Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Montauk Project

p16 - A  410-420 mhz signal jammed author's pyschic friends. He traced this signal to Montauk, which gets the ball rolling on this book based on something that never happened (the Philadelphia Experiment). That was just a cover story for Manhattan Project after it was moved to Philadelphia. Keel outlines it all.

p44 - Radiosonde; airborne weather tracker, but with unusual tube (author has one). Wonders if its really an orgone cloudbuster.

Goes on to discuss time travel, colony on Mars etc etc with no proof of anything. Does mention some of the peeps undergoing regression hypnosis; Cameron, Nichols etc. Makes it all suspect, in fact "meaningless" to use Keel's term. A fun read although very poorly written.

A bit unbelievable that all this equipment would be left there abandoned for Nichols alone to find. Nobody else on populated Long Island would bother to go there, especially those living there who would have seen the military or whoever pulling out, right? No one else would have had any interest, right? Not even teenagers, right? Yawn...

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