Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A Spacewoman Speaks

Hmm who is this babe? Do all spacewomen look like this? Not likely...

Actually reading this as the back half of Fry's book; all it's missing is a 1 or 2 page (modern I presume) intro. If you must have this edition there's a copy for $59.99. For 87 pages... Yikes... AC trying to recoup some of his (presumed) publishing losses...

p16 - The Elder Races created the physical body of man blah blah blah. Her group is the Nors who were in charge in northern Europe obviously. She says a different group were in charge of the near east where the "sons of the gods saw the daughters of man that they were fair" and all that jazz. It all begins to sound comical to me after awhile... The near east section would be the Anunnaki of course; although Sitchin's work hadn't come out yet, the Bible had been around for awhile. 

It's gonna take some willpower to make it through this one... At least it's only 90-some pages...

p21 - Elder Races lived underground. Garden of Eden was in earth not on it. Adam & Eve were sent to the surface. Hmm, Shaver's deros? Or teros? "Borrowing" the Shaver stuff? Someone else had this theory too but I don't remember who; one of those hollow earth peeps.

p24 - Radioactive emanations from the sun shortened their life spans so they had to move underground. Yup same things Shaver said...

p26 - Well whaddaya know, here she mentions Shaver and the deros specifically. Interesting! Some fictional tales have been added - yeah by Ray Palmer with his bland space opera crap, wonder what Shaver's original material reads like. She says it's essentially true although some details are over-stressed, like the orgies & torture I suppose.

Small groups still live there, entrances were sealed but some have been found & entered. This is some 30 odd years before AG's interview with a guy who supposedly did this, to "go blow the bastards up."

She does say they don't exert any undue influence on us. In other words, you're responsible for your own actions peeps! Stop blaming your own failures on other forces beyond your control. Or words to that effect... Might I also add, stop blaming past lives for your own present misfortunes; since there aren't any past lives...

p30 - The "master pulse generator" again. I believe the earlier mention of this was from Telano's channeled sources quoted in Layne's book. It allows them to synch to our vibration, although they can mentally snap out of it if needed. This has to be the schuman resonance of 7.83 hz, unknown at this time, but here we apparently have a precog who knows of this master frequency for humans & earth, but doesn't have the terminology yet to explain it. Sorry, splain. Me fail english... 

p38 - Again with the 7 types of ships; no funny names this time, but descriptions:
1 & 2) crescent shaped; very ancient, "most used;" this is what Kenneth Arnold saw. But it's never been seen again!
3) cigar-shaped; explains what Adamski saw - the motherships.
4) doughnut-shaped with a hole in the middle; flying laboratory. This is what Dahl supposedly saw, but if he was making it up which seems 99.9999% likely, what does that make this communication? As bogus as Dahl's story apparently. Helping to set up the ET mindset.
5) Spherical craft, a bigger one
6 & 7) Spherical craft, small expendable unmanned ships; probably to splain the foo fighters.

One slight problem here; she doesn't mention the most common one of all: the saucer! Because the saucers are man-made. Oops! Don't give anything away here by accident now...

Craft are oriented on the magnetic meridians, but can cut across them or "tack" like sailboats do. Aha! This was also mentioned by... who? Skully's book I think. So this is where to find them if one wishes to attempt it; and if these non-man-made ships exist - which I doubt. Doesn't mean you could see them though, if they're vibrating out of visible range. However the man-made electro-gravitic ships might need to follow the same magnetic pathways so maybe one could see real ones; although they too could possibly be rendered invisible if the Philadelphia Experiment continued - which it probably did; if it was at any time successful, that is.

p59 - "Enter the unborn body which is waiting..." This is what the Nors supposedly do when they reincarnate, having chosen the parents before ditching the old body (they live 1000's of years). According to the Vedanta we have no control over our birth or death. So this is total BS. 

The Nors eventually regain their previous-life memories apparently. She says children are rare, yet in the previous section Fry mentions a space faring couple with 18 children. Or is it earlier in this section... don't remember & not going to look it up... Another contradiction... These channeled entities can't seem to get their facts straight sometimes. Maybe there's stupid aliens, just like DeS says there's stupid angels.

p63 - Healing rays. Cheeze, this is right out of 40's & 50's space opera sci-fi. Buck Rogers, Shaver , Ray Palmer etc. Losing credibility rapidly here... if there was any to begin with... 😏

Well as Captain Cames used to say, "Dot's iss!"

It has been said. Oh one quick note, on the edition pictured above the "author" is noted as Borealis Thor. So is this Valient's wife? Good choice, sir.

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