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The Return of the Rebel Angels

The book that started it all, as far as my note-taking. Some of this stuff is so weird I just had to comment on it so rather than just putting a tag on the page, I wrote a note in a small notepad and stuck it in the page next to the postit. Those little notes could fall out so... Graduated to writing on the postit itself, after trying this method on this book and deciding it wasn't the best. (Although my postits are too small and I can't write much on them - maybe that's a good thing!)

Basically this guy claims to talk to angels, dolphins, ET's, you name it. Does he believe it, or is he just selling books because readers will believe it and buy his books and he won't have to get a day job? Did he take too many drugs? ("Sacred" entheogens blah blah - see David Wilcock). He did a whole series of 7 of these, the others "told" by his guardian angel through automatic writing. 

Why I bought these I'm not sure. I'm not big on New Age channeling stuff (although I bought all of Dolores Cannon's books too - they all seem to say the same thing - I wonder if all these channeled beings know each other - maybe they form "I've controlled humans" clubs). Haven't touched any of those other books yet but will plow through them in the interest of skience.

I intended to write a letter to this fellow but unfortunately he passed away a couple years ago. He did live to a ripe old age though, unlike many of our classic rock heroes who seem to be dying early, in their 60's, because of, I dunno, too many drugs? Was it worth it, for their "art?" Hope I die before I get old? Better to burn out than fade away? The two guys who said this neither burned out or died before they got old. I'm shooting for 90 myself...

The apparent basis for the author's beliefs is the Urantia book, a channeled text that came through in the early 1900's. It's 2000 pages long and describes the multiverse and this great hierarchy of angels, administrators etc etc that seem to number in the 1000's. Would God need to be so organized? 

At some point I might try a Wyllie + Urantia Book vs. Wilcock + Law of One (Ra material) vs. Susan B Martinez + Oahspe Bible vs. Dolores Cannon + all of her informants vs. Shi-Ji (whoever that is) vs. Valiant Thor vs. Jane Roberts + Seth vs. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro + Messages From Michael vs. on and on and on... It never ends... and they all sound the same. They're all part of the same club; the I Controlled Humans Club. The ICHC. New acronym as important as BOGO - Buy One Get One - buy one control, get one free.

p16 - author says some psychic lady says he is part of the serpent people.

Is he admitting he's a reptilian then? If so, and they are real and do exist, what does that say for his whole message in this and subsequent books? If they're real and attach themselves to people and possess them (during sex I guess) and parasite off of them, then this book is a sham and a scam.

His Utopian musings that follow are typical New Age jargon and seem quaint, unrealistic, and somewhat ridiculous. The turn on drop out philosophy of the 60's; an abysmal failure (deliberately promoted by the elites so they could take over behind the scenes while no one was paying attention). These people are still living the same way even when they're 60 years old! Moving from scam to scam, not paying rent, not paying their own way... Though I can see trying not to pay interest to limit the power of the big banks, but still...

p40 - goes into some Urantia history with the planetary prince, deputy prince, overseers, volunteers etc etc which just seems way too organized to even be necessary. Since Wyllie is a reptilian then what is the purpose of this wild story? To stupefy us all into doing... what? Oh well interesting reading anyways. Doesn't hurt to examine peeps' beliefs. 

Good theory but if LaV is right the stories of gods really are myths meant to preserve knowledge of the real origin of life, cosmos, etc - see Genesis of the Cosmos entry for explanation of the creation physics (the book actually - buy it & read it & support the author).

As far as the Urantia myth - interesting but probably/possibly not realistic - see Keel, Vallee, Swedenborg et al

p86 - Benjamin Creme says an important spiritual being is coming - ok...

Imminent arrival of Magisterial Son? Hmm...

Lucifer Rebellion was 203,000 years ago... ok...  

Methinks Wyllie is being taken for a ride by the ICHC. Along with millions of other people.

p91 - "There is no objective way of establishing the coherence and truth of a transmitted message." Author's quote. Eureka! He just invalidated everything he has to say! 

Teaching Mission is receiving material about Monjoronson the Magisterial Son and his imminent arrival (book was published in 2011 - so of course this arrival will be in 2012 - seven years ago - where is he?). They also say "Your population will be reduced by a third to two-thirds." Is Wyllie aware that the supposed New World Order is supposedly working towards this same thing? Does he know of the Georgia Monument or whatever it's called (Georgia Guidestones, probably put up by Ted Turner the CNN guy), where this is stated as one of the goals? Is the ICHC working for the New World Order? Edit: Yes. 

p106 - more Urantia history. This author's summations at least are easier to read than that bloated turgid tome. Read this book instead to get an idea of what that book is about. Save your money or grab a pdf, it's in the public domain.

Aliens - he's writing in 2010 and says the aliens have returned - from where tho? He needs to read Keel & Vallee & modern authors & see how these "abductees" are just being hypnotized & making this stuff up (to please the hypnotist apparently) - even though they wholly believe it - it never happened. Milabs or whatever they're calling them (military abductions - for the purpose of experimenting on humans maybe because it's so highly unethical - under cover of alien abduction - alien experiments that are supposed to be benevolent and for our own good - so go along with it - yeah right). Or something else entirely? Ultraterrestrial entities who need energy (including blood - cattle mutilations, "abduction" experiments) to manifest in physical form? Djinn... who want their world back...

p128 - Glastonbury - ley lines

Author says that ancients were building along ley lines & at intersections to balance the topography of heaven and earth. I don't necessarily disagree with this. Except that if these places are sources of power they were trying to access that power. In light of subquantum kinetics (SQK from now on), were the ancients somehow trying to use this power to affect the SQK matter-creating system; to create matter in the form they wanted? Somehow use it to move those huge megaliths - written before reading RL Poole's book, which indicates that magnetic anomalies during planetary alignments, particularly eclipses, can alter the earth's magnetism; a loophole in physics. Do the ley lines & ley line junction areas have more magnetic push-pull power during these anomalies?

Universe Broadcast Circuits - lines of communication throughout the Multiverse. Multiverse, meh... Anyhow would this be equivalent to PKD's Valis? Vast Active Living Intelligence System. Trying to break through our supposed "quarantine" and reach PKD and the peeps?

p146 - thought-forms

Is this how we can influence the formation of matter through SQK? Mind over matter? Not creating something out of nothing but influencing the already-being-created forms into something we want?

No mention here of Tibetan thought-forms, only supposed forms created in the astral - where they can't be proved, 'natch. 

The Tulpa - Tibetans believe the thought-forms can take physical form - like that episode of X-Files called Arcadia where the HOA president rules the roost with the aid of a tulpa created out of the landfill garbage the tract was built on.

I saw a tulpa in Namche Bazaar in 1984 (not that long ago) in the street below my hotel window - a piece of crumpled up paper probably about 8x10, blowing down the street in the wind - several of the Tibetans walking there were afraid of it, I saw one guy pointing and yelling and running away from it. I didn't understand his shouting but didn't need to, I know what he thought it was. It's not just superstition.

I also saw a yak running down that street with people running away from it, but it wasn't a pissed off thought-form, it was a potentially dangerous very real animal that was scaring people!

p147 - author proposes sympathy for snakes because of serpents' being linked by the church to paganism - guilt by association - however, if there are reptilians, and he is one...

p190 - Delphi - good research into causes of oracle's visions - ethylene gas, which is hallucinogenic - compare to discussion of Delphi in Secret Teachings of All Ages (entry to be added soon). 

Also see Robert Temple's Oracles of the Dead for his rediscovery of another oracle site and his exploration of that site (can't remember where, will add citation when the book can be dug out of storage)

p219 - Samaria on Crete - author "imagines" a contact with some entity that has the same (possibly sham) message as all the rest. Probably a result of the author's (and others') wishful thinking. These entities are fucking with us & Wyllie is one of the gullible ones - probably. See Keel, Swedenborg & the rest.

p235 - Wyllie's midwayers, helpers from the astral plane who have arrived en masse to help us (because we poor humans couldn't possibly save ourselves - that's how bad the mentality has become), live in the UV spectrum of light, or at least there's good reason to believe they do. He claims to have seen a small group of them when light patterns in the sky were weird; sunset at the beach or wherever it was.

Photo pages - In between the two previous pages is a series of color drawings by Wyllie which he takes a lot of stock in. While he is a talented artist (most peeps couldn't draw something like this), he has a vivid imagination. He "imagines" an Arcturian mothership over New Mexico's Manzano Mtns, as well as the Verdants' (whoever they might be) secret city in those same mtns, at "another vibration" (my quotes) so of course we can't see it so of course we're taking the author's word for it. Wishful thinking on a grand scale. However.... if thought-forms can be made to exist, can we create shit like this by thinking about them hard enough? So we create all these thought-form ufos and aliens ourselves, just by thinking about them we make them real. Stupefied... Or... it's possible to make them real if you can learn the technique & learn where to find the info.

p239 -  author talks about Greek etc myths, taking them literally to support his midwayers view - see Zechariah Sitchin & his sumerians etc. - without even considering what LaV has to say in Genesis of the Cosmos - a book he supposedly read because it's in the bibliography. Unless he just looked at online excerpts which is likely - or outright dismisses LaV and SQK because it doesn't fit in with his own theory - yet he constantly criticizes other peeps who do this very thing! Summarily dismiss anything and everything that doesn't fit your theory, that's how skience works. Gotta keep the grant money, or the book advance money, rolling in...

p240 - Julian Jaynes - Breakdown of Consciousness in the Bicameral Mind - must get this book!

Profound shift in consciousness occurred sometime in the past - the Gods spoke in a person's mind. No personal volition at all in these early times. Wyllie's analysis here is pretty good. He doesn't agree with Jaynes' conclusions. 

How does this tie in with the Schuman resonance - brain is supposed to be psychic at 8 hz - Schuman resonance is 7.83 hz - did this change at the point of the breakdown in the bicameral mind? Did Schu res drop? At the end of the ice age? Only big change that could account for it. Change in earth's circumference due to sea level rising 300 ft. Does that make sense? Enough to alter schu res? But Jaynes has this change occurring at 1000 BC apparently. Which doesn't line up with anything monumental that I know of that could have happened at that time - although I don't know much about that time period. Jaynes bases some of this on the Iliad and Odyssey. Possibly not good enough evidence, as Wyllie indicates. & it doesn't take into account the Druids (or is it Celts?) who have oral traditions that go earlier than this time period and contrary to this theory.

p243 - proposes that many of the UFOs seen are midwayer craft - in other words from the UV spectrum range. Sorry Tim you're years too late for this announcement. Meade Layne was the first in 1949, others followed, notably John Keel in the '60's who first posed Ultraterrestrials - Vallee followed suit afterwards in the '70's (and gets all the ink). None of these guys give each other credit haha. 

See Jim Marrs' Alien Agenda p179

UFOs - yes they're not from other planets - they are energy beings from "this" planet that we can't do anything about (Djinn) - thus one reason for the cover-up; aliens who are never found (for some reason) are less scary.

If there are physical UFOs - there very well may be, probably are - they're machines made by people on "this" planet - electrogravitics patented in 1928 - plenty of time to build test craft to fly over Rainier in 1947 (unmanned - seen by Kenneth Arnold) and "crash" one at Roswell with dummy aliens aboard that some peeps are allowed to catch glimpses of - a craft made with technology already available here to the military but not the public - according to Andy Colvin there's material from Union Carbide found at the crash site - plastics or something something.

It's all hypnosis - fake - abductions - see John Keel and proper distrust of anything disclosed through hypnosis. All the evidence comes through regressive hypnosis which is unreliable as evidence, and may just be made up by the subconscious under suggestion. Keel has witnessed several people hypnotized, told a simple sentence that they were abducted, being brought out of it and spinning a whole yarn about it - and believing it! Budd Hopkins worked for the CIA, according to Keel.

p262 - if I see the word chakra one more time I'm gonna puke. Author relates how he and his friends saved the world from a nuclear meltdown in France by placing crystals along ley lines and meditating. Okily dokily do!

p266 - some good basic info on Cathars. Some deserved bashing of Roman Catholic church. Get the Roman. The Romans... Cathars vowed to return at the end of time. Reincarnated, I guess. All these channeled beings vow to return. Quetzalcoatl vowed to return. A setup? For another Cortez-like incident in the near future? Fake alien invasion? Fake inter-dimensional invasion, in order to unite us into voting ourselves into the fema camps?

p268 - contradiction between Urantia and reincarnation - Urantia says there isn't any - kudos to Wyllie for reporting this since he doesn't agree with it - a lot of past life stories come from regressive hypnosis - possibly the unconscious just spinning a yarn. Past life therapy - highly suspect - see John Keel. As truth though; it does seem to have therapeutic value though, as bogus as it might be.

p269 - Rennes le Chateau, Holy Blood Holy Grail, no new insight, brief summary.

p270 - says Priory of Sion a hoax. I wonder how he knows? Maybe that came out at some point and I wasn't aware of it. Edit: confirmed as a hoax in another source.

p284 -  therapeutic hypnotic regression by Dr. Arthur Guirdham, finding a bunch of Cathars reincarnating in southern France, including he himself. Which is why his patients' subconscious's are telling him they're all Cathars too. His book is The Great Heresy, plus several others. I haven't looked them up. Validity of regressive hypnosis is seriously questionable, as I've mentioned more than once.

Everyone's past life is someone famous or important - right? Not likely! This is splained in Dolores Cannon's books as imprints, where someone can imprint the record of a past life without actually having lived it - which is why the subconscious remembers it under hypnosis. Convenient.

p292 - Stupid anti-materialist rant whilst he's living in a 25th floor penthouse overlooking Central Park in NYC and has money to travel around the world. Contradiction there? No? Socialists with houses full of personal possessions. Contradiction there? No?

p293 - typical gloom and doom global warming gibberish without acknowledging allegations of faked data, UN suppressing data (Climategate), global warming scenarios derived from flat earth models, etc etc. Believes us evil humans are causing it all - maybe a slight portion, but the vast majority is the climate changing on its own - the earth's climate isn't static people! And never has been! We've had ice ages in the past, when there was no industrialization whatsoever. The Maunder Minimum. The Medieval Warm Period. Wake up! All this stuff eliminated from the data, including the mini ice age in 1800 when wolves were coming down into London along the frozen Thames. Modern data begins after this point (1800). Why isn't all previous data included, hmm? 

p323 - Adamski and Desmond Leslie - probably confabulated but Wyllie says their info about the moon and Venus could be from those planets in different frequency-domains, as he calls them. Ok, what frequency? What rate are they vibrating it? Again this is promotion for ET visitors, which I believe is all faked. Read LaV's Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion for arguable proof that all the saucers (the machines) could have been built by man. Or read William Lyne.

p324 - world as a hologram - our brains are receivers and amplifiers - see what EF Benson wrote 100 years ago! This isn't a new idea. 

Again mentions frequency-domains, without giving us any numbers. What frequency? Above gamma ray? Above cosmic rays? We've mapped out all the frequencies - what specific frequency area are you talking about? Unless there's a "sideways" frequency or something, perpendicular? But none of these "change your vibration so you can move into the New Earth" ICHC guys ever says this, or gives any specifics. And nobody ever asks!!!!! I'd get thrown out of a session because I'd be demanding of whatever ICHC thing shows up to explain exactly what and how. And then I'd demand to know who he is really; instead of who he's pretending to be!

-[Pause- ground is shaking a bit - another Ridgecrest aftershock - or am I getting vertigo again... ok nvm, back to our regularly scheduled program]-

p332 - UFOs - Gordon Creighton & the Djinn - GC says they're responsible for all the UFO stuff - GC mentions Keel (they're ultra-terrestrials, not ET's with a superior technology coming here to save us) but author doesn't make any mention of having read Keel - again because it would negate a lot of what he's saying - so ignore it so it doesn't ruin your theory or mindset - and keeps the paycheck coming in. It might undermine his whole Multiverse jargon.

p334 - Creighton - 3 types of beings - angels, humans and djinn. Djinn were created before man. Meade Layne & his dense etheric world where the UFOs come from & djinn operate. The Coming of the Guardians is Layne's book - which is on my to buy list.

p337 - author says regarding abductions being benevolent and for our own good: "No one has been killed." Except that people have been killed. Animals too. Dogs and cattle. Thousands of cattle since the 1960's. Why do they need the blood? Many early UFO investigators died mysteriously. Why? Wyllie loses all credibility here. Or isn't familiar enough with the subject to where he should be talking about it. Abductees are scared shitless!!!! And they should be. It is not for their, or our, own good.

p358 - talks of hearing the voice of Shandron, whoever that is... Takes it at face value. Why don't you ask him who the fuck he really is?! Instead of believing in who he's pretending to be. C'mon Wyllie, you're being duped.

Using Richard Shaver's Mantong alphabet for this name we get Sun Human Animal Detrimental Horror Orifice Seed-sport-child-ninny. In short, a dero. Hmm....

"Join as brothers, be us all as one." Alan Greenfield says when we see the "we are one" message we're in important territory. Important as in being BS I think. You are being stupefied.

p372 - discusses alien abductions - says that "perhaps some continue to insist they were taken against their will" - he's utterly dismissing their claims as what, untrue? That they're lying? All of them are being taken against their will! Only under hypnosis are they persuaded that it isn't harmful, which is a crock because we don't even know why hypnosis works or what it really is, and we do know peeps are very suggestible under hypnosis. Whose side are you on, Tim?

What about those abductees who invoke the name of Jesus & the abduction stops? If these guys were beneficial, Jesus would be helping them, not saving us from them! Maybe Wyllie just isn't well-read enough in the field, cuz he seems like a busy guy, travelling around the world and stuff, but I doubt it.

p374 - more hypnotized dupes - they're being used by the black ops - Milabs I guess they're called now - they're not aliens!

Same old story, dying alien race needs us, our DNA - probably stealing our genetic material to use it to somehow manifest in the material world - it's the only way they can do it.

p378 - more Urantia crap - here we go again! Ascension! Shift our frequency higher! How, when we're locked into the schuman resonance and need it to shield us? Aha! If we raise our vibration higher than the schuman resonance maybe we'll be more vulnerable to frequency attacks! That's it! It'll be easier for them to use vibration & frequency (sound waves for example) to control us. Wow!

So that's the purpose of this whole New Earth bullshit that they've been saying for years. Raise your vibration & make yourself more vulnerable to psychic attack and possession! Wyllie, Wilcock, Cannon etc all being duped by the ICHC!!! That's why Greenfield says "we are one" is important territory. The territory of raise your vibration and make yourself vulnerable. Again, wow...

p381 - once again the old theme of earth becoming uninhabitable, "global threat" etc etc. What a negativist view - the "humans are destroying everything" mindset... Well we are throwing away too much plastic stuff, and our nuclear waste has a half-life of how many thousand years... Edit: Wuhan pollution cleared up in 3 days, LA in 7 days during the covid stay at home hysteria in 2020. What permanent damage, hmm?

p382 - discusses LaV and superwaves, not particularly ably in my view. Read LaV's work instead of this highly questionable guessing.

p384 - again mentions LaV and superwaves, puts Genesis of the Cosmos in the bibliography, but makes no mention at all of SQK, LaV's main hypothesis that predicts all this other stuff. Very disturbing. Maybe because it would invalidate his whole Urantia thesis with matter arising spontaneously instead of this huge improbable organization that God needs to keep track of things.

p390 - all this Urantia & Lucifer Rebellion stuff - keep in mind what Swedenborg says - they're all liars etc...

p402 - the New Age in a nutshell - only intervention from elsewhere can save us... Crisis! Woo... Surrender to "benevolent" control - woo! - We are one! -gasp! They've been saying that since 1960! Not sure why he put this article in as an appendix, it is lousy. Article is called Some Speculative Scenarios on the Future of the Human Race.

I'll give you a speculative scenario. This benevolent control, after we raise our vibration out of the schuman resonance, won't be so benevolent. A boot stomping on a human face forever, as Orwell said. And this mass migration of vibration-raised peeps who take off in the UFOs that come to rescue them and take them to the New Earth, with the rest of us left behind on this mad world, the ICHC will probably mind-control you into walking right into the oven.

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