Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Threat From Outer Space

p12 - Author underwent hypnotic regression. Welp that just possibly invalidated the whole thing, at least the first half of the book about ET's...

p18 - Underground alien bases in 4 corners area. Okay, well maybe they're not aliens, that other guy says there's underground bases in the southwest, of hairless humans, not aliens; the Old Ones.

p21 - Large number of human body parts found in 2 crashed saucers, Aztec & Hart Canyon, both in NM. Hmm that's where I am right now.

p25 - Whitley Strieber is CIA agent. He published James Forrestal's original diary as the fiction book Majestic. Hmm, I wonder if that book is worth reading. Forrestal jumped out of a window & killed himself. Or was pushed...

p29 - Eisenhower meets the aliens.

p36 - Aliens had broken the treaty; mutilated peeps & animals all over the place.

Aliens are manipulating peeps through secret societies, occult, witchcraft, etc.

CFR study group, names names including Zbigniew, Kissinger, Dean, Teller, Fish etc.

p47 - Eisenhower Briefing Document (whatever that is) a fraud; perpetrated by William L Moore, Stanton Friedman, & Jaime Shandera. The MJ-12 document. A fraud.

p48 - Mass shootings staged by CIA in order to promote gun control. (All this other alien stuff is staged by the CIA too. -me)

p63 - Plan for communist world government is protected by fake ET threat. In this last section of the book Cooper contradicts the first part, no longer believes ETs are genuine.

p65 - Names names - Moore, Strieber, Wilcock, Hoagland, Beckley, Corso, Salla, Dolan among others - all CIA & part of disinformation campaign, most of them willingly. Maybe some are approached as a matter of "national security." See Horsley for the scoop on Strieber.

p68 - Fake ET threat, big lie, in 50 years programmed most peeps into believing in ET's without a shred of physical evidence. Programming in tv & movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, Lion King... Yes.

p70 - Moon landings faked. Hmm, not sure on this one, maybe...

p81 - "The only reason an ET has not yet been presented to humanity is that they have not yet succeeded in making one that is believable." Yes.

Scary stuff if any of it is true. That's why the author was killed in a shootout, to shut him up.

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