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The Mothman's Photographer II

I might just re-read this sucker since I have vol III also & intended to read that next. This book is a transcription of videos Colvin made in the 00's. I'd rather read it, I start spacing out after 2 minutes of watching anything on youtube. God Himself could make a youtube video & I'd get bored after a few minutes & do something else. You know, do something myself instead of just sitting there watching what someone else did. Which we're all sposed to do nowadays I guess. Follow what's trending, you know.

Charles Manson & Sara Jane Moore both grew up in Mothman territory: and knew each other. Weird huh?

In his acknowledgements he thanks Sara Jane Moore for trying to do the right thing once in her life - ie shooting at President Ford I presume. Really Andy? You're ok with murder? Did Oswald (or whoever it really was) also do the right thing? Hmm???? John Wilkes Booth? Hmm??????????

p4 intro - ghosts & goblins. "They can't be real. People who believe in things like that are superstitious or delusional." Right, because if you're a proper atheist/materialist nothing exists but what you can observe with your senses. That's the way our kids are being raised. The atheist nightmare. Worse than the religious dogma? Worse than the hippie nightmare?

(Ugh, this post is gonna take forever, I can feel it. Can you hear me, Dave? I'm going, Dave, I can feel it. - Or whatever HAL says in 2001 A Space Odyssey - if you've seen that movie; where only white guys are allowed to go to outer space - nyuk nyuk).

p9 - bashes republicans at Bohemian Grove - they deserve it but if he thinks it's only them he is deluded.

p24 - MIB seen in WV at Mothman time had wires running up their legs & electronics in their cars. So they were flesh & blood. - What about the one that tried to drink jello? Not sure of his source on the wires, haven't read that anywhere else. -Edit: the person with the wires was Tiny, written up by John Keel & elsewhere (Colvin in a later book maybe), not a MIB at all, just a weird person who harassed one of the researchers. There was a reason for the wires as this Tiny guy had real mental or physical ailments.

AC doesn't mention here that Keel himself was perceived as an MIB on a rainy night in WV when his car broke down & he went door to door trying to use someone's phone - he was in a black raincoat & hat, with his (unusual for that time period) beard.

"Garuda is crime-fighting deity." - Those giant statues outside the Thai temples, protecting them according to my Thai friends, must be garudas.

p26 - mothman movie is fiction, book is definitely not fiction. - AC says he thinks movie had budget constraints, but that doesn't account for the awful first 15 minutes which have nothing whatsoever to do with the book or the true Mothman story. The movie is a dud. I could only watch those first 15 minutes & threw it away. Read the book! #1 on the weirdness scale. Mothman, Indrid Cold, the MIB who doesn't know how to eat jello, the saucer chasing the bloodmobile with arms extended as if to grab it... It doesn't get any better than this. My conspiracy theory is that this movie was intentionally bad to stop people from reading the book!!!!

p29 - Peter D. Beter, his book Conspiracy Against the Dollar - transcripts of cassettes he made available online - need to search out; as if I didn't have enough to read already, and if I feel like delving more into conspiracy theory stuff; still have to catch up on Marrs & Icke.

p30 - Derenberger's daughter says Cold moved to Cleveland. Greenfield's interviewee found Cold in WV in '94 (? guess - not sure when Greenfield's book first came out - reprint is 2016 - AC should have been aware of it - if not Vyz at Grassy Knoll). AC does go into this in a later book I think.

p31 - Charles Manson & Sara Jane Moore grew up together on the same street in Mound near where AC & friends grew up.

Appalachian Project - at AC's grade school; lots of genius kids. Govt experiment? WV close to DC.

p34 - nice section from Gray Barker, rare audio reports from 1981. Philadelphia Experiment - arglebargle or foofaraw?

Discusses annotated edition of Case For the UFO, Allende, etc.

 p44 - Charles Berlitz - discussing Einstein's unified field theory - "mass, energy, time and space are not carefully separated little packages...but perhaps the same thing. This thing can be affected by the proper amount of magnetic resonance or change or uncertainty. Somewhere between electronics and electromagnetics is a way of changing matter, and projecting matter through space."

It's LaV's ether. Continuous creation. Align that with the Leedskalnin Effect maybe, use magnetism to influence the formation of matter in the ether? Or could the ancients do this already, using the power of the ley line crossings and the megalith energy storage systems they set up, such as Stonehenge; only at certain times of the year, during eclipses and/or planetary alignments. Which is why they tracked them.

p46 - Philadelphia Experiment - magnetism caused rearrangement of molecules - sailors would keep disappearing.

p50 - Bermuda Triangle - most disappearances happen in December & January. Last transmission from pilot - "cloud," "passing into another dimension." Berlitz speculates some kind of disintegration or molecular change. Leedskalnin Effect maybe. Around time of Winter Solstice. Magnetic anomaly - more common at that time? - possible clue? Planes & ships turn soft, metal turns soft, like those ancient megaliths & Egyptian stones that are worked like the surface had become softer; Coral Castle too, see pic in Poole's book.

Berlitz thinks it could be residue of ufo activity; the cloud that is always seen. Ionization.

4 ships named Cyclops disappeared at various times and places.

Message from disappearing yacht: "I've never seen anything like that before." "Please send help. We're dying."

Ships drift into port with nobody on board; Marie Celeste, Ellen Austin. Weirdness...

p52 - underwater constructions in Bahamas, off Italy etc. Massive walls that have to be man made.

USO's, magnetic clouds that seem intelligent that settle over ships, "white waters" of Bahamas, plane goes into fog off Miami & loses 10 minutes & goes off radar.

p64 - maybe Jessup went underground & became Indrid Cold - c'mon AC, it sounds wonderfully romantic but have you read Greenfield's book & what his interviewee said about tracking down Cold? Cold the fugitive alien? Or... hmm... if Jessup, he would already have died of old age, not quite sure how old he was... just not likely here, AC.

NSA began data-mining in 1968.

p68 - Bigfoot footage - AC says at the end it seems to be getting taller, growing wings? I don't see it. Looks like a man in a monkey suit who gets tired at the end after sprinting across that meadow.

Magnetic anomaly (!) that can store memory of event & play it back - AC discusses drownings & old bridge collapse - he got preview of it. Aka Tom Lethbridge's theory of recordings being stored in some areas (close to ley lines or underground rivers I think is what he said) - noted in Colin Wilson's Mysteries.

F. W. Holliday - The Dragon and the Disc - about the mounds (not Indian mounds - they were all pre-Indian - the Indians themselves said so).

p70 - Bigfoot contactee (hmm...) says Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) built the mounds. More likely ancient civilization that Smithsonian is covering up. AC apparently thinks Egyptian gods were literal birdmen, rather than representations. Not sure I agree.

"Entities are attracted to electromagnetic currents found in caves and mineral veins." Energy source?

p72 - AC has Keel saying Bigfoots have been seen pulling themselves up out of the ground, as if they are "molecularly loose."

Keel - superspectrum - Mothman Prophecies has so many interesting angles - The Eighth Tower - 2 important books - both part of original Mothman book. I wonder if the original uncut manuscript still exists? Publish it Andy! Oops, you're not publishing any more. Not much interest in this stuff overall. Because we're glued to materialism, as is the plan. -Edit: Operation Trojan Horse was cut from 2000 pages, I wonder if that mss still exists?

p76 - witness to errant missile over SF Bay being shot down by laser from space. Mainstream media whitewashed it. Satellite lasers... 

p80 - Norfolk sailor guys may have got offer to work at WV Carbide plant (it was isolated); guys were seen catching on fire and disappearing, like what supposedly happened to the sailors on the Philadelphia Experiment ship. Weird I tells ya... You can't make this stuff up...

Tad Jones sighting - also Carbide - mind control stuff. Keel goes to the site (some guy was checking gas line with weird box with dials), finds weird footprints. Later Jones disappears after being warned not to talk.

"They started high tech mind control back in the 1920's." Yes on our own people.

p84 - quotes from Verplanck Colvin about the necessity of preserving our old forests. Yes. But don't go overboard & have the Feds gobble up so much land "to preserve for future generations" that there's no land left for private citizens to own. Thus skyrocketing prices. All part of the plan to cram us all into the cities. Easier to maintain control. And boost the crime rate to promote gun control. And easier to wipe us all out? Home ownership won't be outlawed; it'll be unaffordable.

p86 - Hawaiian Huna system - conscious self, subconscious, super-conscious - the latter has access to info seemingly out of time ie the future - explains PKD's precogs, or AC's interviewee here. Colin Wilson in Mysteries develops the same kind of theory, his Ladder of Selves.

Unrelated side note - the fan on my little table is blowing around one of my nosehairs, or a hanging booger or something something. Very distracting, distorting my lower field of vision. I cannot seem to find the offending nosehair; or hanging booger. Anyhoo back to our regularly scheduled program...

p88 - (another new tag - this is gonna take forever to write this up) - Did Mothman intercede against negative ufo? Maybe they weren't aliens, it was military. Milab scenario. Or illegal aliens heh.

Hmm mainstream media doesn't call them illegal aliens any more, they became undocumented immigrants then just immigrants now just migrants. So, you know, it sounds like they're not doing anything wrong like, you know, entering the country illegally. Makes it easier to grant them amnesty in the future & give them voting rights.

Aside from that, maybe they stopped using the word "aliens" for someone from another country because they're gonna start using that for "real" aliens soon; the ones supposedly from outer space, that we've been scammed into believing in. Preparing for the fake alien invasion scenario. Gives the term "illegal alien" whole new meaning haha. Hey it's ok, the Vatican wants to baptize them. No fooling, read Tom Horn. Will invading outer space aliens require visas? Or have to go through customs? "Purpose of visit?" "World conquest." "Oh okay. Next."

p93 - Interesting quote about channeling by Eugenia Macer-Story & her book Sorcery and the UFO Experience. Maybe worth checking out. Her interviewee mentions a persona or force that takes over, a god persona. Gods themselves as supernatural forces; would not confine themselves to any individual human channel. "We need to find a revision of the way we ordinarily think about personality" - paraphrasing.

Is this similar to Julian Jaynes' theory of the bicameral mind? How our ancestors all used to hear voices centuries ago, until our left-right brain split happened. ? The gods (or whatever they are) no longer had 24/7 access to our brains after this point, had to resort to spiritualism or whatever to get back in. What caused this breakdown? A deliberate act to free us from their grip? If so, by who? If this happened it must be tied in to the ice age & change in schuman resonance, or change in earth's magnetic field or something something; when the moon moved or was moved into orbit. Could God have done this? Or Valis? Or ancient humans with gnarly mind powers? If so then who are these gods who were controlling us back then. The demiurge of the gnostics? The archons?

p103 - aliens or somebody rummaged through AC's sister's dresser drawers the night she saw the egg saucer - maybe the aliens dress in drag? Or it was women aliens looking to pilfer some new duds? Marv Albert looking for pink panties?

p104 - visitations, she invokes name of Christ & it disappears - demons then? Horn has interview with Christian guy who helps abductees, they say the name Jesus & abductions stop, over 200 cases.

Magnetism in lightning gets stored in the rocks (megaliths too?) or in metal structures - like buildings, power line towers, pipelines. Magnetism influences nearby organisms (his example is the weird energy on Woodward Drive in Mound WV area). Entities might tap into energy in these structures; that's why ufos are always seen near power plants, power lines etc. The energy keeps them alive or gives them existence in the first place. Why do entities (bigfoots, monsters) get mad at cars and pound on the hood before stomping off? They detect the energy, approach the car but find out the energy is too miniscule to do anything?

p112 - NASA wants to create fake Ezekiel's Wheel - from online article AC found by William Dean Ross. They are also looking for portals in WV area. To stage fake alien invasion. Plus test area kids for psychic abilities - AC's grade school with the genius kids - or conduct experiments on them. Thus Andy - to study their behavior - maybe AC himself is govt test subject. Along with the other kids, like Manson & Sara Jane Moore. Oops...

p116 - RFK took criticism for unfreezing postwar assets of Nazi collaborators like IG Farben and Bayer. Interesting...

p119 - ufos are terrestrial; that is, all of the machines that are seen are terrestrial/man made; there are no alien spaceships from other planets; atheist/materialists must support ET hypothesis or their whole worldview crumbles.

p122 - Roswell & Maury Island - both hoaxes - AC agrees with Keel - they were a distraction; helping to plant this whole ET hypothesis in the public mindset. My take on Roswell is that it was a real crash of a saucer with black ops technology we already had that the public didn't know about - made it look like alien technology. Peeps are given glimpses of fake alien bodies, dummies etc etc to promote the alien story.

Nazi interest in Thule and Great White Brotherhood of Tibet - comes up because of Operation Paperclip when we brought all those Nazi scientists over.

Swiss aided the Nazis in banking & hiding their gold. 

p128 - Vyz: "For our Christian listening audience, don't get offended." I'd worry about offending atheists. For astral things in the skies, it's the atheist/materialists who are seriously offended if you believe in this stuff. Catholics already believe in angels & demons, it's in the book.

Vallee was told there's no middle ground in publishing business - he had to write for base of ET believers or else ufo deniers. AC - "Very convenient for the controllers." Geez Andy the controllers own the publishing business. They own you. You're doing their work for them.

Vyz mentions PKD & how he was privy to some stuff & wasn't writing "fiction." Sounds like a bandwagoner after the fact. Some of us were reading PKD in 1964 as his books were being published. PKD was, to use his own term, a "precog." I don't think he was privy to anything, in other words didn't have an informant or anything like that, as Vyz seems to imply. He had a sense of what could happen in the future based on what he saw happening in the present. Couple examples:

Flow My Tears - the TV actor (and the rest of the world I guess) who is affected by his proximity to someone else who is taking drugs.

Galactic Pot Healer - the intro where the protagonist lives in his government paid for apt with his govt paid for food coupons then takes govt paid for transportation to his govt job of repairing broken ceramics. Dismal future that I see us voting in when the one party system finally arrives. So we'll all have guaranteed housing, guaranteed income etc, you know, to make everything fair. At the end of the PKD story they all willingly join the group mind except the protagonist & his alien blob friend. Another scary prediction; that most people would willingly do this. Ascension!

Our Friends From Frolix 8 - just the intro, where the protagonist is taking his son to a test for an all-important govt job - the only good job is a govt job, private enterprise and profit are evil. All creativity & invention will cease when this happens, since there won't be any incentive.

p130 - The Nine - mentioned by Andrija Puharich in his book on Uri Geller - have it but haven't read it yet. AC says the Nine connected to all sorts of stuff - group of spacemen residing in orbit in a ufo. Uhh... more likely discarnate entities forking with us as usual. The ICHC. Connected to PKD, John Lilly, Robert Anton Wilson... remember all these guys were taking LSD.

Nine Roundtable in Philadelphia, supposedly tapped into the Nine. Okay... Ouija board? Reliable source if so... heh.

Vyz axeing about PKD again, did he have advance knowledge 50 years ahead... Dick was under surveillance at the time, yes, cuz of commies he was acquainted with. Guessing that PKD was destabilized at some point... PKD destabilized himself! By taking massive doses of vitamins, particularly vitamin C. He says so in Exegesis. Thus his whole Valis trip. No one ever seems to mention this, to the point where reading it the first time in Exegesis is like Aha! the light bulb going off. Or PKD's pull-chain in Time Out Of Joint.

AC admits that he's not that well-versed on PKD; probably is unaware of the vitamin thing. Deserves credit for not being one of those phony-sounding after-the-fact PKD bandwagon jumpers. Few people were reading PKD at the time he was writing & publishing. All these plaudits he gets nowadays all came later after he was long dead. Where were you while he was still alive & constantly broke & needing peeps to buy his work?

Anyhow the gist of it is PKD's "satori incident" was artificially induced, by himself.

p134 - interview with one of the best Mothman witnesses

p147 - Whitley Streiber - The Secret School. Also Bohemian Grove. Stronger ESP manifests at end times. Maybe but where is it? Not among general populace. More books about it on Amazon? Cuz people can print & sell their own books, and make up whatever they want & have peeps believe it? Doesn't mean anyone's buying.

If you're admitting seeing visions Andy better not ever run for office!

Edit: BTW according to Hindu tradition the end times would have less ESP not more as materialism gets into full swing. The farther away you are from creation (whatever that might have consisted of) or the start of the cycle, the father away from spirituality you get. 

p150 - attempt to create disassociative states in peeps using hypnosis - MK Ultra. Are you one of their unwitting subjects, AC? Since your genius grade school?

p152 - talks about patterns in nature - read LaV guys, SQK.

Ball lightning - charged body of plasma formed by supercharged pocket of air - magnetic pull makes it chase metal objects. US has plasma weapons that do this, see LaV. Tested near Phoenix in Superstition Mtns.

p155 - Major Jack Downing papers - frequencies & electrical fields can cause hallucinations - same hallucination in different people. Govt will stage fake alien invasion in 2012 - didn't happen obviously but I've thought this for quite awhile, I think this might be attempted at some point. Star Wars weapons program had to do with this - create fear of outside force. Okay now that liberal socialist France has announced they're going to have space based weapons by 2030, are you guys who crucify Reagan also going to crucify your own (France) for doing this exact same thing? Hmmm? Interesting to see if there'll be any reaction to this announcement or if the news will bury it. Note: no mention of it again on the news. Buried.

p156 - Govt fired electromagnetic waves into WV & created anomalies like Mothman - sent MIB in to fix it and/or cover it up. Possible. 3 different groups of MIBs. Weird weird weird if this Downing dude is right.

p178 - John Keel (1979)- "The will to believe is much stronger than the will to understand. People are very quick to accept a belief without any evidence." Yes!!!!!!!!!! Mindset. Youtube lecturers who just talk without presenting any proof of what they're saying. And peeps believe them!

"98% of the literature on flying saucers is absolute garbage." And I'm about to embark on reading all that stuff. Oh joy... Because these authors probably all buy the ET scam. And/or they're helping to set it up.

p180 - Keel - trance contactees & 5 other types - entire section important. Middle-ages fairy literature same as ufo literature.

"More and more complicated, the deeper you get into it."

p186 - cosmic illumination contactee. Just like what happened to PKD? Did Keel know of him? PKD was still alive in '79, working like mad *ahem* on his Exegesis.

p190 - quotes from Julian Jaynes - discussing hallucinations and bicameral voice.

King of the World - ancient belief from some Asian countries - he lives underground & sends out his agents to control the world - those agents are the MIB.

p197 - Otto Binder says 1000's around the world have died because of ufos. Take that, Tim Wyllie. Human mutilations, like cattle mutilations.

p202 - entities attracted to infrared - heat - pound on hoods of cars etc. Why?

p221 - witnesses see one Bigfoot pull another one up out of the solid ground.

Keel - "You have to be very careful with Gray Barker."

p222 - Keel about Barker: "All of his books were fiction." "He was just making it up and having some fun."

p242 - polio vaccines in the 50's were contaminated with SV-40 which causes cancer.

David Ferrie died in Feb '67. Probably Frightwig character in WV. Possible MIB but they were seen after that all throughout '67. And of course ever since and prior to that throughout history.

p244 - quote about elites' plans to cull the population - this sounds very similar to the Ascension scenario, where the few will be saved on the New Earth after raising their vibration/frequency, and the rest will be left behind. New Age Ascension BS is part of this plot, except it is the New Agers who will be culled by making themselves vulnerable by ascending out of the schuman resonance.

p270 - "Texas rancher types" - bad stereotyping there Andy - you mean like Sam Donaldson?

Eugenia Macer-Story - must check out.

p273 - John Lilly - ECCO vs SSI (Solid State Intelligence - human-based electromagnetic control system - hmm sounds like the internet) - ECCO the good guys, dealing with synchronicites that are sposed to happen to benefit us.

Kelsang - Kadampa sect - Tibetan Buddhism - lays it out how to achieve enlightenment. How to be reborn, choose your parents etc... Sposed to have a ton of books, maybe worth looking into. Nah, reincarnation is a crock. Hinduism, the Vedas, the Vedanta make more sense...

p274 - 1000's of monks were killed in 1959 Chinese invasion of Tibet. AC's theory is that many reincarnated in WV and the "oriental"-looking MIB's may have been Chinese agents tracking down and abducting these reincarnated monks. Wild. Would this explain the MIB who didn't know how to eat jello? Did they have jello in China in the 60's? If true kind of a disappointingly mundane explanation. More romantic to think of it as a stumblebum spaceman.

Buddhist worldview - "There's this consciousness that pervades the universe (the ether - me). It coalesces in places and forms things (continuous creation - SQK - me). It forms sunlight, trees, rocks, water, the human body, from the same constituent parts. It animates those parts. Everything is made up of the same basic... (stuff)." Perfect description of LaV's SQK. Has AC read LaV? Has LaV read up on Buddhist worldview? Very very similar. Wilcock unoriginally copies this for his "Source Field."

p277 - Albert Budden - The Electromagnetic Indictment - around magnetic sources there's a higher rate of paranormal activity. When the brain is hit with certain frequencies it hallucinates aliens (greys). Can be induced chemically (ketamine) or with electromagnetic waves. Thus explains the belief in ET's and how it's being promulgated. If govt mind control is actually happening. Might not need it, the masses are so dumb sometimes. What does that say about Crowley & his Lam or whoever it was?

I read somewhere that 18hz is where the eyes resonate. Send out 18hz sound waves & people will see things. Supposedly.

p285 - Power lines in mothman area - not mentioned by Keel - oversight, error, or from editing. But-- could explain why mothman entity was in that area - drawn to the power source, or getting energy from it.

p291 - Cloves & cinnamon oil - Indians thought scent would keep away evil spirits - also antiviral and antibacterial - rub it on your body.

This witness has a hypnotherapist. There you go. Trust what they remember consciously, not under hypnosis. Makes you wonder what this witness saw, or is it confabulation...

Might be experiment by govt when these guys were kids, see what they'd do. Although no question these energy fields they're seeing do exist, independent of govt manipulation. Maybe that's what govt is doing, using these psychic peeps like these guys to find these energy fields. To exploit them for... what? Electromagnetic power? I hope they don't believe in the Leedskalnin Effect!

p320 - MIB may have been Chinese agents in league with govt or whoever, kidnapping gifted children who were reincarnations of Tibetan monks. All the MIBs looked Oriental, similar to Laplanders according to Keel.

Burning flesh fuels the spirits. Especially in areas of geomagnetic anomaly, creating a feedback loop. Energy is stored; has to go somewhere. See Tom Lethbridge. -Edit: hmm I've since read elsewhere that fire severs the link between spirits & the material world. Which is why witches & heretics would be burnt at the stake. Needs further research.

p329 - Ufo conferences push ET thesis to the limit - yes. Why? To distract from what it really is? Or is it the atheist mindset? If they're real they must be ET's; you know, since God and thus angels/demons don't exist.

Jack Sarfatti - physicist - God phone. ?? He was talking to outer space aliens.

Peter Moon says remote viewing was stolen from Dianetics and Scientology - I thought remote viewing was around before that. ?

Ufologist John Mack - Rockefeller-funded. Somebody else also says he's CIA like Hopkins & Strieber.

p342 - ufos - mind control - book Operation Mind Control - if people were bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies they'd have hallucinations.

p353 - people being programmed - AC himself is programmed - see youtube videos by ex-KGB who infiltrated our universities to promote their philosophy: atheism, socialism, materialism; the three-headed dog Cerberus. It worked!

Process Church - Manson was a member. Timothy Wyllie!! Possibly New Age programmed to spout Ascension garbage that will lead us all down the sheeshhole. Wyllie denies Manson had any connection though.

p367 - Philadelphia Experiment - connection to Montauk - objective: time travel.

p377 - Budd Hopkins is from Wheeling WV. Whadaya know... Keel says he was CIA.

p379 - Bigfoots are guardians of underground caverns where robotic aliens mine minerals. Wha..? Vyz says this not AC. Dick Shaver's Deros? This is one of the stories going around apparently. Makes it all sound pretty stupid.

Screen memories - fake ufo memory screening real memory of guys in military uniforms - just like X-Files.

p391 - Sitchin and flying sumerians - It's argued elsewhere that Sitchin mistranslated a bunch of stuff - particularly the very meaning of Nefilim - by putting in the wrong vowel (Hebrew has no vowels, it's all consonants - like Egyptians words like ntr - different vowel produces different meaning). Icke says Sitchin is a reptilian, has 2 witnesses who claim to have seen him shapeshift. Okay... Flying Annunaki people may not have even existed - might be allegory, see LaV who thinks all these myths were to preserve the knowledge of the ancient physics - he makes a good case. Real credibility issue here with AC. I used to take these Annunaki stories literally too; not any more. Nevertheless The Book of Enki is a great story.

p392 - mediums erroneously believe they are contacting departed souls - yes.

Hindus' Kali Yuga - 26000 year cycle. That's also the precessional cycle. C'mon Andy, you  should know that.

"8th Sphere is a shadowy spiritual plane occupied by beings intent on dragging down degenerate spiritual forms on earth." -Andy Lloyd; esoteric lore. AC questions whether dragging down is bringing down demons to earth, or disarming them. Which way do you take it?

p396 - The psi-plasma that Puharich studied is forming material. It consists of these super small particles that are so small they're mostly empty space. When they pick up charge, they spin. They then create energy bundles and form material objects. Yes. SQK. Read some LaV.

p401 - "Teach kids how to learn." - one of AC's teachers. AC's education system has been doing the exact opposite for the past 50 years, getting worse and worse all the time. Another reason to keep the illegals flowing in, so we spend a bunch of our education money on teaching kids English instead of math and science - so they'll all be a bunch of sheep following trends. Not to mention keeping occupancy rates up so rents will remain sky high.

p403 - More on the Nine, from Andy Lloyd (whoever that is). The Nine originated with the Theosophical Society of Blavatsky. Nine = Annunaki? 26,000 year cycle again, without mentioning precession. Odd. 13,000 yr bottom of cycle. Now? 13,000 years is cycle for LaV's galactic superwaves also. Is it superwaves? Rogue planet of ancient aliens? A bunch of BS to stupefy us? Hoo nose...

p419 - there's a collective memory, collective unconscious - we access this through hypnosis?

So many people repeat something that it becomes implanted in your mind.

p429 - "Lucky Dib" - opening a book at random and finding something interesting or important. Yes it does work, that's why I have so many books.

p430 - again, objects hold memories. Lethbridge said this, see Colin Wilson's Mysteries.

p433 - Puharich again - he found out dehydration increases conductivity of electricity in human body. Also, negative ions increase ESP (like during lightning storm).

p435 - Altai Mountains of Russia - dream-healing shamans - use combination of alcohol & tobacco - relaxant & stimulant together. Isn't this the home of the Denisovans? See Andrew Collins.

p436 - Signing off for this post with the photo of "Mothman" looking through the window at a teenage Andy. I don't see it. Looks like it could be a big philodendron leaf or something like that. What kind of "bushes" - sorry about that Andy - "shrubberies" & trees were around your house at that time?

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