Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Hidden World - Volume 1

The Shaver Mystery in all its glory... or whatever you'd want to call it. Not much in here to make note of. The basic premise is pretty simple. Shaver's writings might be more interesting without the added Ray Palmer space opera crap, but probably could not have been published that way. His mantong alphabet is interesting; I hit on the idea of trying the cipher method of decoding the "funny names" aliens using mantong instead of Greenfield's cipher 6, but haven't done it yet. One day when I'm bored; extremely bored...

This publisher should print his books in normal size with correspondingly smaller font, would still be readable & probably cut publishing costs quite a bit. Probably cut his profit too so...

p66 - Cause of aging - age poison from heavy metals, in particles from the sun. Interesting theory. His Atlans & Titans left earth because our old sun was supposedly poisoning them & causing them to age. Remnants stayed underground, did not know how to service the machines which began to malfunction & turned them all nutso - the deros, detrimental robots, who continue to toy with us from down in their caves, using harmful rays from their malfunctioning machines. Nice story, good basis for sci-fi series - if it had been better written, say by someone like PKD or Vance or Herbert.

p141 - Man was placed here by ancient aliens. See many others for this same idea ie Sitchin, Cannon, Wyllie etc etc ad infinitum... How about God? I agree in no evolution, since there are too many missing links & too many gaps in the fossil record, and no fossil ever found of a species in the process of evolving into another one. Plus the fact that human-made artifacts requiring tools have been found in 30 million year old coal beds.

p169 - Why The Caves Are Secret is his chapter telling what he "knows" without all the space opera "I Remember Lemuria" crud. Worth reading.

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