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They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers

Lots of food for thought in this one, as I suspected there would be. The best of these early ufo books, again as I expected it would be. But how much did the author embellish it? Maybe not much. Maybe a lot, according to Keel.

p15 - text of Braxton County monster news report (Flatwoods Monster).

p28 - Chemical plants in his WV area.

p62 - The Shaver Mystery. Shaver says the deros communicate with mediums through trance - that's who they'd all be, then, the ICHC = deros. Not convinced; the deros would be a catch-all for anyone & anything. Later in the book the author is told the deros aren't behind the saucer mystery.

p74 - "We don't have it here; it's not ours." The Air Force supposedly leveled with witness Desvergers & told him this. Supposed to be the Navy with all the saucer intel; maybe this AF guy just didn't know about it.

p79 - Witness sees ufo with 3 paddles like oars - sounds similar to some of Dellshau's drawings?

p92 - 3 MIB visit Albert Bender to shut him up, after he's told a few people he knows what the ufos are. Is this the first recorded modern appearance?

p104 - Some home inventor uses a mobius strip antenna to get power out of the air. Must be static electricity. Infinite wave length to the antenna. "Augmenter" determines how much power. Mobius strip rumored to be part of Philadelphia Experiment (check sources - must be in Keel or Colvin somewhere, or the Berlitz book which I don't have yet).

p116 - Author lists 6 possibilities for origin of saucers. One of these is the Meade Layne 4-D theory but he doesn't go beyond that into occult or angel/demon territory. Barker seems to be a materialist who wants to believe in the interplanetary space aliens theory; or it's more useful if he's inventing some of these stories, as in useful to sell books.

p130 - "No defense for it." - Albert Bender. We'll see what he says in his book. "I went into the fantastic and came up with the answer."

p134 - Author worried about ice accumulation at the south pole; worried that extra weight will tip earth over on its side. 50's theory of Hugh A Brown.

When author mentions possibilities for saucers, Bender tells him he forgot about "natural phenomena." Which would mean what - life forms, like Constable was photographing, like Layne's etherians. Living entities capable of mat/demat, appearing anywhere (or anywhen?), invisible if they want... Yikes... Fort was right maybe? We are property; but not of aliens... Edit: Constable's sky entity photos were proved to be flaws in the film development process.

p140 - Various theories from readers about why Bender quit.

p144 - Eisenhower had not been told "at that time." Was he told later? This would have been after his supposed trip to Mojave. The Eisenhower thing never happened tho...

MIB not typical of any branch of intelligence. They're drawing too much attention to themselves.

MIB = dark suits = clerical? The Jesuits maybe? Is the Vatican behind the saucers? Are they the ones going to stage the fake alien invasion & promote a new alien savior?

p146 - Secret meeting at Hotel Statler in NYC to discuss changes that would come from new free energy source. Collapse of world economies? Govt afraid of economic collapse due to failure of oil companies, electric companies etc. Did this meeting really happen?

"When I mentioned Shaver why did he turn pale" - Bender that is.

From here author goes into Maury Island story, with Harold Dahl claiming to be hushed up my a man in a dark suit. But no one ever saw this MIB except Dahl...

p168 - Hugh A Brown's theory that growing ice in Antarctica will cause earth to tip over. Enough ice to cover earth in 120 feet of ice (just the land or oceans too? - not specific). Growing by 5 trillion tons every year. - check this! Might be good then if some of it melts or breaks off.

p190 - The story of the saucer landing at Muroc base near Edwards comes from Meade Layne & his sources (possibly real "insider" people - if any "insiders" can be believed - I don't think they can, they're just spreading disinformation - see Wilcock - his sources are channeled thus worthless as evidence). Bender debunks this above; says Eisenhower didn't know.

p204 - Saucer dropped common metals in slag - titanium & others. No unknown metal ever found; weird alloys yes. What is this a clue to? Why are the ufos dropping anything at all? They want stuff to be found, to throw us off the trail or... Could be clue that saucers are earth-made by humans - or they only want us to think that. Or... humans from the future? Or... we're still at that time learning how to build and fly the damn things (our wonderful secret govts), thus the constant repairs.

p211 - Bender's 5 possible explanations. All saucer reports have stuff that's true & false; his 5 possibilities are supposed to be examples of this. US moon base, Soviet moon base, unknown world power with new technology, US govt possesses incredible secret, Soviets preparing new mode of overpowering us from the air.

Barker guesses that one of these might be the secret; my guess is that none of these is the secret, Bender mentions these to eliminate them as possibilities. However, all of these early books are written apparently without knowledge of Brown, Keely, Tesla etc. I wonder if human-made machine ufos are an attempt to deal with etherians/demons/aeroforms on their own terms, or set up a defense for which there is no defense. An attempt to learn how to control frequency & vibration like the etherians do... If that's what they really are...

What would be "fantastic" to a materialist? Something that was not material ie the etherian explanation; or the angel/demon mythology, if one were an extreme materialist ie an atheist.

p233 - After being threatened Moseley starts debunking the interplanetary ufo thing & starts saying in his mag that they're earth-made; readers poke tons of holes in his new theories. No one buys it. Because you have a bunch of teenage nerd sci-fi readers who want to believe in aliens; earth-bound saucers are too mundane for them. Questions about Moseley though; who he might be working for, being a relative newcomer that nobody knew very well.

p242 - Author is told there are 2 distinct forces at play - one for us, one against us. Two opposing forces, one of whom wants to destroy us.

Why? Reclaim the earth? Anyhow the author states at this point that he is also a materialist, so he would tend to discount the etherian theory right off the bat, without giving it any thought; as in this book where he doesn't mention it at all except in passing. He's another sci-fi nerd who wants to believe in aliens, just like everyone else. So the "fantastic" answer would be that the ufos aren't aliens from outer space because that's what's expected & wanted; especially nowadays. Thus my recent argument with a neighbor who was incredulous I didn't think there were any aliens at all. "What?! No greys?! No reptilians?!" It was funny but sad.... Sad that this viewpoint is now the accepted explanation & you're now nuts to not believe in aliens...

Obvious answer to the 2 opposing forces would be angels & demons - but of course the modern materialist/atheist would have none of that because it might prove some religion correct (at least partially) & we can't have that; there must be no God. Or it could be ancient aliens but not from outer space; they're still here! Underground? Hmm.... Stupefied, as usual...

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