Friday, August 16, 2019

Visitors From Lanulos

Yawn... I will try to stay awake long enough to report on this snoozefest...

p24 - MIB warn him to shut up. Very brief account.

p29 - Guiding Council & Inter-Galactic Circle... um okay...

p59 - has some saucer images; don't think they're photos

p60 - Woody's story of Keel's visit - very brief, same as Keel told it. Seems funny that he summons all these ships for people to see, except when Keel is there.

p80 - "...watching raw energy being transferred into my ship. I am having trouble with my gravity control coils..." - space visitor's warning to not get too close to the saucer. These saucer people are always making repairs & seem to be at great pains to show people; as Keel has mentioned.

p85 - " letting the space people land their ships among us..." - Woody. Sounds like a CIA (or whoever) setup for a takeover - we let them land & show us how to be civilized; then we end up voting for Kang for president & all become slaves. Yeah well I'm voting for Kodos.

I was hoping for better info on Indrid Cold but there just isn't much. Funny names to check against a cipher:
Indrid Cold
Lanulos (not Lanulus as Greenberg spells it)
Karl Ardo
Kautuma (some kind of meat they ate)
Elvane (or Elvaine) Kletaw
Jitro Cletaw (both from Venus)
Toni & Daryl
Demo Hassan (also from Cerabus)
Cerabus (Clinnel's home planet)
Bueldine Vaus (Clinnel's girlfriend then wife), or Vauss
Orthon, from Venus
Umar, from Jupiter
Jamma - planet of bald dwarves

Do all these people know each other? Are they emissaries of the Council or free to come to earth whenever they want? Or in hiding from the grays, as in Greenfield's book? Perhaps it is all hogwash. Perhaps it is all CIA mind games. If so the CIA could use a better script writer... They shoulda hired Keel... I still like the idea of Cold not speaking English well & instead of saying "I am cold" on the cold rainy night makes a mistake and says, "My name is Cold" by accident. To me that makes sense, if he's what he says he is, that is, an undocumented immigrant. Like the guy who tries to drink jello...

Oh the peeps of Lanulos are all nudists. Woody doesn't describe anybody, like what Mr. Cold looked like naked, or his wife Kimi, or the 19 year old girl he talked to. How bland... no reaction to all these naked women walking around... Maybe it'd be different if Woody wasn't married...

I'm not quite sure how books & stories like this could circulate in the '50's and peeps would take them seriously as if they were true...

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