Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Strange Case of Dr. M. K. Jessup

p10 - Disguise hypnosis with white noise or white sound - put you in a trance without you even knowing it, or over the phone before you can even hang up. Makes you wonder about the white noise of all the endless crowd cheering on modern shows like The Voice, America's Got Talent, Today Show, NFL Sunday Night halftime etc etc ad nauseum. I'll bet they sneak something in there masked by all that noise.

p22 - L-M's, S-M's, stasis neutral, undersea - space peeps live in both interchangeably. L-M's are freindly, S-M's not. Er well what about inner earth. S-M's are the reptilians I guess? Or deros? Simple answer, angels and demons. -Not from outer space though.

p25 - Computer simulated voice programs are similar to voices of ufo crank callers. Eric Lenneberg has device in 1935 that translates word from keyboard (typewriter) into speech. So computerized voices have been around much longer than we think, way before the home computer era. Jessup did get some disturbing phone calls shortly before his possibly covertly engineered "suicide." Because he was close to the answer about something, the theory goes.

p28 - Manipulative analysis (psychoanalysis or otherwise) might be shared with covert interests wishing to institute a strictly psychiatric view of ufology; to portray peeps as nut cases I guess? Would this not also apply to regressive hypnosis, as far as possibly being manipulative? Methinks so.

p30 - Text of Allende letters to Jessup about Philadelphia Experiment.

p37 - Friend of Jessup's (Barker doesn't identify him) claims that a "strange little man with a black suitcase" went on the ship before the experiment started.

p64 - Colvin-added photo of Beckley with porn star. Is Beckley just an a-hole? CIA plant as Cooper claims? He screened porn movies with Moseley in a back room at an early "convention" as related by Macer-Story (she never went to another meeting).

p75 - Colvin notes on William L. Moore. Moore another a-hole, who promoted ET sham while distracting the public away from Keel's research; the guy who gave him his break by handing over his Allende file & hooking him up with Berlitz. Later admits to destabilizing researcher Bennewitz for CIA in exchange for inside info. Or he was CIA all along.

p86 - Photos of Jessup hard to find. Photo on right here isn't even Jessup, it's a ufo researcher. Mistake by Colvin.

p87 - Text of newspaper interview with Allende who claims Einstein was using the navy for his own research into going faster than light. Keel as well as Jessup thought Allende's claims were dubious.

p89 - Ship was radiated with energy beam which threw off atomic particles, forming haze of particles & whole atoms. Increasing density caused braking effect which stopped orbital motion of the electrons which made distances between atoms apparent to the eye which removed the illusion of solidity. -Edit: Hmm this sounds similar to what happens with monatomic gold, see David Hudson or Gardner's Ark book.

p90 - Invisibility - seeing the space between atoms once orbital motion stops.

p91 - Jessup had been hired to continue research in instantaneous displacement. Only Allende's word for this - most likely not true. The inference being that Jessup discovered something & was about to give it away, thus his murder.

p132 - Commander George Hoover states in 1995 that ufonauts are visitors from the future who can manipulate the reality around us. Compare this to John Sherwood/Pratt articles. Still trying to float this idea...

I personally don't think there is any such thing as time. Time is how we measure proton decay, birthed randomly (or purposefully) in the ether & then subject to entropy. Time is not a medium that can be traveled through. A measure invented by man.

p158 - From Keel's afterword - "Anyone who offers the true facts about the Philadelphia Experiment will be shouted down as a pawn of the Air Force conspiracy. But like 90% of the ufo lore, there never was anything to it."

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