Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Book of Space Ships

Yikes. From the 50's space opera Flash Gordon cover to the trance channeled content, this one is definitely a miss.

p14 - This "Martian" says their ships derive their power from the atmosphere, and that their fuel or whatever is pure with no odor.

Okay, a couple of problems here. What about that awful brimstone smell so many contactees report? And if the motive power comes from the atmosphere, what do they do on the transit from Earth to Mars where there is no atmosphere? Hmm? Or farther out, to Pluto? Geez...

That's about it for this book, thankfully it wasn't longer. Living human-type beings on every planet. A ruler over every planet who created its beings I guess. Heat from the sun is generated when it strikes a planet's atmosphere, making life possible... Ho hum... Peeps actually believed this stuff back then? More gullible than nowadays and that's saying a lot... Explained away now by the Wyllies of the world (who give me the willies actually) as different "frequency domains." Easy way out, although remotely possible I suppose.

Now the statement that their ships have no odor, is that a goof, or a clue? A clue that the rotten eggs smell is something else, like demons or whatever, & not space people? Are there any space people? Hoo nose... I doubt it. This book could be used as evidence that there aren't, that it's all wishful thinking, or wishful channeling... Useful to prove the uselessness of all trance channels maybe...

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