Thursday, December 19, 2019

Saucers of Fire

p11 - Ultima Thule - island north of Scotland, inhabited by underground peeps in their old jalopy saucers - hmm okay... Couldn't find this island on google earth, or any modern reference with google search. They don't want us to know... Or it never existed haha...

p17 - Secret saucer base in South America, maintained by people from many nations, who have secret communications with ships from Mars... hmm okay again... Info comes from guy named Northdruft, heard third-hand.

p43 - Riley Crabb talks about reality of caverns, peeps sworn to secrecy, other peeps who find caves & never come back etc etc. Channeled stuff tho, so probably worthless.

p44 - Change of consciousness whether going into space or underground. Mind undergoes visions. This would be because of the absence of the protective schuman resonance, which was not known of or well known at the time this book first came out. So if I go into a cave I'll become deranged? Must check with some spelunkers...

p45 - Reality of Rainbow City in Antarctica, tunnel system inside earth & serpent race (reptilians); Hefferlin stuff. hmm... Not likely...

p46 - Robert Dickhoff claims there is a vast system of tunnels underground; Agarhta, Shaver, deros etc. Inner Circle confirms. Inner Circle is channeled so...

p48 - Shaver says our situation is hopeless; because he's an atheist, Crabb says.

p52 - Article by Shaver describes when he first started hearing the voices through his welding gun at the Ford plant.

p75 - Keel supervises births of "alien" babies over the phone. 4 women having their babies all at once. He referred to medical books and gave instructions. (!!) 2 aliens were present. A bit later he says this was "staged" for his benefit, & therefore meaningless. He says nearly all direct confrontations with ufonauts & MIB are "staged." This incident happened on Long Island - hmm close to Montauk. X-Files did an episode like this.

p77 - Keel helped "capture" MIBs. Wha? He says a contactee ripped a phone out of an MIB car, an MIB was captured, & he participated directly or indirectly with the captures of others. Where are they then? What happened after? Is Keel putting us on? 

p114 - 14 inch tall human mummy found in 1932 in Wyoming.

Harmonius, old sea captain, tells friend of Fortean Lucius Farish who relates it to Otto Binder, that Old Ones live underground & ride around in clamshell vehicles (saucers). Vast underground network of caves, portals at Mt. Shasta, Andes, Antarctica & others. This dood was short like a bearded gnome. Okay, one of them! All New Age mantra stuff these days.

p115 - Caves in Turkey, giant bald albinos attacked archaeologists. These caves are known of now & have been explored, vast system under Anatolia (? maybe, I forget where, Andrew Collins wrote of them in one of his recent books). No giant albinos.

USO's, purity of cave air, most caves (such as Carlsbad) not fully explored.

p122 - Coming pole shift; change in earth's magnetic field, poles might flip, shift in earth's physical axis. This is still being said nowadays by the ICHC. New Age mantra... However it is true that Earth's magnetic field is weakening, and it has shifted in the past. Maybe this is what will end this Age.

p126 - Solar wind impact centered at axis; ie the poles. Any change in the solar wind because of change of location of the magnetic poles, would cause solar wind to hit at 2 new points & define a new axis of rotation. If true... yikes.

p134 - UFO literature full of promises of rescue mission, when the pole shifts; Leedy asks if we would be likely to resist if we knew the saucers weren't from outer space. In other words, if all this is true, we're being set up for a fake rescue mission from fake aliens. To Serve Man, as I've said before.

p150 - Discusses William Lyne & his two books, Occult Ether Physics & Pentagon Aliens. I have the first, better buy the 2nd before it mysteriously goes out of print at good old Amazon... Lyne rejected ET hypothesis & knew saucers were made by humans. Lyne describes how to build a saucer based on work of Nicola Tesla.

p154 - UFO Secrets of the 3rd Reich - film; supposed to be very well done. Maybe it's on youtube...

p158 - Witness says Roswell bodies were hairless humans. Laughs at mention of greys. Underground civ in the southwest. This author's father helped retrieve the crash survivor near Winslow AZ. They are not from outer space, they are humans from inner space. Lyne says the Roswell bodies were shaved Rhesus monkeys used in the rocket sled tests at White Sands.

p160 - "The ET hypothesis has kept UFO research stagnant for many years." -article author. As it was designed to do.   

p163 - Note from Andy Colvin in 2016 - Union Carbide epoxy found at Roswell crash site. There you go! And check out David Flynn's article on Roswell & the specific location of the Roswell crash ie latitude & longitude. Not a random accidental crash...

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