Monday, July 15, 2019

Bigger Than the Shaver Mystery

A bigger mystery than the Shaver mystery is how so many Amazon deliveries get off track. For example I purchased a copy of volume 1 of The Hidden World about the Shaver Mystery and Richard Shaver's mysterious underground world of the deros, detrimental robots who control us all with their mind control ray machines - 40's sci-fi promoted (and re-written) by pulp editor Ray Palmer - nothing to worry about - hopefully.

The book was supposed to come Saturday. Timeline is thus:

11:00 pm Friday - arrives at carrier facility
1:08 am Saturday - leaves facility
6:56 am - out for delivery - from the same facility, mind you
6:57 am - package arrived at carrier facility - again the same facility

What's going on? The book did not arrive Saturday, nor did it arrive Sunday even though the tracking said it was still out for delivery. Come Monday morning and it's still out for delivery. Where is it? The Hidden World remains hidden, the Shaver Mystery remains a mystery.

Colvin's previously mentioned Mothman's Photographer II also flew away for an extra day or 2, it was out for delivery and then showed up back at the carrier warehouse that evening. It was on the wrong van, or the lazy driver couldn't find my apartment and bailed... Who knows...

Amazon does so much shipping it's impossible not to have frequent slip ups, it just seems odd that it happened to be these particular titles...

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