Sunday, July 14, 2019

Real Quick

Ordered a lot of books lately because New Saucerian is not publishing any longer, as of February or so according to their facebook page. I only found this out by accident when some of the books on my Amazon saved list suddenly went out of print, except for the last copies which someone was selling for $59.99 😱 instead of the usual $17.99; which is already overpriced for these slim volumes (although I'm not sure what the expense is - I know Amazon takes a cut).

So I bought a bunch of titles before they too were gone and the last copy or copies marked up by this guy. Fortunately I have a little bit of money after selling my house or I couldn't have afforded them. I even purchased a few of those outrageously priced $59.99 titles because they're priced even higher than that on ebay, to the tune of $93 or so. It seems likely that most of them will be impossible to find very shortly.

Here's the weird thing. A few of the titles were printed June 29. I purchased them July 7. And yet right here: says book production ceased on Feb 23. Hmm...

I don't fault Andy at all, in fact I'm appreciative of him producing all these titles over the last few years. I wish I had glommed onto them sooner, spread out the purchases. Easier on the wallet. Odd that this Amazon seller lives in the same city Andy does. Hmm.... His address is on the return label. Hmm... I could see him trying to make some money back on his last now-rare copies, particularly if the publishing biz had turned into a losing venture. Recoup some of his investment. Nothing wrong with that at all. Although I had assumed he was an anti-capitalist...

Unless... it's a conspiracy I tells ya.

Oh wait, I have it! I'll scan them all and then sell my copies for $59.99 too! Take that!

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