Thursday, December 19, 2019

Chasing the Flying Saucers

A column Barker wrote for Ray Palmer's Flying Saucers magazine.

p96 - Prince Neosom of Tythian (???). Later proved to be a hoaxer.

p108 - Well well well, Leon Davidson, an early proponent of my own theory. "They want people to believe the saucers are from space." Exactly. He said this in 1959. And it worked. Anyone who says Keel is well known and an influence doesn't know what they're talking about. He's practically forgotten, as is Barker. Geez look at Barker's wikipedia page. Disgraceful.

p118 - Neosom trapped with phony telegram. Hoax. Neosom = someone. Obviously...

p122 - On Aug 28 1959 Palmer warns Barker in a letter to keep his wits & "look for signs of hypnotism in the future." There you go; the bogeyman in all ufo & paranormal research. & they know it & use it. "Under hypnotic regression" is the phrase used even in modern books, as if this is a foolproof way to gather evidence, because we've been hypnotized to forget these alien encounters. No, they were created using hypnosis. It's all phony bologna...

p142 - Witness sees big ufo drop off 3 Ford Galaxies that proceed to drive away with 4 peeps in each. !?

p143 - Joe Simonton & the ufonauts who were cooking pancakes & give him 4 in exchange for water. Pancakes rubbery, smell like goose grease. Another account says they tasted like cardboard.

Funny stuff! Except for the warning about hypnotism.

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