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The Case For the UFO

p12 - In the late 1870's is when the red spot first appeared on Jupiter & a new crater on the moon.

p15 - Piece of meteoric iron shaped into a cube (by human hands presumably - fashioned, in other words, not natural) found in a 300,000 year old coal deposit. - In the followup book this was amended to 30,000,000 years (!)

p32 - Earth - sun - moon gravitational neutral is where the ufos will be. Not sure about this "gravitational neutral" if it's still valid or not (this is from 1954). He describes where this neutral is & how & when to see it, in order to find ufos which he thinks will be congregating in that area to take advantage of the neutral.

p70 - More about cube-shaped meteor.

p72 - Optical lens found in Ninevah. They weren't supposed to have them back then. Robert Temple has a book about this, The Crystal Sun, optics in antiquity including telescopes. The Baghdad Battery, possibly knowing of magnetic anomalies during planetary alignments to "push" huge stones into the air... These old civilizations knew way more than we (our must-keep-the-status-quo-to-keep-the-grants-coming-in archaeologists) give them credit for.

p74 - A slate wall found in a coal mine in Ohio in 1868, coal just fell away from it; with hieroglyphics on it! Worth checking out... Hammondsville Hieroglyphics.

Dang it, the wall disintegrated after being exposed to the air so the hieroglyphics were lost forever. But... that coal deposit is 250 million years old! A 250 million year old wall with writing on it. I am stupefied...

p97 - Marie Celeste, full account from Fate magazine.

p104 - Story of Ourang Medan from Fate mag. Author is trying to make the case for saucers snatching the peeps off these ships.

p114 - Oliver Lerch disappears into thin air, calling for help. Family heard him but couldn't find him. Snatched by invisible saucer?

p127 - Cuzco & other megaliths. All relics from distant antiquity are non-magnetic.

Important clue, I think, if Leedskalnin Effect is to work properly (levitation is theoretically achieved during magnetic anomalies of eclipses & planetary alignments). Materials levitated have to be non-magnetic?

p129 - The "force-lift" for moving the megaliths was lost; or the method forgotten.

Yes. Baalbek for instance, the huge shaped stone in the quarry was waiting for the next planetary alignment, to finish digging it out & moving it. Something intervened; the civ was overthrown & all the priests with the knowledge were killed, or something something like that. Or there were no planetary alignments for an extended period & during that interval the secret was lost.

Graham Hancock claims Baalbek was built by the Romans because of round Roman columns built into the base. From his photos they look like repairs to me. If he's right though, then did the Romans have this levitation secret? Did the Egyptians? If it was still known in those relatively recent times, what happened to it? The Baghdad Battery, is it part of this puzzle? Some type of electric current used to access & control the magnetic anomaly? Hmm....

p130 - Devil's Footprints - hoof shaped marks in single line, like one-legged hopping horse; they ran for miles in the snow.

p140 - Discussion of missing airplanes.

p158 - Hindu flying machines. James Churchward claims to have found records in Tibet going back 200,000 years...

Author wants researchers in the field of gravity at once (this is 1954).

Well they've been working on it since at least 1928 (Brown), possibly earlier (Tesla, Keely) and it's all now been classified by our various govts (see LaV & others). Funny how all this stuff was going on in the early 1900's, possibly leading toward free energy in the near future, then all of a sudden WW1 breaks out. An excuse to classify all this stuff & take it out of private hands to protect the monopoly of the existing energy companies. Big oil, big electricity, big monarchies...

p162 - Great Red Spot again, appeared in 1878. New lunar crater Hyginus-N appears out of nowhere in 1877.

Overall not a bad book.This is the one that was annotated by a certain Carlos Allende or Carl Allen; big mystery about that, it's discussed in a lot of the saucer literature; Keel, Barker, Colvin etc etc. Not sure why this book merited such attention, but maybe at the time it was a bigger deal.

Another note: there weren't any "alien abductions" happening at this time. Not yet. Perhaps the groundwork is being laid as the man-made saucers are still being tested & the gullibility of the peeps as far as the "space brothers" is being tested as well. The greys haven't been invented yet.

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Flying Saucers on the Attack

As to if I'll ever finish reading this turgid tome of sighting after sighting after sighting in the early 1950's, who can say? As to who that's supposed to be on the cover, who can say? I wonder how many times this author will say, "Who can say?" in the text. Who can say? It is getting a few tags though, some interesting tidbits...

p25 - Witness (pilot) sees a glowing red ball change into an airplane & disappear. They hail from a world of different wavelength & visibility. Etherian beings operate controlled machines that can appear out of nowhere.

This changing of shape is not reported in many of the sightings; deliberately suppressed. Clue that there are different types of ufos, not just "superior technology" machines piloted by spacemen (or earthmen rather) but also living entities of some kind that we normally can't see. Ooh scary!

p26 - In 1920's a man on stage was rendered invisible by warping light rays between rapidly rotating magnetic poles. Wha? Quick google search turned up nothing. If this is true, they don't want you to know.

p38 - In 1934 a young scientist/inventor makes a machine that can turn you invisible, using an "electro-helmet and special mantle." Interesting. Neither of these two incidents comes up on a quick search. If the author had included names of the inventors... - unless it's made-up hearsay, which is possible. Lots of interesting scientific things being discovered in the early 1900's - almost like the world wars are a distraction to cover it all up & classify it so the elites can keep it to themselves.

p55 - Maury Island. Treated as real incident, almost certainly a fabrication by Dahl & Crisman.

p63 - C-46 crash on Mt. Rainier where none of the 32 bodies was found with the wreckage; at 10,000 feet up. MIB (I guess) makes a phone call to local newspaper office & says it was "shot down because there were people in it who had info WE don't want to get out." Author claims this is same caller who informed on the doings of Kenneth Arnold in Tacoma. Not very likely, unless it's the same newspaper office but the author doesn't say this. Sounds like a prankster. Although that doesn't explain the bodies never being found; if that's true... stupefying...

p86 - Saucer is magnetic - following the contour of the terrain, bobbing up & down - as if being repelled by the earth's surface. According to LaV, this is exactly how they may operate, using microwaves and standing waves bounced between the ship and the earth. The man-made ones, that is. That someone (or someones) has been building and testing for close to 100 years maybe or at least from the Nazi era) - and crediting it to ET's.

p90 - Discusses the Mantell case - says the saucer used a death ray on his plane. Geez haha. These fifties guys and their ray guns... -Edit: Actually Tesla said he had a death ray...

p110 - 1948 experimental plane called the Chance-Vought or V-173. It did fly.

In 1928 Georges du Bay invents saucer-domed flier powered by rubber bands. !

In 1938 Jonathan Caldwell invents saucer-shaped fliers that fly like helicopters.

Neither turns up on a quick google search... Need a new search engine...

p118 - Claims saucers "...might be looking for uranium ores. Who can say?" Geez talk about making stuff up... Elsewhere in newer books it's determined that the ufos are attracted to energy sources for some reason. Power plants, automobile engines... 

p125 - Author asks scientists to splain how heat from the sun can be transmitted through the vacuum of space. Cuz that's what they used to say outer space was, a vacuum. So good question for 1950. We know now space isn't a vacuum though; although it wouldn't surprise me if some of our top atheist skientists still believe that.

p126 - On July 6 of 1949 it was 158 degrees in central coast of Portugal; for 2 minutes. Heat blast of some kind. ! Talk about global warming!

heat blasts - link to article

Guess this is a fairly common occurrence, though unusual! Something else they don't want you to know about.

p139 - Airplane Star Dust disappears over the Andes. The last radio transmission was "stendec," said twice - garbled anagram for "descent" - author doesn't catch this. Is it possible the plane was hit by some type of magnetic anomaly that wrecked the plane & confused the pilots? Who can say? So pilot was trying to say they were in an emergency descent. If his words were garbled his thoughts would have been also. Plane was never found. Sort of like when you get older (like me) & start transposing letters wehn yuo're ggobling...

p160 - Stories of the flying ship in medieval Ireland that dropped an anchor that stuck in the church; someone came "swimming" down the rope to try to free it. The peeps tried to grab him but he claimed he was "drowning" & the clergyman persuaded them to let him go.

There's another similar incident elsewhere (elsetime?) where the dude was abandoned by the peeps in the ship who cut the rope & the guy was killed & buried by the townsfolk. Weird stories but documented. This part of the book has plenty of documentation of weird happenings in the sky throughout the middle ages. Extremely boring to try to read through it all though. The author's brief speculations, such as "heat rays," are somewhat ridiculous. This book must be one of the 90% Keel says is rubbish.

Some of these reports are similar to Lecouteax's reports on the Furious Army, apparitions seen in the skies throughout the middle ages; very well known, to them at that time, but largely forgotten nowadays. I had never heard of the phenomenon myself.

p200 - Examples of mysterious explosions & noises in the air overhead; sometimes heard & not seen. Celestial music also - in the 1600's to 1800's over Britain & France.

Some of this could be very violent & sudden thunderstorms, with unusually vivid visual & aural pyrotechnics. Around the time of the end of the mini ice age, if that would have anything to do with it; cold air meeting onset of warming climate. Possiblie. Who can say?

4 more chapters of this stuff - argh!

This post isn't finished yet - argh!

Bigger argh! - I dumped over a cup of coffee on a stack of new books... Only 2 got the pages coffee-stained though, oh well, coulda been worse....

p236 - Vegetation on Mars. Haha... It'll be blue or violet... geez...

p251 - "Stendec" again haha.

In 1948 Dutch steamer Ourang Madan in Straits of Malacca, everyone dead & dying. "Whole crew dead... I am dying..." No explanation, never solved (as of 1954). Sounds like radiation poisoning. Ship blew up shortly after rescue ships found it - like a bomb went off or something something. Maybe it had a secret cargo; seems likely. No death ray from a saucer...

p253 - Famous saucer landing in Sawbill Bay in Ontario where little green men (literally) were taking water out of the bay with a hose. (!) They walked like robots, walked in the backwards direction instead of turning around, walked on sloped side of saucer but remained upright because length of legs adjusted to slope... ! Weird!

Not sure how this one could have been faked, but if my thesis is correct ie no aliens, then it must have been a confabulation of some kind; isolated fishermen hypnotized or mind controlled - they could have been spotted from the "saucer" although they say they weren't. Must stay tuned for other reports of this incident, see what others say about it. I've read of it before, maybe in one of Keel's books...

p258 - Accounts of saucers landing & occupants coming out - one a half-dragon, another one a human figure in a diving suit.

p260 - "warren firg unch" - spaceman language. What's for lunch?

June 18, 1953 - bat figure seen jumping into tree in  Houston. Early Mothman sighting.

p262 - Truman Betherum's saucer ride with 8 midgets & a beautiful lady captain. Supposedly from Clarion, a planet behind the moon. Okay... Easy to fake this one with hypnosis & phony videos.

p293 - Author's letter from reader who says there are mystery spots on the US west coast where light and gravity are distorted, aligned in a straight path, 50 miles distance. Worth investigating further, but not much to go on. Saucers follow these lines, making right-angle turns at the intersections. Now these sound like the aforementioned ley lines of Adamski that the saucers follow; the one he mentions being south of Mt Palomar running east-west.

This reader makes some good points, says ufos are material, control gravity, have no inertia, motive power is magnetic energy, manned by intelligent beings, and not spacecraft, as in they wouldn't function properly in outer space. -That's because they're not from outer space to begin with.

p294 - This same reader says he was told by an old man in 1903 that the saucers had been taken out of storage & were being tested & pilots trained, to prepare for ww3 & trying to salvage as much from our doomed civilization as possible, to restart a new one. Well I dunno about that... Sounds like a precursor to all the New Age New Earth Ascension baloney - you know, the To Serve Man scenario.

Holy Guacamole, your intrepid investigator made it through this adventure in Dullsville (that's where Superman came from right? NVM...) & came out alive & in one piece! Cruddy but it did have a few points worth noting, but who can say?

Was this post worth reading though? Who can say?

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The Human Atmosphere

Looking for ways to see beyond our normal range of vision (cheap ways that is). A few ideas in here, about the aura mainly. Available as a pdf file; it's in public domain.

p6 - Author uses a coal tar dye in alcohol solution & then fills glass cells or screens with it & views the body through it. It apparently removes some of the normal white light wavelengths & allows the aura to be seen. I was expecting something more elaborate. This might be simple & relatively cheap to set up but not sure of the value of it after reading/skimming page after page of case studies. It is kewl that he figured out how to do this without expensive optics & cameras.

p17 - One case the lady had three bright rays shooting out of her body past the normal aura. No explanation for why. Maybe she was in love with him? Heh. Very few of his subjects did this but it seemed one of the more interesting results.

p19 - Another case study, she had several rays coming out of her body, one from a tumor in her breast apparently. If this method can detect tumors that would be extremely useful I would think, no? Other rays shot upward from each shoulder, one down from an armpit, & one upwards from the opposite hip. Weird! Wonder why? The aura leaking? If she had a tumor...

p25 - The more gray in the aura, the more mentally deficient is the owner. Blue is the usual color, looking through this particular dye.

p29 - 3 new screens using different colored dyes: deep carmine, light carmine & pale blue, which help differentiate between inner aura & outer aura.

p33 - Discusses types of rays he has observed, some between the 2 auras, some that shoot outwards. But again doesn't know what they mean, other than the tumor mentioned above.

p36 - Reichenbach, Researches on Magnetism - sensitives who could see magnets giving off light in the dark. These clairvoyants don't see this because of better eyesight but because they're able to see outside the visible spectrum somewhat. That's what we're looking for - how to do this. Author makes claim that these screens he makes do this. Because of the effect of these dyes on the optical nerves.

p38 - Viewing through dicyanin screen (coal tar dye) temporarily improved eyesight, as far as difficulty in changing focus from near object to far.

p45 - Above the violet end of the spectrum is a 2nd higher spectrum that we can't normally see, another octave of color. Author thinks proper stimulation of nerves in the eye might enable us to see into this spectrum. Infrared we have ways to see already, viewing heat. Owls for example. Our ears can hear many octaves of sound but our eyes only see one octave of color.

p54 - In experiments with magnets a close magnet caused pain during an electrical storm.

Not as much info in here as I had hoped, but it might be a start as far as ways to see outside the normal visible spectrum. To see what's really all around us.

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A Spacewoman Speaks

Hmm who is this babe? Do all spacewomen look like this? Not likely...

Actually reading this as the back half of Fry's book; all it's missing is a 1 or 2 page (modern I presume) intro. If you must have this edition there's a copy for $59.99. For 87 pages... Yikes... AC trying to recoup some of his (presumed) publishing losses...

p16 - The Elder Races created the physical body of man blah blah blah. Her group is the Nors who were in charge in northern Europe obviously. She says a different group were in charge of the near east where the "sons of the gods saw the daughters of man that they were fair" and all that jazz. It all begins to sound comical to me after awhile... The near east section would be the Anunnaki of course; although Sitchin's work hadn't come out yet, the Bible had been around for awhile. 

It's gonna take some willpower to make it through this one... At least it's only 90-some pages...

p21 - Elder Races lived underground. Garden of Eden was in earth not on it. Adam & Eve were sent to the surface. Hmm, Shaver's deros? Or teros? "Borrowing" the Shaver stuff? Someone else had this theory too but I don't remember who; one of those hollow earth peeps.

p24 - Radioactive emanations from the sun shortened their life spans so they had to move underground. Yup same things Shaver said...

p26 - Well whaddaya know, here she mentions Shaver and the deros specifically. Interesting! Some fictional tales have been added - yeah by Ray Palmer with his bland space opera crap, wonder what Shaver's original material reads like. She says it's essentially true although some details are over-stressed, like the orgies & torture I suppose.

Small groups still live there, entrances were sealed but some have been found & entered. This is some 30 odd years before AG's interview with a guy who supposedly did this, to "go blow the bastards up."

She does say they don't exert any undue influence on us. In other words, you're responsible for your own actions peeps! Stop blaming your own failures on other forces beyond your control. Or words to that effect... Might I also add, stop blaming past lives for your own present misfortunes; since there aren't any past lives...

p30 - The "master pulse generator" again. I believe the earlier mention of this was from Telano's channeled sources quoted in Layne's book. It allows them to synch to our vibration, although they can mentally snap out of it if needed. This has to be the schuman resonance of 7.83 hz, unknown at this time, but here we apparently have a precog who knows of this master frequency for humans & earth, but doesn't have the terminology yet to explain it. Sorry, splain. Me fail english... 

p38 - Again with the 7 types of ships; no funny names this time, but descriptions:
1 & 2) crescent shaped; very ancient, "most used;" this is what Kenneth Arnold saw. But it's never been seen again!
3) cigar-shaped; explains what Adamski saw - the motherships.
4) doughnut-shaped with a hole in the middle; flying laboratory. This is what Dahl supposedly saw, but if he was making it up which seems 99.9999% likely, what does that make this communication? As bogus as Dahl's story apparently. Helping to set up the ET mindset.
5) Spherical craft, a bigger one
6 & 7) Spherical craft, small expendable unmanned ships; probably to splain the foo fighters.

One slight problem here; she doesn't mention the most common one of all: the saucer! Because the saucers are man-made. Oops! Don't give anything away here by accident now...

Craft are oriented on the magnetic meridians, but can cut across them or "tack" like sailboats do. Aha! This was also mentioned by... who? Skully's book I think. So this is where to find them if one wishes to attempt it; and if these non-man-made ships exist - which I doubt. Doesn't mean you could see them though, if they're vibrating out of visible range. However the man-made electro-gravitic ships might need to follow the same magnetic pathways so maybe one could see real ones; although they too could possibly be rendered invisible if the Philadelphia Experiment continued - which it probably did; if it was at any time successful, that is.

p59 - "Enter the unborn body which is waiting..." This is what the Nors supposedly do when they reincarnate, having chosen the parents before ditching the old body (they live 1000's of years). According to the Vedanta we have no control over our birth or death. So this is total BS. 

The Nors eventually regain their previous-life memories apparently. She says children are rare, yet in the previous section Fry mentions a space faring couple with 18 children. Or is it earlier in this section... don't remember & not going to look it up... Another contradiction... These channeled entities can't seem to get their facts straight sometimes. Maybe there's stupid aliens, just like DeS says there's stupid angels.

p63 - Healing rays. Cheeze, this is right out of 40's & 50's space opera sci-fi. Buck Rogers, Shaver , Ray Palmer etc. Losing credibility rapidly here... if there was any to begin with... 😏

Well as Captain Cames used to say, "Dot's iss!"

It has been said. Oh one quick note, on the edition pictured above the "author" is noted as Borealis Thor. So is this Valient's wife? Good choice, sir.

The White Sands Incident

This is Daniel Fry's contact book from 1954. His "ride" took place in 1950. Supposedly more plausible than Adamski's book. Remains to be seen...

It begins with a narrative of aliens approaching earth, the young man who I guess will be Fry's contact being instructed by a young woman. Dull so far. Fry... heh, maybe this is the Futurama guy's grandfather. Oh wait, he's his own grandfather...

p13 - Starts off almost immediately with the same stuff about the bomb. "First to develop it is the first to use it as a WMD" or whatever she says, without bothering to mention that Japan was going to defend their home islands to the last man & woman, & the U.S. knew this because we had intercepted & decoded their messages. Casualties of an invasion were expected to run from a half million to a million U.S. soldiers. So to save the lives of those million US soldiers we dropped 2 bombs to compel Japan's surrender. Also never mentioned is the fact that the Japanese army had raped and murdered their way through Asia (Rape of Nanking anyone? There are photos). They were barbaric in their treatment and/or murder of prisoners. Look it up. So dropping 2 bombs on them was more merciful than they had been to their victims.

To Men of Earth Part 1 - Yikes, who wrote this crap... Why is it even included in the book? Makes it all sound hokey. Maybe that's the purpose... I hope Part 2 is better, Fry's own account of his meeting with Alan... No mention of these spacemen or their ship being inter-dimensional UT's rather than ET's. They travel through space the "regular" way, taking years. Interesting that Meade et al consider Fry or at least Telano an associate & have letters from Telano in the Guardians book. So far this intro doesn't seem compatible in any way with what Meade & the Inner Circle are saying. Maybe the publisher demanded this sort of intro, for the 50's space opera sci-fi fan. Reads like something Ray Palmer would have written.

p21 - These illegal aliens are named Alan and Vera - no funny names this time. What does it mean... I hope the guy's last name isn't Bundy.

p60 - The alien makes excuses for not showing the author the moon while he's in flight. Because of his work Fry would probably know a bogus moon video if he saw one. This flight could possibly be real, although in an earth-made saucer. He never saw his host; speaking through "telepathy." Maybe Alan's a reptilian who hasn't acclimated enough yet to be able to shapeshift into a human. Er....

p69 - Author is told he would have needed a suit to go on the mothership - different atmosphere or something something. More realistic than Adamski's adventures. I wonder if this is a different group of earth-bound (human) saucer builders, perhaps not as far along as Adamski's group; don't have the funds to build the phony mothership installation.

Dull dull dull, not really worth having read.

The 2nd half of this book, the trance communication to Rolf Telano, is covered under A Spacewoman Speaks. Odd that it's not identified as a trance communication but it obviously is after reading the correspondence in Meade Layne's book. Trance communication, as in worthless...

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The Coming of the Guardians

This title initially appeared in 1956 but the bulk of the info comes from the previous decade. The theory of the Etherians was first proposed in 1946 apparently; one year before all the big saucer sightings started. Hmm...

p4 - Aeroforms are Emergents.

Material worlds of denser form are all around us; in the spaces or gaps between & within atoms. Author uses example of block of lead compressed to tiny size, even to the point of being invisible, yet still having plenty of free space amongst the atoms. The ufos would emerge from these worlds within the gaps. Overlap, as one of my friends has said.

This matter of density... The controls channeled by Mark Probert (the supposed Inner Circle of ascended humans, masters or whatever) say that these other worlds are more dense than ours, not less. Contained within our world I guess. This is contradictory to everything else I've read that says earth is the most dense; our own frequency level or vibration is the most dense & we must ascend out of it. However if these other unseen worlds are already more dense than we are, what will be ascending into... It might be just semantics; ascension to a higher frequency would be an increase in density not a decrease. This doesn't seem to jibe with other stuff I've read though...

Another author in a brief glimpse at a list of similar books (Pinchbeck maybe?) says we are imprisoned in this frequency (PKD's Black Iron Prison?) & must break out of it (I dunno if he mentions ascension or not, too many books to read already, don't need another one yet of this variety). Again we get back to the schuman resonance. We can't break out of it unless earth's dimensions change. Or the height of the ionosphere changes. HAARP is supposedly shooting beams of energy into the ionosphere, for tests or controlling the weather or whatever sinister things they're doing - not just HAARP but 7 or 8 other countries around the world too - so if we're imprisoned in this frequency maybe HAARP will break us out of it by pushing the ionosphere further out. Is that what they're really trying to do? HAARP is the good guys then? I somehow don't think so. Our astronauts in the space station need the schuman resonance (7.83 hz) artificially played, or they don't function well - details I'm not sure, must investigate one of these days - so breaking out of the schuman resonance into whatever may not be such a good idea... Once we do it & it's bad, too late to go back... So HAARP is trying to change the schuman resonance to make us all more susceptible to control. Although I did read somewhere later on that HAARP has been shut down since 2015, not sure if that's true tho...

One has to wonder if all the saucer biz was hurriedly begun to discredit this avenue of thinking... After at least 2 decades of tests (Townsend Brown electrogravitics patent in 1928 - immediately classified) a group of remote controlled ships is flown & seen by Kenneth Arnold. That same year a ship is deliberately crashed in Roswell, with dummy aliens aboard that peeps are given brief glimpses of. The whole ET scenario is being set up but so far it hasn't been good enough because channeled communications are still coming through that discredit the ET thing (in favor of Etherians who aren't from outer space or other planets at all). So someone has to come along and actually meet some living aliens & ride in a spaceship. Thus Mr. Adamski (and Daniel Fry & T Betherum) - who seems sincere in his beliefs but in actuality has been deluded and used by the CIA or whoever.

70 years (!!!) of no evidence. And peeps still believe it... I want to believe, indeed... Wow...

p5 - "Empty space is not even an idea, but merely a vocal sound to replace thinking." Brilliant!

p6 - Frequency of resonance = square root of (pressure divided by [K times sq. root of mass-density]). Got that? K is a constant "that may depend on the material substance saturated with the ether." Not sure what that means, but need to find out.

Frequency depends on the inverse sq. root of mass-density of the ether itself. Umm....

Etheric matter can be "tuned in," and here and there are matters of frequencies, densities, wave lengths - not of spacial position in 3-D.

p11 - Control (Lingford) in 1947 says, "Not craft constructed on your planet."

Layne's ps in 1957 says this is "now widely believed." Maybe then, but soon afterwards it wasn't. This view has been suppressed at every turn in favor of the ET "superior technology from another planet" hypothesis. 20 years later Keel revives this theory - and again is suppressed. He gives due credit to Layne. Vallee follows 10 years later; also not widely believed.

Ufos materialize just like stuff in a seance; which has been fully documented BTW (the seances that is).

Layne in 1957 - "Their purpose seems to be regulatory action" - possibly concerning planetary affairs & seismic conditions. Seismic conditions in 2019 are way worse than they were then; lots of 7.0 earthquakes around the world. Planetary affairs? I dunno if they're better or worse. More polarized. So if it's regulatory action, they're dismal failures.

p25 - Mentions Adamski & Williamson & spacemen - says they can be temporarily appearing as solid beings - just like the saucers. Not sure I buy that. I think they're normal humans in disguise.

p35 - There'll be a great earthquake, earth's magnetic field will be disrupted, great land masses will be displaced... In a few years, it will not be many years. Hmm... This was 1947 it's now over 70 years later, that's more than a "few years" although Tim Wyllie probably saved us with his thoughts & his crystals. Heh. DC's Nostradamus contacts said the same thing - as do others I haven't read yet, I suppose.

p47 - Our demonic playmates are urging destructive ways - entities on the lower astral plane. Plus confirmation of deros using machines in the caverns left by the Elder Race. Okay... Latter is later debunked by one of the others. However, demonic playmates is probably what's really going on.

p51 - Seven types of flyers - here come the funny names again: Suza, Tonton, Fakle, Olon, Olonder, Pomid, Pomidor. These are all flown by the Viknors. Viknors = vikings = the Nordics?

p61 - Master pulse wave - beamed from the moon (okay...), a mechanism that allows them to lock into synchronism with our plane/vibration/frequency/expression or whatever hell else they call it. Sounds like confirmation of the schuman resonance, which wasn't known at this time. Is that what they synch into?

They can cut out the mechanism at any time & assume control of their own vibrational frequency. This is what ascension would theoretically be, however without the schu res humans might be subject to the same problems as our astronauts, as any of these saucer riders going to other planets should have been; possibly amnesia and other mental & physical disorders...

p65 - ...which leads to paragraph #2 where Adamski is thrown under the bus, saying he could not have flown in outer space without time for necessary conditioning; without having his mental faculties impaired. Confirmation of the schu res, before we were aware it existed.

Simple. He didn't fly into outer space or make it up; he was either confabulated or did ride in a scout ship made on earth (by CIA or whoever) & was shown videos out the "portholes" - as some have said, like Colvin I think.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Inside the Spaceships

Expecting another snooze fest like the Lanulos book; Adamski is a better writer though.

p20 - Saucers are moving on natural magnetic force. Vortexes of earth are natural rechargers for them. Vortexes at Calexico & Santa Monica Bay - the saucers he saw were flying along this pathway.

If this was true they'd still be doing this, following the same paths. The flap areas always mentioned by Keel. Does Keel ever connect them to vortexes or ley lines? I don't think so. Has anyone ever mapped out these window areas & compared to ley lines? Not sure.

p39 - Ships fly by attraction & repulsion - magnetic.

The space people live by the will of the creator, not their own personal will.

Aha! The beginnings of us supposed to surrender our individuality to the group mind; like the fictional grays. At this point in time most peeps still believed in God; the atheist mindset hadn't taken over yet. So this fake alien would use surrendering to God as the ruse. No mention of ascension yet or the change your vibration BS.

Interesting that GA's contact doesn't speak English & he has difficulty communicating with him, claiming to use telepathy. Compare to Woody's encounter a dozen years later where Cold speaks English. Next meeting Orthon & company are all speaking perfect English. More convenient...

p41 - Spaceman says all planets in the solar system are inhabited - more or less proof that this guy is bogus since knowledge of the other planets at that time (1952) was very limited. According to what we know now, none of them can be inhabited. The guy also says many worlds throughout the galaxy are populated. Another questionable statement; some might be. Hundreds of exoplanets have been found, all deserted. Guys like Timothy Wyllie excuse these solar system lapses by conveniently saying the other planets could be inhabited in other "frequency domains;" we're supposed to take his word for it, I guess, since he's so brilliant. Easy to say because it can never be proved or disproved.

p63 - Flying objects over Washington DC that year (1953 - hmm the year I was born - very important year!) disappear and reappear. Pilots on parallel courses said they seemed to change shape as they maneuvered - elongated. Air Force says these observations are due to speed changes or observation errors. Nope! The saucers are altering their frequencies as Keel noted almost 20 years later; shifting frequencies out of the visible range. Any that are changing their shape aren't mechanical vehicles at all, regardless of where they're supposed to be from. Living energy forms of some kind. Or secret plasma weapons of the black ops peeps. Being tested over DC to see what people would make of them.

p66 - Silas Newton says (at Air Force briefing but also in Frank Scully's book maybe or in Looking For Orthon) the saucers are utilizing earth's magnetic field as a means of motive power - maybe so! See LaV's Secrets of Anti-gravity Propulsion or read up on Tesla. Or see William Lyne for a different take.

He also says this was substantiated by a global study of flight patterns (!). Say what? What global study? By whom? Haven't seen this little detail in any of the literature I've read so far. *sigh* I guess I'll have to get Scully's book, see if it's in there (however Looking For Orthon author says Scully & Newton are questionable). This would predate Keel's study & identification of consistent flap/window areas by almost 20 years.

Photos - Very good ones! Look like earth-made flying machines to me, like the purported Nazi saucers.

p86 - From the forward by Desmond Leslie - "While on the subject of the superstitious, it is worth noting that the lunatic fringe of untrained psychics have moved into Flying Saucers with a grave danger of discrediting the whole business." Heh. Here we have the atheist/materialist viewpoint in a nutshell, where we must believe that the ufos are machines piloted by aliens with an advanced technology who are here to save us from ourselves; the Space Brothers. Again part of the setup for the whole false ET scenario.

But who is this Venusian guy really (if these guys aren't real ET's)? He doesn't speak English although succeeds with limited telepathy supposedly. A Russian? A Blond he would be called nowadays, but Nordic? From supposed excaped Nazi civilization with their ufo technology? CIA or Black Ops? Big question, not unimportant. Part of a disinformation campaign for sure.

p100 - Here come the funny names. GA says he made them up; not their real names. Orthon, Firkon & Ramu. If he's making them up why not Larry, Moe & Curly? Tom, Dick & Harry? This time they're all speaking English. He doesn't axe & they don't splain. Communication is too difficult so all of a sudden his second contact is arranged to conveniently have the Space Brothers able to talk to him. Why set all this up in the first place? Why go to all the trouble & expense? Unless it's real important... ie the ET mindset... Plus being a cover so they can test this technology in secret right out in the open... -Edit: Later I believe Adamski said it was all for national security reasons.

Kalna & Ilmuth the 2 girls on the mothership. Wonder what they were there for, hmm?...

p113 - Scout ships have to be recharged from mothership. Hmm...

p115 - The girls give him some thick oily water to drink - this is one of the standards of the contact stories, as documented by Keel & others. Goes back to medieval times & earlier - nectar of the gods or ambrosia, given to meeters of elves & such. Narcotic obviously.

p121 - Normal pictures on the walls of the spaceship - of Venus heh. Okay so why aren't they moving pictures like we have nowadays, looped videos of waterfalls, fish etc etc. If these people are so advanced... Oops! Big goof. Also, where are the cell phones, laptops, computers, internet or equivalent, portable communication devices or whatever. Oh GA was told not to mention those I spose. Yup.

 BTW what about the schuman resonance? Adamski should have difficulty functioning normally without it, just like our astronauts on the space station. Although his trip is of short duration... And almost entirely on earth anyway - it's all faked with videos.

Also BTW I wonder if he gets the cute blonde Kalna's phone number. We shall see, still reading... She's Orthon's co-pilot, probably romantically involved with him I guess. Wonder what goes on in that control room behind closed doors... Heh. Still I'd give it a shot... Oh, GA's married. Oh well...

p127 - Firkon says that "seldom does any defect remain uncovered." Oh yeah? They're always making repairs down on earth, always; well documented by Keel. -Edit: Because they're still learning how to build and fly them, thus the disguise as aliens so no one will suspect we're building them ourselves.

p128 - "Earth looked like a large ball of light beneath us." No markings. Wrong! We've seen many pics of earth by now, it never ever looks like a ball of light. These guys leading on GA are getting a number of things wrong; stuff they would know if they were advanced "space brothers" like they said they were. Mistake...

p130 - Hull of mothership is electrified to eliminate friction & heating as well as to repel meteors. Interesting that this is exactly what LaV found when he back-engineered the B-2. Is this a mistake in that they actually told GA how these things really worked? What kind of a hint is this.... Well in the 1950's it isn't because these types of technologies had been classified & squelched so no one knew about them (generally speaking); therefore maybe not that big a deal to let it slip. 60+ years later though...

p131 - Typical "we would not harm a fellow being" stuff in all this literature. They would prefer to perish themselves. GA thinks of credo of hatred instilled in humans. Okay then... What do you do about a Hitler or Stalin or Mao? Just let them kill millions? Or do you try to stop them? Why doesn't one of these contactees ask them about this. Just once. Or Dolores Cannon axe one of her hypnopeeps. Just once. See what they say. What about Stalin or Hitler, Mr. Firkon? Hmm? What would you do?

p136 - The Master says, "Outer space is constantly active, filled with moving particles from out of which all forms are finally brought into being." Wow this is the old Hindu philosophy of the ether. Interesting! Might I add inner space as well; all space. No such thing as empty space. This dude also says "neither a beginning nor an ending." Wait a sec. The big bang skientists will be pissed! Adamski was versed in Eastern religions tho, or pseudo ones; maybe he's picked this up from some Hindu or Buddhist source & has the "aliens" say it, to validate his own beliefs.

p150 - Ramu says, "In a world like yours it is a great temptation for most men to make themselves important by indulging in attention-getting statements." Welcome to internet forums and youtube, Mr. Spaceman. Or this very book hahaha...

Shortly after this GA is taken back to earth. He did not get Kalna's phone number (fool!), or if he did, doesn't say anything. The photos at left are supposedly of someone named Dolores Barrios but on various internet forums (where peeps try to make themselves important by indulging in attention getting statements) peeps claim that this is actually Orthon, attending one of GA's seminars at Palomar in 1958. You know, a man posing as a woman. I don't think so. I also think she was probably who she said she was. If you must believe she's an alien, I find it more likely that she would be Kalna, Orthon's short gorgeous blonde co-pilot. If so, being somewhat ageless as these Venusians supposedly are, she would still look like this. Let me know if you see her! Maybe she's still single, her handsome pilot Orthon wasn't with her at this conference...

Or... this is simply the woman who posed as Kalna during GA's disinformation confabulation. Still at her CIA work, attending the seminar.

BTW that ridge on her forehead... my wife had something like that, though narrower. More pronounced as she aged. She wasn't an alien.

p161 - Aliens eat peanut butter sandwiches & apple pie! & drink black coffee. Important clues! Whole wheat bread of course, they wouldn't have anything to do with bleached flour. No problems with gluten allergies I presume. Or peanut allergies for that matter.

p163 - Firkon says: "Some have chosen the channels of what you call metaphysics and occultism... but amongst these there is often a selfish motive towards self-promotion and personal gain..." GA's confabulators again pointing peeps toward the "space brothers" ET hypothesis - forget about the occult or metaphysical explanations to the saucers.

Question: how does GA remember word for word these long speeches the "aliens" are giving? Is he secretly tape recording them? He must have a photographic memory. Or, heaven forbid, he's putting words in their mouths; from his own philosophy. Oh, later he says they telepathically assist when it's time to write it down. Um, uh, hmm....

Next he meets somebody he calls Zuhl. Eh? This was before that dude appeared in the Ghostbusters film a few decades later. Same Zuhl, different day? Why Zuhl? Why such weird names, GA?

p167 - Inside the Saturn ship, upstairs balconies are reached by ladders. D'oh! C'mon, aliens with superior technology coming to save us from ourselves would be using elevators! Even small one-person lifts... Or beaming up. Too much chance for injury on a ladder on a flying spacecraft. Geez... Later, the Saturn mothership does have elevators. Maybe they're more advanced than the Venusians... Or the Venusians use ladders cuz the guys like to check out the girls' asses as they're climbing the ladders. Or maybe it's all fake haha.

p169 - Compartment for 2 small remote-controlled registering saucers for close observation work. Would account for tiny unmanned craft seen by some peeps - if you believe the alien explanation that is. Otherwise unmanned craft made by ourselves - somewhere.

p170 - They have a microwave! So who says they're dangerous, if, you know, aliens use them... It seems the CIA is giving away a few secrets to make the story more plausible. Microwave ovens will be commonplace soon after this anyhow.

p172 - He can't watch as they enter the Saturn mothership. No mention of his seeing outside the scout at all. Probably cuz there is no mothership. It's all a fake. He was taken to a ground installation somewhere, where all this was set up for his (and maybe a few others) benefit.

The earlier Venusian mothership could have been faked as well, just by showing a film in the "porthole" Adamski was looking out of. Landing in the top of the m-ship is a bit suspicious. I would think they would drop scouts out the bottom, no?

p190 - When the time comes to write, his friends will help him recall every detail. Of course!

p201 - Clouds on the moon... Oops!

Not to mention a strip around the center where plants & animals thrive. Cuz the moon has an atmosphere. Okay... Being close to the moon GA wants to see it with his own eyes (aha!) but is told there is no need because they have an instrument with which to view it. So they play him some more videos.

Argh I'm not sure how much more of this I can take... Another Master coming up...

p209 - Privileged to serve; everlasting desire to serve... Geez... Who is this, John Kerry? This We Are One crap again. Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode - To Serve Man or whatever it was called... heh. Or the Simpsons "How to cook for humans" then "wait a minute" then "How to cook forty humans" etc etc. "They thought we were going to eat them!" Seriously, that might be what this is all "boiling" down to... Surrender to the Oneness... cull the population... become a mindless drone...

Why does he always have to meet them at a hotel in L.A.? He lives near Palomar, our in the desert southeast of Temecula. Why don't they just pick him up there? Why did he first meet Orthon out near Desert Center? Palomar - Pauma Valley area must have been fairly deserted in those times. Something fishy here. The whole thing's fishy. Disinformation.

p218 - Mantell case. Totally wrong! GA is told the plane disintegrated. It didn't. It pancaked onto the ground after witnesses said it appeared in a ball of light, like a ufo was trying to save plane & pilot. Not sure I believe that but the plane hit the ground, it didn't dissolve in mid-air. "Small pieces of debris falling to the earth..." Geez... Edit: GA might actually be right, there are accounts that the plane did crash & there were pieces all over the place. Not sure what the real story is...

p222 - All malcontents from other planets were dumped on earth. Thanks a lot, space brothers! This is where legend of fallen angels comes from. Earth is the lowest planet. Yeah sure, we earthlings are worthless. Please come and save us from ourselves soon. Since you space brothers think we're all a bunch of idiots.

p227 - "Your planet is functioning under what you might call a low frequency." Ho hum... Yawn...

These loons sound exactly the same as Dolores Cannon's hypnotized subjects 50 years later... The CIA needs some new writers...

Friday, August 16, 2019

Visitors From Lanulos

Yawn... I will try to stay awake long enough to report on this snoozefest...

p24 - MIB warn him to shut up. Very brief account.

p29 - Guiding Council & Inter-Galactic Circle... um okay...

p59 - has some saucer images; don't think they're photos

p60 - Woody's story of Keel's visit - very brief, same as Keel told it. Seems funny that he summons all these ships for people to see, except when Keel is there.

p80 - "...watching raw energy being transferred into my ship. I am having trouble with my gravity control coils..." - space visitor's warning to not get too close to the saucer. These saucer people are always making repairs & seem to be at great pains to show people; as Keel has mentioned.

p85 - " letting the space people land their ships among us..." - Woody. Sounds like a CIA (or whoever) setup for a takeover - we let them land & show us how to be civilized; then we end up voting for Kang for president & all become slaves. Yeah well I'm voting for Kodos.

I was hoping for better info on Indrid Cold but there just isn't much. Funny names to check against a cipher:
Indrid Cold
Lanulos (not Lanulus as Greenberg spells it)
Karl Ardo
Kautuma (some kind of meat they ate)
Elvane (or Elvaine) Kletaw
Jitro Cletaw (both from Venus)
Toni & Daryl
Demo Hassan (also from Cerabus)
Cerabus (Clinnel's home planet)
Bueldine Vaus (Clinnel's girlfriend then wife), or Vauss
Orthon, from Venus
Umar, from Jupiter
Jamma - planet of bald dwarves

Do all these people know each other? Are they emissaries of the Council or free to come to earth whenever they want? Or in hiding from the grays, as in Greenfield's book? Perhaps it is all hogwash. Perhaps it is all CIA mind games. If so the CIA could use a better script writer... They shoulda hired Keel... I still like the idea of Cold not speaking English well & instead of saying "I am cold" on the cold rainy night makes a mistake and says, "My name is Cold" by accident. To me that makes sense, if he's what he says he is, that is, an undocumented immigrant. Like the guy who tries to drink jello...

Oh the peeps of Lanulos are all nudists. Woody doesn't describe anybody, like what Mr. Cold looked like naked, or his wife Kimi, or the 19 year old girl he talked to. How bland... no reaction to all these naked women walking around... Maybe it'd be different if Woody wasn't married...

I'm not quite sure how books & stories like this could circulate in the '50's and peeps would take them seriously as if they were true...

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Coming of the Saucers

Worth reading for Arnold's first-hand account of what he did in Tacoma WA, the town where I was born.

Also worth it for the funny cover? Do funny covers count on Allen Greenfield's secret cipher list? No funny alien contacts in this one, although Dahl & Crisman come off as strange as any ufonaut.

p14 - Arnold's statement on the discs he saw was that they were "guided missiles, robotly controlled." Skipping like saucers do on a body of water. My guess too; no occupants. Remote controlled from the ground, using Townsend Brown's electrogravitics for propulsion. One of the early test flights of this technology, or one of the first observed. Must have been numerous previous successful attempts to be flying these guys over Mt. Rainier & for such a long distance. They weren't even saucers, they were more like flying wings; one of them was at least. A shape I don't recall reading being seen again - Arnold called them saucers so the new design was saucers? Hoo nose...

p16 - July 5th 1947 red tide at Sekiu WA where he flew to go fishing. Killing fish, they were jumping out of the water to get the "pink globs of jelly" off of them, & one guy supposedly dies from eating oysters. Doesn't seem to be anything sinister connected with Arnold's saucers; red tide of poisonous jellyfish.

p31 - Harold Dahl's story to author - turns out to be bogus, only very slim chance of being true.

p55 - Dahl claims to have been getting anonymous letters, claiming atomic explosions have made the saucers visible; they're the vehicles of the gods used to protect this earth.

Speculation by me on who these letters could have been from, but worthless because this story probably made up as well, to help get the ET hypothesis rolling. Arnold was shown no letters, only told of them.

"These beings which manned the flying discs were under severe attack by other beings who were enemies of the people and life on this planet." Authors' quote of Dahl.

This is still one of the standard stories; see David Wilcock for example, in his Ascension Mysteries, or on his website/forum - neither of which I consider of any value. He seems like he's brainwashed or deluded or something something. Making good money though, & he's well-known. Fame & fortune.

p80 - The house Arnold had been taken to 4 nights ago, supposedly Dahl's secretary's house where she had been busy working on paperwork, is now deserted & looked like it hadn't been lived in for months. Weird.

p95 - Crisman & Dahl confess Maury Island affair was a hoax - according to official Air Force report. Ray Palmer debunks this in the next chapter. Dahl & Crisman both disappeared.

p111 - Crisman had been sending letters to Palmer to lay off the Shaver Mystery stories & claimed to have entered a cave in Burma where he got a hole burned in his arm from a ray gun. Double weird! Compare to Greenfield's interview of the guy going into the caves in Georgia.

p114 - Begins a long dreary list of flying saucer sightings, many of them moving intelligent-seeming lights.

p160 - Photo of Dr. E W. Kay and his man-made saucer, info here:
I wonder what happened to this fellow & his invention - probably immediately classified & put out of business...

A couple things which I don't remember being mentioned in other accounts of this story:

1) the saucers dropping the tinfoil stuff along with the slag. Important because Keel found evidence of the tinfoil in many later saucer sightings. This is stuff ww2 planes used to drop to confuse radar.

2) the deserted house. This is weird because there's no explanation other than that it proves Arnold was set up by these guys. Some mind control here? Early test?

3) How did Arnold get the hotel room? He says he told no one he was flying to Tacoma & yet there was a room in the Winthrop waiting for him. It was bugged obviously, set up so the informants could call the newspaper guys & tell them what Arnold was up to. It is feasible someone got the info he was flying to Tacoma. His wife knew, maybe he told someone else & didn't remember. Interesting about the acute housing shortage in Tacoma at that time; no hotel rooms available even. Wonder why? Because of the end of ww2 & all the GI's coming home? Maybe... Actually Ray Palmer knew he was going to Tacoma, maybe Palmer helped set it all up.

4) Arnold & Smith had some time on their hands at times & yet did not attempt to get the slag samples analyzed. The Tacoma smelter was right there, minutes away. My grandfather was the manager of the smelter at that time; too late to ask if he had heard of the Maury Island story, but Arnold & Smith were taken to the smelter grounds and shown all the piles of slag, byproducts of steel production; so my grandfather would have been there at that time. Arnold didn't think the slag at the smelter was the same as the samples from the supposed ufo.

Also one of the first MIB incidents, where Arnold was warned to stop investigating.

So I think what happened was, the military or somebody was dumping this slag at Maury Island because it was right across the bay from the smelter. The smelter was their cover if anybody found any of it. The tinfoil stuff was dropped to help disguise the flights, although why Dahl would even mention the tinfoil is curious. Crisman worked for the CIA or whoever and later was implicated in the JFK assassination. Jim Garrison was going to investigate him. Anyhow the dumping operation in Puget Sound of whatever it was that was being illegally disposed of (possibly from the Hanford reactor, if it was radioactive - I read this elsewhere, maybe Colvin somewhere) was covered by Dahl working at the docks & Crisman. Once their cover was blown they flew the coop & the operation ceased. A weird thing was them trying to sell the ufo story to Palmer for his pulp magazine; almost like they blew their own cover - Palmer is the one who asked Arnold to go check it out. Or the dumping operation had in fact ended with this last dump & so they (CIA) made use of the fake saucer story to help establish the ET scenario.

No one ever went to Maury Island to check for evidence, or dredged the bottom of the Sound or anything, that I know of. The slag should still be there, if it ever existed. Arnold's experience with the deserted house, plus his having shut off the fuel valve himself in his plane, makes him question whether he had been manipulated at some point; hypnotized or whatever, or some form of mind control. Probably. Deserted house is similar to some X-Files episodes.

Unfortunately the two guys who were flying back with the slag samples were killed when their plane crashed (suspiciously).

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Earth Under Fire

If this guy's right, we're all doomed. Eventually.

Only 4 star average review on Amazon, which kinda surprises me. Very important book that everyone should read. Along with Genesis of the Cosmos and Secrets of Anti-Gravity Technology. Amazing stuff, well reasoned and with tons of supporting evidence. Unlike those vloggers & bloggers (not to mention evening news) who say whatever they want with no evidence & peeps believe them... Witch I've said b4 and will probably say again ad nauseum...

No notes on the tags so I'm wingin' it here, but I've read the book 3 times and get the general thesis so won't be reading again soon other than referrals, better write it up while it's still somewhat fresh.

p8 - Ordered forms emerge spontaneously & self-organize, like in a pan of heated oil.

Description of Brusselator system developed in 1968, from which author developed SQK theory when applied to subquantum physics. Physical universe emerges from an active, life like ether, whose constituents continually enter & leave our physical plane as they react. Material particles continuously emerge from "empty" space out of an ever-present sub quantum noise. Continuous creation alternative to big bang theory.

p29 - Background radiation, temp varies. Study led to conclusion our solar system is headed toward constellation Leo at 365 kilometers per second. Pretty fast!

p32 - Arrow indicators in zodiac signs that point toward the galactic center (which we can't see, it's obscured in the Milky Way by dust clouds). To give us a message...

p36 - LaV measures the trajectory of Sagittarius's arrow. 15,870 years ago it would have been pointed right at Scorpio's heart; very important date: 13,865 BC which he says indicates the date of a galactic center energy creation event that had a catastrophic effect on earth (galactic core explosion as mentioned in earlier posts).

p43 - Sagittarius A, the galactic center, generates fierce wind of cosmic rays. LaV disputes that it's a black hole because evidence seems to show that gas clouds are being pushed away, not drawn toward. Inner one-light year region is devoid of gas and dust because the particle wind continuously clears it away. He asks if the center is a black hole, why hasn't the entire galaxy been consumed then? I ask, how could it ever have formed the way it is? Did the black hole develop later on after the galaxy's formation? If so, how?

LaV states in a youtube video that he doesn't think there are any such things as black holes. Black holes are a theory. Dark matter is a theory. The big bang is a theory. Now all promoted as fact by the skientists. To keep the grant money coming in. Never mind ethics...

p52 - Describes energetic outbursts from many galaxies including Seyfert galaxies. Some with galactic centers so bright they obscure the spiral nebulas around them.

Black hole models have difficulty accounting for highly luminous cores as in quasars. Black holes would not be able to draw in matter fast enough to supply their vast outpouring of energy.

Fatal flaw in relativity equations in which collapsing masses can produce absurdly infinite solutions that lead to a massive breakdown of the space-time hypothesis.

p54 - Energy outputs from galactic cores are being fueled by matter and energy creation, not matter annihilation.

Zodiac was devised to warn future generations that the core of our galaxy underwent a major explosion. Evidence of expanding rings of gas particles, all moving away from the core, mostly in the plane of the galaxy, but outwards in all directions; sphere not circle.

p66 - Radio astronomers have said that core explosions only occur every 100 million years or so.

LaV says they happen every 10,000 yrs or so & that one occurred at the end of the ice age.

Electrons & positrons travel outward at near the speed of light with no attenuation. Protons are heavier, travel slower and are impeded & captured.

p71 - The Blue Star of the Hopi that heralds the end of civilization. LaV says the core explosion when we finally see it will be of a blue hue because of the cosmic rays' synchrotron electromagnetic emission. This source would be visible even during the day, would appear suddenly without warning & remain in the sky for 100 to 1000 years, marking the passage of the superwave. This light would backlight all the dust clouds between us & the core, giving the skies an ominous appearance.

Inside heliopause some of the cosmic rays would have been captured & formed a network of luminous cobweblike filaments stretching outward across the sky, the "blue star" at the center.

Appearance of Blue Star followed by the prompt arrival of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP shockwave), & some days later the onset of a gravity wave, which would cause earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Yikes!!!!!

Get that? The EMP shock wave would take out all of our electronics in one fell swoop. Nothing would operate! All of our infrastructure would collapse. No electricity, no water. In a youtube interview LaV says fiber-optics might survive.

Then 2 days later the gravity wave that would shake the entire earth for its duration.

Doomsday, for sure. Watch for that blue star. Keep an eye just above Scorpio's tail. If you ever see a blue light there you might have 24 hours before the EMP shock wave hits. 24 hours to get in your car and go... where? Or collect water & food? & batteries? & propane & propane accessories. Elsewhere LaV says staying indoors would shield from the electrons & cosmic rays, prevent getting burnt up (?) or poisoned by radiation.

No wonder this book didn't get 5 stars. Scary stuff. No one wants to think about it. And there's nothing we can do. Not human caused, you global warming fanatics.

Are there any old missile silos still for sale? How about a property with a cave on it? As long as the cave doesn't go too far down and reach the land of the deros anyways... heh.

Many ancient abandoned underground cities in Turkey, see Andrew Collins; maybe this is why they were made. If the duration of this thing could last hundreds of years... You'd have to survive underground somehow... Oh well at least all of our wonderful politicians and generals will be safe.

The next superwave is already on the way, by definition. If LaV is right; and he has plenty of data to back up his assertions.

p73 - The Eye of Ra. An oval shape will form around the blue light - a galactic nucleus illumination. It'll look like a huge eye in the sky occupying a 16-degree field of view. Eye of Ra in Egyptian myth, sent to punish mankind. Yikes again.

It might look like that whale-like image that formed around the ejected booster rocket from that space x launch a few years ago. My neighbor thought we might be under attack.... heh.

PKD wrote a book called Eye in the Sky. Was he perhaps previewing something?

p88 - Be-10 (berillium isotope) is uncommon on earth but common in cosmic rays. Ice core samples from Antarctica show concentrations of Be-10 (peaks) at 14,150 and 12,600 years BP. By 10,500 BP cosmic ray intensity had returned to background levels.

40% increase in Be-10 could translate into 30k to 100k -fold increase in electron intensity.

Cosmic ray peaks are at 26,000 year intervals, same as precession cycle; with minor peaks at the halfway point. Which means we are overdue for an Event.

p90 - Current interstadial is 11,600 years. Previous 60,000 years was the Wisconsin glacial period. Before that was 40,000 year semi-glaciated period termed the Sangamon, that preceded by the Eemian an 18,000 year interstadial similar to our own. Prior to that the Illinoian glaciation where the record ends.

Cosmic ray peaks correlate with climactic transitions. Oh boy...

p94 - Arrival. Cosmic dust invasion. Dust can scatter and absorb visible & UV light. Also energize the sun as it hits it. Increasing flaring activity & drastically warming the climate. Would have ended the ice age & caused glaciers to melt; great flood as told of in every ancient culture. Cold & darkness first, followed by intense heat.

 p102 - Popul Vuh. Time of darkness; no sun. Great rains, dampness, cold; lasted several generations.

Author goes into some 2012 stuff, like the Mayan calendar.

p114 - Author's first ice core study, showing that cosmic dust accumulated on earth's surface hundreds of times faster than it does today. He uses nickel & iridium content to determine this (2 rare earth elements).

p116 - More ice core study data. Proofs.

p120 - Cosmic dust episode 121,500 years ago, when earth was warm like today, free of ice sheets. Climate abruptly changed to full glacial conditions within 100 years. Then rewarmed just as rapidly but not to same warmness as before. Climatologists alarmed. Came without warning.

He discovers Main Event later in 2000. Highly acidic ice core section. His chronology dated the event at 15,800 +/- 500 years BP. Specifically it began at 13,880 BC and ended 13,785 BC. This event lasted 100 years!

Period between acidity peaks averaged 11.5 years; same as solar cycle.

p122 - Ulysses spacecraft data shows wind of dust blowing into the solar system from direction of galactic center. He thinks during the Main Event sun's visible light was attenuated by 18 percent, the rest going to infrared. Change in sun's spectrum would initiate significant changes in earth's climate.

p130 - Dust would have caused visual effects on Venus because of bow shock front and ionopause, making it look like Venus had a tail and possibly horns or wings, making it look like flying dragon.

p137 - Earth has been in the midst of an ice epoch for the past 3 million years. Within this, glacial cycles last 50k to 100k years. Previous ice epoch was 275 million years ago.

p138 - Pleistocene began 1.8 million years ago, ended 11,600 years ago. Glacial cycles abruptly changed 800k years ago. Some kind of event, possibly a nearby supernova.

p146 - Shows sequence of warming events that ended the ice age.

p158 - The T Tauri Effect - solar flares.

Sunspots absent from 1645 till 1715, called the Maunder Minimum. During this time Europe had mini ice age; the Little Ice Age. All current "global warming" data begins from this point, does not even acknowledge mini ice age. In fact U.N. officials were caught e-mailing each other (wikileaks) on how to get rid of this data, because it proves climate can change without any human action. It ruins their carbon credits scam designed to keep under-developed nations poor, since they can't afford to pay the carbon tax for any increase in pollution, & help Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc monopolize since they're the only ones who can afford to pay the excessive fees for all the environmental regulations.

p162 - Increase in dust would cause sun to act like T Tauri star; increased luminosity & solar flares. Major warming. Tropics unbearably hot, high latitude regions flooded by melting ice.

p169 - Mars is covered with a layer of water-rich permafrost.

p184 - Many Indian legends of periods of intense heat & intense cold.

p188 - Global warming period that began abruptly 14,500 years ago; 2 phases, Bolling & Allerod. At height winter temps in British Isles increased 25 degrees C, summer 8 degrees C. Chile summer temps warmed by 12 degrees C. Antarctica had gradual 8 C increase followed by cooler period (Younger Dryas). Atlantic Ocean core sample showed 11 C rise in water temp. Natural causes don't splain it. No humans around either (as far as we know anyway). Maybe humans but no industrialization.

Ice core samples show CO2 levels during the ice age at 6-10% lower than now; not 35% as some climatologists have claimed. Skientists fudging the numbers to keep the grants coming in I suppose; & to keep causing fear to help keep the peeps controlled.

p194 - Usselo Horizon or black mat found all over the world at 12,700 on the Bolling-Allerod/Younger Dryas boundary. Cosmic event. Other researchers think it was a comet (see Graham
Hancock) or Coronal Mass Ejection (see Robert Schoch). Immense floods of glacial meltwater & the evidence.

p198 - Heinrich layers or Heinrich events, layers found in ocean floor with sediments underneath that were deposited in a matter of hours. This material was not floated out on icebergs; doesn't fit the evidence. LaV postulates glacier waves of melting ice that pick up steam (volume & speed) as they careen down the glacier, carrying everything away. Deposits of all sorts of mixed masses of material including animals & trees from different regions have been found. Heinrich Event 1 occurred at the time of the Main Event, 15,800 years BP. This event caused end of ice age.

p200 - Changes in earth's magnetic field around these times. 11,650 years BP magnetic pole swung 200 degrees westward, maintaining for 20 years before moving back. One century later earth's magnetic field increased 5-fold (not specified for how long, or I missed it). At 14,100 years BP the north magnetic pole flipped southward to the mid-Pacific for around 10-50 years. Known as Gothenberg Magnetic Flip.

p202 - Magnetic field reversals are present throughout earth's entire history. Laschamp Event 30k to 20k years ago, and Blake event 100k to 90k years ago. Earth's field polarity was reversed most of the time from 2.4 million to 730,000 years ago; it ended with Brunhes/Matuyama event, which left us as we are now.

p210 - Proves man did not not kill off all the mammals at Pleistocene Extinction. Could not have. It was a flood.

p216 - Goes into more detail about glacier waves - pushed meltwater in the front of the wave forward at one cubic kilometer per second; each meter along the front would have had force equal to H-bomb.

p226 - Frozen flood deposits - final flood took place around 12,700 BP at the time of primary mammal extinction. Right after came the Younger Dryas rapid cooling, freezing all these deposits.

p242 - Flood legends. Coastline was 85 meters lower. Sea level rose 300 feet. Underwater structures off coasts of many countries. See Graham Hancock's Underworld.

p253 - Zodiac stuff, age of Virgo began 14,000 BC, age of Leo about 10,700 BC.

p293 - Galactic radio background emission. Elevated radio intensity in the direction of the galactic center.

p318 - Geologic record indicates evolutionary changes occur in bursts, majority of changes in species occurring over a few generations followed by long periods of no change. Proposed in 1942 by Ernest Mayr & called quantum speciation. If change occurs at time of catastrophe it's called catastrophic selection.

Earth passes through galactic plane about once every 30 million years; mass extinctions occur at these same times.

23,000 year cycle in earth's climactic record; also 100,000 year cycle. Not sure what these are; not splained very well or I missed it in my review.

p321 - Precession cycle 26,000 years. Nutation cycle 41,000 years (nodding).

Ancient Greeks' Great Year, 26,000 years with great  winter and great summer separated by 13,000 years. At these solstices all humans will be annihilated.

Mazdaism says current age began 9630 BC & will end on 2398, with extended darkness, 30 straight winters that will bring glaciation, then after 57 years a new sun in the sky. This is somewhat earlier than John Dee was told by the angels.

p334 - Low intensity gravity waves are presently arriving from direction of galactic center. Guy named Weber tracked them, Townsend Brown corroborated but his work has been classified for some reason.

"They" don't want you to know about all this stuff. Maybe this is what "they're" waiting for to cull the population while they're hunkering down with the deros & reptilians in their underground tunnels.

p353 - Predictions of coming disaster, from psychics etc. The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye, which predicts something in 2002 ( didn't happen, or it's on the way).

p354 - Dec 26 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Sumatra followed 44.6 hours later by arrival of brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded. Coincidence? Gravity wave pulse would arrive first because gamma rays are deflected somewhat. Causal connection is possible, but not proven.

p356 - Several galactic superwaves are on their way right now. EMP might have passed unnoticed 700 years ago but could raise havoc today; high voltage surges in electrical transmission lines will cause power failures in continent-sized areas. All our electronics will fail; no electric, no water... I tried that for a month in a trailer; not fun.

Author proposes warning system or shield to mitigate effects; no luck when contacting earth's governments. What a surprise.

In summary: yikes.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Enochian Magic and the Higher Worlds

Better than the other 2 books in the series. Interesting take on angels which most New Agers won't like...

p9 - Angels are not infallible & we get mixed information from them. Many have no emotion - they'll carry out their directives (as they perceive them) without regard to consequences to humans. Not all are of the same caliber. Interesting! -Edit: Except I don't think they're angels, not contacting theme this way. They're something else, pretending to be angels to fool the peeps.

p16 - DeS thinks the Egyptians had some sort of space suit for dimensional travel. He bases this on their mummification procedure which he thinks is a distortion handed down through time, of something they used to really do.

90% of channeled angels material is fake; if not more. Yup. See Tim Wyllie. DeS doesn't mention anyone by name, & of course he can't mention someone whose books are published by the same publishing company. P.S. I shouldn't rag on Wyllie so much but his book I read seems somewhat fanciful & the guy does do hallucinogens (no they aren't sacred, they are dangerous); I'll try to take it easy until I've read a couple more...

p38 - Maybe angels have their own agenda and manipulate us to accomplish their own aims under the guise of helping us. Maybe some have no concern for our feelings or goals. Angels are not all-knowing. - Interesting theory; he claims to have encountered them in a meditation setting. Using only the original Enochian calls given to Dee; no hypnosis, no drugs. His theories have a lot more clout than Tim... uh, others.

Angels exist independent of us & would still be around regardless of whether we were here or not.

Any classification of angels is a man-made system. - Thank you!!!! Take that, Urantia book and your thousands upon thousands of celestial administrators.

p40 - Energizing an atom (or a crystal!!!!) will change the amplitude not the frequency. - Thank you!!!! In an energized crystal the amplitude is larger; the frequency is the same.

What about energizing a human? I'd say same thing. Amplitude of existing frequency will be increased. Frequency changed? I don't think so, unless temporarily while in meditation or sleep. Without coming back to the same frequency (near or at schuman resonance presumably) we are goners. Ascension - vibrate at a higher frequency & we are goners - maybe a group mind or something something, if that's your thing; like an ant).

p41 - You're changing the harmonics of the object (not the frequency) - adding multiples of the same frequency. Different vibrations will cause dissonance; like a change in the frequency of your crystal or object; or person. Changing frequency (as regards to people) means trouble - dissonance with harmonics.

Dissonance - same as tuning to  A=440hz or standard pitch. The theory is that deviating from classic pitch of A=432hz causes an 8hz dissonance in your inner ear. Not a good thing. Which is why Hitler wanted the switch from classic to standard pitch. Adjust your turntables accordingly.

p48 - Quantum entanglement. Spacial isolation - info must travel from point A to point B - they are isolated in space.

At quantum level results of experiments depend on the observer. Info transfer from A to B at quantum level is instantaneous.

p50 - Details of physics experiment with entangled particles. I wonder if DeS has read LaV?

p55 - Don't bring in your own prejudices and biases toward new ideas. This tends to be a problem with New Agers and academics. No kidding!!! Might I add skientists.

p57 - There are smart angels and stupid angels. Wow, interesting... I wish he'd given a specific example of something a stupid angel had said.

Tricky entities to deal with - they can mislead the questioner. Must cross-examine them.

p58 - All angelic communication is worthless because we can't trust it. Give this man a gold star! (Include any channeled information or anything resulting from hypnotic regression.) It may produce more problems than solutions. Other than Dee the rest is all chaff (insert obligatory Wyllie comment here...).

Travel above where the angels reside.

Only by being alone is one capable of going beyond. - Why? Because we're alone after we die?

p60 - Author has a short primer on string theory. Very similar to SQK.

p74 - Drugs and alcohol lead you away from the spiritual path. (Take that again Tim W.); in the opposite direction. Yup.

...without being influenced by the power of suggestion. - Yes! A lot of new age channeling, aliens etc etc are being heavily influenced & are not valid. Sometimes interesting to read about if one takes the truth of it with a grain of salt. Peeps' beliefs are always fascinating. The will to believe... as Keel said so well. See all the regressive hypnosis stuff - power of suggestion indeed. "Now we're going to explore your experiences with aliens that you don't remember consciously..." I dunno if a therapist actually says this, but if the patient knows that's why they're there....

p90 - Quartz amplifies thoughts & energies.

Talks about crystal skulls. Almost all are new manufactures, but can still have psychic power.

p90 - Kirlian photography & AuraCam. Photos in book from AuraCam. Says there's computer version of this cam.

p98 - Psychic readings of author's ancient artifacts shown in photos.

Necklace increases theta & delta wavelengths.

p103 - Ring with "Nefilim horns." Psychic communicates with this being, who says his group was extinguished 40,000 years ago - by increasingly barbaric humans.

The lady in the voodoo house who had these artifacts supposedly got these Nefilim horns from a cave with Nefilim skeletons in it. I'd like to read more about this! Never heard anything other than rumors, like in the Sitchin book where he thinks a Nefilim was buried in Mesopotamia & wanted the mummy exhumed and tested to see if she was human or not. It never happened. This cave story is sensational if there's a shred of truth in it.

p105 - "We are ascending. We are collectively making a shift to a new dimension." - Not this again. The AuraCam cameraman says this, based on his aura photos showing more pink in the last couple years. Flimsy evidence if you ask me. Same old New Age story. Why the aura shift though? What is this camera really showing?

p110 - Author cites recent study that shows there is no left or right brain dominance.

Cleansing crystals will take energy away from them. Don't clean them. If you sense bad energy just don't buy it.

Decoding the Enochian Secrets

A very short book text-wise, with much info repeated from the first book. The importance of this one is the inclusion of all the tables. Can't find them online anywhere.

p52 - the finding of Dee's diaries.

p76 - Angel gives Dee numbers to calculate end times: 800 + 150 - so 950 years from Dee getting this message, which puts the end times date at 2534. Still a ways to go... I guess if Trump is still president at that time, since he's the antichrist you know... Maybe with his head in a jar... Somebody better feed him his fish food... (shout out to Futurama).

These tables have never been decoded by anyone. The importance of the 7, 7x7 rows, 7x7 columns... Does that have to do with the 7 planets (known at that time), 7 notes in the musical scale, 7 colors in the rainbow... Combine them what do you get? Dunno...

There's too many letters in capital & small print, plus numbers. Lot of books & info about these, warnings on wikipedia about using this stuff (the one author who says he knows 20 people who became unstable after trying it - however I bet most peeps try it the way Crowley was & that's not a good idea regardless of what you think of him - he added his own tweaks, as did everyone else - according to what I read - DeS sticks to only what Dee wrote).

My inclination is musical notes, but how to translate one of these tables into music... Also since 2 tables are on the same leaf of same page front & back, maybe they go together, front & back side of each individual square... Someone has probably tried this already & I dunno if you'd get anywhere.

21 letter groups of 7 each, that gets us into the territory of 7 colors or 7 notes or 7 planets...

Edit: see Donald Tyson's Enochian Apocalypse online essay for a dire warning about messing with this stuff... End times and all that...

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Lost Art of Enochian Magic

How do we know Kelly wasn't just feeding Dee a line of crap? Kelly did all the seeing and reported it to Dee who wrote it down. I don't know enough about it to judge. ICHC stupefying us again?

Read to correlate with Complete Cipher of the Ufonauts to get an idea of what that author might have been talking about.

p4 - Certain sounds resonate and trigger specific reactions in our brain and nervous system.

Which sounds (at what specific frequencies) trigger what is the question. This has probably been measured; well known already to the CIA and their ilk - the basics of mind control.

p43 - "In the evil of the eclipse of the moon..." - from an Akkadian prayer.

Interesting they thought the eclipse was evil. So did many ancient cultures. Compare to Leedskalnin Effect. Could eclipse be thought of as evil because some unscrupulous priests knew how to take advantage of it & use it to have power over others - in addition to the obvious effect of the sun disappearing & possibly not coming back. As compared to the humble Leedskalnin who figures it out but doesn't use it for anything other than a demonstration of how it works; for anyone capable of figuring it out.

Depends I guess on who moved the moon into place (big if there obviously). The greys' spaceship?

p76 - "Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen both when we wake and when we sleep." - Raphael the artist, caption to plate from 1849's Familiar Astrology.

p104 - Angels can't speak or make sounds. Air must be moved to do this. - da Vinci

Thus no physical communication would be possible I guess. There isn't any air in outer space though, and we have recordings made by Voyager in outer space - you know, before it turned into Vger and came back and tried to kill us & was stopped by the inimitable Captain Kirk & the son of the mad Commodore Decker from Doomsday Machine, the greatest Star Trek episode ever (kudos to Mike).

p106 - direct quotation from an angel pointing out specific grid location on Dee's Enochian tables.

Pointing to location on earth? Location in tables themselves?

p114 - Each of the 91 areas in the 30 Aethers correspond with a specific place on earth. Author doesn't list them; maybe online somewhere.

If one went to that specific location & did the Enochian Calls with all suitable preparations & proper attitude (ie no personal gain or evil intentions), what would happen? Better chance to communicate with whatever this is? Someone must have tried it already; one of these New Age doofuses maybe.

p118 - TM produces increase in alpha brain wave activity. Lowering of brain wave amplitude. (Wait - is this the same thing? Aren't the 2 opposites?)

Check online to find out if exact figures/numbers/measurements are available.

p121 - Balance is the key - escape the bounds (bonds?) of time & creation; or the physical body?

Note that there is no balance in world events for quite awhile; everything is polarized. No balance in politics, no balance in news reporting, etc etc etc.

p130 - Lists the names of the 30 Aethers and 91 governors.

Do any of these correspond to funny name ufonauts? Nope. A whole new set of funny names. Has anyone compared these with cipher 6 to see if they have any secret meanings? Or with mantong? Dunno. Maybe worth checking out.

p139 - During the meditations saying the name Jesus will make any negative energies go away. Regardless of faith.

Same as "alien" abductions. Maybe saying his name will attract these angels and the bad energies/guys will vamoose because they don't like the good angels or can't deal with them or don't want their presence known. Because Jesus is powerful enough to deal with these beings.

p146 - Author found that the 22nd Aether was more intense than the others. More intense light etc... Hmm... that number 22 again...

Somewhat dull book; although some interesting info once he gets into the actual communications from the angels. A longer more comprehensive background might have detracted from the presentation of the angel material though. If that's what they really are... Wyllie's Urantia book is supposed to be dictated by angels, not to mention the rest of his own work... Well we shall see if there's any contradictions or corollaries. -Edit: Or we won't see because we stopped paying attention because it's all probably BS.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Complete Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts

Not sure what to make of this one. It ties in saucers to the occult. The more the occult gets involved the less interested I am. I'm certainly not going to try any of the suggested conjurations. No thanks. If these entities are indeed real, you could get yourself in big trouble. If they're not real & it's all some kind of delusion, you're still in trouble.

If they're real, fight them with love and individuality. They don't understand either. If the greys do exist then it seems they're some sort of group mind, like advanced ants. If they feed on fear, oppose them with the opposite. With our love we can save the world. All you need is love. Two guys no longer with us who knew what they were talking about; although I doubt either delved much into this subject. Lennon had a ufo sighting though, if I remember right...

The thesis is, using an occult cipher only decoded recently in 1974, the "funny names" of the ufonauts reveal who and what they really are.

p28 - 1974 is the year contacts change from funny name aliens to trance channeling aliens, because of the discovery of the cipher. So the contact rules had to change. 1974 is also the year PKD got zapped by VALIS, as well as the year Nixon got dethroned. Pivotal year.

p40 - The ufo secret is embedded in the language used - the funny names.

The Inner Circle contacts in the early days - discarnate human beings in touch with aliens. These are the guys Meade Layne & Mark Probert channeled. Layne's book hasn't arrived yet.

Not sure what to make of this story; maybe these guys are being fooled like everyone else. How do we know any of these "beings" (if they are really beings) are who they say they are? We don't.

p44 - discusses George Hunt Williamson, an Adamski witness & later author/guru/contactee, and the disappearance of Hunrath & Wilkinson, 2 associates who flew off in a private plane to meet aliens. Funny comment from AG: the pair are now "among the gods or food for the gods."

p66 - New Age is an empty metaphysical blind of insipid psychic trivia - promoted by the Black Lodge (the bad guys - not black guys, just like the Great White Brotherhood isn't white guys - white magic vs black magic is the inference) to create confusion among the receptive. Yes!

"New age centers that teach nothing useful"... Yes! Ascension is a trap. Food for the gods indeed.

Secret Chiefs - apparently humans who have transcended death & are fighting the bad guys on the afterlife realm, whatever you'd call it. Hmm... Bad guys being the grays who have taken over many worlds & are trying to conquer ours.

p74 - this is where it gets really weird... Weirder cuz it already is weird...

This guy author interviews claims to have found cave entrances hinted at by Shaver; in north Georgia somewhere - says it can be seen in one of the Deliverance movie rafting scenes. Anyhow he goes in with an armed team to kill the dero bastards and finds little people - shoots one - barely makes it out alive with only 2 others. Wild. True? He also says he went in another place later & all came back alive. No details though.

p77 - Same guy used the cipher to track down Indrid Cold in WV/Ohio border area. Says Cold is a fugitive from the grays who conquered his world.

My initial thought on Cold from Mothman Prophecies was he was a doofus alien who didn't know his English. He meets Derenberger on a freezing rainy night in the middle of nowhere and says "My name is Cold" instead of "I am cold." And thus gets saddled with that name because of a language mistake. Guess not. Maybe...

p78 - Same guy says funny name was distress beacon disguised as a contact episode. The funny name would get publicized and anyone who knew the cipher could decode the "message." The whole Mothman thing was a distress beacon that failed. I wonder if Andy Colvin comments on this anywhere in his later books. Keel might have read this book; he knew AG. I don't remember any specific comments by him on this thesis but will keep an eye out when I re-read his work. Although he did say "Read the Bible, it's all in there" or whatever the quote is.

p93 - The I AM movement led into the New Age movement. In cipher I AM = NOT. This phrase was replaced by the infamous WE ARE ONE; which has various meanings in the cipher used. I combine the 2 & come up with We Are Not One; my diatribe against ascension & "raise your vibration to ascend to the new earth" blah blah blah... A trap. Among the gods, or food for the gods indeed.

p96 - 13th Enochian Aether transmits scryer directly to Sirius. Wha..... Where one can meet Oannes. Wha.... See Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery for background on Sirius, Oannes, and the Dogon ancient knowledge of Sirius as a binary star. Which we only knew sometime in the 20th century. How did they know? Again: wha? AG says he successfully tried it. (Er, I never will in a million years.) But doesn't say anything about the result of the contact.

p98 - By using magic in this way AG says it's "human over alien" and not the other way around (as in an alien abduction - if they're real, which I have doubts). But again I say are they really aliens or are they demons or whatever posing as aliens? If this method can supposedly control them could they still deceive as to who they really are? Hint: they are demons or djinn not aliens. I'm not sure what AG's game is, since he is a practicing occultist, secret societies and all that. 

p104 - Knights of Malta - in reality ultra-terrestrial overlords. They made a deal with the Nazis which fell through obviously when we finally kicked their asses. (No mention of deal with Stalin - Stalin is being whitewashed from the history books - talk about book burning... Although Stalin being an atheist wouldn't have believed in the supernatural, nor would the communists in general I guess - Nazis were the ones into all the metaphysical stuff).

Then supposedly they made the deal with Eisenhower, who recanted at the end & roundly denounced them in his exit speech. Decent guy, according to AG.

p106 - "Resistance is not futile." That's one of the decoded ciphers. They are afraid of us. "They" are afraid of something about us humans. "Ultra-terrestrials, though far beyond humanity in knowledge and power, seem somehow afraid of us."

These alien human hybrids that are supposedly being created would be a way to dilute the human species; destroy whatever qualities in us they are afraid of. Same thing with these cyber implants they're talking about. Get rid of whatever it is that makes us human; make it easier for the grays to take over. Any of these peeps or controls telling us not to worry about alien implants and such, "it's for our own good..." No it isn't. Don't go along with it. If in fact these aren't just sick humans doing all of this under cover; the most likely scenario...

Our independence, our capacity for love... Would a gray take care of a sick loved one for 10 years? No they would not; they do not have the capacity for caring. And they can't touch someone who does.

p116 - Recounts successful summoning of Oannes. But then he doesn't do anything?! Oannes makes a statement & then is made to depart. If anything else happened, or any information was acquired, AG isn't telling.

p141 - The ancient Arabs believed the pyramids are antediluvian. From before the flood.

p168 - Wilhelm Reich used orgone energy to shoot down flying saucers.

"They drink our fear, like hungry ghosts. To drink instead our love is death unto them and their kin."

p173 - The Thule group (Nazis) was in communication with alien beings who asserted a claim to earth & offered Hitler a piece of the action.

Their only purpose is to retard human evolution any way they can.

The secret (Nazi) initiation called "The Stifling Air" actually involved contact with so-called "deep aliens" who cannot breathe our atmosphere. Wha...

"The grays, insectoids and other vampiric nightmares from dying stars are here to suck out a little of the life energy that they themselves have so little of, and to delay the inevitable evolution of humanity triumphant." Yikes...

Scary, if any of it is true... Author and other participants obviously believe it is... I don't.

Addendum: One slight quibble. The author consistently misspells Cold's home planet as Lanulus when it is supposed to be Lanulos. His cipher value for the latter would come out totally different with the correct spelling. Is this a simple mistake, or a clue to something? Perhaps Cold told AG's interviewee who supposedly found him, the correct spelling of his home planet.

My take on Lanulos is that it's a simple anagram. Backwards it's Solunal or Sol (the sun)
(L)una (the moon) L - with the L from Luna placed at the end. Meh who knows... Makes as much sense as any of this other stuff...

Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...