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The Coming of the Saucers

Worth reading for Arnold's first-hand account of what he did in Tacoma WA, the town where I was born.

Also worth it for the funny cover? Do funny covers count on Allen Greenfield's secret cipher list? No funny alien contacts in this one, although Dahl & Crisman come off as strange as any ufonaut.

p14 - Arnold's statement on the discs he saw was that they were "guided missiles, robotly controlled." Skipping like saucers do on a body of water. My guess too; no occupants. Remote controlled from the ground, using Townsend Brown's electrogravitics for propulsion. One of the early test flights of this technology, or one of the first observed. Must have been numerous previous successful attempts to be flying these guys over Mt. Rainier & for such a long distance. They weren't even saucers, they were more like flying wings; one of them was at least. A shape I don't recall reading being seen again - Arnold called them saucers so the new design was saucers? Hoo nose...

p16 - July 5th 1947 red tide at Sekiu WA where he flew to go fishing. Killing fish, they were jumping out of the water to get the "pink globs of jelly" off of them, & one guy supposedly dies from eating oysters. Doesn't seem to be anything sinister connected with Arnold's saucers; red tide of poisonous jellyfish.

p31 - Harold Dahl's story to author - turns out to be bogus, only very slim chance of being true.

p55 - Dahl claims to have been getting anonymous letters, claiming atomic explosions have made the saucers visible; they're the vehicles of the gods used to protect this earth.

Speculation by me on who these letters could have been from, but worthless because this story probably made up as well, to help get the ET hypothesis rolling. Arnold was shown no letters, only told of them.

"These beings which manned the flying discs were under severe attack by other beings who were enemies of the people and life on this planet." Authors' quote of Dahl.

This is still one of the standard stories; see David Wilcock for example, in his Ascension Mysteries, or on his website/forum - neither of which I consider of any value. He seems like he's brainwashed or deluded or something something. Making good money though, & he's well-known. Fame & fortune.

p80 - The house Arnold had been taken to 4 nights ago, supposedly Dahl's secretary's house where she had been busy working on paperwork, is now deserted & looked like it hadn't been lived in for months. Weird.

p95 - Crisman & Dahl confess Maury Island affair was a hoax - according to official Air Force report. Ray Palmer debunks this in the next chapter. Dahl & Crisman both disappeared.

p111 - Crisman had been sending letters to Palmer to lay off the Shaver Mystery stories & claimed to have entered a cave in Burma where he got a hole burned in his arm from a ray gun. Double weird! Compare to Greenfield's interview of the guy going into the caves in Georgia.

p114 - Begins a long dreary list of flying saucer sightings, many of them moving intelligent-seeming lights.

p160 - Photo of Dr. E W. Kay and his man-made saucer, info here:
I wonder what happened to this fellow & his invention - probably immediately classified & put out of business...

A couple things which I don't remember being mentioned in other accounts of this story:

1) the saucers dropping the tinfoil stuff along with the slag. Important because Keel found evidence of the tinfoil in many later saucer sightings. This is stuff ww2 planes used to drop to confuse radar.

2) the deserted house. This is weird because there's no explanation other than that it proves Arnold was set up by these guys. Some mind control here? Early test?

3) How did Arnold get the hotel room? He says he told no one he was flying to Tacoma & yet there was a room in the Winthrop waiting for him. It was bugged obviously, set up so the informants could call the newspaper guys & tell them what Arnold was up to. It is feasible someone got the info he was flying to Tacoma. His wife knew, maybe he told someone else & didn't remember. Interesting about the acute housing shortage in Tacoma at that time; no hotel rooms available even. Wonder why? Because of the end of ww2 & all the GI's coming home? Maybe... Actually Ray Palmer knew he was going to Tacoma, maybe Palmer helped set it all up.

4) Arnold & Smith had some time on their hands at times & yet did not attempt to get the slag samples analyzed. The Tacoma smelter was right there, minutes away. My grandfather was the manager of the smelter at that time; too late to ask if he had heard of the Maury Island story, but Arnold & Smith were taken to the smelter grounds and shown all the piles of slag, byproducts of steel production; so my grandfather would have been there at that time. Arnold didn't think the slag at the smelter was the same as the samples from the supposed ufo.

Also one of the first MIB incidents, where Arnold was warned to stop investigating.

So I think what happened was, the military or somebody was dumping this slag at Maury Island because it was right across the bay from the smelter. The smelter was their cover if anybody found any of it. The tinfoil stuff was dropped to help disguise the flights, although why Dahl would even mention the tinfoil is curious. Crisman worked for the CIA or whoever and later was implicated in the JFK assassination. Jim Garrison was going to investigate him. Anyhow the dumping operation in Puget Sound of whatever it was that was being illegally disposed of (possibly from the Hanford reactor, if it was radioactive - I read this elsewhere, maybe Colvin somewhere) was covered by Dahl working at the docks & Crisman. Once their cover was blown they flew the coop & the operation ceased. A weird thing was them trying to sell the ufo story to Palmer for his pulp magazine; almost like they blew their own cover - Palmer is the one who asked Arnold to go check it out. Or the dumping operation had in fact ended with this last dump & so they (CIA) made use of the fake saucer story to help establish the ET scenario.

No one ever went to Maury Island to check for evidence, or dredged the bottom of the Sound or anything, that I know of. The slag should still be there, if it ever existed. Arnold's experience with the deserted house, plus his having shut off the fuel valve himself in his plane, makes him question whether he had been manipulated at some point; hypnotized or whatever, or some form of mind control. Probably. Deserted house is similar to some X-Files episodes.

Unfortunately the two guys who were flying back with the slag samples were killed when their plane crashed (suspiciously).

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