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John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries

pXIII - "Mothman film is an unfortunate piece of work." Thank you! I totally agree, I only made it through 15 minutes before throwing it away in disgust.

p5 - Mechanical humming noise seemed to come from Mothman. "It took over my thinking" - witness. Hmm, evidence of a link to mind control or hypnosis ie the humming noise? Or the thing producing that noise itself, effect being the same? Or EM noise from somewhere that produces the effect in the peeps minds, making them see Mothman? Other possibilities include the training of military in the area ie parachutists being mistaken for big mothmen (see link to Redfern interview below). Or military mind control on peeps in that area; remote control via microwave pulse beams (see LaV in the Pulsars book as well as various conspiracy authors such as Cannon & Constantine). WV very close to DC.

p17 - Shadow people seen in TNT area. Whatever shadow people are supposed to be... MIB I guess, the supernatural spook variety, not the bopeeps (black ops people) human variety.

p22 - Keel threatened by MIB, they materialized in his apt same as what happened to Bender. !! Three MIB's as is usual. He claims they drank a bottle of bleach. !! Told to Steiger in Jan 1967, this must have happened sometime in 1966. Our ancient supernatural enemies in more modern guises, Keel muses. These are the fellas who the ET thesis fabricators are taking advantage of (copying their methods) to set up their own all-too-human agenda. Or these guys (djinn or whoever) working with the bopeeps.

Steiger told Nick Redfern this story. Redfern MIB interview here:

So this revealing story may be in Redfern's MIB book. Steiger says he never put this in any of his books & I don't believe Keel did either. Very important clue to Keel's thinking; absolutely essential I'd say, as to why Keel abandoned the ET theory. Plus he co-wrote an article in one of the Colvin-edited Barker collections about the US military having ufos in the '40's. So those would be the 2 components, the military hardware ufos plus the microwave generated plasmoids, & the ultra terrestrial spooks from an alternate dimension or whatever wherever they are or are from. Not outer space; inner space maybe. Or djinn that were here before man and want their planet back, as some authors and controls have said..

p28 - Ufo's are elementals or living plasma energy beings. - Some are seen to change shape etc, even to this day. Constable's infrared blobs in the sky; also see Menger's description of his supposed trip on a saucer where he saw floating blobs out the window (prior to Constable's "work"). edit: Contable was disproven, Menger admitted later when he was in Florida to working for the CIA (to assist national security, he says they said). However see LaV again, these may be plasmoids created by the military using microwave pulse beams; experimenting with controlling them & driving them around. LaV's speculation being that one of these plasmoids could target an enemy missile & take it out; deactivate & disintegrate it. They've been seen in the Superstition Mts east of Phoenix.

Ufo's = ghosts?

p32 - Dr. Raymond Moody's psychomanteum - black mirror in dimly lit room. Sposed to be able to see reflection of dead, or even "aliens." Isn't Moody the Life After Life guy? NDE's etc.

p33 - 2 reptilians seen in 1890, communicated telepathically, vertical pupils. Doesn't say what their message was.

p51 - Keel complains about Mothman film - "They're butchering my story." Early versions - he apparently thought the one they used was ok. I don't. Or he toned down his criticisms for commercial reasons; after all, someone might see it & decide to seek out his book.

p80 - Shag Harbor - ufo crashes & sinks in the ocean, leaving behind a foamy substance. Same night as barium rocket test.

p83 - Another account of MIB/Air Force officer who tried to drink jello.

p84 - 1976 in Happy Camp CA, another stranger in a local restaurant tries to drink jello & didn't know how to use knife & fork. Author doesn't mention bigfoot but there have been sightings in that area & it's in the proximity of Willow Creek. Window area?

p94 - Phone calls with voices of the dead - does this still happen in the digital era? A couple years ago a co-worker of my neighbor Lynn was checking his voice mail on his cell phone & a voice answered. It was his own voice. He hung up, scared.

p96 - Ghost box. Uses radio sweep to generate background noise that facilitates the manifestation of spirit voices. Author has tested it, apparently it works to the point of hearing a few words, such as "John Keel."

p103 - Djinn. Not angels or demons or humans, 3rd order of creation (elsewhere I've read they're supposedly older than humans). Something in between. "Essential fire or smokeless flame." They harass us, but why? -Edit: they were booted off earth (to another dimension or something) and want it back. Our ancient adversaries...

p104 - Plasma forms of energy. They use electric charges to create a temporary physical form - manipulate electric fields to gain access to our world. If true, this would explain all manifestations such as ufos, ghosts, bigfoots, MIB's etc. What would determine which form they chose to use? Why would a plasma being choose to appear as a bigfoot? Do they pick the images out of the mind of the beholder?

p118 - Esoteric Intervention Theory - test by benevolent group, including Menger etc. I don't buy it. No way to know they are who they say they are. And how come peeps are most often scared shitless? Not benevolent; that's a cover for something else, a trick by the tricksters.

p127 - According to Paul Eno, linear time doesn't even exist; he says most physicists believe this. That's a conclusion I came to recently also; see previous blog entries. Which physicists say this though. Have to read up on physics I guess. Maybe they believe it but they'll never say it.

p131 - Sightings of "winged monster" in Chaparral NM. 30 miles away from here!

p138 - "Greys" walking in synchronous steps, even backwards. 2 witnesses snap their necks, their grey buddies drag them away.

Greys don't exist; some kind of reaction to person resisting hypnosis/mind control; illusion of neck snapping; they depart because the victim isn't a good subject.

p171 - Yakima WA is a window area - example of ufo seen in 1928. Classic sighting. If in 1928 (the guy was in a Model T) then this couldn't be a man-made or Nazi model. Too early. Then what was it? Plasma being? Through a window of the ship the witness saw an "Italian-looking" man in a dark blue uniform. Yikes. Blows a hole in my "there aren't any aliens" theory. Except the guy looked human anyway. Human from ancient civ in the Inner Earth? Gasp!

p173 - Ufos in Hopi reservation in 1970. "Part of our religion."

Megalithic sites have the rows of stones with the south poles aligned, which channels the airborne ions in one direction; toward the center of the circle at the end of the row. Specifically mentions Avebury.

p174 - Conductivity discontinuity - border between 2 areas of land that conduct natural ground electrical current differently. Megalith sites were built on these borders. Magnifies earth's geomagnetic field. Black Hills, Petroglyphs near Albuquerque. Megalith sites in UK possibly used for farming, energies enhance growth of seeds & crop production (this was lab tested).

p179 - Damon Knight charts Fort's data. Look up.

TLE - temporal lobe epilepsy - related to "alien" experiences. Hallucinations? PKD may have had this.

p180 - Keel speculates that peeps are being radiated with electromagnetic waves which causes the TLE. What is the source of these EM waves? Keel also notes that the effect is detrimental.

3am wow. Shit happens at that time.

p205 - Keel - "Gypsies and Indians know the whole story."

p208 - Maury Island. Author doesn't analyze it very well. Dahl is only source for seeing donut ufos & he disappeared. Some of my other posts go into it more.

p209 - Greenfield & MIB's. "Quasi-physical phenomenon attempting with some success to seem human, apparently with difficulty & only briefly."

p218 - "Interview" with "MIB." Psychological game.

p240 - Strange MIB encounter.

p295 - Vallee says regressive hypnosis a bad idea; can turn possible fantasy into experience that becomes irreversible. Keel - "Don't do it! You'll only fuck her mind up." Keel said it first but Vallee gets all the ink. Why? Cuz Vallee is one of Them!!!!

What is the reason this is done so often then? "Thousands of cases" according to Vallee. Is it mind control, or nothing more than hypnotists making easy money? & notoriety? Despicable. Revisit Dolores Cannon; although she is not "creating" "alien abduction" scenarios as Budd Hopkins apparently was - she uses hypnosis as a medium to contact her fake "aliens," the ICHC. Just as bad? Her patients seem to be helped. And she seems sincere.

p309 - Hypnosis - supposed "alien" might be the higher self of the individual, who keeps all memories of past life & somewhat knows the future. Or demon possession. Or djinn. Edit: see future posts about hypnosis, particularly what Rene Guenon has to say about it ie the subject projecting the subconscious ideas of the hypnotist; as well as convincingly proving there aren't any past lives.

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Serpents of Fire

Early part of the book argues that Hitler escaped to Argentina & that Nazis bought up huge ranches in Patagonia, possibly with counterfeit money; although millions of dollars worth of gold & other valuables were supposedly shipped out of Germany in the last years of ww2. Accounts of Hitler's death vary.

p61 - Chapter about Asian legends of King of the World & Agharti.

p83 - Authors guess that we might be a herd of future blood donors when ufos come to rescue us from a cataclysm such as axis shift etc. Yup. To Serve Man. If that scenario is likely, which is extremely doubtful. About the ufos that is; cataclysm at some point, inevitable.

p88 - Authors ask what Hitler received in exchange for satisfying the racist motives & blood cravings of the ufo forces. Answer: technology. Question: why are the ufo forces racist? They don't want racial mixing among humans? Why not? If they're after blood, blood is blood isn't it? Regardless of race? They've been mutilating cattle for decades (well somebody is) & draining the blood, so if cow blood is good enough... If ufo forces are racist as above, does that mean they control our mainstream media like Yahoo who seem to be promoting/advertising racism on a daily basis? Am I just being funny?

p90 - There's a 1938 letter to Ohlendorf in Germany with complete plans for a flying saucer. Story told by secretary; possibly bogus, or a plant like the 1897 airship "inventor" who announced his plans & then disappeared.

p96 - Base X making saucers in Germany; witness. Authors wonder if "someone" wanted the soon-to-be-appearing saucers to be perceived as German made. Good question.

p100 - Peeps will be educated to accept the idea that ufos (Nazi or otherwise) would carry them away to safety in event of a cataclysm. Written in 1983, this is still vogue among all the channeled crap from the ICHC - see Dolores Cannon, Tim Wyllie & others. A new planet will be found for us. What a joke... Joke's on us...

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The Strange Case of Dr. M. K. Jessup

p10 - Disguise hypnosis with white noise or white sound - put you in a trance without you even knowing it, or over the phone before you can even hang up. Makes you wonder about the white noise of all the endless crowd cheering on modern shows like The Voice, America's Got Talent, Today Show, NFL Sunday Night halftime etc etc ad nauseum. I'll bet they sneak something in there masked by all that noise.

p22 - L-M's, S-M's, stasis neutral, undersea - space peeps live in both interchangeably. L-M's are freindly, S-M's not. Er well what about inner earth. S-M's are the reptilians I guess? Or deros? Simple answer, angels and demons. -Not from outer space though.

p25 - Computer simulated voice programs are similar to voices of ufo crank callers. Eric Lenneberg has device in 1935 that translates word from keyboard (typewriter) into speech. So computerized voices have been around much longer than we think, way before the home computer era. Jessup did get some disturbing phone calls shortly before his possibly covertly engineered "suicide." Because he was close to the answer about something, the theory goes.

p28 - Manipulative analysis (psychoanalysis or otherwise) might be shared with covert interests wishing to institute a strictly psychiatric view of ufology; to portray peeps as nut cases I guess? Would this not also apply to regressive hypnosis, as far as possibly being manipulative? Methinks so.

p30 - Text of Allende letters to Jessup about Philadelphia Experiment.

p37 - Friend of Jessup's (Barker doesn't identify him) claims that a "strange little man with a black suitcase" went on the ship before the experiment started.

p64 - Colvin-added photo of Beckley with porn star. Is Beckley just an a-hole? CIA plant as Cooper claims? He screened porn movies with Moseley in a back room at an early "convention" as related by Macer-Story (she never went to another meeting).

p75 - Colvin notes on William L. Moore. Moore another a-hole, who promoted ET sham while distracting the public away from Keel's research; the guy who gave him his break by handing over his Allende file & hooking him up with Berlitz. Later admits to destabilizing researcher Bennewitz for CIA in exchange for inside info. Or he was CIA all along.

p86 - Photos of Jessup hard to find. Photo on right here isn't even Jessup, it's a ufo researcher. Mistake by Colvin.

p87 - Text of newspaper interview with Allende who claims Einstein was using the navy for his own research into going faster than light. Keel as well as Jessup thought Allende's claims were dubious.

p89 - Ship was radiated with energy beam which threw off atomic particles, forming haze of particles & whole atoms. Increasing density caused braking effect which stopped orbital motion of the electrons which made distances between atoms apparent to the eye which removed the illusion of solidity. -Edit: Hmm this sounds similar to what happens with monatomic gold, see David Hudson or Gardner's Ark book.

p90 - Invisibility - seeing the space between atoms once orbital motion stops.

p91 - Jessup had been hired to continue research in instantaneous displacement. Only Allende's word for this - most likely not true. The inference being that Jessup discovered something & was about to give it away, thus his murder.

p132 - Commander George Hoover states in 1995 that ufonauts are visitors from the future who can manipulate the reality around us. Compare this to John Sherwood/Pratt articles. Still trying to float this idea...

I personally don't think there is any such thing as time. Time is how we measure proton decay, birthed randomly (or purposefully) in the ether & then subject to entropy. Time is not a medium that can be traveled through. A measure invented by man.

p158 - From Keel's afterword - "Anyone who offers the true facts about the Philadelphia Experiment will be shouted down as a pawn of the Air Force conspiracy. But like 90% of the ufo lore, there never was anything to it."

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When Men In Black Attack

Some of this material duplicates Bender Mystery Confirmed. May be re-written or modified for this later volume, haven't compared. Some of these notes might copy what I wrote under that title.

p19 - Witness sees MIB running down, slowing down, running out of energy; singsong voice turned to monotone. Shuffled weakly out of the house & disappeared. Strange glow & big black car seen. Okay, did Barker make this up? Embellish a less weird account? Great story regardless. -Edit: I believe this was Tiny the guy with the wires running down his legs, who had a legit physical ailment (if not mental). 

p26 - Bender speaking to ufo meeting. Kazik - planet of MIB's who visited him. He was shown movies of fake socialist utopia, not really taken anywhere. The Kazik crap introduced so no one would believe anything else he said. Could he have been shown inner earth rather than non-existent planet? Of course if the inner earth stuff is all BS too then forget it... Just CIA videos or memory altering... Hypnotism.

p61 - Bender tells Barker if saucers turn out to be ET's it would have a great effect on religion. Yes, would promote atheism & hurt all religions. Maybe that's why this was all done, to undermine religion, promote atheism or whatever. Or, to turn it around, with more atheists among us (for whatever reason), they psychologically must support the ET hypothesis or their whole worldview crumbles.

p80 - Bender noted that film inside his camera was ruined. Sulfer from entities would affect the silver emulsion of the film & ruin it. The sulfur smell... Often noted in these cases. Always associated in the past with the devil or demons. Or... aliens who breathe a different atmosphere more related to sulfur? Sulfur smell comes from the air "burning up" while it is displaced by the materializing entity? Again, atheists would have a hard time with this demon or elemental stuff. But that's much more likely than aliens; would superior aliens be such doofuses, not knowing how to eat jello etc. Or maybe the aliens just fart a lot...

p84 - Bender says in his book he was told by entities: "We are able to penetrate your skull and gain complete control of your body." This could just as easily be covert agents saying this; they had the means to do it, even at this early date. See the Swamp Gas book. "Frontal lobes of the brain activated by electronic impulses" - Barker. See the Swamp Gas book for more complete info in the Cannon article.

p86 - Letter to Barker about MIB's who threatened Bender being reptilians. Or dero? Same thing?

Bender's book contains some of the oldest occult facts known.

p108 - Mentions Bulwer Lytton, reptilians, Great White Brotherhood (white magic, not white guys), Black Brotherhood (black magic, not black guys), the channeled dudes (dudettes?).

p111 - Barker is wrong here I think. MIB were not trying to keep their visits quiet. I don't remember any accounts of peeps being told not to mention them. Methinks they didn't care - only trying to keep peeps quiet about specifics of their sightings, particular those accounts that don't promote the ET hypothesis. That's why they confiscate all the stuff dropped from saucers; to keep it from being analyzed & proven to be earth materials, not exotic alien crap. That's why the saucers always seem to drop stuff, so there will be something to confiscate & make the visited think it must be secret alien tech the authorities don't want us to know about. All part of the deception. Plus: we're still learning how to build & fly these machines at this point; thus all the "repairs" which need a cover story.

Barker - "Is the US Government secretly promoting the concept of aliens?" You got it.

The Jessup Dimension

The Jessup Dimension: From The Philadelphia Experiment, UFOs, and Time Travel to Mothman, Montauk, and Murder by [Genzlinger, Anna]

p13 - Barker unwittingly propagates questionable time travel theories of Sherwood posing as physicist Pratt - so says Peter Moon in the new intro. Barker questions those theories himself though, at least in the Swamp Gas book later on.

p54 - Only Bill Moore identified photos of body as being Jessup. Isn't that a red flag, knowing that Moore worked with the CIA & assisted in destroying Paul Bennewitz & invented MJ-12? I'm surprised this info isn't in any of the other Jessup books.

p79 - Binary code language transmitted by electronic signal - to program - via tv, radio etc. Inaudible, below range of hearing. (This is illegal but doesn't mean it won't be used). To hypnotize & give commands etc.

Via memes etc there's an effort to distract public away from older cases to promote the ET hypothesis. Yup! Is this an effort by the intelligence services or a somewhat naively honest mistake by the new legions of atheists whose worldview would come crashing down if ufos were proved to be supernatural or occult in nature. The atheist-materialist couldn't handle it.

p88 - Phil Schneider also suicided like Jessup, in 1996. Maybe to promote "false" Philadelphia Experiment story. Keel thought the Phil Exp probably never happened. So all the Montauk stuff would be fake programmed "memories" in order to... what? Get a few peeps to believe it, for what? Why all the effort when 99.9% of peeps will never even hear of it in the first place?

Stefan Marinov too, who publicly railed against skientist thought police, & promoted & experimented with unlimited energy.

p91 - Just before the end of the 20th century, the patent office refused to accept any more patents on electromagnetism. "Whatever is to be invented in electromagnetism, has already been invented." Wow. Way to keep free energy exclusive to the elites. Well they run the patent office I spose.

p92 - Non-conservation of energy; Marinov was strong believer. Maybe this is the big secret after all: free energy; they know about it, know how it works, use it, & don't want us to have it. "Law" of conservation of energy is a bunch of baloney; like the big bang, expanding universe etc etc.

p107 - Alien abductions are CIA mind-control operations, according to 90's researchers like Cannon, Constantine, Emery, Judge, etc. Of course Keel had already figured this out 20 years earlier & was probably amused at all these "noobs" "finding out" stuff he had already written about years before. Not to take anything away from these newer researchers, good on you.

p109 - Hopkins tries to derail Strieber when the latter talks at meetings about psychic aspects of abductions; Hopkins tells him to get back to ET's. Both were named by William Cooper as CIA, so this kinda doesn't make sense; unless Hopkins is reminding the other guy what their story is supposed to be about. Keel also said Hopkins was CIA; a plant to promote the fake ET story obviously. Hopkins claims in Sight Unseen or whatever that book is called (yes I read it & stupidly believed it at the time) that 1 out of every 10 people in the world has been abducted. Rolls eyes...

p112 - Montauk. Fact? Fiction? Writer Gorightly thinks there might be some truth to it. Maybe, with the rest of the far out time travel & so forth crap added to disguise whatever small bits might be true. It goes beyond science fiction - in other words, past the point of believability. Yup.

p121 - Discusses the Woodpecker Signal.

Time Traveling Through Swamp Gas

p10 - Crash of saucer in Sierra Madre Mtns of Mexico with 6 dead guys in it, all 30 inches tall; from the Los Angeles Free Press; supposed to have happened in '48 or '49. Copy of article sent to author. Most likely bogus but hoo nose... Interesting account to compare with other saucer crash stories like Roswell.

p16 - Copies of 2 interesting NASA docs about ufos, first one hypothesizes about what ufos might be, 2nd one is about Jacque Vallee's findings. If NASA is a disinformation promoter, then what would the purpose of these be... Worthless unless leaked...

Vallee article talks about peeps' psychology when confronted by strange incident - peeps go into shock & their minds will add to incoming data to make it more acceptable. Since alien abduction is apparently more acceptable now than belief our own government would do crap like this to us...

p31 - Author questions validity of John Sherwood's material. Sherwood wrote as a "Dr Pratt" & claimed ufos were time travel devices. Later proved to be Michigan journalist not physics professor or Dr. of anything. Odd that the skimpy Barker wikipedia article quotes a later Sherwood article about Barker making up a bunch of stuff based on one known hoax (Straith letter). This blogger may go in and add material to that article, including questioning the inclusion of anything Sherwood wrote, which was probably revenge for what Barker wrote about him.

p35 - Keel warned Barker about William L. Moore. Keel apparently turned over his file on Allende to Moore while stating how dubious it all was. Moore ran with it anyway.

p44 - More Sherwood shenanigans. Barker states "for the record" that he had nothing to do with some of the hoaxes.

More on (moron hehe) ufo's as time machines. Hey go back into the past to promote abortion rights, you know, to prevent someone important from being born...

Text of Pratt's article on BICR affair.

p53 - Barker wonders if Pratt/Sherwood was a plant by some agency to float a trial balloon about ufo's as time travel machines, to see if it would fly (it didn't). Eventually he thought this was the case. Thus Sherwood's anti-Barker article mentioned on wikipedia & elsewhere.

p73 - Article by researcher Eugenia Macer-Story about abductee who saw aliens using paper and forms. Advanced aliens with a superior technology still writing stuff down on paper? Pshaw. A little kernel of truth leaking out from a staged abduction.

p92 - Abduction story brought out by hypnotic regression - thus worthless. When did hypnotic regression become vogue & why? & why do people accept it outright when a rogue hypnotist can create any fake memory they want to? Or the person's mind make all the stuff up on the fly under hypnosis, as Keel & others have witnessed.

p95 - "High-pitched sound" - many "abductees" first hear this. They're being influenced by mind control techniques, hypnotized or put into trance by that sound. The rest is all something else with fake alien abduction memories installed over what really happened. Somewhere in this book one of the article writers mentions that hypnotic regression could be bringing up screen memory (the alien abduction) which installs it as the "genuine" memory while permanently erasing the memory of what really happened. "Alien" abductees or contactees are chosen based on how gullible they are or how receptive to hypnosis they are.

p102 - Here we get into Martin Cannon's "The Controllers." He says ufo abductions are a continuation of mind control operations. -I think he's absolutely correct.

p106 - Stimoceiver - Jose Delgado - implant that electronically stimulates the brain. Outside operators can wield surprising degree of control.

p110 - Florida doctor Daniel Man states implant through nasal cavity can be done in 20 minutes. Plenty of time for one of these staged alien abductions.

p112 - Why do "advanced aliens" use tech that will be obsolete in a few years? Good question. Or write stuff down on paper, as in earlier article. Because they're not really advanced aliens!!!!

p114 - Discusses remote hypnosis. RHIC-EDOM.

p118 - Wavies. Peeps claiming they're being bombarded by microwaves. Never heard that term before. Cannon does say some peeps will use this as excuse for their own problems/behavior, but some is legit.

Dr. W. Ross Adey of USC says emotional states can be altered by putting peeps in an electromagnetic field.

p120 - 4 hz wav causes dizziness, nausea, headaches & vomiting. 8 hz wav has beneficial effects. The brain resonates at 8 hz, schuman resonance is 7.83 hz.

p124 - Asks if outside manipulator or hypnotist can cause person to commit antisocial acts. Basically argues no, but has several examples of where this did happen.

p128 - Too easy to cry "confabulation" to dismiss hypnotic testimony - says this is error - a dig at Keel obviously since it's his word. But Cannon contradicts his own assertion by presenting several cases where the hypnotic testimony was in error. Some of it may be accurate, but overall can't be trusted. Aliens using paper & forms? C'mon man. I wonder if they used pencils or pens?

p145 - Betty & Barney Hill case - evidence of being staged. Aliens using old tech. Star map worthless as navigation tool. Didn't know how we measured time yet spoke perfect English & even slang. (Keel - "What is your time cycle" is one of the questions contactees were frequently asked.) 

p166 - More Sherwood stuff - letters.

p170 - Letter written about Armstrong's supposed statements on the moon, edited out by NASA - "These babies are huge sir" etc etc. How does this jibe with the moon landings supposedly being faked? Ham radio operators supposedly picked up the un-doctored transmissions. The transmissions could have been part of the ET aliens from outer space with a superior technology promotion/lie, except that they were cut off during the live shows. Why cut them off? Hmm....


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The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns

p47 - Conversation with William L. Moore, who was later discredited as working with the CIA; not to mention helping drive someone to the looney bin. Dispicable. Moore discusses Townsend Brown. Moore helped invent the MJ-12 documents.

p58 - Reader mentions Coral Castle. This is before R L Poole's revelations: loophole in physics during planetary alignments etc.

p99 - Bigfoot footprints where the grass swirled around the impressions clockwise; as in crop circles.

p111 - Disappearing sailors etc. Particularly the supposed fight at the bar written up in a local newspaper - Barker says he was able to find a copy of this article.

p135 - Letter from Allende to William L. Moore.

p144 - Afterword by Colvin where he repeats story of summer job where workers had actually seen co-workers catch on fire & disappear. So he thinks some aspects of Phil. Experiment might have something to them; Keel thought it was bogus apparently, see his Aug. '83 afterword to Barker's Jessup book.

The Threat From Outer Space

p12 - Author underwent hypnotic regression. Welp that just possibly invalidated the whole thing, at least the first half of the book about ET's...

p18 - Underground alien bases in 4 corners area. Okay, well maybe they're not aliens, that other guy says there's underground bases in the southwest, of hairless humans, not aliens; the Old Ones.

p21 - Large number of human body parts found in 2 crashed saucers, Aztec & Hart Canyon, both in NM. Hmm that's where I am right now.

p25 - Whitley Strieber is CIA agent. He published James Forrestal's original diary as the fiction book Majestic. Hmm, I wonder if that book is worth reading. Forrestal jumped out of a window & killed himself. Or was pushed...

p29 - Eisenhower meets the aliens.

p36 - Aliens had broken the treaty; mutilated peeps & animals all over the place.

Aliens are manipulating peeps through secret societies, occult, witchcraft, etc.

CFR study group, names names including Zbigniew, Kissinger, Dean, Teller, Fish etc.

p47 - Eisenhower Briefing Document (whatever that is) a fraud; perpetrated by William L Moore, Stanton Friedman, & Jaime Shandera. The MJ-12 document. A fraud.

p48 - Mass shootings staged by CIA in order to promote gun control. (All this other alien stuff is staged by the CIA too. -me)

p63 - Plan for communist world government is protected by fake ET threat. In this last section of the book Cooper contradicts the first part, no longer believes ETs are genuine.

p65 - Names names - Moore, Strieber, Wilcock, Hoagland, Beckley, Corso, Salla, Dolan among others - all CIA & part of disinformation campaign, most of them willingly. Maybe some are approached as a matter of "national security." See Horsley for the scoop on Strieber.

p68 - Fake ET threat, big lie, in 50 years programmed most peeps into believing in ET's without a shred of physical evidence. Programming in tv & movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, Lion King... Yes.

p70 - Moon landings faked. Hmm, not sure on this one, maybe...

p81 - "The only reason an ET has not yet been presented to humanity is that they have not yet succeeded in making one that is believable." Yes.

Scary stuff if any of it is true. That's why the author was killed in a shootout, to shut him up.

Bigfoot Shootout

p10 - From Colvin intro, he says Indian shamans use tents to draw in the spirits. Not sure where he got this info but no reason to doubt it. Maybe the ones who lived in lodges. He camps out in the open, not in a tent. Good idea maybe, if out in the wilderness. Unless it's raining?

p16 - Bigfoot steals Colvin's gun. Kind of a stretch... He's camping outside a cave, avalanche is started, he jumps in cave to avoid, shoots at something inside cave (friend said it was a young bigfoot), then later he can't find his gun; but then extrapolates into the bigfoot taking his gun & further extrapolates that bigfoots are taking guns away from humans & stockpiling them. Geez louise Andy, c'mon man. Flimsiest of evidence. Is this the same way you gather "evidence" about Union Carbide, Mothman, the Rockefellers & everything else you write about? Your credibility just took a big hit. You dropped your gun before the avalanche & it got buried. Or you set it down somewhere in the woods & forgot it.

Back cover blurb: "Are the Apemen stockpiling weapons stolen from unwitting civilians, hoping to turn the tables at some future date?" It makes great copy but... geez. Maybe Andy's just having a little fun, emulating Barker at times. Nothing wrong with that.

p90 - Fred Beck philosophizes about skookums. He was the one involved in the cabin attack near Mount St. Helens in 1924.

p162 - Witness sees bigfoot injured in Nevada fire & captured. Interesting account.

p176 - Another interesting account of an army guy who witnesses captured wounded bigfoots after the St. Helens blast. He supposedly sees a scientist guy talking to one of them in an unknown language. Hmm... okay... Chewy I spose...

p205 - William S. Burroughs speculates about mind parasites proposed by author Colin Wilson in the book of that name. Experiments of a Dr. Miller who showed that any mammal can learn to control involuntary processes like brainwave frequency, blood pressure & heart rate. Astounding if true, particularly the brainwave frequency bit, since that's close to the crux of the whole biscuit. He cites recent Mayfair article - maybe it's available somewhere online. Anyhoo he says that we're still in the stone age psychologically, & wonders who would profit from this: a mind parasite that wants to keep us stupid.

p208 - Technique to produce events & direct thought on a mass scale. This is waking suggestion; which is legal. Subliminal suggestion is now illegal; waking suggestion is not. Taped suggestions are mixed in with commercials or whatever; dare I say programs like the Today Show & The Voice with the constant loud applause, masking something else added to the soundtrack. He says if the tape contains the right phraseology & you hear it at the right time, you will be forced to obey the suggestion! Wild. Contradictory suggestions work the best because of disorientation caused by them; suggestions sink in I guess (like the rapper on daytime talk shows who talks of love but when he performs his song they have to bleep out a bunch of words - the mf word no doubt; what a joke - on us). He suggests trying it yourself, broadcasting with a speaker from the top of a building. If negative transmission, block transmission back to yourself so you can't hear it.

p212 - Concept of MOB & TAZ units. Disrupt then disappear for awhile. Repeat.

The Burroughs article is also added by Colvin to another Barker book; seems out of place here but is a great article anyway.

Liquidation of the UFO Investigators

p14 - MIB are space people, according to Ted Owens. Actually they probably aren't; Owens is being tricked.

This book is almost all about psychic Ted Owens; sort of a misleading title. Except that the author (Binder) died suddenly 3 years after this was written, in 1974. Barker himself died in 1984, of aids apparently. Binder himself was liquidated apparently, like Frank Edwards etc...

Montauk Revisited

p99 - Grey aliens kidnapped kids & delivered to Montauk. Nope. Grey aliens are a fiction so it didn't happen. No mention whatsoever of greys in early saucer lit. Invention via hypnosis. Although there could be kidnappings by bopeeps (black ops people) posing as aliens. A definite possibility, see Horsley.

p104 - Hypnosis being used to implant false memories. As usual. Like the false memories these authors have I guess.

p110 - Stan/Swerdlow goes back in time to kill Jesus. Yeah sure. Comes back with vial of his blood & gives to Cameron so the latter can test for his DNA; to prove he's antichrist I guess. Meh...

p188 - Montauk catacombs are pathway to inner earth. Yawn...

There's a bunch of other stuff like this; interesting reading but pretty far-fetched... As a fiction story it's not bad...

The Montauk Project

p16 - A  410-420 mhz signal jammed author's pyschic friends. He traced this signal to Montauk, which gets the ball rolling on this book based on something that never happened (the Philadelphia Experiment). That was just a cover story for Manhattan Project after it was moved to Philadelphia. Keel outlines it all.

p44 - Radiosonde; airborne weather tracker, but with unusual tube (author has one). Wonders if its really an orgone cloudbuster.

Goes on to discuss time travel, colony on Mars etc etc with no proof of anything. Does mention some of the peeps undergoing regression hypnosis; Cameron, Nichols etc. Makes it all suspect, in fact "meaningless" to use Keel's term. A fun read although very poorly written.

A bit unbelievable that all this equipment would be left there abandoned for Nichols alone to find. Nobody else on populated Long Island would bother to go there, especially those living there who would have seen the military or whoever pulling out, right? No one else would have had any interest, right? Not even teenagers, right? Yawn...

Chasing the Flying Saucers

A column Barker wrote for Ray Palmer's Flying Saucers magazine.

p96 - Prince Neosom of Tythian (???). Later proved to be a hoaxer.

p108 - Well well well, Leon Davidson, an early proponent of my own theory. "They want people to believe the saucers are from space." Exactly. He said this in 1959. And it worked. Anyone who says Keel is well known and an influence doesn't know what they're talking about. He's practically forgotten, as is Barker. Geez look at Barker's wikipedia page. Disgraceful.

p118 - Neosom trapped with phony telegram. Hoax. Neosom = someone. Obviously...

p122 - On Aug 28 1959 Palmer warns Barker in a letter to keep his wits & "look for signs of hypnotism in the future." There you go; the bogeyman in all ufo & paranormal research. & they know it & use it. "Under hypnotic regression" is the phrase used even in modern books, as if this is a foolproof way to gather evidence, because we've been hypnotized to forget these alien encounters. No, they were created using hypnosis. It's all phony bologna...

p142 - Witness sees big ufo drop off 3 Ford Galaxies that proceed to drive away with 4 peeps in each. !?

p143 - Joe Simonton & the ufonauts who were cooking pancakes & give him 4 in exchange for water. Pancakes rubbery, smell like goose grease. Another account says they tasted like cardboard.

Funny stuff! Except for the warning about hypnotism.

Saucers of Fire

p11 - Ultima Thule - island north of Scotland, inhabited by underground peeps in their old jalopy saucers - hmm okay... Couldn't find this island on google earth, or any modern reference with google search. They don't want us to know... Or it never existed haha...

p17 - Secret saucer base in South America, maintained by people from many nations, who have secret communications with ships from Mars... hmm okay again... Info comes from guy named Northdruft, heard third-hand.

p43 - Riley Crabb talks about reality of caverns, peeps sworn to secrecy, other peeps who find caves & never come back etc etc. Channeled stuff tho, so probably worthless.

p44 - Change of consciousness whether going into space or underground. Mind undergoes visions. This would be because of the absence of the protective schuman resonance, which was not known of or well known at the time this book first came out. So if I go into a cave I'll become deranged? Must check with some spelunkers...

p45 - Reality of Rainbow City in Antarctica, tunnel system inside earth & serpent race (reptilians); Hefferlin stuff. hmm... Not likely...

p46 - Robert Dickhoff claims there is a vast system of tunnels underground; Agarhta, Shaver, deros etc. Inner Circle confirms. Inner Circle is channeled so...

p48 - Shaver says our situation is hopeless; because he's an atheist, Crabb says.

p52 - Article by Shaver describes when he first started hearing the voices through his welding gun at the Ford plant.

p75 - Keel supervises births of "alien" babies over the phone. 4 women having their babies all at once. He referred to medical books and gave instructions. (!!) 2 aliens were present. A bit later he says this was "staged" for his benefit, & therefore meaningless. He says nearly all direct confrontations with ufonauts & MIB are "staged." This incident happened on Long Island - hmm close to Montauk. X-Files did an episode like this.

p77 - Keel helped "capture" MIBs. Wha? He says a contactee ripped a phone out of an MIB car, an MIB was captured, & he participated directly or indirectly with the captures of others. Where are they then? What happened after? Is Keel putting us on? 

p114 - 14 inch tall human mummy found in 1932 in Wyoming.

Harmonius, old sea captain, tells friend of Fortean Lucius Farish who relates it to Otto Binder, that Old Ones live underground & ride around in clamshell vehicles (saucers). Vast underground network of caves, portals at Mt. Shasta, Andes, Antarctica & others. This dood was short like a bearded gnome. Okay, one of them! All New Age mantra stuff these days.

p115 - Caves in Turkey, giant bald albinos attacked archaeologists. These caves are known of now & have been explored, vast system under Anatolia (? maybe, I forget where, Andrew Collins wrote of them in one of his recent books). No giant albinos.

USO's, purity of cave air, most caves (such as Carlsbad) not fully explored.

p122 - Coming pole shift; change in earth's magnetic field, poles might flip, shift in earth's physical axis. This is still being said nowadays by the ICHC. New Age mantra... However it is true that Earth's magnetic field is weakening, and it has shifted in the past. Maybe this is what will end this Age.

p126 - Solar wind impact centered at axis; ie the poles. Any change in the solar wind because of change of location of the magnetic poles, would cause solar wind to hit at 2 new points & define a new axis of rotation. If true... yikes.

p134 - UFO literature full of promises of rescue mission, when the pole shifts; Leedy asks if we would be likely to resist if we knew the saucers weren't from outer space. In other words, if all this is true, we're being set up for a fake rescue mission from fake aliens. To Serve Man, as I've said before.

p150 - Discusses William Lyne & his two books, Occult Ether Physics & Pentagon Aliens. I have the first, better buy the 2nd before it mysteriously goes out of print at good old Amazon... Lyne rejected ET hypothesis & knew saucers were made by humans. Lyne describes how to build a saucer based on work of Nicola Tesla.

p154 - UFO Secrets of the 3rd Reich - film; supposed to be very well done. Maybe it's on youtube...

p158 - Witness says Roswell bodies were hairless humans. Laughs at mention of greys. Underground civ in the southwest. This author's father helped retrieve the crash survivor near Winslow AZ. They are not from outer space, they are humans from inner space. Lyne says the Roswell bodies were shaved Rhesus monkeys used in the rocket sled tests at White Sands.

p160 - "The ET hypothesis has kept UFO research stagnant for many years." -article author. As it was designed to do.   

p163 - Note from Andy Colvin in 2016 - Union Carbide epoxy found at Roswell crash site. There you go! And check out David Flynn's article on Roswell & the specific location of the Roswell crash ie latitude & longitude. Not a random accidental crash...

The Silver Bridge

No specific notes in this one, has "embellished" accounts of the Mothman thing & a chapter on the visit of John Keel, which Keel says he requested Barker rewrite to make it more truthful or whatever. Decent book though.

Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...