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Flying Saucers on the Attack

As to if I'll ever finish reading this turgid tome of sighting after sighting after sighting in the early 1950's, who can say? As to who that's supposed to be on the cover, who can say? I wonder how many times this author will say, "Who can say?" in the text. Who can say? It is getting a few tags though, some interesting tidbits...

p25 - Witness (pilot) sees a glowing red ball change into an airplane & disappear. They hail from a world of different wavelength & visibility. Etherian beings operate controlled machines that can appear out of nowhere.

This changing of shape is not reported in many of the sightings; deliberately suppressed. Clue that there are different types of ufos, not just "superior technology" machines piloted by spacemen (or earthmen rather) but also living entities of some kind that we normally can't see. Ooh scary!

p26 - In 1920's a man on stage was rendered invisible by warping light rays between rapidly rotating magnetic poles. Wha? Quick google search turned up nothing. If this is true, they don't want you to know.

p38 - In 1934 a young scientist/inventor makes a machine that can turn you invisible, using an "electro-helmet and special mantle." Interesting. Neither of these two incidents comes up on a quick search. If the author had included names of the inventors... - unless it's made-up hearsay, which is possible. Lots of interesting scientific things being discovered in the early 1900's - almost like the world wars are a distraction to cover it all up & classify it so the elites can keep it to themselves.

p55 - Maury Island. Treated as real incident, almost certainly a fabrication by Dahl & Crisman.

p63 - C-46 crash on Mt. Rainier where none of the 32 bodies was found with the wreckage; at 10,000 feet up. MIB (I guess) makes a phone call to local newspaper office & says it was "shot down because there were people in it who had info WE don't want to get out." Author claims this is same caller who informed on the doings of Kenneth Arnold in Tacoma. Not very likely, unless it's the same newspaper office but the author doesn't say this. Sounds like a prankster. Although that doesn't explain the bodies never being found; if that's true... stupefying...

p86 - Saucer is magnetic - following the contour of the terrain, bobbing up & down - as if being repelled by the earth's surface. According to LaV, this is exactly how they may operate, using microwaves and standing waves bounced between the ship and the earth. The man-made ones, that is. That someone (or someones) has been building and testing for close to 100 years maybe or at least from the Nazi era) - and crediting it to ET's.

p90 - Discusses the Mantell case - says the saucer used a death ray on his plane. Geez haha. These fifties guys and their ray guns... -Edit: Actually Tesla said he had a death ray...

p110 - 1948 experimental plane called the Chance-Vought or V-173. It did fly.

In 1928 Georges du Bay invents saucer-domed flier powered by rubber bands. !

In 1938 Jonathan Caldwell invents saucer-shaped fliers that fly like helicopters.

Neither turns up on a quick google search... Need a new search engine...

p118 - Claims saucers "...might be looking for uranium ores. Who can say?" Geez talk about making stuff up... Elsewhere in newer books it's determined that the ufos are attracted to energy sources for some reason. Power plants, automobile engines... 

p125 - Author asks scientists to splain how heat from the sun can be transmitted through the vacuum of space. Cuz that's what they used to say outer space was, a vacuum. So good question for 1950. We know now space isn't a vacuum though; although it wouldn't surprise me if some of our top atheist skientists still believe that.

p126 - On July 6 of 1949 it was 158 degrees in central coast of Portugal; for 2 minutes. Heat blast of some kind. ! Talk about global warming!

heat blasts - link to article

Guess this is a fairly common occurrence, though unusual! Something else they don't want you to know about.

p139 - Airplane Star Dust disappears over the Andes. The last radio transmission was "stendec," said twice - garbled anagram for "descent" - author doesn't catch this. Is it possible the plane was hit by some type of magnetic anomaly that wrecked the plane & confused the pilots? Who can say? So pilot was trying to say they were in an emergency descent. If his words were garbled his thoughts would have been also. Plane was never found. Sort of like when you get older (like me) & start transposing letters wehn yuo're ggobling...

p160 - Stories of the flying ship in medieval Ireland that dropped an anchor that stuck in the church; someone came "swimming" down the rope to try to free it. The peeps tried to grab him but he claimed he was "drowning" & the clergyman persuaded them to let him go.

There's another similar incident elsewhere (elsetime?) where the dude was abandoned by the peeps in the ship who cut the rope & the guy was killed & buried by the townsfolk. Weird stories but documented. This part of the book has plenty of documentation of weird happenings in the sky throughout the middle ages. Extremely boring to try to read through it all though. The author's brief speculations, such as "heat rays," are somewhat ridiculous. This book must be one of the 90% Keel says is rubbish.

Some of these reports are similar to Lecouteax's reports on the Furious Army, apparitions seen in the skies throughout the middle ages; very well known, to them at that time, but largely forgotten nowadays. I had never heard of the phenomenon myself.

p200 - Examples of mysterious explosions & noises in the air overhead; sometimes heard & not seen. Celestial music also - in the 1600's to 1800's over Britain & France.

Some of this could be very violent & sudden thunderstorms, with unusually vivid visual & aural pyrotechnics. Around the time of the end of the mini ice age, if that would have anything to do with it; cold air meeting onset of warming climate. Possiblie. Who can say?

4 more chapters of this stuff - argh!

This post isn't finished yet - argh!

Bigger argh! - I dumped over a cup of coffee on a stack of new books... Only 2 got the pages coffee-stained though, oh well, coulda been worse....

p236 - Vegetation on Mars. Haha... It'll be blue or violet... geez...

p251 - "Stendec" again haha.

In 1948 Dutch steamer Ourang Madan in Straits of Malacca, everyone dead & dying. "Whole crew dead... I am dying..." No explanation, never solved (as of 1954). Sounds like radiation poisoning. Ship blew up shortly after rescue ships found it - like a bomb went off or something something. Maybe it had a secret cargo; seems likely. No death ray from a saucer...

p253 - Famous saucer landing in Sawbill Bay in Ontario where little green men (literally) were taking water out of the bay with a hose. (!) They walked like robots, walked in the backwards direction instead of turning around, walked on sloped side of saucer but remained upright because length of legs adjusted to slope... ! Weird!

Not sure how this one could have been faked, but if my thesis is correct ie no aliens, then it must have been a confabulation of some kind; isolated fishermen hypnotized or mind controlled - they could have been spotted from the "saucer" although they say they weren't. Must stay tuned for other reports of this incident, see what others say about it. I've read of it before, maybe in one of Keel's books...

p258 - Accounts of saucers landing & occupants coming out - one a half-dragon, another one a human figure in a diving suit.

p260 - "warren firg unch" - spaceman language. What's for lunch?

June 18, 1953 - bat figure seen jumping into tree in  Houston. Early Mothman sighting.

p262 - Truman Betherum's saucer ride with 8 midgets & a beautiful lady captain. Supposedly from Clarion, a planet behind the moon. Okay... Easy to fake this one with hypnosis & phony videos.

p293 - Author's letter from reader who says there are mystery spots on the US west coast where light and gravity are distorted, aligned in a straight path, 50 miles distance. Worth investigating further, but not much to go on. Saucers follow these lines, making right-angle turns at the intersections. Now these sound like the aforementioned ley lines of Adamski that the saucers follow; the one he mentions being south of Mt Palomar running east-west.

This reader makes some good points, says ufos are material, control gravity, have no inertia, motive power is magnetic energy, manned by intelligent beings, and not spacecraft, as in they wouldn't function properly in outer space. -That's because they're not from outer space to begin with.

p294 - This same reader says he was told by an old man in 1903 that the saucers had been taken out of storage & were being tested & pilots trained, to prepare for ww3 & trying to salvage as much from our doomed civilization as possible, to restart a new one. Well I dunno about that... Sounds like a precursor to all the New Age New Earth Ascension baloney - you know, the To Serve Man scenario.

Holy Guacamole, your intrepid investigator made it through this adventure in Dullsville (that's where Superman came from right? NVM...) & came out alive & in one piece! Cruddy but it did have a few points worth noting, but who can say?

Was this post worth reading though? Who can say?

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