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The Complete Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts

Not sure what to make of this one. It ties in saucers to the occult. The more the occult gets involved the less interested I am. I'm certainly not going to try any of the suggested conjurations. No thanks. If these entities are indeed real, you could get yourself in big trouble. If they're not real & it's all some kind of delusion, you're still in trouble.

If they're real, fight them with love and individuality. They don't understand either. If the greys do exist then it seems they're some sort of group mind, like advanced ants. If they feed on fear, oppose them with the opposite. With our love we can save the world. All you need is love. Two guys no longer with us who knew what they were talking about; although I doubt either delved much into this subject. Lennon had a ufo sighting though, if I remember right...

The thesis is, using an occult cipher only decoded recently in 1974, the "funny names" of the ufonauts reveal who and what they really are.

p28 - 1974 is the year contacts change from funny name aliens to trance channeling aliens, because of the discovery of the cipher. So the contact rules had to change. 1974 is also the year PKD got zapped by VALIS, as well as the year Nixon got dethroned. Pivotal year.

p40 - The ufo secret is embedded in the language used - the funny names.

The Inner Circle contacts in the early days - discarnate human beings in touch with aliens. These are the guys Meade Layne & Mark Probert channeled. Layne's book hasn't arrived yet.

Not sure what to make of this story; maybe these guys are being fooled like everyone else. How do we know any of these "beings" (if they are really beings) are who they say they are? We don't.

p44 - discusses George Hunt Williamson, an Adamski witness & later author/guru/contactee, and the disappearance of Hunrath & Wilkinson, 2 associates who flew off in a private plane to meet aliens. Funny comment from AG: the pair are now "among the gods or food for the gods."

p66 - New Age is an empty metaphysical blind of insipid psychic trivia - promoted by the Black Lodge (the bad guys - not black guys, just like the Great White Brotherhood isn't white guys - white magic vs black magic is the inference) to create confusion among the receptive. Yes!

"New age centers that teach nothing useful"... Yes! Ascension is a trap. Food for the gods indeed.

Secret Chiefs - apparently humans who have transcended death & are fighting the bad guys on the afterlife realm, whatever you'd call it. Hmm... Bad guys being the grays who have taken over many worlds & are trying to conquer ours.

p74 - this is where it gets really weird... Weirder cuz it already is weird...

This guy author interviews claims to have found cave entrances hinted at by Shaver; in north Georgia somewhere - says it can be seen in one of the Deliverance movie rafting scenes. Anyhow he goes in with an armed team to kill the dero bastards and finds little people - shoots one - barely makes it out alive with only 2 others. Wild. True? He also says he went in another place later & all came back alive. No details though.

p77 - Same guy used the cipher to track down Indrid Cold in WV/Ohio border area. Says Cold is a fugitive from the grays who conquered his world.

My initial thought on Cold from Mothman Prophecies was he was a doofus alien who didn't know his English. He meets Derenberger on a freezing rainy night in the middle of nowhere and says "My name is Cold" instead of "I am cold." And thus gets saddled with that name because of a language mistake. Guess not. Maybe...

p78 - Same guy says funny name was distress beacon disguised as a contact episode. The funny name would get publicized and anyone who knew the cipher could decode the "message." The whole Mothman thing was a distress beacon that failed. I wonder if Andy Colvin comments on this anywhere in his later books. Keel might have read this book; he knew AG. I don't remember any specific comments by him on this thesis but will keep an eye out when I re-read his work. Although he did say "Read the Bible, it's all in there" or whatever the quote is.

p93 - The I AM movement led into the New Age movement. In cipher I AM = NOT. This phrase was replaced by the infamous WE ARE ONE; which has various meanings in the cipher used. I combine the 2 & come up with We Are Not One; my diatribe against ascension & "raise your vibration to ascend to the new earth" blah blah blah... A trap. Among the gods, or food for the gods indeed.

p96 - 13th Enochian Aether transmits scryer directly to Sirius. Wha..... Where one can meet Oannes. Wha.... See Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery for background on Sirius, Oannes, and the Dogon ancient knowledge of Sirius as a binary star. Which we only knew sometime in the 20th century. How did they know? Again: wha? AG says he successfully tried it. (Er, I never will in a million years.) But doesn't say anything about the result of the contact.

p98 - By using magic in this way AG says it's "human over alien" and not the other way around (as in an alien abduction - if they're real, which I have doubts). But again I say are they really aliens or are they demons or whatever posing as aliens? If this method can supposedly control them could they still deceive as to who they really are? Hint: they are demons or djinn not aliens. I'm not sure what AG's game is, since he is a practicing occultist, secret societies and all that. 

p104 - Knights of Malta - in reality ultra-terrestrial overlords. They made a deal with the Nazis which fell through obviously when we finally kicked their asses. (No mention of deal with Stalin - Stalin is being whitewashed from the history books - talk about book burning... Although Stalin being an atheist wouldn't have believed in the supernatural, nor would the communists in general I guess - Nazis were the ones into all the metaphysical stuff).

Then supposedly they made the deal with Eisenhower, who recanted at the end & roundly denounced them in his exit speech. Decent guy, according to AG.

p106 - "Resistance is not futile." That's one of the decoded ciphers. They are afraid of us. "They" are afraid of something about us humans. "Ultra-terrestrials, though far beyond humanity in knowledge and power, seem somehow afraid of us."

These alien human hybrids that are supposedly being created would be a way to dilute the human species; destroy whatever qualities in us they are afraid of. Same thing with these cyber implants they're talking about. Get rid of whatever it is that makes us human; make it easier for the grays to take over. Any of these peeps or controls telling us not to worry about alien implants and such, "it's for our own good..." No it isn't. Don't go along with it. If in fact these aren't just sick humans doing all of this under cover; the most likely scenario...

Our independence, our capacity for love... Would a gray take care of a sick loved one for 10 years? No they would not; they do not have the capacity for caring. And they can't touch someone who does.

p116 - Recounts successful summoning of Oannes. But then he doesn't do anything?! Oannes makes a statement & then is made to depart. If anything else happened, or any information was acquired, AG isn't telling.

p141 - The ancient Arabs believed the pyramids are antediluvian. From before the flood.

p168 - Wilhelm Reich used orgone energy to shoot down flying saucers.

"They drink our fear, like hungry ghosts. To drink instead our love is death unto them and their kin."

p173 - The Thule group (Nazis) was in communication with alien beings who asserted a claim to earth & offered Hitler a piece of the action.

Their only purpose is to retard human evolution any way they can.

The secret (Nazi) initiation called "The Stifling Air" actually involved contact with so-called "deep aliens" who cannot breathe our atmosphere. Wha...

"The grays, insectoids and other vampiric nightmares from dying stars are here to suck out a little of the life energy that they themselves have so little of, and to delay the inevitable evolution of humanity triumphant." Yikes...

Scary, if any of it is true... Author and other participants obviously believe it is... I don't.

Addendum: One slight quibble. The author consistently misspells Cold's home planet as Lanulus when it is supposed to be Lanulos. His cipher value for the latter would come out totally different with the correct spelling. Is this a simple mistake, or a clue to something? Perhaps Cold told AG's interviewee who supposedly found him, the correct spelling of his home planet.

My take on Lanulos is that it's a simple anagram. Backwards it's Solunal or Sol (the sun)
(L)una (the moon) L - with the L from Luna placed at the end. Meh who knows... Makes as much sense as any of this other stuff...

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