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Inside the Spaceships

Expecting another snooze fest like the Lanulos book; Adamski is a better writer though.

p20 - Saucers are moving on natural magnetic force. Vortexes of earth are natural rechargers for them. Vortexes at Calexico & Santa Monica Bay - the saucers he saw were flying along this pathway.

If this was true they'd still be doing this, following the same paths. The flap areas always mentioned by Keel. Does Keel ever connect them to vortexes or ley lines? I don't think so. Has anyone ever mapped out these window areas & compared to ley lines? Not sure.

p39 - Ships fly by attraction & repulsion - magnetic.

The space people live by the will of the creator, not their own personal will.

Aha! The beginnings of us supposed to surrender our individuality to the group mind; like the fictional grays. At this point in time most peeps still believed in God; the atheist mindset hadn't taken over yet. So this fake alien would use surrendering to God as the ruse. No mention of ascension yet or the change your vibration BS.

Interesting that GA's contact doesn't speak English & he has difficulty communicating with him, claiming to use telepathy. Compare to Woody's encounter a dozen years later where Cold speaks English. Next meeting Orthon & company are all speaking perfect English. More convenient...

p41 - Spaceman says all planets in the solar system are inhabited - more or less proof that this guy is bogus since knowledge of the other planets at that time (1952) was very limited. According to what we know now, none of them can be inhabited. The guy also says many worlds throughout the galaxy are populated. Another questionable statement; some might be. Hundreds of exoplanets have been found, all deserted. Guys like Timothy Wyllie excuse these solar system lapses by conveniently saying the other planets could be inhabited in other "frequency domains;" we're supposed to take his word for it, I guess, since he's so brilliant. Easy to say because it can never be proved or disproved.

p63 - Flying objects over Washington DC that year (1953 - hmm the year I was born - very important year!) disappear and reappear. Pilots on parallel courses said they seemed to change shape as they maneuvered - elongated. Air Force says these observations are due to speed changes or observation errors. Nope! The saucers are altering their frequencies as Keel noted almost 20 years later; shifting frequencies out of the visible range. Any that are changing their shape aren't mechanical vehicles at all, regardless of where they're supposed to be from. Living energy forms of some kind. Or secret plasma weapons of the black ops peeps. Being tested over DC to see what people would make of them.

p66 - Silas Newton says (at Air Force briefing but also in Frank Scully's book maybe or in Looking For Orthon) the saucers are utilizing earth's magnetic field as a means of motive power - maybe so! See LaV's Secrets of Anti-gravity Propulsion or read up on Tesla. Or see William Lyne for a different take.

He also says this was substantiated by a global study of flight patterns (!). Say what? What global study? By whom? Haven't seen this little detail in any of the literature I've read so far. *sigh* I guess I'll have to get Scully's book, see if it's in there (however Looking For Orthon author says Scully & Newton are questionable). This would predate Keel's study & identification of consistent flap/window areas by almost 20 years.

Photos - Very good ones! Look like earth-made flying machines to me, like the purported Nazi saucers.

p86 - From the forward by Desmond Leslie - "While on the subject of the superstitious, it is worth noting that the lunatic fringe of untrained psychics have moved into Flying Saucers with a grave danger of discrediting the whole business." Heh. Here we have the atheist/materialist viewpoint in a nutshell, where we must believe that the ufos are machines piloted by aliens with an advanced technology who are here to save us from ourselves; the Space Brothers. Again part of the setup for the whole false ET scenario.

But who is this Venusian guy really (if these guys aren't real ET's)? He doesn't speak English although succeeds with limited telepathy supposedly. A Russian? A Blond he would be called nowadays, but Nordic? From supposed excaped Nazi civilization with their ufo technology? CIA or Black Ops? Big question, not unimportant. Part of a disinformation campaign for sure.

p100 - Here come the funny names. GA says he made them up; not their real names. Orthon, Firkon & Ramu. If he's making them up why not Larry, Moe & Curly? Tom, Dick & Harry? This time they're all speaking English. He doesn't axe & they don't splain. Communication is too difficult so all of a sudden his second contact is arranged to conveniently have the Space Brothers able to talk to him. Why set all this up in the first place? Why go to all the trouble & expense? Unless it's real important... ie the ET mindset... Plus being a cover so they can test this technology in secret right out in the open... -Edit: Later I believe Adamski said it was all for national security reasons.

Kalna & Ilmuth the 2 girls on the mothership. Wonder what they were there for, hmm?...

p113 - Scout ships have to be recharged from mothership. Hmm...

p115 - The girls give him some thick oily water to drink - this is one of the standards of the contact stories, as documented by Keel & others. Goes back to medieval times & earlier - nectar of the gods or ambrosia, given to meeters of elves & such. Narcotic obviously.

p121 - Normal pictures on the walls of the spaceship - of Venus heh. Okay so why aren't they moving pictures like we have nowadays, looped videos of waterfalls, fish etc etc. If these people are so advanced... Oops! Big goof. Also, where are the cell phones, laptops, computers, internet or equivalent, portable communication devices or whatever. Oh GA was told not to mention those I spose. Yup.

 BTW what about the schuman resonance? Adamski should have difficulty functioning normally without it, just like our astronauts on the space station. Although his trip is of short duration... And almost entirely on earth anyway - it's all faked with videos.

Also BTW I wonder if he gets the cute blonde Kalna's phone number. We shall see, still reading... She's Orthon's co-pilot, probably romantically involved with him I guess. Wonder what goes on in that control room behind closed doors... Heh. Still I'd give it a shot... Oh, GA's married. Oh well...

p127 - Firkon says that "seldom does any defect remain uncovered." Oh yeah? They're always making repairs down on earth, always; well documented by Keel. -Edit: Because they're still learning how to build and fly them, thus the disguise as aliens so no one will suspect we're building them ourselves.

p128 - "Earth looked like a large ball of light beneath us." No markings. Wrong! We've seen many pics of earth by now, it never ever looks like a ball of light. These guys leading on GA are getting a number of things wrong; stuff they would know if they were advanced "space brothers" like they said they were. Mistake...

p130 - Hull of mothership is electrified to eliminate friction & heating as well as to repel meteors. Interesting that this is exactly what LaV found when he back-engineered the B-2. Is this a mistake in that they actually told GA how these things really worked? What kind of a hint is this.... Well in the 1950's it isn't because these types of technologies had been classified & squelched so no one knew about them (generally speaking); therefore maybe not that big a deal to let it slip. 60+ years later though...

p131 - Typical "we would not harm a fellow being" stuff in all this literature. They would prefer to perish themselves. GA thinks of credo of hatred instilled in humans. Okay then... What do you do about a Hitler or Stalin or Mao? Just let them kill millions? Or do you try to stop them? Why doesn't one of these contactees ask them about this. Just once. Or Dolores Cannon axe one of her hypnopeeps. Just once. See what they say. What about Stalin or Hitler, Mr. Firkon? Hmm? What would you do?

p136 - The Master says, "Outer space is constantly active, filled with moving particles from out of which all forms are finally brought into being." Wow this is the old Hindu philosophy of the ether. Interesting! Might I add inner space as well; all space. No such thing as empty space. This dude also says "neither a beginning nor an ending." Wait a sec. The big bang skientists will be pissed! Adamski was versed in Eastern religions tho, or pseudo ones; maybe he's picked this up from some Hindu or Buddhist source & has the "aliens" say it, to validate his own beliefs.

p150 - Ramu says, "In a world like yours it is a great temptation for most men to make themselves important by indulging in attention-getting statements." Welcome to internet forums and youtube, Mr. Spaceman. Or this very book hahaha...

Shortly after this GA is taken back to earth. He did not get Kalna's phone number (fool!), or if he did, doesn't say anything. The photos at left are supposedly of someone named Dolores Barrios but on various internet forums (where peeps try to make themselves important by indulging in attention getting statements) peeps claim that this is actually Orthon, attending one of GA's seminars at Palomar in 1958. You know, a man posing as a woman. I don't think so. I also think she was probably who she said she was. If you must believe she's an alien, I find it more likely that she would be Kalna, Orthon's short gorgeous blonde co-pilot. If so, being somewhat ageless as these Venusians supposedly are, she would still look like this. Let me know if you see her! Maybe she's still single, her handsome pilot Orthon wasn't with her at this conference...

Or... this is simply the woman who posed as Kalna during GA's disinformation confabulation. Still at her CIA work, attending the seminar.

BTW that ridge on her forehead... my wife had something like that, though narrower. More pronounced as she aged. She wasn't an alien.

p161 - Aliens eat peanut butter sandwiches & apple pie! & drink black coffee. Important clues! Whole wheat bread of course, they wouldn't have anything to do with bleached flour. No problems with gluten allergies I presume. Or peanut allergies for that matter.

p163 - Firkon says: "Some have chosen the channels of what you call metaphysics and occultism... but amongst these there is often a selfish motive towards self-promotion and personal gain..." GA's confabulators again pointing peeps toward the "space brothers" ET hypothesis - forget about the occult or metaphysical explanations to the saucers.

Question: how does GA remember word for word these long speeches the "aliens" are giving? Is he secretly tape recording them? He must have a photographic memory. Or, heaven forbid, he's putting words in their mouths; from his own philosophy. Oh, later he says they telepathically assist when it's time to write it down. Um, uh, hmm....

Next he meets somebody he calls Zuhl. Eh? This was before that dude appeared in the Ghostbusters film a few decades later. Same Zuhl, different day? Why Zuhl? Why such weird names, GA?

p167 - Inside the Saturn ship, upstairs balconies are reached by ladders. D'oh! C'mon, aliens with superior technology coming to save us from ourselves would be using elevators! Even small one-person lifts... Or beaming up. Too much chance for injury on a ladder on a flying spacecraft. Geez... Later, the Saturn mothership does have elevators. Maybe they're more advanced than the Venusians... Or the Venusians use ladders cuz the guys like to check out the girls' asses as they're climbing the ladders. Or maybe it's all fake haha.

p169 - Compartment for 2 small remote-controlled registering saucers for close observation work. Would account for tiny unmanned craft seen by some peeps - if you believe the alien explanation that is. Otherwise unmanned craft made by ourselves - somewhere.

p170 - They have a microwave! So who says they're dangerous, if, you know, aliens use them... It seems the CIA is giving away a few secrets to make the story more plausible. Microwave ovens will be commonplace soon after this anyhow.

p172 - He can't watch as they enter the Saturn mothership. No mention of his seeing outside the scout at all. Probably cuz there is no mothership. It's all a fake. He was taken to a ground installation somewhere, where all this was set up for his (and maybe a few others) benefit.

The earlier Venusian mothership could have been faked as well, just by showing a film in the "porthole" Adamski was looking out of. Landing in the top of the m-ship is a bit suspicious. I would think they would drop scouts out the bottom, no?

p190 - When the time comes to write, his friends will help him recall every detail. Of course!

p201 - Clouds on the moon... Oops!

Not to mention a strip around the center where plants & animals thrive. Cuz the moon has an atmosphere. Okay... Being close to the moon GA wants to see it with his own eyes (aha!) but is told there is no need because they have an instrument with which to view it. So they play him some more videos.

Argh I'm not sure how much more of this I can take... Another Master coming up...

p209 - Privileged to serve; everlasting desire to serve... Geez... Who is this, John Kerry? This We Are One crap again. Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode - To Serve Man or whatever it was called... heh. Or the Simpsons "How to cook for humans" then "wait a minute" then "How to cook forty humans" etc etc. "They thought we were going to eat them!" Seriously, that might be what this is all "boiling" down to... Surrender to the Oneness... cull the population... become a mindless drone...

Why does he always have to meet them at a hotel in L.A.? He lives near Palomar, our in the desert southeast of Temecula. Why don't they just pick him up there? Why did he first meet Orthon out near Desert Center? Palomar - Pauma Valley area must have been fairly deserted in those times. Something fishy here. The whole thing's fishy. Disinformation.

p218 - Mantell case. Totally wrong! GA is told the plane disintegrated. It didn't. It pancaked onto the ground after witnesses said it appeared in a ball of light, like a ufo was trying to save plane & pilot. Not sure I believe that but the plane hit the ground, it didn't dissolve in mid-air. "Small pieces of debris falling to the earth..." Geez... Edit: GA might actually be right, there are accounts that the plane did crash & there were pieces all over the place. Not sure what the real story is...

p222 - All malcontents from other planets were dumped on earth. Thanks a lot, space brothers! This is where legend of fallen angels comes from. Earth is the lowest planet. Yeah sure, we earthlings are worthless. Please come and save us from ourselves soon. Since you space brothers think we're all a bunch of idiots.

p227 - "Your planet is functioning under what you might call a low frequency." Ho hum... Yawn...

These loons sound exactly the same as Dolores Cannon's hypnotized subjects 50 years later... The CIA needs some new writers...

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