species (or save a supply of food heh!) - same old story - see Cannon, Wyllie, Wilcock etc etc etc on and on and on... their planet comes this way - Nibiru? Again? It was just here in 2017 wasn't it? -Edit: Hmm, 60 years from this book would be around 2060, which is when Isaac Newton predicted the end of the world/age/cycle. Hmm...

One viewer mentions discarnate beings - "They feed on fear. Their real aim is to get back in here any way they can." That's what I think is really going on.

p510 - story of Eisenhower meeting the aliens.

p513 - more remote viewing of meetings with aliens - one alien mentions planet that crosses orbit of other planets - will cause big problems soon - Sitchin and Nibiru again.

p515 - still more remote viewing - of quiet war we can't see - equivalent to angels vs demons maybe - angels in UV, demons in IR - maybe they have to cross through our visible spectrum neutral territory to battle it out with each other - or this is the battleground I guess. Wilcock talks about this in that book I threw away and on his website which I unsubscribed from.

p525 - discusses UT theory - non ET's - gives all credit to Vallee for this hypothesis - Keel gets no ink at all although Keel said it first - Vallee only helped prove it. Actually Meade Layne said it first, in 1949! Gots to get his book. Keel gives Layne due credit, as do others like Greenfield.

The UFOs that are machines are man made, we've had the tech since at least 1928 if not earlier.

p530 - "We are property." -Charles Fort. Author mentions William Bramley's book in support of Fort's thesis; I read Gods of Eden but no longer have it. Fred Hoyle said in 1971: "Human beings are simply pawns in the games of alien minds that control our every move. It is not an alien intelligence from another planet. It is actually from another universe that entered ours at the very beginning and has been controlling all that happened since." Yikes!

p532 - Richard Miller picks up ham radio broadcasts of aliens. Miller later spoke with alien named Soltec & rode in his saucer. Okay. Anyhow he was told the pyramids are giant motion stabilizers built 45,000 years ago to remove a wobble in earth's axis. - hmm... Earth is quarantined. Hmm... Sounds familiar. Where have I heard this shit before haha...

p544 - note is blank but this section is about some dude named Drunvalo Melchizedek who says aliens saved earth from a giant solar flare (CME) in 1972. Okay... Marrs quotes article in Science News from 1972 about such a huge solar flare. I've read about it elsewhere.

p576 - section about creation of the Federal Reserve - getting into conspiracy theory territory here, the subject of his next 4-5 books, which are on the reading list.

p584 - CFR members - republicans and democrats - they're in it together, I tells ya.

A good read. It's supposed to include "4 pages of incredible photographs" but the photos are a weak selection. Maybe they had problems getting permission to use the better ones.

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