Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Human Atmosphere

Looking for ways to see beyond our normal range of vision (cheap ways that is). A few ideas in here, about the aura mainly. Available as a pdf file; it's in public domain.

p6 - Author uses a coal tar dye in alcohol solution & then fills glass cells or screens with it & views the body through it. It apparently removes some of the normal white light wavelengths & allows the aura to be seen. I was expecting something more elaborate. This might be simple & relatively cheap to set up but not sure of the value of it after reading/skimming page after page of case studies. It is kewl that he figured out how to do this without expensive optics & cameras.

p17 - One case the lady had three bright rays shooting out of her body past the normal aura. No explanation for why. Maybe she was in love with him? Heh. Very few of his subjects did this but it seemed one of the more interesting results.

p19 - Another case study, she had several rays coming out of her body, one from a tumor in her breast apparently. If this method can detect tumors that would be extremely useful I would think, no? Other rays shot upward from each shoulder, one down from an armpit, & one upwards from the opposite hip. Weird! Wonder why? The aura leaking? If she had a tumor...

p25 - The more gray in the aura, the more mentally deficient is the owner. Blue is the usual color, looking through this particular dye.

p29 - 3 new screens using different colored dyes: deep carmine, light carmine & pale blue, which help differentiate between inner aura & outer aura.

p33 - Discusses types of rays he has observed, some between the 2 auras, some that shoot outwards. But again doesn't know what they mean, other than the tumor mentioned above.

p36 - Reichenbach, Researches on Magnetism - sensitives who could see magnets giving off light in the dark. These clairvoyants don't see this because of better eyesight but because they're able to see outside the visible spectrum somewhat. That's what we're looking for - how to do this. Author makes claim that these screens he makes do this. Because of the effect of these dyes on the optical nerves.

p38 - Viewing through dicyanin screen (coal tar dye) temporarily improved eyesight, as far as difficulty in changing focus from near object to far.

p45 - Above the violet end of the spectrum is a 2nd higher spectrum that we can't normally see, another octave of color. Author thinks proper stimulation of nerves in the eye might enable us to see into this spectrum. Infrared we have ways to see already, viewing heat. Owls for example. Our ears can hear many octaves of sound but our eyes only see one octave of color.

p54 - In experiments with magnets a close magnet caused pain during an electrical storm.

Not as much info in here as I had hoped, but it might be a start as far as ways to see outside the normal visible spectrum. To see what's really all around us.

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