Friday, August 9, 2019

The Lost Art of Enochian Magic

How do we know Kelly wasn't just feeding Dee a line of crap? Kelly did all the seeing and reported it to Dee who wrote it down. I don't know enough about it to judge. ICHC stupefying us again?

Read to correlate with Complete Cipher of the Ufonauts to get an idea of what that author might have been talking about.

p4 - Certain sounds resonate and trigger specific reactions in our brain and nervous system.

Which sounds (at what specific frequencies) trigger what is the question. This has probably been measured; well known already to the CIA and their ilk - the basics of mind control.

p43 - "In the evil of the eclipse of the moon..." - from an Akkadian prayer.

Interesting they thought the eclipse was evil. So did many ancient cultures. Compare to Leedskalnin Effect. Could eclipse be thought of as evil because some unscrupulous priests knew how to take advantage of it & use it to have power over others - in addition to the obvious effect of the sun disappearing & possibly not coming back. As compared to the humble Leedskalnin who figures it out but doesn't use it for anything other than a demonstration of how it works; for anyone capable of figuring it out.

Depends I guess on who moved the moon into place (big if there obviously). The greys' spaceship?

p76 - "Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen both when we wake and when we sleep." - Raphael the artist, caption to plate from 1849's Familiar Astrology.

p104 - Angels can't speak or make sounds. Air must be moved to do this. - da Vinci

Thus no physical communication would be possible I guess. There isn't any air in outer space though, and we have recordings made by Voyager in outer space - you know, before it turned into Vger and came back and tried to kill us & was stopped by the inimitable Captain Kirk & the son of the mad Commodore Decker from Doomsday Machine, the greatest Star Trek episode ever (kudos to Mike).

p106 - direct quotation from an angel pointing out specific grid location on Dee's Enochian tables.

Pointing to location on earth? Location in tables themselves?

p114 - Each of the 91 areas in the 30 Aethers correspond with a specific place on earth. Author doesn't list them; maybe online somewhere.

If one went to that specific location & did the Enochian Calls with all suitable preparations & proper attitude (ie no personal gain or evil intentions), what would happen? Better chance to communicate with whatever this is? Someone must have tried it already; one of these New Age doofuses maybe.

p118 - TM produces increase in alpha brain wave activity. Lowering of brain wave amplitude. (Wait - is this the same thing? Aren't the 2 opposites?)

Check online to find out if exact figures/numbers/measurements are available.

p121 - Balance is the key - escape the bounds (bonds?) of time & creation; or the physical body?

Note that there is no balance in world events for quite awhile; everything is polarized. No balance in politics, no balance in news reporting, etc etc etc.

p130 - Lists the names of the 30 Aethers and 91 governors.

Do any of these correspond to funny name ufonauts? Nope. A whole new set of funny names. Has anyone compared these with cipher 6 to see if they have any secret meanings? Or with mantong? Dunno. Maybe worth checking out.

p139 - During the meditations saying the name Jesus will make any negative energies go away. Regardless of faith.

Same as "alien" abductions. Maybe saying his name will attract these angels and the bad energies/guys will vamoose because they don't like the good angels or can't deal with them or don't want their presence known. Because Jesus is powerful enough to deal with these beings.

p146 - Author found that the 22nd Aether was more intense than the others. More intense light etc... Hmm... that number 22 again...

Somewhat dull book; although some interesting info once he gets into the actual communications from the angels. A longer more comprehensive background might have detracted from the presentation of the angel material though. If that's what they really are... Wyllie's Urantia book is supposed to be dictated by angels, not to mention the rest of his own work... Well we shall see if there's any contradictions or corollaries. -Edit: Or we won't see because we stopped paying attention because it's all probably BS.

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