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Genesis of the Cosmos

I think this guy's figured it out. Let me splain...

Trying to catch up on the books I read where I started writing notes on the postits. Not too many. If I keep skipping it I'll never get caught up!  Must remain current.

His theory is that the universe is made up of subquantum particles that continuously interact, forming wave patterns and eventually matter. Continuous creation. Always been happening, always will happen. The universe is infinite, its always been here and always will be here. It is not expanding. Redshift is a measure of tired light, not speed. Galaxies are not moving away from us. Centers of galaxies aren't black holes but centers of matter creation that spew out matter, that is, explode, every few thousand years in the form of superwaves that aren't exactly beneficial to any living organisms who might be in the way. Such as us. The last one caused the end of the ice age, he theorizes. He goes into that more in Earth Under Fire.

Oops, I didn't write any notes for this book, therefore we shall have to wing it and find on the page itself what we thought was worthwhile to tag. Which will take even longer...

Not to worry. Excelsior!

p8 - Tagged this page because of a lengthy paragraph about how wrong the big bang theory is.

"The big bang theory proclaims space, time and existence to be an improbable transient phenomenon, of relatively finite extent, that emerged essentially out of nowhere together with physical form. The ancient science, on the other hand, theorizes that physical creation has come into being from a pre-existing prime substance, or ether, and that space, time, and this ether are infinite and virtually immortal. Whereas the big bang theory postulates that material existence emerged all at once in the briefest fraction of a second from an infinitesimally small point, the ancient science describes matter and energy creation as a continuing process taking place over many billions of years (dare I say trillions - me).

"The big bang theory proposes that the universe and the space in which it exists emerged explosively, leaving distant galaxies to rush away from our own at incredible speeds. (How can the Milky Way and Andromeda be on a collision course then, hmm? - me) The ancient science makes no such claim; it assumes that space is static, neither expanding nor contracting, and it has been so for all time."

He continues with how the bb theory offers no explanation for where this burst of energy came from. How could "nothing" blow up, hmm? Please explain.

The bb theory arose from a misinterpretation of redshift as a measure of speed, when really it's a measure of proton energy loss.

p19 - discusses the second law of thermodynamics, how ordered states in closed systems increase in entropy, or disorder. (Take that, Lisa Simpson).

p46 - chemical waves, the reaction-diffusion wave phenomenon, which arises spontaneously with certain chemicals; B-Z reaction.

p53 - Brusselator reaction system that spontaneously generates wave patterns. - compare to heating some oils in a pan & they spontaneously form a hexagon shape; or drop a pebble in a pool of water, it generates rings or waves, not a random chaos of moving water

p56 - how reaction diffusion waves self-organize; different from mechanical waves which must originate from an outside source

p80 - how the ether system produces matter from self-generated waves; order through fluctuation

p84 - splains why matter is generated and not anti-matter

p89 - & onward, says how the "matter making up our physical universe came into being gradually through a process of continuous creation" - galactic core explosions expelling matter outwards to create the galaxies & everything else

p94 - space telescope observations confirm the continuous model which proposes that dwarf elliptical galaxies evolve into spirals and that spirals in turn evolve into giant ellipticals

Regions between galaxies are filled with tenuous hydrogen gas medium; there might be as much matter residing between galaxies as in them; problem for big bang theory as it suggests there's more matter than big bang models predict

p125 - quote from the Purana - "Worlds come into being and dissolve, much as drops of water are thrust up by the ocean's waves... only to return to that formless mass from which they arose."

p127 - PD Ouspensky - "Only a symbol can deliver a man from the slavery of words and formulae and allow him to attain to the possibility of thinking freely."

p130 - Paul Christian, History of Magic - discusses Egyptian initiations, which supposedly took place in labyrinthine passages under the Sphinx and connecting to the Great Pyramid. Where are these tunnels and will anyone ever be allowed to dig and find them - doubtful, with who's in charge over there right now. Bought the rare book to see if there's any further description of the tunnels below the Sphinx; not much interest in magic initiation.

p143 - begins chapter on Tarot - first mention of playing cards by Swiss monk of Brefeld in 1377 - "A game of cards has come to us in this year - in which the state of the most excellently described and figured. But at what time it was invented, where, and by whom, I am entirely ignorant."

p181 - begins discussion of the zodiac; in addition to Tarot deck, it also describes the subquantum kinetics creation physics. This author is certainly thorough, almost to the point of tediousness. But he makes his point, which is, after all, his reason for writing this book in the first place.

He discusses most creation myths, from Egypt to Greece & others, all essentially the same. The Kalavala has a creation myth; have it but haven't read it yet.

p207 - Virgo - over 10000 galaxies in the Virgo supercluster. 3000 of those galaxies are in a "hub" about 40 million light years away. If bb theory is correct, why aren't they more evenly distributed? In fact, where did the big bang happen? Haven't they traced it back by now to the origin point? Oh oops it was just an accidental explosion of nothing because, you know, there couldn't possibly be God, right?

p209 - Virgo & Aquarius - "Virgo portrays the feminine intuitive right-brain mode of thinking that is concerned with the generation of creative thoughts. Aquarius represents the masculine logical left-brain mode of thinking concerned with testing the reasonableness of new ideas and integrating them into the larger whole of the mind's store of learned knowledge. Virgo is the mind's private creative side while Aquarius is its public social side."

And we're entering the age of Aquarius, with our social media, cell phones etc. Gasp!

p236 - psychics delving into the subatomic realm and seeing particles smaller than atoms, in 1895 more than 30 years before Heisenberg. Their book is Occult Chemistry by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater. They see 2 oppositely spinning closed loop spirals; in other words, subatomic vortexes. Matter in the process of being created. Yin yang. The Tao. - Addendum: Hmm, a couple of Theosophists, not a good source for anything since Blavatsky made it all up based on obscure books, and Leadbeater was apparently a pedophile... 

p264 - at this point LaV finally gets into the meat and potatoes of his argument, after the middle third of the book on ancient sources; which can be skipped, mainly it's proofs, although the Tarot & zodiac sections are worth re-reading.

Explanation of the Michelson-Morley experiment and how it put an end to the mechanical ether theory because of the surprising result; tested by many others afterwards, same result. - Addendum: The experiment did not disprove the existence of the ether, it simply did not detect it.

Because this isn't a mechanistic universe! Stuff happens all around us, in us, all the time. Just cuz we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. We're more blind than the blind, with our precious mainstream skientists leading the way in imbecility.

p268 - relativity paradoxes - contradictions such as twin clock paradox and light source velocity paradox - space-time is dependent on the observers' speed, schizophrenic concept of reality.

1913 Georges Sagnac turntable experiment disproved relativity, Paul Langevin in 1921 neutralizes him, Herbert Ives rebuts in 1938 but no one reads Ives, Langevin wins the day and the concept of an ether disappears, leading to the notion that anything not observable doesn't exist. "Physics entered the era of the excluded the possibility of a non-physical realm of existence. If there was a spirit world beyond the material, it had to be potentially observable and quantifiable, just like the rest of the physical world." God has to be a physical energy field or He doesn't exist. Way to go, Skience!

1951 Ives disproves relativity again by demonstrating the speed of light is not a constant, using results of Michelson-Morley.

Solar system is moving towards constellation Leo at 365 kilometers per second, which in normal measurement is 227 miles per second which is 817,000 miles per hour. How come we don't feel it? Because of magnetism holding us to earth?

Ernest Silvertooth, Panagiotis Pappas, Peter Graneau (author says there are others as well) all disprove relativity; Lorentz force law is not valid & should be replaced by cardinal force law (magnetism? - me) of Andre Ampere.

Relativity concepts such as space-time and warped space must be replaced by Newton's concept of absolute space and absolute time. (Although I don't think time exists, it's an invention of humans to measure the normal decay or move toward entropy of all physical matter; otherwise, yes.)

p275 - the crux of the biscuit - "The notion that the universe might be expanding came about as the result of the misinterpretation of wavelength shifts seen in light spectrograms of distant galaxies."

p279 - Hubble's Law - galaxy redshift increases proportional to distance

p280 - tired light, a better alternative - Fritz Zwicky in 1929 proposes different interpretation; reduction in photon energy, not increase in speed! Some kind of drag in the "vacuum" of space.

Well there is no vacuum. Empty space isn't empty. The "drag" would come from the ether, or from random particles in outer space; dust etc.

p285 - more proof that big bang redshift is baloney. Big bang cosmologists must explain how a galaxy that is about 1 billion years old can contain stars that are 12 billion years old. Or, as stated earlier, how a universe that is only 12 billion years old can be 82 billion light years across (or whatever the figures are - see the previous blog entry).

p303 - Stephen Hawking claims to have made a mathematical device that enables the big bang theory without having to explain the initial energy pulse (out of nothing - me). "What place, then, for a Creator?" Followed by discussion of agreements among modern skientists, then a chapter heading called Big Bang Hot Air.

p312 - Tesla's strong disapproval of Einstein's space-warping assumption. "I hold that space cannot be curved because it can have no properties. ...To say that in the presence of large bodies space becomes curved is equivalent to stating that something can act upon nothing. I, for one, refuse to subscribe to such a view."

Discusses problems with quantum field theory.

p316 - "If space were curved by even the slightest amount, evidence of this would have shown up in astronomical surveys. When data are evidence of curvature is found."

"Compared with the density estimates (of galaxies - me), the predictions of quantum theory and observational astronomy differ by more than 41 orders of magnitude, and possibly by as much as 118 degrees of magnitude." Wow. Larry Abbott - "few theoretical estimates in the history of physics made on the basis of what seemed to be reasonable assumptions have ever been so inaccurate."

LaV - "If it were unopposed, the attractive gravitational field produced by such large zero-point energy-mass densities would be so great that the big bang fireball should have collapsed on itself the instant it was born."

Cosmological constant - another effort to alter the data to fit the theory. Way to go, skience!

Quantum theory explains the microcosm, relativity splains the macrocosm. Bring these two major branches of physics together and they mutually annihilate each other.

p320 - talks about stars being sources of genic energy, they generate their own energy

p328 - points out flaws in supernova theory

p335 - electrogravitic effect - T. Townsend Brown in 1920's

The final chapter talks about ancient civilizations, Baghdad battery etc. Wonders how ancient megaliths could have been moved. Does LaV know about Coral Castle? Has he read RL Poole's book? Loophole in physics?

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