Saturday, August 10, 2019

Decoding the Enochian Secrets

A very short book text-wise, with much info repeated from the first book. The importance of this one is the inclusion of all the tables. Can't find them online anywhere.

p52 - the finding of Dee's diaries.

p76 - Angel gives Dee numbers to calculate end times: 800 + 150 - so 950 years from Dee getting this message, which puts the end times date at 2534. Still a ways to go... I guess if Trump is still president at that time, since he's the antichrist you know... Maybe with his head in a jar... Somebody better feed him his fish food... (shout out to Futurama).

These tables have never been decoded by anyone. The importance of the 7, 7x7 rows, 7x7 columns... Does that have to do with the 7 planets (known at that time), 7 notes in the musical scale, 7 colors in the rainbow... Combine them what do you get? Dunno...

There's too many letters in capital & small print, plus numbers. Lot of books & info about these, warnings on wikipedia about using this stuff (the one author who says he knows 20 people who became unstable after trying it - however I bet most peeps try it the way Crowley was & that's not a good idea regardless of what you think of him - he added his own tweaks, as did everyone else - according to what I read - DeS sticks to only what Dee wrote).

My inclination is musical notes, but how to translate one of these tables into music... Also since 2 tables are on the same leaf of same page front & back, maybe they go together, front & back side of each individual square... Someone has probably tried this already & I dunno if you'd get anywhere.

21 letter groups of 7 each, that gets us into the territory of 7 colors or 7 notes or 7 planets...

Edit: see Donald Tyson's Enochian Apocalypse online essay for a dire warning about messing with this stuff... End times and all that...

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