Saturday, December 21, 2019

Time Traveling Through Swamp Gas

p10 - Crash of saucer in Sierra Madre Mtns of Mexico with 6 dead guys in it, all 30 inches tall; from the Los Angeles Free Press; supposed to have happened in '48 or '49. Copy of article sent to author. Most likely bogus but hoo nose... Interesting account to compare with other saucer crash stories like Roswell.

p16 - Copies of 2 interesting NASA docs about ufos, first one hypothesizes about what ufos might be, 2nd one is about Jacque Vallee's findings. If NASA is a disinformation promoter, then what would the purpose of these be... Worthless unless leaked...

Vallee article talks about peeps' psychology when confronted by strange incident - peeps go into shock & their minds will add to incoming data to make it more acceptable. Since alien abduction is apparently more acceptable now than belief our own government would do crap like this to us...

p31 - Author questions validity of John Sherwood's material. Sherwood wrote as a "Dr Pratt" & claimed ufos were time travel devices. Later proved to be Michigan journalist not physics professor or Dr. of anything. Odd that the skimpy Barker wikipedia article quotes a later Sherwood article about Barker making up a bunch of stuff based on one known hoax (Straith letter). This blogger may go in and add material to that article, including questioning the inclusion of anything Sherwood wrote, which was probably revenge for what Barker wrote about him.

p35 - Keel warned Barker about William L. Moore. Keel apparently turned over his file on Allende to Moore while stating how dubious it all was. Moore ran with it anyway.

p44 - More Sherwood shenanigans. Barker states "for the record" that he had nothing to do with some of the hoaxes.

More on (moron hehe) ufo's as time machines. Hey go back into the past to promote abortion rights, you know, to prevent someone important from being born...

Text of Pratt's article on BICR affair.

p53 - Barker wonders if Pratt/Sherwood was a plant by some agency to float a trial balloon about ufo's as time travel machines, to see if it would fly (it didn't). Eventually he thought this was the case. Thus Sherwood's anti-Barker article mentioned on wikipedia & elsewhere.

p73 - Article by researcher Eugenia Macer-Story about abductee who saw aliens using paper and forms. Advanced aliens with a superior technology still writing stuff down on paper? Pshaw. A little kernel of truth leaking out from a staged abduction.

p92 - Abduction story brought out by hypnotic regression - thus worthless. When did hypnotic regression become vogue & why? & why do people accept it outright when a rogue hypnotist can create any fake memory they want to? Or the person's mind make all the stuff up on the fly under hypnosis, as Keel & others have witnessed.

p95 - "High-pitched sound" - many "abductees" first hear this. They're being influenced by mind control techniques, hypnotized or put into trance by that sound. The rest is all something else with fake alien abduction memories installed over what really happened. Somewhere in this book one of the article writers mentions that hypnotic regression could be bringing up screen memory (the alien abduction) which installs it as the "genuine" memory while permanently erasing the memory of what really happened. "Alien" abductees or contactees are chosen based on how gullible they are or how receptive to hypnosis they are.

p102 - Here we get into Martin Cannon's "The Controllers." He says ufo abductions are a continuation of mind control operations. -I think he's absolutely correct.

p106 - Stimoceiver - Jose Delgado - implant that electronically stimulates the brain. Outside operators can wield surprising degree of control.

p110 - Florida doctor Daniel Man states implant through nasal cavity can be done in 20 minutes. Plenty of time for one of these staged alien abductions.

p112 - Why do "advanced aliens" use tech that will be obsolete in a few years? Good question. Or write stuff down on paper, as in earlier article. Because they're not really advanced aliens!!!!

p114 - Discusses remote hypnosis. RHIC-EDOM.

p118 - Wavies. Peeps claiming they're being bombarded by microwaves. Never heard that term before. Cannon does say some peeps will use this as excuse for their own problems/behavior, but some is legit.

Dr. W. Ross Adey of USC says emotional states can be altered by putting peeps in an electromagnetic field.

p120 - 4 hz wav causes dizziness, nausea, headaches & vomiting. 8 hz wav has beneficial effects. The brain resonates at 8 hz, schuman resonance is 7.83 hz.

p124 - Asks if outside manipulator or hypnotist can cause person to commit antisocial acts. Basically argues no, but has several examples of where this did happen.

p128 - Too easy to cry "confabulation" to dismiss hypnotic testimony - says this is error - a dig at Keel obviously since it's his word. But Cannon contradicts his own assertion by presenting several cases where the hypnotic testimony was in error. Some of it may be accurate, but overall can't be trusted. Aliens using paper & forms? C'mon man. I wonder if they used pencils or pens?

p145 - Betty & Barney Hill case - evidence of being staged. Aliens using old tech. Star map worthless as navigation tool. Didn't know how we measured time yet spoke perfect English & even slang. (Keel - "What is your time cycle" is one of the questions contactees were frequently asked.) 

p166 - More Sherwood stuff - letters.

p170 - Letter written about Armstrong's supposed statements on the moon, edited out by NASA - "These babies are huge sir" etc etc. How does this jibe with the moon landings supposedly being faked? Ham radio operators supposedly picked up the un-doctored transmissions. The transmissions could have been part of the ET aliens from outer space with a superior technology promotion/lie, except that they were cut off during the live shows. Why cut them off? Hmm....


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