Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Serpents of Fire

Early part of the book argues that Hitler escaped to Argentina & that Nazis bought up huge ranches in Patagonia, possibly with counterfeit money; although millions of dollars worth of gold & other valuables were supposedly shipped out of Germany in the last years of ww2. Accounts of Hitler's death vary.

p61 - Chapter about Asian legends of King of the World & Agharti.

p83 - Authors guess that we might be a herd of future blood donors when ufos come to rescue us from a cataclysm such as axis shift etc. Yup. To Serve Man. If that scenario is likely, which is extremely doubtful. About the ufos that is; cataclysm at some point, inevitable.

p88 - Authors ask what Hitler received in exchange for satisfying the racist motives & blood cravings of the ufo forces. Answer: technology. Question: why are the ufo forces racist? They don't want racial mixing among humans? Why not? If they're after blood, blood is blood isn't it? Regardless of race? They've been mutilating cattle for decades (well somebody is) & draining the blood, so if cow blood is good enough... If ufo forces are racist as above, does that mean they control our mainstream media like Yahoo who seem to be promoting/advertising racism on a daily basis? Am I just being funny?

p90 - There's a 1938 letter to Ohlendorf in Germany with complete plans for a flying saucer. Story told by secretary; possibly bogus, or a plant like the 1897 airship "inventor" who announced his plans & then disappeared.

p96 - Base X making saucers in Germany; witness. Authors wonder if "someone" wanted the soon-to-be-appearing saucers to be perceived as German made. Good question.

p100 - Peeps will be educated to accept the idea that ufos (Nazi or otherwise) would carry them away to safety in event of a cataclysm. Written in 1983, this is still vogue among all the channeled crap from the ICHC - see Dolores Cannon, Tim Wyllie & others. A new planet will be found for us. What a joke... Joke's on us...

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