Friday, September 27, 2019

The Sky People

I would have called the book The Two Adams since that seems to be the gist of it. Very interesting thesis, although again I'm extremely skeptical of visitors in spaceships. Visitors from elsewhere okay, but spaceships... I don't think so. Although the author is somewhat vague about that; doesn't say they're necessarily aliens from another planet. From this planet, as in ancient peeps who could do all this stuff, okay that's more plausible. Maybe. Sort of...

p38 - Garden of Eden on Mars? Author says there were 2 creations of man, Galactic Man by the Elohim, & later animal-man by the Jehovahs - who he thinks are lesser gods who created us as servants/farmers to till the soil. He cites Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine.

p40 - Original galactic race of man was Serpent People. Maybe this is what the Wyllie book meant when his friend told him he was one of them - as in spiritual man vs. animal man. Puts Wyllie in somewhat of a better light. However... he has other issues... Guess I'll deal with that if/when I read his next book.

Adam-1 or Serpent People, same as the Persians' Djinn? who were also supposed to have been created before man. Same beings? Djinn not angels/demons then?

p48 - 2 Martian moons are artificial - guarding the Garden of Eden? Are they the cherubim with the flaming swords?

p52 - Noah's Ark was a spaceship. The Flood happened on Mars. Noah was brought to Earth, saved by Jehovah not the Elohim. Author argues that 4 rivers in Eden might be canals; canals of Mars. -Edit: see the David Flynn book on monuments of Mars, he thinks this is possible, as in the fallen angels living on Mars & then "falling" to Earth.

p66 - Osiris & Isis not of this Earth; of the Serpent People who came at the end of the Age of Heroes & beginning of the Age of Iron.

p70 - Physical man as we know him exists only on this earth; he was created from earth materials. So we won't find men like us on other planets. Although there is the (much) later panspermia theory, that all planets would be seeded from space so would all therefore be similar in development.

p78 - Soviet scientist M. Agrest thinks Sodom & Gomorrah were nuked by spacemen - by inference the Jehovahs who were angry at animal-man (Adam 2)'s growing wickedness. Precursor to Sitchin who says the Annunaki gods nuked them.

p88 - Discussion of Tunguska blast - was it a spaceship? It was braking, slowing down as it came in, & was moving too slow for a meteorite.

p106 - Female is anode, male is cathode. Female collects energy, male dispenses it. The woman should give this energy to her man; doesn't happen much these days I guess.

p112 - Ascension - eliminate the animal body. That word again, even in 1960. Argh. Man is a cross-man half breed between Adam-1 & Adam-2; as bible says ("sons of gods saw daughters of man" etc); Adam-1 is spiritual, Adam-2 is animal, thus the constant hybrid turmoil amongst us. Ascension would be the casting off of all the animal characteristics; sorta the opposite of what our wonderful mainstream (& other) media keep telling (ordering) us. It's always "how did you feel" not "what did you think." My answer would be "I didn't feel anything, Anderson. I thought about it a lot though."

p120 - Adam-2 is a receiver only; he does not send. (E. F. Benson mentions peeps being imperfect receivers in one of his short stories in Night Terrors). Adam-1 is telepathic; Adam-2 is not. Adam-1 doesn't need speech to communicate; Adam-2 requires it. Speech leading to all sorts of deceit etc because we're always trying to figure out what someone means. Try looking at an internet forum or twitter for speech carried to the extreme, & the subsequent blatant misunderstandings that occur. Thank you mainstream media, you fookin morons.

p148 - Being right, or the sole possessor of the truth - a paranoid's attempt to establish security for himself.

p151 - Animal-man struggles to keep things as they are, or were. Resists change with a passion.

Angels are said to be servants of the Jehovahs, or some maybe the Jehovahs themselves. This would mean that they aren't equivalent to Galactic Man or the Serpent People. My conception was that they would be, but maybe that's wrong (if one accepts this author's whole thesis, that is). If angels aren't Adam-1, then we have another class of beings to contend with. They wouldn't be Adam-1, Adam-2, or Adam-1+2. Hmm... Maybe the author expands on this in future works...

p158 - Adam-2 was created to take orders & depends on authority.

No wonder there's so many peep sheeps out there! We were bred to be like that. Elites & media exploit that character defect; to turn everyone into a bunch of followers. Socialism same thing; get rid of all individual self expression. Turn us all back into thoughtless animals. Fodder for the elites; who themselves are the worst type of animals.

p167 - Tesla. He was in touch with sky people; they frequently landed on his property. Witness says he knows of over 1200 inventions by Tesla. Hmm...

p170 - There will be less need for controlled (channeled) communication in the future - ie thru mediums. This is after a little over 100 years of spiritualism & seances etc at time of writing. However in the time since, we're actually seeing more & more of it. The ICHC taking over; co-opting the whole thing, as if the only means of this type of communication is through them. Author was way over-optimistic. Telepathic human to human communication ain't happening.

p176 - Says the sun might be cool, as some of the contactees were told. Heat might be generated other ways - by rays from the sun hitting earth's atmosphere & causing friction; just like Menger or whoever said he was told. I'm not familiar enough with modern science but I'm almost 100% positive this has been disproved by our satellite data; data gathered from outside the atmosphere.

p194 - "The old world of prejudice, exclusiveness, narrow-mindedness & materialism is on the way out." Oh yeah?! Seems to be the opposite.

p195 - Sea level is rising 2 feet every hundred years. This reported in 1959!!!!! Was it a problem then? Is it a problem now? If it's a problem now, why the hell wasn't it reported 60 years ago, eh?

Also reported that the bed of the Atlantic Ocean is rising. Interesting! This would account for sea level rise independent of any other factor. If true...

The north pole is tipping towards the south. Not sure about this one, easy to check all of the above. If any of these are true, why no alarmist reports like nowadays?

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