Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns

p47 - Conversation with William L. Moore, who was later discredited as working with the CIA; not to mention helping drive someone to the looney bin. Dispicable. Moore discusses Townsend Brown. Moore helped invent the MJ-12 documents.

p58 - Reader mentions Coral Castle. This is before R L Poole's revelations: loophole in physics during planetary alignments etc.

p99 - Bigfoot footprints where the grass swirled around the impressions clockwise; as in crop circles.

p111 - Disappearing sailors etc. Particularly the supposed fight at the bar written up in a local newspaper - Barker says he was able to find a copy of this article.

p135 - Letter from Allende to William L. Moore.

p144 - Afterword by Colvin where he repeats story of summer job where workers had actually seen co-workers catch on fire & disappear. So he thinks some aspects of Phil. Experiment might have something to them; Keel thought it was bogus apparently, see his Aug. '83 afterword to Barker's Jessup book.

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