Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Book of Space Ships

Yikes. From the 50's space opera Flash Gordon cover to the trance channeled content, this one is definitely a miss.

p14 - This "Martian" says their ships derive their power from the atmosphere, and that their fuel or whatever is pure with no odor.

Okay, a couple of problems here. What about that awful brimstone smell so many contactees report? And if the motive power comes from the atmosphere, what do they do on the transit from Earth to Mars where there is no atmosphere? Hmm? Or farther out, to Pluto? Geez...

That's about it for this book, thankfully it wasn't longer. Living human-type beings on every planet. A ruler over every planet who created its beings I guess. Heat from the sun is generated when it strikes a planet's atmosphere, making life possible... Ho hum... Peeps actually believed this stuff back then? More gullible than nowadays and that's saying a lot... Explained away now by the Wyllies of the world (who give me the willies actually) as different "frequency domains." Easy way out, although remotely possible I suppose.

Now the statement that their ships have no odor, is that a goof, or a clue? A clue that the rotten eggs smell is something else, like demons or whatever, & not space people? Are there any space people? Hoo nose... I doubt it. This book could be used as evidence that there aren't, that it's all wishful thinking, or wishful channeling... Useful to prove the uselessness of all trance channels maybe...

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Gray Barker's Book of Saucers

Gray Barker's Book of Saucers by [Barker, Gray]

p26 - Saucer landing where little guys took samples of plants & soil & a calf.

p35 - More on Mars' artificial moons - Soviet scientist gives reasons.

p37  - In 1955 Moseley said ufos were machines made to sweep radiation from the atmosphere. Retracted it apparently. But as far as machines made here on earth - yes, the machines, but perhaps there are also lifeforms from elsewhen.

p38 - Basil Vandenberg claims Adamski symbols reveal secrets of saucer propulsion. ?? Haven't read of this guy elsewhere. The Adamski ufo symbols are in his book.

p50 - A ufo landing in a field where the blades of grass weren't burnt but the roots were - as if a high electric charge ran through the ground. LaV's idea of saucer propulsion is they bounce a microwave beam off the ground & set up a standing wave that continually increases in power. It needs to bounce off the ground for the saucer to be able to do anything. This would seem to validate that; otherwise why a strong electrical charge in the soil but not the air (blades of grass were only singed on top)?

p54 - A better description of the Boas encounter; saucer like a bird, the ufonauts were all in suits with helmet things & hoses (breathing gear), except inside the ship the woman was not. Why the bird saucer with fins, "head" & tail? Unique. These weirdo looking ships would not be flying here from some other planet; they seem more like test vehicles. Too many different designs. Like the other ship described in this book that seemed to have "skis" appended to the bottom, or sled-type dealies. Unless they are all constructs of the mind of the person, or somehow they were made to be seen that way by either hypnosis or some other method. Put the peeps in a trance, that's what all this is. Hypnotic suggestion.

p76 - Ouija board Q&A - MIB, Bender, deros - but it (the O board) also mentioned regarding his car, it had too many lights & a depleted battery - exactly what author found when he went out to his car 2 blocks away - he'd left the lights on & the battery was low - & nobody could have known. Wired....

Friday, September 27, 2019

The Sky People

I would have called the book The Two Adams since that seems to be the gist of it. Very interesting thesis, although again I'm extremely skeptical of visitors in spaceships. Visitors from elsewhere okay, but spaceships... I don't think so. Although the author is somewhat vague about that; doesn't say they're necessarily aliens from another planet. From this planet, as in ancient peeps who could do all this stuff, okay that's more plausible. Maybe. Sort of...

p38 - Garden of Eden on Mars? Author says there were 2 creations of man, Galactic Man by the Elohim, & later animal-man by the Jehovahs - who he thinks are lesser gods who created us as servants/farmers to till the soil. He cites Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine.

p40 - Original galactic race of man was Serpent People. Maybe this is what the Wyllie book meant when his friend told him he was one of them - as in spiritual man vs. animal man. Puts Wyllie in somewhat of a better light. However... he has other issues... Guess I'll deal with that if/when I read his next book.

Adam-1 or Serpent People, same as the Persians' Djinn? who were also supposed to have been created before man. Same beings? Djinn not angels/demons then?

p48 - 2 Martian moons are artificial - guarding the Garden of Eden? Are they the cherubim with the flaming swords?

p52 - Noah's Ark was a spaceship. The Flood happened on Mars. Noah was brought to Earth, saved by Jehovah not the Elohim. Author argues that 4 rivers in Eden might be canals; canals of Mars. -Edit: see the David Flynn book on monuments of Mars, he thinks this is possible, as in the fallen angels living on Mars & then "falling" to Earth.

p66 - Osiris & Isis not of this Earth; of the Serpent People who came at the end of the Age of Heroes & beginning of the Age of Iron.

p70 - Physical man as we know him exists only on this earth; he was created from earth materials. So we won't find men like us on other planets. Although there is the (much) later panspermia theory, that all planets would be seeded from space so would all therefore be similar in development.

p78 - Soviet scientist M. Agrest thinks Sodom & Gomorrah were nuked by spacemen - by inference the Jehovahs who were angry at animal-man (Adam 2)'s growing wickedness. Precursor to Sitchin who says the Annunaki gods nuked them.

p88 - Discussion of Tunguska blast - was it a spaceship? It was braking, slowing down as it came in, & was moving too slow for a meteorite.

p106 - Female is anode, male is cathode. Female collects energy, male dispenses it. The woman should give this energy to her man; doesn't happen much these days I guess.

p112 - Ascension - eliminate the animal body. That word again, even in 1960. Argh. Man is a cross-man half breed between Adam-1 & Adam-2; as bible says ("sons of gods saw daughters of man" etc); Adam-1 is spiritual, Adam-2 is animal, thus the constant hybrid turmoil amongst us. Ascension would be the casting off of all the animal characteristics; sorta the opposite of what our wonderful mainstream (& other) media keep telling (ordering) us. It's always "how did you feel" not "what did you think." My answer would be "I didn't feel anything, Anderson. I thought about it a lot though."

p120 - Adam-2 is a receiver only; he does not send. (E. F. Benson mentions peeps being imperfect receivers in one of his short stories in Night Terrors). Adam-1 is telepathic; Adam-2 is not. Adam-1 doesn't need speech to communicate; Adam-2 requires it. Speech leading to all sorts of deceit etc because we're always trying to figure out what someone means. Try looking at an internet forum or twitter for speech carried to the extreme, & the subsequent blatant misunderstandings that occur. Thank you mainstream media, you fookin morons.

p148 - Being right, or the sole possessor of the truth - a paranoid's attempt to establish security for himself.

p151 - Animal-man struggles to keep things as they are, or were. Resists change with a passion.

Angels are said to be servants of the Jehovahs, or some maybe the Jehovahs themselves. This would mean that they aren't equivalent to Galactic Man or the Serpent People. My conception was that they would be, but maybe that's wrong (if one accepts this author's whole thesis, that is). If angels aren't Adam-1, then we have another class of beings to contend with. They wouldn't be Adam-1, Adam-2, or Adam-1+2. Hmm... Maybe the author expands on this in future works...

p158 - Adam-2 was created to take orders & depends on authority.

No wonder there's so many peep sheeps out there! We were bred to be like that. Elites & media exploit that character defect; to turn everyone into a bunch of followers. Socialism same thing; get rid of all individual self expression. Turn us all back into thoughtless animals. Fodder for the elites; who themselves are the worst type of animals.

p167 - Tesla. He was in touch with sky people; they frequently landed on his property. Witness says he knows of over 1200 inventions by Tesla. Hmm...

p170 - There will be less need for controlled (channeled) communication in the future - ie thru mediums. This is after a little over 100 years of spiritualism & seances etc at time of writing. However in the time since, we're actually seeing more & more of it. The ICHC taking over; co-opting the whole thing, as if the only means of this type of communication is through them. Author was way over-optimistic. Telepathic human to human communication ain't happening.

p176 - Says the sun might be cool, as some of the contactees were told. Heat might be generated other ways - by rays from the sun hitting earth's atmosphere & causing friction; just like Menger or whoever said he was told. I'm not familiar enough with modern science but I'm almost 100% positive this has been disproved by our satellite data; data gathered from outside the atmosphere.

p194 - "The old world of prejudice, exclusiveness, narrow-mindedness & materialism is on the way out." Oh yeah?! Seems to be the opposite.

p195 - Sea level is rising 2 feet every hundred years. This reported in 1959!!!!! Was it a problem then? Is it a problem now? If it's a problem now, why the hell wasn't it reported 60 years ago, eh?

Also reported that the bed of the Atlantic Ocean is rising. Interesting! This would account for sea level rise independent of any other factor. If true...

The north pole is tipping towards the south. Not sure about this one, easy to check all of the above. If any of these are true, why no alarmist reports like nowadays?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

From Outer Space To You

To put it simply, not worth reading.

This is how this stuff is conveniently explained away (from a forward to a newer "corrected" edition):

This book is a revised edition as all mention of life on Venus, Mars, and other local planets have been edited out because opposing groups manipulated the memory of the contactees (including Menger) in order to discredit their message. This revised edition attempts to portray the true message of the Space Friends given to Menger without all the disinformation from the opposing groups.

This edition is called the ‘Accurate Edition’. In this edition, all mention of Venus, Saturn, Mars ect. ect. have been edited out [except the Song of Saturn which is left in due to the popular recognition of the name of the song] because the belief by Menger, Adamski, Nelson, and other contactees that the Federation comes from Venus, Saturn, Mars, and other local planets was the result of memory manipulation by opposing groups.

The site:

Yeah right... "Corrected" after our science in the years after 1959 proves his supposed trips in outer space were bogus. Why not corrected beforehand, hmm??? Or why not explain them away as different frequency domains, as did Tim Wyllie? Nice try...

p7 - In 1959 they're worried about a 23 degree wobble in Earth's rotation; something must have caused it right? Like ice accumulation at the poles. Well it's normal. The piling up of ice causing earth to fall over is mentioned here again, as in being worried about. Earth shift! I missed it?

p48 - Once again mention of horror of Hiroshima, with no background. *sigh*

p72 - Many of these spacemen could not speak our language. This agrees with Adamski's first contact, but others say they learned our languages from watching our tv broadcasts & listening to radio. Inconsistent. Do the space aliens also learn human behavior watching our tv shows? Uh-oh... Cue Futurama & that Ndrr-drr guy, whatever his name is...

p84 - A blue beam changed his body frequency to match the craft. Supposedly. I don't think that's possible; the brain wouldn't function correctly without natural physical changes.

p100 - Trip to Venus - easily faked. The holographic video could be advanced tech, not available to public at that time but we certainly have it now. Doesn't mean it had to come from illegal aliens.

p136 - In their discussion group they had a brief course in Scientology. Scientology? In the 50's? It started that early? Hmm... L Ron Hubbard is behind all this.... heh.

p139 - Potato from the moon with 15% protein. Easy enough to grow here in the gardens of the elites probably, or mind/memory manipulation but by whom? NVM, just made up...

p140 - To learn our language these guys use ampli-converters. Instead of just watching or listening to our broadcasts. The story has changed.

p142 - "There are Others operating." The Conspiracy. But who is who, if these people are already fooling Howard into believing they're real spacemen? The "Conspiracy" would warn Howard it's all fake. Maybe... Hoo nose... Good aliens from Pleiades or Sirius & bad aliens from Orion..  Yawn...

p148 - His frequency must be changed for the trip in outer space. Well yes the schuman resonance. Not necessarily bogus here. But then how do they do it without physically altering the brain? Not really a change, they just broadcast the frequencies like we can over our computers with music software. Except he didn't really go anywhere, it was staged, so it's all talk. Except they might have accidentally let something slip; about the frequencies... Except they might... I give up. BTW after moving to Florida, Menger apparently admitted assisting the CIA with national security by making up most of this stuff (according to AC). What does that tell ya...

p150 - After his frequency is "changed" he sees various blobs of light out the window. Now this is actually interesting! Are these Trevor James Constable's sky creatures, that he photographed using infrared filters? Possible. Not sure what to make of it though, other than I think Constable is correct about some of the ufos being living things like invisible flying jellyfish or whatever (without having read any of his books yet). Interesting that author's hosts don't comment on them. There's an important clue here, whatever that clue is.

News flash! Apparently Constable's living sky creatures are actually film imperfections; Andrew Collins proved this by using stereo infrared film & the sky blobs did not pass muster. See the pdf 2002DeMeoOnConstable. Constable not accurate about anything apparently... At least that'll thin the pile of books to purchase a little bit...

p153 - Cloud formations on the moon! Yeah right. Must change this in the new editions so the whole thing won't look ridiculous. The whole thing was staged - gullible new age dupes. Or not gullible - fame & money! Actually: Menger making it up, for national security.

p154 - Blast furnace desert on the moon - yikes! Wrong!

p156 - He's not allowed to take photos of surface details - cuz it's all phony! D'oh!

p160 - Up to this point there had been many sightings of space midgets; with the breathing helmets. No mention of them here whatsoever. That story wasn't flying maybe... Or those guys left after their planet wasn't nearby any more... Okay... News flash: maybe Menger helping the CIA get the story changed...

p178 - Directions for building some type of magnetic energy machine; it powered a small saucer disk that rose in the air & crashed back down. Didn't understand it but maybe worth studying a bit more. Probably bogus anyway...

p182 - Author teleports home. Astral projection? Many documented cases of this; doesn't have to be illegal aliens. Although he left his pipe before disappearing. He had many pipes though; the pipe in question could have been one of the other ones. Faked/staged/made up...

Skipped the last part about nutrition & diet. Too boring. Aliens from another planet who would by definition would be unfamiliar with our earth foods, giving us nutrition advice. Yup...

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Saucers Speak

Author claims he was contacting spacemen by CB radio in 1952. He is also reported to be somewhat of a Nazi sympathizer in some fashion (in later works I guess, nothing like that in here). Most of this appears to be bogus anyhow, despite the claims of the publisher how "important" and forgotten this pioneer in alien contact was (gotta say so or nobody will buy it - I could have written a book this bad though - typical space brothers crud). Nice cover though...

Quick note: couldn't find this newer edition on Amazon even though I just bought it from there. A lot of this stuff is going out of print. That appears to be the goal I guess: before too long every book will be print on demand by Amazon & all of a sudden whatever the elites don't want you to read will be "unavailable." Equivalent to book burning. So all they'll have to do is start a rumor on twitter that some author is a racist (take your pick, or like this one apparently) & all of a sudden all of their written work will be unavailable on Amazon. Then you'll have to scour the internet to find a used print copy; good luck with that. This author, if the above reports are accurate, would likely be one of the ones whose books you won't be able to find; except by independent publishers like these guys, if we're lucky. That said, this book isn't worth searching out. The radio contact with space brothers is interesting since it really happened & is logged as it happened, except it's extremely unlikely these are space brothers... It's extremely unlikely there ever have been any space brothers, but I digress...

p22 - Moving into new age & cosmic ray bombardment will increase. Well, moving into a new age (Aquarius) should have nothing to do with anything as far as physical effects from outer space. Increase in cosmic ray bombardment could come about though because we're moving towards Leo at great speed & un-empty space is full of dust etc. Plus we have the creation center at our galactic core spewing out matter & cosmic rays constantly; could be cosmic ray increase at any time. See the recent 10-year Cern study about cosmic rays & how they affect cloud formation which in turn affects temperature. Yes our hot (& colder) temps could have nothing whatsoever to do with what humans are doing; it might all be cosmic rays.

p26 - Talks about New Earth, New Age - in 1954! This drivel is still going on in 2019, unchanged... Earth is moving into a new higher vibration blah blah blah... They're still saying this same old crap 6 decades later! Exactly the same! It's as phony as a 7 dollar bill... Earth ain't moving into a new vibration; the schuman resonance is exactly the same as it always was (some higher peaks but baseline is the same - I've said this before) & we can't function properly without it anyway; see earlier posts. We move into a new vibration after we die; or whatever it is that happens. Nothing possible before then. We "can't survive in it." Sideline: the Philadelphia experiment; this would be why the crewmembers would have gone looney tunes - absence of the schuman resonance wherever they had been sent. If any of that is true, which doesn't seem likely...

p28 - "In the fall of last year (that would be 1953 - ed.) we left the old third density and are no longer in it." Okay... I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean but whatever it does, it didn't happen. And these publishers wonder why this guy's books are forgotten... He by accident makes a mockery of the whole New Age scene and how goofy almost all of it is... Peeps buy this stuff though; "buy" as in wanting to believe & also in throwing their money away (like me! d'oh!) so these kinds of writers/lecturers don't have to get real jobs.

p52 - My note says "these guys are all wrong; they're a bunch of dumbbells." They say the sun is a cool body & we only get heat because of "certain forces" that hit our atmosphere causing friction. Modern skience makes this idea laughable. No wonder no one wants to cite this author... See Menger's book, he's given the same info 5-6 years later...

They say the moon has an atmosphere and water. These are "aliens" who "fly through space" saying this. And  if we try to leave earth's magnetic field under rocket power we will be torn apart. Um, we've done this... But other than a few unfortunate accidents, this is looney tunes.

This stuff is all bogus! These guys aren't space brothers at all. They are the discarnate intelligences that are all around us & always have been. The Djinn, angels, demons, whatever you want to call them... The djinn are older than humans, according to some authors... Well DeS said there are stupid angels, I guess there's stupid aliens too.

Orion systems want to destroy. This seems like a fairly common message in most of these "communications." Orion bad guys, Pleiades good guys. You can look at the Orion Nebula & see the face of a huge raptor or thunderbird confronting Gumby over on the left who is being judged, with a shaman in between (on horseback maybe) with upraised arms interceding  on his behalf, & the spider (behind the shaman) ready to pluck the poor soul out of harms way & send him back to earth if he's worthy. American Indian legend, look it up (Gregory Little I think is the author, The Path of Souls is his book). Only, how did they have telescopes to see what this nebula looked like, hmm? Did their shamans actually view this somehow during their trances? Were they able to ascend the sky pole & actually see this? They saw it somehow. Then take it as real? Is this why Orion is commonly depicted as evil, because of what this "random" nebula looks like?

Image result for orion nebula

"Spaceman" mentions crescent shaped craft. As I said before, these have never been seen again since Arnold saw them in 1947. A test flight of a human-made saucer (secret space program or whatever group of humans is making them here on earth) that must have had flaws & they abandoned it for the saucer or "bell" shape; more aerodynamic & more power - bigger surface to collect negative charge (electro-gravitics). So this alien contact is all wet. A dunce. A liar. They're not aliens. See Swedenborg who says "they're all liars."

p86 - Again, says moon has atmosphere. -Er, no it doesn't.

Russians have nothing to do with saucers - former chief of Air Force Intelligence says this. Either he knows nothing about secret space programs (that's how deep they're hidden) or he's lying or he's telling the truth because saucers are djinn. Or he says Russians have nothing to do with them cuz he knows we're making them. All of the above.

p90 - Mentions the 2 unknown satellites that are orbiting earth, around the poles not the equator. These aren't mentioned in any modern history that I know of. I think I read that they disappeared after awhile. What were they? Who knows? Lost and forgotten...

p94 - MIB-type visit to radio operator who's been contacting the saucers. Orders him to stop publication of this book. Sure, because it proves these "ET's" don't know what the hell they're talking about! This'll blow the whole ET hypothesis scam out of the water. MIB is named William Clark. 2 others visit the radio guy later.

p102 - Spaceships will evacuate earth (the peeps) if axis shift happens. Geez they're still saying this exact thing now in 2019. Same exact thing. This was 1952 peeps! To serve man indeed...

So I guess this author is ignored nowadays because of his supremacist views (if that's really the case, I'd have to read some of his later works to be sure). That's just the excuse; the real reason is because his all-knowing super-technology ET's don't know shit! Because they aren't ET's in the first place; they're djinn or whoever having fun with the gullible humans. This blows the lid off the whole ET & New Age scenarios & thus must be suppressed.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Bender Mystery Confirmed

Lots of interesting material in this one. Barker cites lack of space for not including more items (letters from readers of Bender's book - again we're not talking about Bender from Futurama - although maybe he should have written a book! - a thousand years from now...), but the volume is only 99 pages. Geez... Publishing costs in the 60's I spose but still... The comments here are better than Bender's book, cudda wudda shudda been more...

Seems all this material is collected in When Men In Black Attack which is a bigger volume so more worth the price of admission; makes this one a waste but oh well... Live and learn, as they say... Whoever they is...  Nice cover though...

p13 - Regarding the sulfur smell, ocean water contains sulfur. This reader wonders if it's a byproduct of the sea water processing the "aliens" are doing. Sulfur/brimstone odor is classic demonology however. The devil stinks I guess. In more ways than one...

"One shouldn't meddle if there is a possibility for becoming a receptive channel for these forces." Good advice; the Bible also advises this.

p21 - Flatwoods monster was a reptilian? In this reader's opinion... Didn't realize they'd been known of or talked about way back then. The Serpent Race this person calls them. The religious folks would believe in them because of the Bible. Atheist folks might not believe in them at all, other than to consider them as being ET's from another planet with a superior technology yada yada yada...

Hefferlins? Rainbow City & tanks of incarcerated nagas? Never heard this one before...

Earth is policed by the Guardians & the reptilians "found a way through the Guardians again." In theory...

The Hefferlin Manuscript... with links to other weird stuff... I'm just scratching the surface here, compared to some of these guys who've been at it for decades...

p22 - According to the nagas, "the universe sprang from indivisible matter which is infinite and eternal." This accords with LaV (subquantum kinetics, ether, etc) and with with what Colvin says about his Buddhist learnings. Significant? Well yes in that it refutes the Big Bang nonsense, but with the supposed nagas/reptilians agreeing with LaV agreeing with the Hindus/Buddhists about the structure of the universe... Hmm...

Also: Irene Ferrier (dunno who she is), the Powers... There are indeed Powers (the skientists scoff, as do materialists & most likely the atheists), like my Korean friend who has "five powerman" who show him things. This guy can see the unseen but I digress... 

p24 - Reptilians can camouflage like salamanders, so they could appear invisible; or perhaps impersonate someone? They can do the same with their ships... Well this wouldn't account for the ships changing shape would it? Any theory must take that into account; none do, especially the old ET in machines from outer space crud.

Regarding Bender's story of the visitors needing something from our sea water, this reader thinks they must be of our same vibratory rate or they wouldn't need it. Hmm, maybe... Also says because they're serpents it accounts for the awful odor. Hmm, I've caught & released or killed a few rattlesnakes the last couple years, no odor at all that I recall. Same with all the little lizards that hang out here in SoCal. No odor to speak of... So I would have to disagree with this person on that score.

p26 - Another reader says they lied to Bender, Great White (good guys, not skin color) Brotherhood has been here for centuries.

Electrons speed up to become invisible. Ascension! We can't do it, we can't survive in it. "The next stage for us." Pass through matter without hindrance. I'm pretty sure this can't happen until we cross over to the other side. Our brains don't work that way. Schuman resonance etc... We won't evolve into it since evolution doesn't happen; humans have been the same for at least 30 million years. Maybe an evolutionary leap that happens almost overnight due to some natural occurrence, like a passing LaV superwave, but evolve from an amoeba? Nah...

p38 - Another reader thinks all ufos (& Bender's visitors) are discarnate humans playing jokes; fooling with us. Sort of similar to what Keel seems to have decided later on.

p43 - According to Trevor James Constable, Bender & other researchers "show a total inability to distinguish between events on two planes of reality." I would include most humans. Many humans don't believe there is any other plane of reality; the ones who think there is no life after this, & thus might end up extinguishing themselves.

p45 - "When the fire gods come, everyone else in the unseen departs." A lady reader was gonna throw the book in the fireplace because she was getting uneasy reading it. Constable says her intuition was right. He also says to "send it back to its source" - a sound occult method of self defense.

p72 - Moseley: "Those most in need of analysis are those who protest the loudest against it." Says Bender's experience is all psychological. Moseley also claims that Barker edits the book for drama & does this with almost everything he writes. Dunno... Barker's book is the best of these early tomes...

p74 - This reader says we are in End Times of the bible. In 1962! (Earlier I read somewhere the world was supposed to end on a specific date in 1953, maybe in Bender's book. To continue...) Regarding Bender's headaches, he says the pituitary gland might be at fault; enlarged or something something. I say, what about the pineal gland? The Third Eye? These entities were attacking him through the pineal maybe. Were we more susceptible before they started putting fluoride in our water? Fluoride has been proven to concentrate in the pineal & "freeze" up the liquid crystal structure & render it inert. If it in reality still functions in some way, which I think is likely. Drop the fluoride though; it's a byproduct of rat poison & was used by Hitler in the concentration camps to keep the prisoners docile. Don't drink tap water, use fluoride free toothpaste etc. Take vitamin k2 to de-crystallize your pineal...

p75 - A scientist says we'll run out of oxygen in the atmosphere because other elements like iron are combining with it. Duke's Dr. Walter Gordy. Plants produce oxygen though. We need more plants. We need more CO2 in the atmosphere to promote plant growth. Oh wait, we're already putting more CO2 in the air & peeps wanna put a stop to it. Go figure...

p79 - "Communications received through mediumship cannot be verified." You just destroyed the whole New Age movement with that statement, fella. The medium herself said this. "A great deal of the information so obtained is practically useless." Yes! Thank you. Might I add hypnotic regression? Dolores Cannon, Shi-Ji, the Nine, the Inner Circle, not to mention Urantia, Oahspe, Law Of One, and all the rest... Interesting reading possibly, but that's about it... They might make a mistake though, and actually reveal something they're not supposed to... Also, just because they've passed over doesn't mean they've become all-knowing; same with the entities who take over during deep hypnosis. They just make the stuff up & see if it'll stick... Unfortunately much of it does. It sells a lot of books & makes people well known & gets them attention & makes them a celebrity... Because you know celebrities are the most important people on earth which is why we have tons of magazines about those fools... They can charge hundreds of dollars to go to a "conference" where they give you a bunch of crap from "insiders".... Argh I'm getting a headache just thinking about these idiots...

p80 - One reader tricked a medium under control of some deceased person with a trick question, & the entity was "dead" wrong. Finally! First time I ever read of someone trying to do this! Put them on the spot. & they failed big time.

p87 - The flying saucers are flying serpents. Well maybe, but this doesn't account for witnesses who have seen them from airplanes & watched them change shape. Or from the ground in some modern-day videos. "But reptilians are shape-shifters." Are they? Is this part of their camouflage? Meh...

Wish this book was longer, interesting theories, oh well...

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Hidden World - Volume 1

The Shaver Mystery in all its glory... or whatever you'd want to call it. Not much in here to make note of. The basic premise is pretty simple. Shaver's writings might be more interesting without the added Ray Palmer space opera crap, but probably could not have been published that way. His mantong alphabet is interesting; I hit on the idea of trying the cipher method of decoding the "funny names" aliens using mantong instead of Greenfield's cipher 6, but haven't done it yet. One day when I'm bored; extremely bored...

This publisher should print his books in normal size with correspondingly smaller font, would still be readable & probably cut publishing costs quite a bit. Probably cut his profit too so...

p66 - Cause of aging - age poison from heavy metals, in particles from the sun. Interesting theory. His Atlans & Titans left earth because our old sun was supposedly poisoning them & causing them to age. Remnants stayed underground, did not know how to service the machines which began to malfunction & turned them all nutso - the deros, detrimental robots, who continue to toy with us from down in their caves, using harmful rays from their malfunctioning machines. Nice story, good basis for sci-fi series - if it had been better written, say by someone like PKD or Vance or Herbert.

p141 - Man was placed here by ancient aliens. See many others for this same idea ie Sitchin, Cannon, Wyllie etc etc ad infinitum... How about God? I agree in no evolution, since there are too many missing links & too many gaps in the fossil record, and no fossil ever found of a species in the process of evolving into another one. Plus the fact that human-made artifacts requiring tools have been found in 30 million year old coal beds.

p169 - Why The Caves Are Secret is his chapter telling what he "knows" without all the space opera "I Remember Lemuria" crud. Worth reading.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Flying Saucers and the Three Men

Let's jump ahead a bit to 1962 and see what Bender (that's Al.... Al... no not Bundy, Albert - no not Bender from Futurama either...) has to say about his own experiences, specifically who and what the saucers are, & why it's now okay about 5 years later to tell what he knows; after being silenced by these 3 MIB's.

Hmm a little side note about Futurama... Some of the names come from these early saucer peeps: Fry, Bender... seems like there's more but I'm drawing a blank at the moment...

p23 - Author is visited by an unseen entity, surrounded by a bluish light & the smell of sulfur ie brimstone. Reads like a demonic entity, or what were taken for demons in bible times; whatever they might actually be. Genies (djinn), etherians, stupid angels... The djinn are supposed to be older than man and want their planet back.

The nauseous odor could be the burning of the air during a mat or demat, as the materializing form displaces the surrounding air. This same odor accompanies almost all the monster sightings. Sorry you sasquatch hunters, these guys are from another dimension, you'll never catch one.

These guys don't want to be investigated, they don't want the world to know about them.

Still no abductions, no greys, no missing time; although flipping through one of Timothy Good's books he has a photo of a guy who experienced missing time in 1951, right around the time of the events in this book. Another onion in the ointment for my no-ET hypothesis; if that story is true - will find out later when I get to his books, they're at the bottom of the pile.

p32 - Pauline Peavy, a medium who claimed to be in touch with aliens. She "communicated telepathically" & said they were Valkyries, world saviors.

Other names mentioned as "helpers" to his org are Criswell (of Plan 9 fame), Wilson Tucker (sci-fi author - I read one of his books once I believe), Meade Layne, Coral Lorenzen.

p36 - MIB appears in theater, with glowing eyes, sitting right next to him. No odor though. Different visitor than the bluish light guy?! Bender doesn't say so. Guess not...

p42 - Dominick Lucchesi has plans to build a working saucer, without using anti-grav. Supposedly. I don't think they ever built it. "Complete technical data necessary to construct a vehicle that would fulfill all requirements." Speeds limited by friction. This guy thinks reported saucer speeds are exaggerated. Electro-gravitics can create a friction shield though; see LaV & his theory on the B-2 wings being electrified to create such a shield.

Author does not follow up with claim of home-made saucer plans. So far, maybe later in the book...

p44 - Connection between Mars & ufos. During opposition ufos are more numerous. Is this proof they come from there, as these guys seem to think? Or is there some kind of gravitational anomaly that occurs at that time that makes them easier to fly here on earth?

p49 - Entity again; bluish light, sulfur odor, glowing eyes... Could it be Mothman? Don't recall BO issues with Mothman though... 

p53 - Layne tells them about Adamski.

p55 - Letters from Adamski. He complains Layne got details in the story wrong. Or is Adamski changing the story & got mad cuz the earlier version (brief summary - Orthon spoke English, for example) got published?

Adamski says he "knows" the spacemen are interplanetary. - That's what they want him to think; the story is being set up.

Maybe the test about whether or not a "spaceman" will contact you is how gullible you are. If you want to believe...

These fake spacemen visiting the Adamski's of the world would be the CIA guys. Don't think the Bender-type visitations can be faked; they would be real (djinn, working with or for the black ops dudes - but who controls who)... Yikes. But why the warning, why the Silence Group as someone starts calling them soon... It seems like they don't want the fake ET thing exposed, they want it to go on. They want peeps to believe in the ET's. But why would these "demon" guys want that? Exposure of the con would affect them... how? Are these 2 forces opposed or working together? So who would the good guys be then? Seems the demon guys, the MIB & the fake space brothers are all in it together; what would the opposition good guy group be? Unless some of the space brothers aren't fakes... Which ones?

Why does Bender see blue lights not red? Most ufos show red haze. Blue lights would be higher frequency as in UV end of the spectrum; Layne's etherians then. What about the red lights phenomena? At the low end of the spectrum; infrared. Is this significant? Maybe one of these authors will touch on this eventually...

p58 - Another version of Mantell story. Wreckage scattered for a mile. Double-check this maybe, accounts vary as to wreckage.

Fred Reagan saved by saucer that wrecked his plane. He was free-falling, it took him aboard, he hazily saw giant metallic asparagus guys (! cool!), passed out & woke up to brimstone odor & blue light, then came to in the hospital. He had landed on the ground, uninjured. Except that he shortly died of massive radiation overdose. Now the giant veggies did save him, but then we have the blue-light guys with super BO again. So who is who?

Never seen this guy discussed in another book. He's probably not mentioned because other authors don't want to have to deal with his metallic asparagus guys. Makes the whole field sound idiotic. However, these guys saved Reagan (if the story is true - he remembered it without being hypnotized first, which makes it more valid), so maybe the good guys are sentient space vegetables. Can the outer space veggies defeat the combined powers of the MIB/demons/space brothers? Stay tuned! Hey vegans, you're eating our allies, dammit!

p66 - Project X - investigate base in Antarctica cuz a lot of sightings close by in Oz & NZ.

p70 - Bender is visited again by the stinky blue-light guys, in a sort of out-of-body experience. "We have a special assignment and must not be disturbed by your people." And "We are among you and know your every move, so please be advised we are here on your Earth."

Dream? Maybe. Maybe not. When he snaps out of it the radio is on again. The radio is always on, even though he hasn't previously turned it on. A clue. The sound waves from the radio affect something; interfere with other frequencies as in when they try to mat & demat? Cancel out some frequencies that make it easier for these guys to mat? ?

Who is who here? The easy answer is the guy is a nut case, but it doesn't seem like it. Appearances of disembodied entities have been documented in the hundreds throughout history; there's also been hundreds of fakes.

That sulfur smell... I smelled it once. Uh-oh... Where/when was that? Hmm.... Oh yeah when I opened the fridge the other day.

Sulfur smell to author very real, convinced him events were real.

p73 - Author's 2 cohorts he confided in refuse to believe his demon-like story; even back then these visitants must be ET's from another planet, no other explanation is possible. The groundwork was laid by all the cruddy space opera sci-fi in the 30's & 40's. The introduction of all of this sci-fi stuff into publishing must be part of the plot then. If there really is a plot...

This all happened on Contact Day when they were supposed to be trying to telepathically reach the saucer people with a canned message of peace. His write-up of the event, which he sealed & filed, disappeared from his file cabinet, with lingering odor of sulfur.

p74 - After 2 week vacation he comes home & gets visit from 3 men who materialize inside his room; same blue lights, ice cold, sulfur smell. So the MIB's are the same as the stinky demons I guess; at least these ones are.

The password for him to contact them again is "Kazik." They use the radio frequency as "a method of getting back to their base." Whatever that means... Hmm...

p81 - Another visitor with more info. The universe revolves around a central creator core. Different parts (astral planes or whatever) rotate at different speeds; they've just revolved into nearness to us. They're taking something from our ocean water, some element they need. Speedily, while they have time, before they rotate away. Hmm... A lot of plastic in our oceans nowadays, maybe now they wouldn't want it! Hah.

Marauders from another system will soon reappear in our vicinity. Last time they destroyed a great civilization near us. Planet where the asteroid belt is? Nope, later they say it was Mars..

The blackness/void to which they sent ships that never returned, would this be beyond the infrared (or UV rather) then, where you'd get less & less dense, atoms would be farther & farther apart until eventually you'd reach nothingness, or a point of no return...

p90 - They take him to their base in Antarctica, tunneled under the ice. No wonder they interfered after Project X was announced. Assuming any of this is true...

p102 - Exalted One answers questions. He says peeps live underground & come to the surface to take stuff & can make themselves invisible. Hmm, sounds too much like Shaver's deros. Too convenient an explanation for ghosts. Author would have been familiar with Shaver Mystery; at end of book he disagrees with this explanation for ghosts.

Their Leader says humans have been taken to their world as museum pieces etc, so these guys are not sympathetic to us. However he also says the humans did not survive; which corroborates another reference in another book (Barker's maybe) about the medium in this time (early 50's) who says "you couldn't survive there." 

p115 - Author sees monster similar to Flatwoods Monster & faints. Same odor & icy hand. Is the Flatwoods Monster the "metallic asparagus" seen by Fred Reagan?

Hmm, just as I'm reading this section, I smelled that odor! Uh oh again... oh wait, I think either Mikey or Homer farted. It wasn't me; the dog did it!

p128 - Author is visited again, taken to the base, where 3 beautiful women anoint him with oil. This anointing is one of the common contact features pointed out by Keel; which could have a hallucinatory effect, depending on what the oil is. Did they do this to the author earlier as well? & he didn't mention it, or forgot about it, or got it mixed up & in the wrong place in the narrative? Anyhow this leads to the possibility that this entire thing is a confabulation; a fake cooked up by... who? The CIA again; or whoever. Probably deeper than them. I don't believe this Antarctica base dealie.

p136 - Interesting theories from a Seattle correspondent, which turn into threats. Author could have gone to the FBI & tried to get the guy on blackmail, but doesn't state that he took any action. Nothing ever came of it.

p154 - "Angel hair" is a by-product of their processing our sea water. If so, hasn't this angel hair stuff kept falling since these guys supposedly left in 1960?

Very disturbing reading, if any of it is true (note: it probably isn't). Visitors could rotate into range at any time; the 15 year window of these particular guys might be taken as a baseline for a "danger" period from any one group. However, as I said earlier, shortcuts could be taken across the interior planes, which should rotate faster, like the inside of a turntable with the increasingly shorter grooves. Seems like they could come here whenever they want.

But why are the higher densities, the blue light areas, icy cold? & the slower moving infrared areas generating great heat. Seems like it should be the other way around; the greater movement generating the greater amount of friction. Oh well, stupefied as usual...

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They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers

Lots of food for thought in this one, as I suspected there would be. The best of these early ufo books, again as I expected it would be. But how much did the author embellish it? Maybe not much. Maybe a lot, according to Keel.

p15 - text of Braxton County monster news report (Flatwoods Monster).

p28 - Chemical plants in his WV area.

p62 - The Shaver Mystery. Shaver says the deros communicate with mediums through trance - that's who they'd all be, then, the ICHC = deros. Not convinced; the deros would be a catch-all for anyone & anything. Later in the book the author is told the deros aren't behind the saucer mystery.

p74 - "We don't have it here; it's not ours." The Air Force supposedly leveled with witness Desvergers & told him this. Supposed to be the Navy with all the saucer intel; maybe this AF guy just didn't know about it.

p79 - Witness sees ufo with 3 paddles like oars - sounds similar to some of Dellshau's drawings?

p92 - 3 MIB visit Albert Bender to shut him up, after he's told a few people he knows what the ufos are. Is this the first recorded modern appearance?

p104 - Some home inventor uses a mobius strip antenna to get power out of the air. Must be static electricity. Infinite wave length to the antenna. "Augmenter" determines how much power. Mobius strip rumored to be part of Philadelphia Experiment (check sources - must be in Keel or Colvin somewhere, or the Berlitz book which I don't have yet).

p116 - Author lists 6 possibilities for origin of saucers. One of these is the Meade Layne 4-D theory but he doesn't go beyond that into occult or angel/demon territory. Barker seems to be a materialist who wants to believe in the interplanetary space aliens theory; or it's more useful if he's inventing some of these stories, as in useful to sell books.

p130 - "No defense for it." - Albert Bender. We'll see what he says in his book. "I went into the fantastic and came up with the answer."

p134 - Author worried about ice accumulation at the south pole; worried that extra weight will tip earth over on its side. 50's theory of Hugh A Brown.

When author mentions possibilities for saucers, Bender tells him he forgot about "natural phenomena." Which would mean what - life forms, like Constable was photographing, like Layne's etherians. Living entities capable of mat/demat, appearing anywhere (or anywhen?), invisible if they want... Yikes... Fort was right maybe? We are property; but not of aliens... Edit: Constable's sky entity photos were proved to be flaws in the film development process.

p140 - Various theories from readers about why Bender quit.

p144 - Eisenhower had not been told "at that time." Was he told later? This would have been after his supposed trip to Mojave. The Eisenhower thing never happened tho...

MIB not typical of any branch of intelligence. They're drawing too much attention to themselves.

MIB = dark suits = clerical? The Jesuits maybe? Is the Vatican behind the saucers? Are they the ones going to stage the fake alien invasion & promote a new alien savior?

p146 - Secret meeting at Hotel Statler in NYC to discuss changes that would come from new free energy source. Collapse of world economies? Govt afraid of economic collapse due to failure of oil companies, electric companies etc. Did this meeting really happen?

"When I mentioned Shaver why did he turn pale" - Bender that is.

From here author goes into Maury Island story, with Harold Dahl claiming to be hushed up my a man in a dark suit. But no one ever saw this MIB except Dahl...

p168 - Hugh A Brown's theory that growing ice in Antarctica will cause earth to tip over. Enough ice to cover earth in 120 feet of ice (just the land or oceans too? - not specific). Growing by 5 trillion tons every year. - check this! Might be good then if some of it melts or breaks off.

p190 - The story of the saucer landing at Muroc base near Edwards comes from Meade Layne & his sources (possibly real "insider" people - if any "insiders" can be believed - I don't think they can, they're just spreading disinformation - see Wilcock - his sources are channeled thus worthless as evidence). Bender debunks this above; says Eisenhower didn't know.

p204 - Saucer dropped common metals in slag - titanium & others. No unknown metal ever found; weird alloys yes. What is this a clue to? Why are the ufos dropping anything at all? They want stuff to be found, to throw us off the trail or... Could be clue that saucers are earth-made by humans - or they only want us to think that. Or... humans from the future? Or... we're still at that time learning how to build and fly the damn things (our wonderful secret govts), thus the constant repairs.

p211 - Bender's 5 possible explanations. All saucer reports have stuff that's true & false; his 5 possibilities are supposed to be examples of this. US moon base, Soviet moon base, unknown world power with new technology, US govt possesses incredible secret, Soviets preparing new mode of overpowering us from the air.

Barker guesses that one of these might be the secret; my guess is that none of these is the secret, Bender mentions these to eliminate them as possibilities. However, all of these early books are written apparently without knowledge of Brown, Keely, Tesla etc. I wonder if human-made machine ufos are an attempt to deal with etherians/demons/aeroforms on their own terms, or set up a defense for which there is no defense. An attempt to learn how to control frequency & vibration like the etherians do... If that's what they really are...

What would be "fantastic" to a materialist? Something that was not material ie the etherian explanation; or the angel/demon mythology, if one were an extreme materialist ie an atheist.

p233 - After being threatened Moseley starts debunking the interplanetary ufo thing & starts saying in his mag that they're earth-made; readers poke tons of holes in his new theories. No one buys it. Because you have a bunch of teenage nerd sci-fi readers who want to believe in aliens; earth-bound saucers are too mundane for them. Questions about Moseley though; who he might be working for, being a relative newcomer that nobody knew very well.

p242 - Author is told there are 2 distinct forces at play - one for us, one against us. Two opposing forces, one of whom wants to destroy us.

Why? Reclaim the earth? Anyhow the author states at this point that he is also a materialist, so he would tend to discount the etherian theory right off the bat, without giving it any thought; as in this book where he doesn't mention it at all except in passing. He's another sci-fi nerd who wants to believe in aliens, just like everyone else. So the "fantastic" answer would be that the ufos aren't aliens from outer space because that's what's expected & wanted; especially nowadays. Thus my recent argument with a neighbor who was incredulous I didn't think there were any aliens at all. "What?! No greys?! No reptilians?!" It was funny but sad.... Sad that this viewpoint is now the accepted explanation & you're now nuts to not believe in aliens...

Obvious answer to the 2 opposing forces would be angels & demons - but of course the modern materialist/atheist would have none of that because it might prove some religion correct (at least partially) & we can't have that; there must be no God. Or it could be ancient aliens but not from outer space; they're still here! Underground? Hmm.... Stupefied, as usual...

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The Expanding Case For the UFO

p18 - Author states that the only other alternative to his ufos-in-outer-space-near-earth hypothesis is that of Meade Layne with his 4-D etherians.

p28 - Discussing falls from the sky - debris field in space? - have these falls ever been charted as to date/time & what earth's position in space would have been? Maybe we're rotating through existing debris fields. That wouldn't splain falls of live animules though... Plus the fact that we're moving towards the constellation Leo so we would not rotate & hit the same debris field year after year - unless it was moving with us, like the comets. Chico CA seems to be one area where falls frequently occur. Not too far from Mt. Shasta, supposed home base of whatever...

p32 - Falls of hundreds of dead birds - some asphyxiated, some with cracked skulls.

A mat/demat of an etherial saucer might theoretically burn up the oxygen in a local area as it appears & disappears. Also the reports of explosions accompanying the mat/demat. This could splain asphyxiated birds, if Layne & the Inner Circle are right about 4-D saucers.

p36 - Falls of toads, snails, frogs, snakes, fish, crabs etc...

If ufos are collecting or growing & then dumping these, is this what they eat then? I'd like to see the greys' dinner plates! Put on the bibs, tuck in the napkins, pass the salt! Or wait... they wouldn't be dumping out their food. Maybe this is the food for... something else. The excess that isn't needed any longer since the real food has fattened up sufficiently...

Or... Orthon: "Say, Alnah, your worm stew is delicious." Alnah: "Thank you, my dear. Could you kindly pass the slugs? And you must try the gnat sauce on your fried toads."

p55 - Story told to a Navaho named Oge-Make from a Piute about the origin of the saucers according to tribal legend.

p56 - Underground city near Death Valley in the Panamints - the early saucer-makers lived there.

Can't remember my source but I read about a (gold?)-miner who got lost in the Panamints & supposedly found an entrance to this place, through an old mine. Sort of corroborates this story - although I need to find that source.

p88 - Mars moons - Gulliver predicted them 200 years ahead of time. How could Swift know?

p93 - Author advocates gravity control research instead of rockets. No wonder he was silenced. Gravity control was already being worked on & tested (CIA pretending to be space brothers); it had to be kept out of the private sector, thus any discussion of it had to be suppressed. The peeps mustn't know.

p112 - A correction from his earlier book - the coal bed where the meteor cube fashioned by human hands was found is 30 million(!) years old, not 300,000.

p122 - Starts a long list of changes on the moon over the past several hundred years - boring!!!! but he proves his point. Does anyone even look at the moon through a telescope any more? Why? We have google earth! How about pointing the Hubble at the moon and seeing what kind of close-ups we can get, hmm???? Why not? Don't want the peeps to know!

p180 - Something is colonizing the moon - more domes! Their number doubles every 20 years (up until the time of this book 1955). Are they still there? Is anyone still looking? Nah, zoom in on google earth, why bother?

p184 - Not far from crater Plato a square with a great cross inside - now no longer there. One of George Leonard's x-drones from Somebody Else is on the Moon. It was moved away. If it's a mining vehicle as Leonard guesses, it's been driven elsewhere.

p196 - Discussion of ancient pygmies - originators of space flight? Is that why peeps were seeing midgets in these early contact episodes? Greys are midgets/pygmies. Author doesn't mention greys though; because they don't exist yet!!!! Or they're hiding their features under those diving helmets. If they're not just being "fed" to all these witnesses by post-hypnotic suggestion then my whole thesis goes out the window. But these contact incidents were happening all over the world...

p200 - Great Pyramid - built for/by and used by pygmies?! Is that why the entrances and ramps are so short?! Wha.... Interesting thought. Where's Roberts Bauval & Temple?

p207 - Text of Kilgallen ufo report from 1955. (She died young - murdered? Hmm...)

p210 - Body of little man with one eye in forehead found on scaffold in NYC, during construction of Cathedral of St John the Divine. Story was written up but killed by NY Times. Typical. The newspaper of the elites. I wonder if this item would turn up on a google search - hmm the search engine of the elites, probably not. Hmm this blog is hosted by that same website of the elites. Oh well as long as no one reads it as planned, I'm ok...

p226 - Somebody in ancient days had a highly developed science including knowledge of gravity control. Author says only Einstein has come close in modern days.

Oh yeah? Actually Einstein seems to have thrown everyone off track. How about Tesla, Keely, & Leedskalnin? Jessup should have known of these guys. We have been hoodwinked, swindled, stupefied for the past 100 years, with the suppression of these guys (and there's others besides). Disgraceful. So the few can use this knowledge to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. And peeps wonder why society is going down the toilet...

p241 - Supposed spacemen in crashed ufos. All hearsay of course.

P242 - Reports of encounters with little ufonauts; some of them glowing green, thus "little green men."

Jessup didn't live long enough to do more research or write another follow-up. Yup, "nobody has died," Mr. Wyllie.

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Flying Saucers Uncensored

Starts off way better than his other book... Ahead of his time with some of this early stuff.

p13 - Powerful electric pulses, to shield the ship from heat & gravity. Yup. Wow 50 years ahead of LaV & his back-engineering of the B-2.

p15 - Electromagnetic drive. Again ahead of his time. Has this hypothesis been suppressed? This is 1955. Although I'm not that well-rounded in the ufo literature yet. -Edit: But would electro-magnetic drives work in outer space? Doubtful. Same with LaV's microwave propulsion, the standing waves need something to bounce off of.

p17 - Eleven saucers were stranded when their mothership went out of action - so no base or supervision. Another saucer (from different space group) saw one & thought it was hostile & shot it down over New Mexico. Others were rescued & returned to moon base. 8 of the 11 crashed & the fate of the other 3 is unknown. Okay... Where does this info come from? Sounds like fantasy channeled stuff. 

Other stuff about Dahl, Layne, Fry, all with slight errors, none of them named. Types of ships info comes from Layne I think. 

p19 - They might seek to annihilate our souls - create a destitute mutation with no adventure, no curiosity, no creation. In other words, workers or part of a group mind like ants or bees, as I speculated before. 50 years ahead of his time again. (Heh sounds like socialism.) However no mention of greys at this time. Greys are unknown; although they're the ones who are reported to have this agenda. As I keep saying, they haven't been invented yet.

"If they force on us world unity... it'll be more than worthwhile." Aha! The Plan! World unity. World dictatorship. No, it won't be worthwhile at all, except for the elites. Which is why they hatched this fake ET mumbo jumbo in the first place. Fake alien invasion coming at some point maybe. It's spelled out right here in 1955. The Vatican has their observatory at Mt. Graham looking for aliens; possibly "something is coming" but who the hell knows, they could say anything they want. Fake alien savior? They want to baptize the aliens, they've said so publicly. As stupid as that sounds...

p20 - Guy named Duncan Mackay invents magnetic engine that uses no fuel. John Worrell Keely & his hydro-pneumatic-pulsating-vacuo-engine. He could start a motor by playing a musical note. Got the Keely book, will report back soon.

"Magnetic and ethereal currents change continually." - Keely. Magnetic currents change with rotation of earth? Are there certain times then when magnetism is lessened? Not just during eclipses but depending on earth's position in space. Relative to... what?

p24 - Lester J. Hendershot invents a fuel-less motor. Levetzov rays, theory from 1906. German officers sent to USSR to work on this theory; Horst Pinkell, who was imprisoned & forced to work. Physicist Andrei Goryev helped develop an apparatus that neutralized these supposed Levetzov rays from space & tried to turn it around into a perpetual motion machine. By 1948 Russians were supposed to have 5 planes that I guess were essentially equivalent to ufos. 

p27 - description of this Russian saucer.

p28 - Herman Oberth: "We know of a material that will, in practice, insulate from the pull of gravity any object covered by it." This guy, former Nazi, went to the US. Which implies that the US was working on this same technology. Saucer technology. Safe to say almost all major nations had this technology, working, by the fifties, and were testing it with ET's as the cover.

The Soviets are also working on a space platform. Before 1954.

p32 - Spacemen learn English from radio and TV. Let's see, what would they be watching in the early 50's. Andy Griffith? Steve Allen? Seems like a Futurama episode with Ndrr-drr-drr or whoever that slug/lizard guy is... I wonder if TV-watching greys are growing beards now, since all our celebs & TV stars (male) seem to be mandated to have beards for some reason... I can just see a grey kicking back on his sofa & watching Married With Children; especially that episode where they need Al's dirty socks for fuel.

p36 - Aura Rhanes the lady Venusian captain that met Betherum.

p38 - Disappearance of Wilkinson & Hunrath. Hunrath's "alien" hieroglyphics are copied from ancient South American glyphs. Fakes. They were sposed to be flying to the desert to meet a saucer & were never seen again. Probably just crashed in a remote area & never found.

p41 - 5 saucers supposedly landed at Edwards AFB in early 1954, demonstrated mat and demat for Eisenhower; although he may not have been there. The saucers may not have been there... Unless it was our own military testing saucers & they phonied up the story of aliens in case it leaked.

p42 - A couple of letters to the author which must be from Meade Layne, although the author doesn't say so; promoting the 4-D explanation ie etherians of high frequency & high density who can change vibration at will. Only explanation that fits. All of these saucer forms are mutants who can change size, shape, color, mode of action etc.

This explanation was buried by the ET story.

p50 - Frank Edwards sacked. Jim Moseley tries to track down supposed crashed saucer to Wright Patterson AFB, through a night secretary who handled supposedly classified documents. This tale could have been fed to the well-known Moseley, who claims that his witness when interviewed was sincere, but she could easily have been hypnotized to spread disinformation.

No physical evidence from over 70 years of supposed saucer crashes has ever turned up. None. It's all hearsay. Any advanced tech supposedly from a saucer is tech the military or whoever already has; according to many sources, they're at bare minimum 20 years ahead of anything the public has.

The only onion in the ointment is the saucer stories from ancient history: Egypt, India etc. Could have been this levitating power of the magnetic Leedskalnin Effect; ancients could build flying vehicles themselves, they didn't necessarily have to come from illegal aliens. Saucers nowadays could be remnants from some ancient earth civ who moved to... where? Underground? Underground on the moon?

The moon moving or being moved into orbit in ancient times though, if true... Leedskalnin Effect would be nerfed before the moon was in place. Purpose of moon being put there in the first place? By whom??

p74 - Text of the message from Ashtar & Zolton, sent to Wright-Patterson. "Our laws do not forbid control minds." Aha! Friendly warning my ass - there's the ICHC blueprint right there; not to mention all our wonderful covert agencies. Hey if it's okay for the illegal aliens to mind-control us, must be okay for us too. Do Ashtar & Zolton know Aura Rhanes? Or Orthon? Maybe they play bridge or canasta. (Although I have it on good authority that they prefer crazy eights & go fish. Whiles away the time on those long space journeys.)

Also - what about this big stench that goes along with some of the sightings? Is the aliens' BO that bad? Do Aura Rhanes & Alnah & company need better deodorant? This is the "brimstone" smell - rotten eggs - associated with long ago sightings of demons. Ashtar has been compared name-wise to demon Ashtoreth (sp).

p81 - Meade Layne & etherians. Author names him this time. Layne's theory seems to be ignored until Keel revives it almost 20 years later. ET's from other planets are more useful to our elites' takeover plans.

p85 - Eberhardt Matuschka invents invisibility machine in 1954, demonstrates on stage in Toronto. Quick google search turns up nothing. If it's true, probably immediately classified & confiscated.

p94 - Devil's Footprints

p96 - 2 dead mermen fish-men found in lower Thames estuary. Oannes?! Oanneses? (Not sure what the plural is - hehheh). Sirians? See Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery, also Greenfield.

2 little green kids found in Woolpit, appeared out of nowhere in a field, said they were from St. Martin's Land. They had amnesia, the boy soon died but the girl supposedly grew up, lost the green skin & married & was supposedly still alive.

p97 - John Cleve Symmes petitions Congress in 1823 for a ship to find the north polar opening to the underground world - presumably where peeps like these little green kids might come from.

p98 - Supposed teleportations preceded by explosions - always? Disruption of matter? The green children mentioned a great noise. Some saucer appearances are accompanied by explosions & noises & electric phenomena. Plus the great stench. Sometimes? Always? Is this a "burning" of atoms or matter caused by the transition from their etheric dimension to our 3-D world? If these aliens are so concerned about our atomic tests disrupting their realms (in addition to our own, of course), their own mats and demats are doing the same thing to our world. Ashtar & his buddies at the ICHC are a bunch of hypocrites.

Gervase of Tilbury & his story of the saucer that dropped anchor that got stuck in the church & the "sailor" who suffocated in our air. They supposedly used the iron from the anchor to forge "bands" for the church doors, still there for all to see; in his time. Which church? Could it be found today?

p100 - Examples of mysterious appearances & disappearances of people. Children vanish without trace. Peeps found wandering who speak no known language. Some can be splained but maybe not all. Kaspar Hauser.

p126 - Witness sees huge saucer that changed shape. Important evidence in favor of living plasma mutant ufo (or djinn); not mechanical vehicle from outer space.

p133 - Medium in Australia in 1954 says "man's attempt to penetrate beyond...his vibratory rate into other planes or spheres is madness; he could not exist in them." Contrast this to what all the mediums say nowadays about raising our vibration to join the New Earth. It's a trap, I tells ya...

p166 - Witness to mysterious underground noises in outskirts of London. Like machinery or trucks rumbling. Peeps claim to hear underground rumblings here in Sleepy Hollow, between the old Aerojet place on one side & Hill Of Hope on the other...

p183 - Lithium bomb. Reports of many 1954 bomb tests follow, & weird weather of 1954 - floods, rain, 4 inches in 5 hours in Santa Monica, mudslide in Sierra Madre. Connection? Maybe...

p217 - "Stupefied." Hey he's using my word! haha. "They will be stupefied by what may happen."

p218 - Spaceman Moroni to physicist: "Your scientists will cause great disasters."

p239 - Several reported meetings with saucer entities. Almost all of them seem to be wearing some sort of breathing apparatus at this time. No greys yet.

p241 - More saucer entities in uniforms & breathing gear.

p245 - More saucer beings in diving suits or helmets. Most 4-foot tall; little green men. One group with enormous heads (possible greys with features covered?).

p252 - Hermann Klein, witness to Nazi saucers made at Peenemunde.

p263 - Gold Hill, OR & Santa Cruz have areas where gravity & magnetism are distorted.

Book kinda fades out toward the end as it goes into endless lists of saucer sightings like his other book. First part is good though...

So far as of 1955 no greys, no alien abductions, no hypnotherapy, no missing time to "prove" both... Interesting... All we have so far are the sightings & the space brothers (& sisters) & the midgets in diving suits...

Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...