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Enochian Magic and the Higher Worlds

Better than the other 2 books in the series. Interesting take on angels which most New Agers won't like...

p9 - Angels are not infallible & we get mixed information from them. Many have no emotion - they'll carry out their directives (as they perceive them) without regard to consequences to humans. Not all are of the same caliber. Interesting! -Edit: Except I don't think they're angels, not contacting theme this way. They're something else, pretending to be angels to fool the peeps.

p16 - DeS thinks the Egyptians had some sort of space suit for dimensional travel. He bases this on their mummification procedure which he thinks is a distortion handed down through time, of something they used to really do.

90% of channeled angels material is fake; if not more. Yup. See Tim Wyllie. DeS doesn't mention anyone by name, & of course he can't mention someone whose books are published by the same publishing company. P.S. I shouldn't rag on Wyllie so much but his book I read seems somewhat fanciful & the guy does do hallucinogens (no they aren't sacred, they are dangerous); I'll try to take it easy until I've read a couple more...

p38 - Maybe angels have their own agenda and manipulate us to accomplish their own aims under the guise of helping us. Maybe some have no concern for our feelings or goals. Angels are not all-knowing. - Interesting theory; he claims to have encountered them in a meditation setting. Using only the original Enochian calls given to Dee; no hypnosis, no drugs. His theories have a lot more clout than Tim... uh, others.

Angels exist independent of us & would still be around regardless of whether we were here or not.

Any classification of angels is a man-made system. - Thank you!!!! Take that, Urantia book and your thousands upon thousands of celestial administrators.

p40 - Energizing an atom (or a crystal!!!!) will change the amplitude not the frequency. - Thank you!!!! In an energized crystal the amplitude is larger; the frequency is the same.

What about energizing a human? I'd say same thing. Amplitude of existing frequency will be increased. Frequency changed? I don't think so, unless temporarily while in meditation or sleep. Without coming back to the same frequency (near or at schuman resonance presumably) we are goners. Ascension - vibrate at a higher frequency & we are goners - maybe a group mind or something something, if that's your thing; like an ant).

p41 - You're changing the harmonics of the object (not the frequency) - adding multiples of the same frequency. Different vibrations will cause dissonance; like a change in the frequency of your crystal or object; or person. Changing frequency (as regards to people) means trouble - dissonance with harmonics.

Dissonance - same as tuning to  A=440hz or standard pitch. The theory is that deviating from classic pitch of A=432hz causes an 8hz dissonance in your inner ear. Not a good thing. Which is why Hitler wanted the switch from classic to standard pitch. Adjust your turntables accordingly.

p48 - Quantum entanglement. Spacial isolation - info must travel from point A to point B - they are isolated in space.

At quantum level results of experiments depend on the observer. Info transfer from A to B at quantum level is instantaneous.

p50 - Details of physics experiment with entangled particles. I wonder if DeS has read LaV?

p55 - Don't bring in your own prejudices and biases toward new ideas. This tends to be a problem with New Agers and academics. No kidding!!! Might I add skientists.

p57 - There are smart angels and stupid angels. Wow, interesting... I wish he'd given a specific example of something a stupid angel had said.

Tricky entities to deal with - they can mislead the questioner. Must cross-examine them.

p58 - All angelic communication is worthless because we can't trust it. Give this man a gold star! (Include any channeled information or anything resulting from hypnotic regression.) It may produce more problems than solutions. Other than Dee the rest is all chaff (insert obligatory Wyllie comment here...).

Travel above where the angels reside.

Only by being alone is one capable of going beyond. - Why? Because we're alone after we die?

p60 - Author has a short primer on string theory. Very similar to SQK.

p74 - Drugs and alcohol lead you away from the spiritual path. (Take that again Tim W.); in the opposite direction. Yup.

...without being influenced by the power of suggestion. - Yes! A lot of new age channeling, aliens etc etc are being heavily influenced & are not valid. Sometimes interesting to read about if one takes the truth of it with a grain of salt. Peeps' beliefs are always fascinating. The will to believe... as Keel said so well. See all the regressive hypnosis stuff - power of suggestion indeed. "Now we're going to explore your experiences with aliens that you don't remember consciously..." I dunno if a therapist actually says this, but if the patient knows that's why they're there....

p90 - Quartz amplifies thoughts & energies.

Talks about crystal skulls. Almost all are new manufactures, but can still have psychic power.

p90 - Kirlian photography & AuraCam. Photos in book from AuraCam. Says there's computer version of this cam.

p98 - Psychic readings of author's ancient artifacts shown in photos.

Necklace increases theta & delta wavelengths.

p103 - Ring with "Nefilim horns." Psychic communicates with this being, who says his group was extinguished 40,000 years ago - by increasingly barbaric humans.

The lady in the voodoo house who had these artifacts supposedly got these Nefilim horns from a cave with Nefilim skeletons in it. I'd like to read more about this! Never heard anything other than rumors, like in the Sitchin book where he thinks a Nefilim was buried in Mesopotamia & wanted the mummy exhumed and tested to see if she was human or not. It never happened. This cave story is sensational if there's a shred of truth in it.

p105 - "We are ascending. We are collectively making a shift to a new dimension." - Not this again. The AuraCam cameraman says this, based on his aura photos showing more pink in the last couple years. Flimsy evidence if you ask me. Same old New Age story. Why the aura shift though? What is this camera really showing?

p110 - Author cites recent study that shows there is no left or right brain dominance.

Cleansing crystals will take energy away from them. Don't clean them. If you sense bad energy just don't buy it.

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