Thursday, December 19, 2019

Bigfoot Shootout

p10 - From Colvin intro, he says Indian shamans use tents to draw in the spirits. Not sure where he got this info but no reason to doubt it. Maybe the ones who lived in lodges. He camps out in the open, not in a tent. Good idea maybe, if out in the wilderness. Unless it's raining?

p16 - Bigfoot steals Colvin's gun. Kind of a stretch... He's camping outside a cave, avalanche is started, he jumps in cave to avoid, shoots at something inside cave (friend said it was a young bigfoot), then later he can't find his gun; but then extrapolates into the bigfoot taking his gun & further extrapolates that bigfoots are taking guns away from humans & stockpiling them. Geez louise Andy, c'mon man. Flimsiest of evidence. Is this the same way you gather "evidence" about Union Carbide, Mothman, the Rockefellers & everything else you write about? Your credibility just took a big hit. You dropped your gun before the avalanche & it got buried. Or you set it down somewhere in the woods & forgot it.

Back cover blurb: "Are the Apemen stockpiling weapons stolen from unwitting civilians, hoping to turn the tables at some future date?" It makes great copy but... geez. Maybe Andy's just having a little fun, emulating Barker at times. Nothing wrong with that.

p90 - Fred Beck philosophizes about skookums. He was the one involved in the cabin attack near Mount St. Helens in 1924.

p162 - Witness sees bigfoot injured in Nevada fire & captured. Interesting account.

p176 - Another interesting account of an army guy who witnesses captured wounded bigfoots after the St. Helens blast. He supposedly sees a scientist guy talking to one of them in an unknown language. Hmm... okay... Chewy I spose...

p205 - William S. Burroughs speculates about mind parasites proposed by author Colin Wilson in the book of that name. Experiments of a Dr. Miller who showed that any mammal can learn to control involuntary processes like brainwave frequency, blood pressure & heart rate. Astounding if true, particularly the brainwave frequency bit, since that's close to the crux of the whole biscuit. He cites recent Mayfair article - maybe it's available somewhere online. Anyhoo he says that we're still in the stone age psychologically, & wonders who would profit from this: a mind parasite that wants to keep us stupid.

p208 - Technique to produce events & direct thought on a mass scale. This is waking suggestion; which is legal. Subliminal suggestion is now illegal; waking suggestion is not. Taped suggestions are mixed in with commercials or whatever; dare I say programs like the Today Show & The Voice with the constant loud applause, masking something else added to the soundtrack. He says if the tape contains the right phraseology & you hear it at the right time, you will be forced to obey the suggestion! Wild. Contradictory suggestions work the best because of disorientation caused by them; suggestions sink in I guess (like the rapper on daytime talk shows who talks of love but when he performs his song they have to bleep out a bunch of words - the mf word no doubt; what a joke - on us). He suggests trying it yourself, broadcasting with a speaker from the top of a building. If negative transmission, block transmission back to yourself so you can't hear it.

p212 - Concept of MOB & TAZ units. Disrupt then disappear for awhile. Repeat.

The Burroughs article is also added by Colvin to another Barker book; seems out of place here but is a great article anyway.

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