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Flying Saucers Uncensored

Starts off way better than his other book... Ahead of his time with some of this early stuff.

p13 - Powerful electric pulses, to shield the ship from heat & gravity. Yup. Wow 50 years ahead of LaV & his back-engineering of the B-2.

p15 - Electromagnetic drive. Again ahead of his time. Has this hypothesis been suppressed? This is 1955. Although I'm not that well-rounded in the ufo literature yet. -Edit: But would electro-magnetic drives work in outer space? Doubtful. Same with LaV's microwave propulsion, the standing waves need something to bounce off of.

p17 - Eleven saucers were stranded when their mothership went out of action - so no base or supervision. Another saucer (from different space group) saw one & thought it was hostile & shot it down over New Mexico. Others were rescued & returned to moon base. 8 of the 11 crashed & the fate of the other 3 is unknown. Okay... Where does this info come from? Sounds like fantasy channeled stuff. 

Other stuff about Dahl, Layne, Fry, all with slight errors, none of them named. Types of ships info comes from Layne I think. 

p19 - They might seek to annihilate our souls - create a destitute mutation with no adventure, no curiosity, no creation. In other words, workers or part of a group mind like ants or bees, as I speculated before. 50 years ahead of his time again. (Heh sounds like socialism.) However no mention of greys at this time. Greys are unknown; although they're the ones who are reported to have this agenda. As I keep saying, they haven't been invented yet.

"If they force on us world unity... it'll be more than worthwhile." Aha! The Plan! World unity. World dictatorship. No, it won't be worthwhile at all, except for the elites. Which is why they hatched this fake ET mumbo jumbo in the first place. Fake alien invasion coming at some point maybe. It's spelled out right here in 1955. The Vatican has their observatory at Mt. Graham looking for aliens; possibly "something is coming" but who the hell knows, they could say anything they want. Fake alien savior? They want to baptize the aliens, they've said so publicly. As stupid as that sounds...

p20 - Guy named Duncan Mackay invents magnetic engine that uses no fuel. John Worrell Keely & his hydro-pneumatic-pulsating-vacuo-engine. He could start a motor by playing a musical note. Got the Keely book, will report back soon.

"Magnetic and ethereal currents change continually." - Keely. Magnetic currents change with rotation of earth? Are there certain times then when magnetism is lessened? Not just during eclipses but depending on earth's position in space. Relative to... what?

p24 - Lester J. Hendershot invents a fuel-less motor. Levetzov rays, theory from 1906. German officers sent to USSR to work on this theory; Horst Pinkell, who was imprisoned & forced to work. Physicist Andrei Goryev helped develop an apparatus that neutralized these supposed Levetzov rays from space & tried to turn it around into a perpetual motion machine. By 1948 Russians were supposed to have 5 planes that I guess were essentially equivalent to ufos. 

p27 - description of this Russian saucer.

p28 - Herman Oberth: "We know of a material that will, in practice, insulate from the pull of gravity any object covered by it." This guy, former Nazi, went to the US. Which implies that the US was working on this same technology. Saucer technology. Safe to say almost all major nations had this technology, working, by the fifties, and were testing it with ET's as the cover.

The Soviets are also working on a space platform. Before 1954.

p32 - Spacemen learn English from radio and TV. Let's see, what would they be watching in the early 50's. Andy Griffith? Steve Allen? Seems like a Futurama episode with Ndrr-drr-drr or whoever that slug/lizard guy is... I wonder if TV-watching greys are growing beards now, since all our celebs & TV stars (male) seem to be mandated to have beards for some reason... I can just see a grey kicking back on his sofa & watching Married With Children; especially that episode where they need Al's dirty socks for fuel.

p36 - Aura Rhanes the lady Venusian captain that met Betherum.

p38 - Disappearance of Wilkinson & Hunrath. Hunrath's "alien" hieroglyphics are copied from ancient South American glyphs. Fakes. They were sposed to be flying to the desert to meet a saucer & were never seen again. Probably just crashed in a remote area & never found.

p41 - 5 saucers supposedly landed at Edwards AFB in early 1954, demonstrated mat and demat for Eisenhower; although he may not have been there. The saucers may not have been there... Unless it was our own military testing saucers & they phonied up the story of aliens in case it leaked.

p42 - A couple of letters to the author which must be from Meade Layne, although the author doesn't say so; promoting the 4-D explanation ie etherians of high frequency & high density who can change vibration at will. Only explanation that fits. All of these saucer forms are mutants who can change size, shape, color, mode of action etc.

This explanation was buried by the ET story.

p50 - Frank Edwards sacked. Jim Moseley tries to track down supposed crashed saucer to Wright Patterson AFB, through a night secretary who handled supposedly classified documents. This tale could have been fed to the well-known Moseley, who claims that his witness when interviewed was sincere, but she could easily have been hypnotized to spread disinformation.

No physical evidence from over 70 years of supposed saucer crashes has ever turned up. None. It's all hearsay. Any advanced tech supposedly from a saucer is tech the military or whoever already has; according to many sources, they're at bare minimum 20 years ahead of anything the public has.

The only onion in the ointment is the saucer stories from ancient history: Egypt, India etc. Could have been this levitating power of the magnetic Leedskalnin Effect; ancients could build flying vehicles themselves, they didn't necessarily have to come from illegal aliens. Saucers nowadays could be remnants from some ancient earth civ who moved to... where? Underground? Underground on the moon?

The moon moving or being moved into orbit in ancient times though, if true... Leedskalnin Effect would be nerfed before the moon was in place. Purpose of moon being put there in the first place? By whom??

p74 - Text of the message from Ashtar & Zolton, sent to Wright-Patterson. "Our laws do not forbid control minds." Aha! Friendly warning my ass - there's the ICHC blueprint right there; not to mention all our wonderful covert agencies. Hey if it's okay for the illegal aliens to mind-control us, must be okay for us too. Do Ashtar & Zolton know Aura Rhanes? Or Orthon? Maybe they play bridge or canasta. (Although I have it on good authority that they prefer crazy eights & go fish. Whiles away the time on those long space journeys.)

Also - what about this big stench that goes along with some of the sightings? Is the aliens' BO that bad? Do Aura Rhanes & Alnah & company need better deodorant? This is the "brimstone" smell - rotten eggs - associated with long ago sightings of demons. Ashtar has been compared name-wise to demon Ashtoreth (sp).

p81 - Meade Layne & etherians. Author names him this time. Layne's theory seems to be ignored until Keel revives it almost 20 years later. ET's from other planets are more useful to our elites' takeover plans.

p85 - Eberhardt Matuschka invents invisibility machine in 1954, demonstrates on stage in Toronto. Quick google search turns up nothing. If it's true, probably immediately classified & confiscated.

p94 - Devil's Footprints

p96 - 2 dead mermen fish-men found in lower Thames estuary. Oannes?! Oanneses? (Not sure what the plural is - hehheh). Sirians? See Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery, also Greenfield.

2 little green kids found in Woolpit, appeared out of nowhere in a field, said they were from St. Martin's Land. They had amnesia, the boy soon died but the girl supposedly grew up, lost the green skin & married & was supposedly still alive.

p97 - John Cleve Symmes petitions Congress in 1823 for a ship to find the north polar opening to the underground world - presumably where peeps like these little green kids might come from.

p98 - Supposed teleportations preceded by explosions - always? Disruption of matter? The green children mentioned a great noise. Some saucer appearances are accompanied by explosions & noises & electric phenomena. Plus the great stench. Sometimes? Always? Is this a "burning" of atoms or matter caused by the transition from their etheric dimension to our 3-D world? If these aliens are so concerned about our atomic tests disrupting their realms (in addition to our own, of course), their own mats and demats are doing the same thing to our world. Ashtar & his buddies at the ICHC are a bunch of hypocrites.

Gervase of Tilbury & his story of the saucer that dropped anchor that got stuck in the church & the "sailor" who suffocated in our air. They supposedly used the iron from the anchor to forge "bands" for the church doors, still there for all to see; in his time. Which church? Could it be found today?

p100 - Examples of mysterious appearances & disappearances of people. Children vanish without trace. Peeps found wandering who speak no known language. Some can be splained but maybe not all. Kaspar Hauser.

p126 - Witness sees huge saucer that changed shape. Important evidence in favor of living plasma mutant ufo (or djinn); not mechanical vehicle from outer space.

p133 - Medium in Australia in 1954 says "man's attempt to penetrate beyond...his vibratory rate into other planes or spheres is madness; he could not exist in them." Contrast this to what all the mediums say nowadays about raising our vibration to join the New Earth. It's a trap, I tells ya...

p166 - Witness to mysterious underground noises in outskirts of London. Like machinery or trucks rumbling. Peeps claim to hear underground rumblings here in Sleepy Hollow, between the old Aerojet place on one side & Hill Of Hope on the other...

p183 - Lithium bomb. Reports of many 1954 bomb tests follow, & weird weather of 1954 - floods, rain, 4 inches in 5 hours in Santa Monica, mudslide in Sierra Madre. Connection? Maybe...

p217 - "Stupefied." Hey he's using my word! haha. "They will be stupefied by what may happen."

p218 - Spaceman Moroni to physicist: "Your scientists will cause great disasters."

p239 - Several reported meetings with saucer entities. Almost all of them seem to be wearing some sort of breathing apparatus at this time. No greys yet.

p241 - More saucer entities in uniforms & breathing gear.

p245 - More saucer beings in diving suits or helmets. Most 4-foot tall; little green men. One group with enormous heads (possible greys with features covered?).

p252 - Hermann Klein, witness to Nazi saucers made at Peenemunde.

p263 - Gold Hill, OR & Santa Cruz have areas where gravity & magnetism are distorted.

Book kinda fades out toward the end as it goes into endless lists of saucer sightings like his other book. First part is good though...

So far as of 1955 no greys, no alien abductions, no hypnotherapy, no missing time to "prove" both... Interesting... All we have so far are the sightings & the space brothers (& sisters) & the midgets in diving suits...

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