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The Leedskalnin Codex

Ed Leedskalnin built the Coral Castle in Florida single-handedly, quarrying and cutting and moving huge stones weighing tons (the largest is 30 tons). Youtubers supposedly (I don't watch any youtube videos - I'd rather read a book and digest the information at my own pace - slow) mercilessly debunk this guy without knowing what they are talking about.

RL Poole has apparently figured out how he did it and the implications are nothing short of staggering.

Ed was all about magnetism. His treatise on magnetism called Magnetic Current is a must-read, full of examples and directions on how to test magnetism the same way Ed himself did. If you can figure out how to set everything up, or even acquire all the necessary supplies. He spills the beans, so to speak, but indirectly. Poole decoded some of the code language.

Poole discovered a date written in the megaliths of the Coral Castle; the date of a solar eclipse on the other side of the earth from where Ed was (Florida) as well as a conjunction with Venus on the far side of the sun, all lined up in a syzygy on Sept. 10th, 1923, the day Ed built the castle. Basically what Ed is saying, and Poole discovered, is this alignment of planets causes a loophole in physics where the interacting magnetic fields of the lined-up celestial bodies make it possible to move these huge stones; because all the planets, the sun, etc. are all gigantic magnets. In fact Ed didn't believe there is any such thing as gravity, it's all magnetic forces.

There aren't any page numbers in Poole's slim book, but my first note says "Holy sh*t!" I remember getting chills reading this part of the book, like you would hearing a certain piece of music (which would have to have been recorded before the dreaded autotune came into standard use). Never got chills reading a book before.

"What if what has been happening for thousands of years is that our ancestors knew that certain celestial alignments can alter the physics of our planet in the spots in which they are focused, and that is what they have been doing and demonstrating all along? What if certain celestial alignments create a circumstance of extreme magnetism for short periods of time which can be taken advantage of by the clever and the prepared." Holy cow.

This effect would make these huge megaliths light enough to move, and soft enough to carve with precision, as the ancients did (and as Ed himself did - example photos in the book). Ed worked in Florida at the same latitude as Giza, the Zone of Silence in Mexico, the Dragons Triangle in Japan; his location being right at the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. Why this latitude? "It appears that since the moon is at a 5 degree tilt to our own equator, locating yourself that percentage of the Earth above the equator would put you most in line with its effects."

Poole goes on to mention the Bermuda Triangle and how it might be a place of extreme magnetic anomaly. Planes and ships don't disappear into another dimension; the metal goes soft and turns into rubber and the planes fall from the sky and/or disintegrate, taking their occupants with them. - This doesn't take into account the instances of ships being found intact but with all the passengers and crew mysteriously vanished.

He doesn't mention places like Stonehenge which are at a more northern latitude, but the path of solar eclipses is always different and the effect must have been the same there. Stonehenge would have been set up to track solar eclipses and planetary alignments to make use of these magnetic anomalies. I'm not sure how the tilt of the moon would come into play at this particular location.

The idea being, with Venus on the other side of the sun, and the moon between the earth and the sun, on the side of the earth away from the eclipse (the outside point of the syzygy) one would get a "push" effect like you get with two magnets, and be able to lift incredibly heavy weights, if you knew how to do it. Amazing.

Poole could have done more research, for instance track solar eclipses and planetary alignments as far back as the records go, and see if these match up with where all the megalithic structures are. But that's a minor quibble; maybe some researcher has already done that.

He is supposed to have some youtube videos, probably worth watching.

An amusing note: when I got the book I thought it was missing some of the front pages, because it started in mid-sentence. After I flipped through it I found page 1 in the back. The book had been printed backwards! It's one of those independent publishing thingies, doubt it's the author's fault. No biggie really. Probably a magnetic anomaly.

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