Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Book of Space Brothers

Great cover! Makes the whole idea look ridiculous though... which possibly it is... If I was that actor I would have felt very stupid in that getup, even in the 50's or whenever that film was made. Unicorn man. Articles are from the 60's, many from 1967. What movie is this?

p8 - From the intro, says the book's messages were received through "channels." Ugh. Just because they say they're aliens doesn't mean they are, as I've said many times. Most likely just the peeps' subconscious, or possibly demons or djinn messing with us. If you get a chance, next time ask them who they really are & be persistent.

p25 - The coming of the Master Truth in 1967 by nuclear evolution. Hmm, I missed it... Unless... Sgt. Pepper? LSD? The hippie nightmare that destroyed millions with drugs?

p26 - Has details of the process of evacuations by saucers - when the "shift" happens I suppose.

p34 - Vimanas (ancient Vedas flying machines) were created on Earth before the frequency barrier came. ??? The frequency barrier refers to the schuman resonance I presume? When did it come then? What caused it? An inadvertent clue maybe. Jaynes' work might be connected; the breakdown of the bicameral mind, although I think his timeline is off. The frequency barrier would lock us in & for the most part suppress ESP, telepathy & the like. So we're supposed to raise our vibration according to all these channeled "space people" but how if there's a barrier in place? Like I said earlier this is just a buildup so when the shift does happen during the next planetary disaster (that's the only way it could happen, through alteration and/or expansion/contraction of the atmosphere) & if the spaceships are real (which I doubt), the vampires posing as brothers will collect as many of us as possible to stock the pantry. Heh.

p46 - On the supposed Venus space station their water is chlorinated & fluoridated. Um, fluoride is a rat poison. Space aliens use fluoride? Cripple their pineal glands? Maybe aliens don't have pineal glands. Bogus. Comical...

p68 - Regarding reincarnation, this trance dude says we are assigned lives, we don't choose them. Hooray! Finally one these doofuses gets it right. Invalidates all kinds of past life channeling stuff.

p92 - Frequency change again. Density level change. Comets will cause change in electrical structure. High frequency radiation will raise structure of cells. Is this plausible? Maybe, but not from comets. From LaV's superwave which will bombard us with electrons & gamma rays. I guess it's possible these guys are trying to warn us but don't have the proper terminology to do it because none of these channels has read LaV's books! Well not in 1967 obviously, but later stuff like Cannon etc.

p100 - Dark forces - first mention of greys? Space vampires after blood, from inside the Earth & the moon. Deros? Well we do have Greenfield's interview with the guy who supposedly found them in a cave & had to shoot his way out. Dark forces yes, but what they are is the question...

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