Friday, September 6, 2019

The Expanding Case For the UFO

p18 - Author states that the only other alternative to his ufos-in-outer-space-near-earth hypothesis is that of Meade Layne with his 4-D etherians.

p28 - Discussing falls from the sky - debris field in space? - have these falls ever been charted as to date/time & what earth's position in space would have been? Maybe we're rotating through existing debris fields. That wouldn't splain falls of live animules though... Plus the fact that we're moving towards the constellation Leo so we would not rotate & hit the same debris field year after year - unless it was moving with us, like the comets. Chico CA seems to be one area where falls frequently occur. Not too far from Mt. Shasta, supposed home base of whatever...

p32 - Falls of hundreds of dead birds - some asphyxiated, some with cracked skulls.

A mat/demat of an etherial saucer might theoretically burn up the oxygen in a local area as it appears & disappears. Also the reports of explosions accompanying the mat/demat. This could splain asphyxiated birds, if Layne & the Inner Circle are right about 4-D saucers.

p36 - Falls of toads, snails, frogs, snakes, fish, crabs etc...

If ufos are collecting or growing & then dumping these, is this what they eat then? I'd like to see the greys' dinner plates! Put on the bibs, tuck in the napkins, pass the salt! Or wait... they wouldn't be dumping out their food. Maybe this is the food for... something else. The excess that isn't needed any longer since the real food has fattened up sufficiently...

Or... Orthon: "Say, Alnah, your worm stew is delicious." Alnah: "Thank you, my dear. Could you kindly pass the slugs? And you must try the gnat sauce on your fried toads."

p55 - Story told to a Navaho named Oge-Make from a Piute about the origin of the saucers according to tribal legend.

p56 - Underground city near Death Valley in the Panamints - the early saucer-makers lived there.

Can't remember my source but I read about a (gold?)-miner who got lost in the Panamints & supposedly found an entrance to this place, through an old mine. Sort of corroborates this story - although I need to find that source.

p88 - Mars moons - Gulliver predicted them 200 years ahead of time. How could Swift know?

p93 - Author advocates gravity control research instead of rockets. No wonder he was silenced. Gravity control was already being worked on & tested (CIA pretending to be space brothers); it had to be kept out of the private sector, thus any discussion of it had to be suppressed. The peeps mustn't know.

p112 - A correction from his earlier book - the coal bed where the meteor cube fashioned by human hands was found is 30 million(!) years old, not 300,000.

p122 - Starts a long list of changes on the moon over the past several hundred years - boring!!!! but he proves his point. Does anyone even look at the moon through a telescope any more? Why? We have google earth! How about pointing the Hubble at the moon and seeing what kind of close-ups we can get, hmm???? Why not? Don't want the peeps to know!

p180 - Something is colonizing the moon - more domes! Their number doubles every 20 years (up until the time of this book 1955). Are they still there? Is anyone still looking? Nah, zoom in on google earth, why bother?

p184 - Not far from crater Plato a square with a great cross inside - now no longer there. One of George Leonard's x-drones from Somebody Else is on the Moon. It was moved away. If it's a mining vehicle as Leonard guesses, it's been driven elsewhere.

p196 - Discussion of ancient pygmies - originators of space flight? Is that why peeps were seeing midgets in these early contact episodes? Greys are midgets/pygmies. Author doesn't mention greys though; because they don't exist yet!!!! Or they're hiding their features under those diving helmets. If they're not just being "fed" to all these witnesses by post-hypnotic suggestion then my whole thesis goes out the window. But these contact incidents were happening all over the world...

p200 - Great Pyramid - built for/by and used by pygmies?! Is that why the entrances and ramps are so short?! Wha.... Interesting thought. Where's Roberts Bauval & Temple?

p207 - Text of Kilgallen ufo report from 1955. (She died young - murdered? Hmm...)

p210 - Body of little man with one eye in forehead found on scaffold in NYC, during construction of Cathedral of St John the Divine. Story was written up but killed by NY Times. Typical. The newspaper of the elites. I wonder if this item would turn up on a google search - hmm the search engine of the elites, probably not. Hmm this blog is hosted by that same website of the elites. Oh well as long as no one reads it as planned, I'm ok...

p226 - Somebody in ancient days had a highly developed science including knowledge of gravity control. Author says only Einstein has come close in modern days.

Oh yeah? Actually Einstein seems to have thrown everyone off track. How about Tesla, Keely, & Leedskalnin? Jessup should have known of these guys. We have been hoodwinked, swindled, stupefied for the past 100 years, with the suppression of these guys (and there's others besides). Disgraceful. So the few can use this knowledge to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. And peeps wonder why society is going down the toilet...

p241 - Supposed spacemen in crashed ufos. All hearsay of course.

P242 - Reports of encounters with little ufonauts; some of them glowing green, thus "little green men."

Jessup didn't live long enough to do more research or write another follow-up. Yup, "nobody has died," Mr. Wyllie.

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