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Earth Under Fire

If this guy's right, we're all doomed. Eventually.

Only 4 star average review on Amazon, which kinda surprises me. Very important book that everyone should read. Along with Genesis of the Cosmos and Secrets of Anti-Gravity Technology. Amazing stuff, well reasoned and with tons of supporting evidence. Unlike those vloggers & bloggers (not to mention evening news) who say whatever they want with no evidence & peeps believe them... Witch I've said b4 and will probably say again ad nauseum...

No notes on the tags so I'm wingin' it here, but I've read the book 3 times and get the general thesis so won't be reading again soon other than referrals, better write it up while it's still somewhat fresh.

p8 - Ordered forms emerge spontaneously & self-organize, like in a pan of heated oil.

Description of Brusselator system developed in 1968, from which author developed SQK theory when applied to subquantum physics. Physical universe emerges from an active, life like ether, whose constituents continually enter & leave our physical plane as they react. Material particles continuously emerge from "empty" space out of an ever-present sub quantum noise. Continuous creation alternative to big bang theory.

p29 - Background radiation, temp varies. Study led to conclusion our solar system is headed toward constellation Leo at 365 kilometers per second. Pretty fast!

p32 - Arrow indicators in zodiac signs that point toward the galactic center (which we can't see, it's obscured in the Milky Way by dust clouds). To give us a message...

p36 - LaV measures the trajectory of Sagittarius's arrow. 15,870 years ago it would have been pointed right at Scorpio's heart; very important date: 13,865 BC which he says indicates the date of a galactic center energy creation event that had a catastrophic effect on earth (galactic core explosion as mentioned in earlier posts).

p43 - Sagittarius A, the galactic center, generates fierce wind of cosmic rays. LaV disputes that it's a black hole because evidence seems to show that gas clouds are being pushed away, not drawn toward. Inner one-light year region is devoid of gas and dust because the particle wind continuously clears it away. He asks if the center is a black hole, why hasn't the entire galaxy been consumed then? I ask, how could it ever have formed the way it is? Did the black hole develop later on after the galaxy's formation? If so, how?

LaV states in a youtube video that he doesn't think there are any such things as black holes. Black holes are a theory. Dark matter is a theory. The big bang is a theory. Now all promoted as fact by the skientists. To keep the grant money coming in. Never mind ethics...

p52 - Describes energetic outbursts from many galaxies including Seyfert galaxies. Some with galactic centers so bright they obscure the spiral nebulas around them.

Black hole models have difficulty accounting for highly luminous cores as in quasars. Black holes would not be able to draw in matter fast enough to supply their vast outpouring of energy.

Fatal flaw in relativity equations in which collapsing masses can produce absurdly infinite solutions that lead to a massive breakdown of the space-time hypothesis.

p54 - Energy outputs from galactic cores are being fueled by matter and energy creation, not matter annihilation.

Zodiac was devised to warn future generations that the core of our galaxy underwent a major explosion. Evidence of expanding rings of gas particles, all moving away from the core, mostly in the plane of the galaxy, but outwards in all directions; sphere not circle.

p66 - Radio astronomers have said that core explosions only occur every 100 million years or so.

LaV says they happen every 10,000 yrs or so & that one occurred at the end of the ice age.

Electrons & positrons travel outward at near the speed of light with no attenuation. Protons are heavier, travel slower and are impeded & captured.

p71 - The Blue Star of the Hopi that heralds the end of civilization. LaV says the core explosion when we finally see it will be of a blue hue because of the cosmic rays' synchrotron electromagnetic emission. This source would be visible even during the day, would appear suddenly without warning & remain in the sky for 100 to 1000 years, marking the passage of the superwave. This light would backlight all the dust clouds between us & the core, giving the skies an ominous appearance.

Inside heliopause some of the cosmic rays would have been captured & formed a network of luminous cobweblike filaments stretching outward across the sky, the "blue star" at the center.

Appearance of Blue Star followed by the prompt arrival of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP shockwave), & some days later the onset of a gravity wave, which would cause earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Yikes!!!!!

Get that? The EMP shock wave would take out all of our electronics in one fell swoop. Nothing would operate! All of our infrastructure would collapse. No electricity, no water. In a youtube interview LaV says fiber-optics might survive.

Then 2 days later the gravity wave that would shake the entire earth for its duration.

Doomsday, for sure. Watch for that blue star. Keep an eye just above Scorpio's tail. If you ever see a blue light there you might have 24 hours before the EMP shock wave hits. 24 hours to get in your car and go... where? Or collect water & food? & batteries? & propane & propane accessories. Elsewhere LaV says staying indoors would shield from the electrons & cosmic rays, prevent getting burnt up (?) or poisoned by radiation.

No wonder this book didn't get 5 stars. Scary stuff. No one wants to think about it. And there's nothing we can do. Not human caused, you global warming fanatics.

Are there any old missile silos still for sale? How about a property with a cave on it? As long as the cave doesn't go too far down and reach the land of the deros anyways... heh.

Many ancient abandoned underground cities in Turkey, see Andrew Collins; maybe this is why they were made. If the duration of this thing could last hundreds of years... You'd have to survive underground somehow... Oh well at least all of our wonderful politicians and generals will be safe.

The next superwave is already on the way, by definition. If LaV is right; and he has plenty of data to back up his assertions.

p73 - The Eye of Ra. An oval shape will form around the blue light - a galactic nucleus illumination. It'll look like a huge eye in the sky occupying a 16-degree field of view. Eye of Ra in Egyptian myth, sent to punish mankind. Yikes again.

It might look like that whale-like image that formed around the ejected booster rocket from that space x launch a few years ago. My neighbor thought we might be under attack.... heh.

PKD wrote a book called Eye in the Sky. Was he perhaps previewing something?

p88 - Be-10 (berillium isotope) is uncommon on earth but common in cosmic rays. Ice core samples from Antarctica show concentrations of Be-10 (peaks) at 14,150 and 12,600 years BP. By 10,500 BP cosmic ray intensity had returned to background levels.

40% increase in Be-10 could translate into 30k to 100k -fold increase in electron intensity.

Cosmic ray peaks are at 26,000 year intervals, same as precession cycle; with minor peaks at the halfway point. Which means we are overdue for an Event.

p90 - Current interstadial is 11,600 years. Previous 60,000 years was the Wisconsin glacial period. Before that was 40,000 year semi-glaciated period termed the Sangamon, that preceded by the Eemian an 18,000 year interstadial similar to our own. Prior to that the Illinoian glaciation where the record ends.

Cosmic ray peaks correlate with climactic transitions. Oh boy...

p94 - Arrival. Cosmic dust invasion. Dust can scatter and absorb visible & UV light. Also energize the sun as it hits it. Increasing flaring activity & drastically warming the climate. Would have ended the ice age & caused glaciers to melt; great flood as told of in every ancient culture. Cold & darkness first, followed by intense heat.

 p102 - Popul Vuh. Time of darkness; no sun. Great rains, dampness, cold; lasted several generations.

Author goes into some 2012 stuff, like the Mayan calendar.

p114 - Author's first ice core study, showing that cosmic dust accumulated on earth's surface hundreds of times faster than it does today. He uses nickel & iridium content to determine this (2 rare earth elements).

p116 - More ice core study data. Proofs.

p120 - Cosmic dust episode 121,500 years ago, when earth was warm like today, free of ice sheets. Climate abruptly changed to full glacial conditions within 100 years. Then rewarmed just as rapidly but not to same warmness as before. Climatologists alarmed. Came without warning.

He discovers Main Event later in 2000. Highly acidic ice core section. His chronology dated the event at 15,800 +/- 500 years BP. Specifically it began at 13,880 BC and ended 13,785 BC. This event lasted 100 years!

Period between acidity peaks averaged 11.5 years; same as solar cycle.

p122 - Ulysses spacecraft data shows wind of dust blowing into the solar system from direction of galactic center. He thinks during the Main Event sun's visible light was attenuated by 18 percent, the rest going to infrared. Change in sun's spectrum would initiate significant changes in earth's climate.

p130 - Dust would have caused visual effects on Venus because of bow shock front and ionopause, making it look like Venus had a tail and possibly horns or wings, making it look like flying dragon.

p137 - Earth has been in the midst of an ice epoch for the past 3 million years. Within this, glacial cycles last 50k to 100k years. Previous ice epoch was 275 million years ago.

p138 - Pleistocene began 1.8 million years ago, ended 11,600 years ago. Glacial cycles abruptly changed 800k years ago. Some kind of event, possibly a nearby supernova.

p146 - Shows sequence of warming events that ended the ice age.

p158 - The T Tauri Effect - solar flares.

Sunspots absent from 1645 till 1715, called the Maunder Minimum. During this time Europe had mini ice age; the Little Ice Age. All current "global warming" data begins from this point, does not even acknowledge mini ice age. In fact U.N. officials were caught e-mailing each other (wikileaks) on how to get rid of this data, because it proves climate can change without any human action. It ruins their carbon credits scam designed to keep under-developed nations poor, since they can't afford to pay the carbon tax for any increase in pollution, & help Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc monopolize since they're the only ones who can afford to pay the excessive fees for all the environmental regulations.

p162 - Increase in dust would cause sun to act like T Tauri star; increased luminosity & solar flares. Major warming. Tropics unbearably hot, high latitude regions flooded by melting ice.

p169 - Mars is covered with a layer of water-rich permafrost.

p184 - Many Indian legends of periods of intense heat & intense cold.

p188 - Global warming period that began abruptly 14,500 years ago; 2 phases, Bolling & Allerod. At height winter temps in British Isles increased 25 degrees C, summer 8 degrees C. Chile summer temps warmed by 12 degrees C. Antarctica had gradual 8 C increase followed by cooler period (Younger Dryas). Atlantic Ocean core sample showed 11 C rise in water temp. Natural causes don't splain it. No humans around either (as far as we know anyway). Maybe humans but no industrialization.

Ice core samples show CO2 levels during the ice age at 6-10% lower than now; not 35% as some climatologists have claimed. Skientists fudging the numbers to keep the grants coming in I suppose; & to keep causing fear to help keep the peeps controlled.

p194 - Usselo Horizon or black mat found all over the world at 12,700 on the Bolling-Allerod/Younger Dryas boundary. Cosmic event. Other researchers think it was a comet (see Graham
Hancock) or Coronal Mass Ejection (see Robert Schoch). Immense floods of glacial meltwater & the evidence.

p198 - Heinrich layers or Heinrich events, layers found in ocean floor with sediments underneath that were deposited in a matter of hours. This material was not floated out on icebergs; doesn't fit the evidence. LaV postulates glacier waves of melting ice that pick up steam (volume & speed) as they careen down the glacier, carrying everything away. Deposits of all sorts of mixed masses of material including animals & trees from different regions have been found. Heinrich Event 1 occurred at the time of the Main Event, 15,800 years BP. This event caused end of ice age.

p200 - Changes in earth's magnetic field around these times. 11,650 years BP magnetic pole swung 200 degrees westward, maintaining for 20 years before moving back. One century later earth's magnetic field increased 5-fold (not specified for how long, or I missed it). At 14,100 years BP the north magnetic pole flipped southward to the mid-Pacific for around 10-50 years. Known as Gothenberg Magnetic Flip.

p202 - Magnetic field reversals are present throughout earth's entire history. Laschamp Event 30k to 20k years ago, and Blake event 100k to 90k years ago. Earth's field polarity was reversed most of the time from 2.4 million to 730,000 years ago; it ended with Brunhes/Matuyama event, which left us as we are now.

p210 - Proves man did not not kill off all the mammals at Pleistocene Extinction. Could not have. It was a flood.

p216 - Goes into more detail about glacier waves - pushed meltwater in the front of the wave forward at one cubic kilometer per second; each meter along the front would have had force equal to H-bomb.

p226 - Frozen flood deposits - final flood took place around 12,700 BP at the time of primary mammal extinction. Right after came the Younger Dryas rapid cooling, freezing all these deposits.

p242 - Flood legends. Coastline was 85 meters lower. Sea level rose 300 feet. Underwater structures off coasts of many countries. See Graham Hancock's Underworld.

p253 - Zodiac stuff, age of Virgo began 14,000 BC, age of Leo about 10,700 BC.

p293 - Galactic radio background emission. Elevated radio intensity in the direction of the galactic center.

p318 - Geologic record indicates evolutionary changes occur in bursts, majority of changes in species occurring over a few generations followed by long periods of no change. Proposed in 1942 by Ernest Mayr & called quantum speciation. If change occurs at time of catastrophe it's called catastrophic selection.

Earth passes through galactic plane about once every 30 million years; mass extinctions occur at these same times.

23,000 year cycle in earth's climactic record; also 100,000 year cycle. Not sure what these are; not splained very well or I missed it in my review.

p321 - Precession cycle 26,000 years. Nutation cycle 41,000 years (nodding).

Ancient Greeks' Great Year, 26,000 years with great  winter and great summer separated by 13,000 years. At these solstices all humans will be annihilated.

Mazdaism says current age began 9630 BC & will end on 2398, with extended darkness, 30 straight winters that will bring glaciation, then after 57 years a new sun in the sky. This is somewhat earlier than John Dee was told by the angels.

p334 - Low intensity gravity waves are presently arriving from direction of galactic center. Guy named Weber tracked them, Townsend Brown corroborated but his work has been classified for some reason.

"They" don't want you to know about all this stuff. Maybe this is what "they're" waiting for to cull the population while they're hunkering down with the deros & reptilians in their underground tunnels.

p353 - Predictions of coming disaster, from psychics etc. The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye, which predicts something in 2002 ( didn't happen, or it's on the way).

p354 - Dec 26 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Sumatra followed 44.6 hours later by arrival of brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded. Coincidence? Gravity wave pulse would arrive first because gamma rays are deflected somewhat. Causal connection is possible, but not proven.

p356 - Several galactic superwaves are on their way right now. EMP might have passed unnoticed 700 years ago but could raise havoc today; high voltage surges in electrical transmission lines will cause power failures in continent-sized areas. All our electronics will fail; no electric, no water... I tried that for a month in a trailer; not fun.

Author proposes warning system or shield to mitigate effects; no luck when contacting earth's governments. What a surprise.

In summary: yikes.

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