Saturday, December 21, 2019

When Men In Black Attack

Some of this material duplicates Bender Mystery Confirmed. May be re-written or modified for this later volume, haven't compared. Some of these notes might copy what I wrote under that title.

p19 - Witness sees MIB running down, slowing down, running out of energy; singsong voice turned to monotone. Shuffled weakly out of the house & disappeared. Strange glow & big black car seen. Okay, did Barker make this up? Embellish a less weird account? Great story regardless. -Edit: I believe this was Tiny the guy with the wires running down his legs, who had a legit physical ailment (if not mental). 

p26 - Bender speaking to ufo meeting. Kazik - planet of MIB's who visited him. He was shown movies of fake socialist utopia, not really taken anywhere. The Kazik crap introduced so no one would believe anything else he said. Could he have been shown inner earth rather than non-existent planet? Of course if the inner earth stuff is all BS too then forget it... Just CIA videos or memory altering... Hypnotism.

p61 - Bender tells Barker if saucers turn out to be ET's it would have a great effect on religion. Yes, would promote atheism & hurt all religions. Maybe that's why this was all done, to undermine religion, promote atheism or whatever. Or, to turn it around, with more atheists among us (for whatever reason), they psychologically must support the ET hypothesis or their whole worldview crumbles.

p80 - Bender noted that film inside his camera was ruined. Sulfer from entities would affect the silver emulsion of the film & ruin it. The sulfur smell... Often noted in these cases. Always associated in the past with the devil or demons. Or... aliens who breathe a different atmosphere more related to sulfur? Sulfur smell comes from the air "burning up" while it is displaced by the materializing entity? Again, atheists would have a hard time with this demon or elemental stuff. But that's much more likely than aliens; would superior aliens be such doofuses, not knowing how to eat jello etc. Or maybe the aliens just fart a lot...

p84 - Bender says in his book he was told by entities: "We are able to penetrate your skull and gain complete control of your body." This could just as easily be covert agents saying this; they had the means to do it, even at this early date. See the Swamp Gas book. "Frontal lobes of the brain activated by electronic impulses" - Barker. See the Swamp Gas book for more complete info in the Cannon article.

p86 - Letter to Barker about MIB's who threatened Bender being reptilians. Or dero? Same thing?

Bender's book contains some of the oldest occult facts known.

p108 - Mentions Bulwer Lytton, reptilians, Great White Brotherhood (white magic, not white guys), Black Brotherhood (black magic, not black guys), the channeled dudes (dudettes?).

p111 - Barker is wrong here I think. MIB were not trying to keep their visits quiet. I don't remember any accounts of peeps being told not to mention them. Methinks they didn't care - only trying to keep peeps quiet about specifics of their sightings, particular those accounts that don't promote the ET hypothesis. That's why they confiscate all the stuff dropped from saucers; to keep it from being analyzed & proven to be earth materials, not exotic alien crap. That's why the saucers always seem to drop stuff, so there will be something to confiscate & make the visited think it must be secret alien tech the authorities don't want us to know about. All part of the deception. Plus: we're still learning how to build & fly these machines at this point; thus all the "repairs" which need a cover story.

Barker - "Is the US Government secretly promoting the concept of aliens?" You got it.

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