Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Book of Adamski

Better than the last two... It does have Barker's account of the R. E. Straith case, makes this a keeper. Not to mention what's-her-face on the cover... Although Barker may have (did actually) invented the Straith case himself...

p14 - Sound used for levitation. I've read this elsewhere. Maybe in combination with the Leedskalnin Effect; which these supposedly superior aliens should have known about, if it actually exists.

p24-25 have good reproductions of the best ufo photos. While plausible that they're out of this world, they very easily could be man made; but which men, where? Although the one on p25 is very creepy looking.

p34 - Adamski thinks the Silence Group is only trying to shut up those who claim the saucers are from outer space. They're okay with occult theories. Maybe because the occult theories will make the whole thing look ridiculous to the materialists/scientists & thus get shouted down. (I thought it was the reverse - the MIB trying to silence anyone who said the saucers were not from outer space... Only Adamski seems to disagree with this - but then he may have been a CIA stooge.)

One theory I read about on the Keel blog from one of his correspondents (Lorenzen maybe) was that the feds were trying to shut up these people because they didn't want the aliens to find out we knew what they were. Or something like that... Worth pondering. Then there's the Colvin theory about the MIB's in WV, Chinese agents looking for reincarnated Tibetan monks. Does any of this correlate? Please explain. Norman coordinate. Please explain. Everything I say is a lie. I'm lying.

Adamski thinks Moseley is aiding the silencers, because I think he was not in the same camp, ie he thought the saucers weren't aliens & were man-made, as I do (the mechanical ones anyway - there's still the others, the "living" ones, whatever they are; demons or whatever, or plasma entities or even govt made plasma weapons). I don't have any of Moseley's stuff other than what might be in later Barker collections I haven't read yet. Adamski says someone is backing Moseley in his efforts to discount the alien theory. Well later on Moseley tells Barker he inherited a million dollars. So Moseley is okay apparently. Some claimed Adamski invented a lot of the later stuff & denounced him as a fraud. I think it's likely he was duped all along, but truly believed all of it, same as many witnesses.

p39 - "Final success depends on each individual." Yes!!!! In anything, especially politics. You can't legislate fairness; the only ones they make it fair for are themselves while the rest of us have nothing.

p42 - There's air on the moon. Uh, nope.

p54 - Adamski seems to think that anyone who is not willing to join the universal mind will be annihilated. He uses the example of a drop of water, which will evaporate on its own, but drop it into the ocean & it will survive as part of the whole. I don't see how one could retain any individuality at all under this scenario. Why bother giving us individual minds in the first place if we're just going to end up as ants or bees in the universal consciousness? Most of his contemporaries preach endlessly about reincarnation & karma.

p62 - The Straith letter to Adamski, claims the state dept has a great deal of confirmatory evidence. Is it a fake though? Barker's article goes into detail, worth reading if the rest of the book isn't up your alley. He thinks he's getting framed as having written it, Moseley wants to see him, FBI visits etc. Good stuff! This stuff was all happening just as I was going into high school. If I'd had my shit together then (not that I do now!) I could have gotten involved in all sorts of interesting things as they were occurring instead of well after the fact... Oh well... PS Barker did invent the whole Straith thing.

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