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The Case For the UFO

p12 - In the late 1870's is when the red spot first appeared on Jupiter & a new crater on the moon.

p15 - Piece of meteoric iron shaped into a cube (by human hands presumably - fashioned, in other words, not natural) found in a 300,000 year old coal deposit. - In the followup book this was amended to 30,000,000 years (!)

p32 - Earth - sun - moon gravitational neutral is where the ufos will be. Not sure about this "gravitational neutral" if it's still valid or not (this is from 1954). He describes where this neutral is & how & when to see it, in order to find ufos which he thinks will be congregating in that area to take advantage of the neutral.

p70 - More about cube-shaped meteor.

p72 - Optical lens found in Ninevah. They weren't supposed to have them back then. Robert Temple has a book about this, The Crystal Sun, optics in antiquity including telescopes. The Baghdad Battery, possibly knowing of magnetic anomalies during planetary alignments to "push" huge stones into the air... These old civilizations knew way more than we (our must-keep-the-status-quo-to-keep-the-grants-coming-in archaeologists) give them credit for.

p74 - A slate wall found in a coal mine in Ohio in 1868, coal just fell away from it; with hieroglyphics on it! Worth checking out... Hammondsville Hieroglyphics.

Dang it, the wall disintegrated after being exposed to the air so the hieroglyphics were lost forever. But... that coal deposit is 250 million years old! A 250 million year old wall with writing on it. I am stupefied...

p97 - Marie Celeste, full account from Fate magazine.

p104 - Story of Ourang Medan from Fate mag. Author is trying to make the case for saucers snatching the peeps off these ships.

p114 - Oliver Lerch disappears into thin air, calling for help. Family heard him but couldn't find him. Snatched by invisible saucer?

p127 - Cuzco & other megaliths. All relics from distant antiquity are non-magnetic.

Important clue, I think, if Leedskalnin Effect is to work properly (levitation is theoretically achieved during magnetic anomalies of eclipses & planetary alignments). Materials levitated have to be non-magnetic?

p129 - The "force-lift" for moving the megaliths was lost; or the method forgotten.

Yes. Baalbek for instance, the huge shaped stone in the quarry was waiting for the next planetary alignment, to finish digging it out & moving it. Something intervened; the civ was overthrown & all the priests with the knowledge were killed, or something something like that. Or there were no planetary alignments for an extended period & during that interval the secret was lost.

Graham Hancock claims Baalbek was built by the Romans because of round Roman columns built into the base. From his photos they look like repairs to me. If he's right though, then did the Romans have this levitation secret? Did the Egyptians? If it was still known in those relatively recent times, what happened to it? The Baghdad Battery, is it part of this puzzle? Some type of electric current used to access & control the magnetic anomaly? Hmm....

p130 - Devil's Footprints - hoof shaped marks in single line, like one-legged hopping horse; they ran for miles in the snow.

p140 - Discussion of missing airplanes.

p158 - Hindu flying machines. James Churchward claims to have found records in Tibet going back 200,000 years...

Author wants researchers in the field of gravity at once (this is 1954).

Well they've been working on it since at least 1928 (Brown), possibly earlier (Tesla, Keely) and it's all now been classified by our various govts (see LaV & others). Funny how all this stuff was going on in the early 1900's, possibly leading toward free energy in the near future, then all of a sudden WW1 breaks out. An excuse to classify all this stuff & take it out of private hands to protect the monopoly of the existing energy companies. Big oil, big electricity, big monarchies...

p162 - Great Red Spot again, appeared in 1878. New lunar crater Hyginus-N appears out of nowhere in 1877.

Overall not a bad book.This is the one that was annotated by a certain Carlos Allende or Carl Allen; big mystery about that, it's discussed in a lot of the saucer literature; Keel, Barker, Colvin etc etc. Not sure why this book merited such attention, but maybe at the time it was a bigger deal.

Another note: there weren't any "alien abductions" happening at this time. Not yet. Perhaps the groundwork is being laid as the man-made saucers are still being tested & the gullibility of the peeps as far as the "space brothers" is being tested as well. The greys haven't been invented yet.

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