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John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries

pXIII - "Mothman film is an unfortunate piece of work." Thank you! I totally agree, I only made it through 15 minutes before throwing it away in disgust.

p5 - Mechanical humming noise seemed to come from Mothman. "It took over my thinking" - witness. Hmm, evidence of a link to mind control or hypnosis ie the humming noise? Or the thing producing that noise itself, effect being the same? Or EM noise from somewhere that produces the effect in the peeps minds, making them see Mothman? Other possibilities include the training of military in the area ie parachutists being mistaken for big mothmen (see link to Redfern interview below). Or military mind control on peeps in that area; remote control via microwave pulse beams (see LaV in the Pulsars book as well as various conspiracy authors such as Cannon & Constantine). WV very close to DC.

p17 - Shadow people seen in TNT area. Whatever shadow people are supposed to be... MIB I guess, the supernatural spook variety, not the bopeeps (black ops people) human variety.

p22 - Keel threatened by MIB, they materialized in his apt same as what happened to Bender. !! Three MIB's as is usual. He claims they drank a bottle of bleach. !! Told to Steiger in Jan 1967, this must have happened sometime in 1966. Our ancient supernatural enemies in more modern guises, Keel muses. These are the fellas who the ET thesis fabricators are taking advantage of (copying their methods) to set up their own all-too-human agenda. Or these guys (djinn or whoever) working with the bopeeps.

Steiger told Nick Redfern this story. Redfern MIB interview here:

So this revealing story may be in Redfern's MIB book. Steiger says he never put this in any of his books & I don't believe Keel did either. Very important clue to Keel's thinking; absolutely essential I'd say, as to why Keel abandoned the ET theory. Plus he co-wrote an article in one of the Colvin-edited Barker collections about the US military having ufos in the '40's. So those would be the 2 components, the military hardware ufos plus the microwave generated plasmoids, & the ultra terrestrial spooks from an alternate dimension or whatever wherever they are or are from. Not outer space; inner space maybe. Or djinn that were here before man and want their planet back, as some authors and controls have said..

p28 - Ufo's are elementals or living plasma energy beings. - Some are seen to change shape etc, even to this day. Constable's infrared blobs in the sky; also see Menger's description of his supposed trip on a saucer where he saw floating blobs out the window (prior to Constable's "work"). edit: Contable was disproven, Menger admitted later when he was in Florida to working for the CIA (to assist national security, he says they said). However see LaV again, these may be plasmoids created by the military using microwave pulse beams; experimenting with controlling them & driving them around. LaV's speculation being that one of these plasmoids could target an enemy missile & take it out; deactivate & disintegrate it. They've been seen in the Superstition Mts east of Phoenix.

Ufo's = ghosts?

p32 - Dr. Raymond Moody's psychomanteum - black mirror in dimly lit room. Sposed to be able to see reflection of dead, or even "aliens." Isn't Moody the Life After Life guy? NDE's etc.

p33 - 2 reptilians seen in 1890, communicated telepathically, vertical pupils. Doesn't say what their message was.

p51 - Keel complains about Mothman film - "They're butchering my story." Early versions - he apparently thought the one they used was ok. I don't. Or he toned down his criticisms for commercial reasons; after all, someone might see it & decide to seek out his book.

p80 - Shag Harbor - ufo crashes & sinks in the ocean, leaving behind a foamy substance. Same night as barium rocket test.

p83 - Another account of MIB/Air Force officer who tried to drink jello.

p84 - 1976 in Happy Camp CA, another stranger in a local restaurant tries to drink jello & didn't know how to use knife & fork. Author doesn't mention bigfoot but there have been sightings in that area & it's in the proximity of Willow Creek. Window area?

p94 - Phone calls with voices of the dead - does this still happen in the digital era? A couple years ago a co-worker of my neighbor Lynn was checking his voice mail on his cell phone & a voice answered. It was his own voice. He hung up, scared.

p96 - Ghost box. Uses radio sweep to generate background noise that facilitates the manifestation of spirit voices. Author has tested it, apparently it works to the point of hearing a few words, such as "John Keel."

p103 - Djinn. Not angels or demons or humans, 3rd order of creation (elsewhere I've read they're supposedly older than humans). Something in between. "Essential fire or smokeless flame." They harass us, but why? -Edit: they were booted off earth (to another dimension or something) and want it back. Our ancient adversaries...

p104 - Plasma forms of energy. They use electric charges to create a temporary physical form - manipulate electric fields to gain access to our world. If true, this would explain all manifestations such as ufos, ghosts, bigfoots, MIB's etc. What would determine which form they chose to use? Why would a plasma being choose to appear as a bigfoot? Do they pick the images out of the mind of the beholder?

p118 - Esoteric Intervention Theory - test by benevolent group, including Menger etc. I don't buy it. No way to know they are who they say they are. And how come peeps are most often scared shitless? Not benevolent; that's a cover for something else, a trick by the tricksters.

p127 - According to Paul Eno, linear time doesn't even exist; he says most physicists believe this. That's a conclusion I came to recently also; see previous blog entries. Which physicists say this though. Have to read up on physics I guess. Maybe they believe it but they'll never say it.

p131 - Sightings of "winged monster" in Chaparral NM. 30 miles away from here!

p138 - "Greys" walking in synchronous steps, even backwards. 2 witnesses snap their necks, their grey buddies drag them away.

Greys don't exist; some kind of reaction to person resisting hypnosis/mind control; illusion of neck snapping; they depart because the victim isn't a good subject.

p171 - Yakima WA is a window area - example of ufo seen in 1928. Classic sighting. If in 1928 (the guy was in a Model T) then this couldn't be a man-made or Nazi model. Too early. Then what was it? Plasma being? Through a window of the ship the witness saw an "Italian-looking" man in a dark blue uniform. Yikes. Blows a hole in my "there aren't any aliens" theory. Except the guy looked human anyway. Human from ancient civ in the Inner Earth? Gasp!

p173 - Ufos in Hopi reservation in 1970. "Part of our religion."

Megalithic sites have the rows of stones with the south poles aligned, which channels the airborne ions in one direction; toward the center of the circle at the end of the row. Specifically mentions Avebury.

p174 - Conductivity discontinuity - border between 2 areas of land that conduct natural ground electrical current differently. Megalith sites were built on these borders. Magnifies earth's geomagnetic field. Black Hills, Petroglyphs near Albuquerque. Megalith sites in UK possibly used for farming, energies enhance growth of seeds & crop production (this was lab tested).

p179 - Damon Knight charts Fort's data. Look up.

TLE - temporal lobe epilepsy - related to "alien" experiences. Hallucinations? PKD may have had this.

p180 - Keel speculates that peeps are being radiated with electromagnetic waves which causes the TLE. What is the source of these EM waves? Keel also notes that the effect is detrimental.

3am wow. Shit happens at that time.

p205 - Keel - "Gypsies and Indians know the whole story."

p208 - Maury Island. Author doesn't analyze it very well. Dahl is only source for seeing donut ufos & he disappeared. Some of my other posts go into it more.

p209 - Greenfield & MIB's. "Quasi-physical phenomenon attempting with some success to seem human, apparently with difficulty & only briefly."

p218 - "Interview" with "MIB." Psychological game.

p240 - Strange MIB encounter.

p295 - Vallee says regressive hypnosis a bad idea; can turn possible fantasy into experience that becomes irreversible. Keel - "Don't do it! You'll only fuck her mind up." Keel said it first but Vallee gets all the ink. Why? Cuz Vallee is one of Them!!!!

What is the reason this is done so often then? "Thousands of cases" according to Vallee. Is it mind control, or nothing more than hypnotists making easy money? & notoriety? Despicable. Revisit Dolores Cannon; although she is not "creating" "alien abduction" scenarios as Budd Hopkins apparently was - she uses hypnosis as a medium to contact her fake "aliens," the ICHC. Just as bad? Her patients seem to be helped. And she seems sincere.

p309 - Hypnosis - supposed "alien" might be the higher self of the individual, who keeps all memories of past life & somewhat knows the future. Or demon possession. Or djinn. Edit: see future posts about hypnosis, particularly what Rene Guenon has to say about it ie the subject projecting the subconscious ideas of the hypnotist; as well as convincingly proving there aren't any past lives.

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