Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Mysterious Ascension

p27 - Puharich heads the Council of Nine, which includes Sir John Whitmore, a medical doctor. I guess this isn't the same Nine I've read of & posted of elsewhere. Or if it is, then this The Nine stuff is very questionable. Which it is regardless hehheh.

Geomagnetism in WV heightens psychic abilities. Is this the reason for all the haps there then, like the ufos, mothman etc etc. Same would be true then of Petroglyphs near Albuquerque; & anywhere else - these are the "window" areas.

p40 - According to Stranges there are several types of ufos: US, Russian, Nazis in South America, inner earth, time travellers, outer space aliens, and angels & demons. This just about covers every possibility, doesn't it? So they're all true? Meh.... He leaves out the interdimensional hypothesis, so that must be what they are. Living creatures of some type. I spose... No proof of any of it other than that they're out there & some peeps see them & some don't...

Alien abductions are demonic, he says. See Horsley for a counter to this theory, ie a screen memory to cover ritual abuse by humans. Edit: probably both; possibly working together.

Note: Thor is bogus so much of this book is too. Hardly any new info here until...

p87 - According to editor Colvin, Barker made up the "Eisenhower meets aliens" story. Good article in Flying Saucer Fire and Fury, will revisit with this in mind.

p90 - Colvin theorizes "intelligence community used Stranges to publicize a controlled story that might draw out soviet spies." A decent explanation, except how many peeps ever even read this garbage back in the day? Very few, almost all just teenage nerds with pimples and no girlfriends.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Forget About Flying Saucers

p21 - Text of letter from Dr. Raymond Bernard, the hollow earth guy - about exploring tunnels in South America. Hmm, wonder if there's any new (within last 40 years) info on this. Hmm, tunnels supposedly all over South America, Nazis supposedly all over South America... Coincidence? Are they in cahoots? Is it arglebargle, or foofarah?

p22 - Witness saw underground city of dwarfs. ?? Send in the military! Not to kill, but to defend themselves long enough to collect evidence, like photos or even some of the dwarfs?

p41 - Simonton was hypnotized - pancakes were real though.

A number of possibilities here. Barker overheard a conversation in a restaurant, of real estate peeps who wanted to set up an amusement park & hypnotized Simonton to be one of their attractions. C'mon man, this sounds just stupid. Cover story? Hypnosis was real but reason for it was a con? To divert attention away from the CIA being responsible for the deception? Hey it's not us! Uh huh... Barker was being put on? Barker was helping the CIA? How would they have known which restaurant he would go to & which booth he would sit in, in order to stage the conversation for him to overhear? Barker made it up? Because he suspected many contactees were victims of hypnosis & wanted to see the reaction if he printed this? Or he wanted to make the hypnosis idea sound ridiculous? Or lead peeps off the trail of the CIA, to protect himself (from them) by saying it might be someone else doing it? Barker himself was hypnotized into believing this story of hypnosis? Blerg... you figure it out. The pancake story is one of the funniest ufo contact stories though; a shame that it wasn't real. Why would ufonauts be frying pancakes inside a ufo? Why would the ufonauts be wearing 400 year old Irish soldier uniforms, as Barker alleges at the end of this article? If the object was to promote the ET thesis, then why make the peeps who "contact" the "ET's" look like fools? Curiouser and curiouser...

p112 - Moseley sees pieces of the famous pancakes at Wright-Patterson.

p116 - Text of report on Villas-Boas case. Hypnosis or confabulation or deception is not even considered in the majority of these early 60's reports. I wonder who Villas-Boas's alien babe really was...

p134 - Entity named Zayron manifesting in trance; member of ICHC obviously. No details of what he said.

p135 - Norman Schreibstein MIB visit. Goings on with lights flying around a room. Someone grabs it momentarily & it "feels metallic." ?? Cud be a clue...

p145 - Ouija Board session attended by Barker. I may have wrote of this elsewhere. Anyhoo Ouija Board warns weird devils are watching. "They are all over." Psychic operator picks it up from one of the group.

The end.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Saucers of Fear

p38 - A ufo that shapeshifted.

p85 - Dero (Inner Earth) cave entrance near Mitla, Oaxaca - Cavern of Death. Last room of a temple. Now sealed up. No longer have access. Well, dig it up! Find out what's what instead of just guessing.

p90 - Malta underground tunnels - also sealed up, after schoolteacher & 30 students went in & never came back. Dig it up too, send in the military.

p96 - "Moon food" concept of Asian philosophers, that soul is extension of universal energy field. Ego, personality & memory left behind at death (I hope not). Presumably if one reaches nirvana? -Nah, the Vedas say the personality survives.

p108 - Steiger says alien abductions on the increase in the 80's. But it was part of their regular procedure to use hypnosis with contactees. Geez no wonder... Rolls eyes... More & more peeps being hypnotized into believing the false alien story.. More hypnosis used, more alien abductions... Geez it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out... Kinda like teen pregnancies, too many 10th graders getting pregnant, better teach sex education in 9th grade then, oops too many 9th graders now getting pregnant better teach it in 8th grade, oops too many 8th graders getting pregnant better teach it in 7th grade, oops too many 7th graders getting pregnant better teach it in 6th grade... On & on & on, the lunacy never ends.

p109 - Abductions more heavily concentrated in the US - of course because the CIA is doing it! & implanting screen memory of alien abduction which is then made permanent by hypnosis. Duh. "Beeping sound" is mentioned. This puts the victim (labeled "abductee") into a trance. Thanks to Strieber & Hopkins for spreading this BS. Idiots. See Horsley & Prisoner of Infinity that this is all likely a cover for ritual child abuse. Despicable.

p110 - Among common characteristics are dreams of men in white coats - sure, that's the real memory, screened & then permanently erased by misuse of hypnosis. So Strieber & Hopkins can sell books & spread the lie...

p139 - Eyewitness to Hitler's escape - saw him at airfield after he had supposedly committed suicide.

p152 - Interviews with a grey. By friend of a friend. Yeah right...

p156 - NSA attempt to make contact with ultraterrestrial entities through a stable interdimensional portal. Like Crowley, Parsons etc. Read of this elsewhere...

p162 - Effects of ELF waves.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Men In Black: The Secret Terror

p12 Mound WV & Kanawha Valley not encroached on during last Ice Age - unlike surrounding areas - so lots of ancient stuff found there, including the mounds.

p13 - Carbide (in Mound WV) manufactured some of the plastics found at the Roswell crash site (as well as some glue or something that was exclusive to the company, noted by Colvin elsewhere).

Did their Institute WV plant take over production of Nazi saucer-drones after the war? Maybe. Maybe during or as soon as the Nazis had them.

p14 - ET indoctrination program, for social engineering or perception management. Yup.

New line of saucers being built in WV during the 60's - would account for all the sightings in the Mothman era. Kecksburg model in 1965 (whatever that is...).

p15 - Indrid Cold lived in a house near Institute. Does this come from Greenfield? The interview towards the end of his book?

p16 - Colvin's elementary school Grandview - because of its high number of genius kids it became a focus of military interest. Add 2+2 Andy, your school might have been the subject of a military/covert test. "Funded by a special grant organized by RFK." Wonder why... not. Not a coincidence, Andy. A lot of ufo weirdos came from WV; Budd Hopkins for one. If you connect the dots this connects RFK to the ufo/covert ops things; it's not just peeps in the other party, as I keep trying to tell you. Maybe why Colvin & his ilk don't delve into this too much; it destroys the illusion they're trying to preserve - the mainstream media fantasyland.

Regardless of all my criticism of Colvin, his additions to the new editions of these Barker books are fascinating, valuable and invaluable (??). Question: why do valuable and invaluable mean the same thing?

p18 - MK-Ultra, Mae Brussell, her belief that "alien abductions" were all from ex-Nazi doctors who were brought over to the US. International order of ex-Nazis. She died shortly after Barker (1984), a possible victim of induced cancer. If Horsley is right, then you have alien abduction a cover for ex-Nazi doctors a cover for ritual child abuse. Ugh. Brussell could have been eliminated to make researchers think she was "on to something" - or she really was on to something.

p21 - 2 kinds of ufos. Yes. Man-made & whatever the other ones are.

Army psychiatrists hypnotized the Hills into forgetting what they had seen. Because they'd seen military personnel, not aliens. -Righto.

p22 - Peeps believe ET's are real & in cahoots with the govt. Not by chance. Constant drone of ET programming in the media.

p43 - Early 1955 MIB account.

p46 - Maury Island - decent summary. With only Dahl's word for the donut ufos then not much credibility for that part of the story. That many ufos over that part of Puget Sound so near Tacoma & the smelter, no chance nobody else would have seen them. Some aspects still unexplained like the deserted house. Arnold's hotel room didn't need to have been bugged, they could have listened in from the room next door. Only Dahl's word for MIB also makes that aspect suspicious. Presence of Crisman makes the whole thing suspicious.

p52 - Text of Moseley editorial from Aug 67 about new "dangerous phase" regarding harassment of ufo researchers.

p54 - "Read the Bible." - quote to Barker from Gordon Evans who quit the field. Interesting that Keel (Barker called him on the phone) would not give Barker any details, if he knew them. Keel's own visitation by the "MIB" (who drank up a bottle of bleach) was just prior to Jan '67 when he told a visiting Brad Steiger about it. Did Steiger tell anyone else; is it in any of his books? If so, Barker should have known; although maybe he did, which is why he would have called Keel (either way, Barker never said anything about it either). If not, as seems likely, then maybe Keel told him "off the record" & Steiger revealed it later to Brent Raynes. Raynes isn't clear about this in his book. Don't remember Keel himself (or future 2000's editor Colvin) mentioning it, although all of his stuff is due for a re-read. Seems like kind of a big deal, doesn't it?... Steiger tells Raines that he & Keel discussed the bizarre visitors at greater length, but doesn't give any more details unfortunately.

p65 - "The Bible actually lays the whole thing out in minute detail." - Keel

p77 - Heinrich phone call warning not to pursue free energy.

p83 - Heinrich call to Barker's nephew. "We know all things." Warns again not to pursue free energy. Voice could have been faked with text-to-speech dealie. Or maybe a Barker hoax; but would he scare his own nephew to death?

p84 - "International bankers" feared that advent of saucers might disclose secret of free energy & upset financial system. Yes, since they themselves already have free energy & don't want the rest of us to have it. Upset financial balance as in they won't be able to make a killing on oil or electricity or anything else any more.

p88 - Discusses Varo edition of Case for the Ufo.

p97 - Text of letter from "Interstellar Bankers." Probably teenage friend hoaxing 2 teenage recipients. Somewhat unsettling tho... Story possibly embellished by Barker; or another Barker hoax?

p107 - In private letter Menger admits he was contacted by US govt agency to help with experiment, to gauge peeps' reactions to alien contact. Because he had accidentally witnessed something, test saucer experiment maybe. His whole shtick was a ruse; his "aliens" never existed. See?

p109 - CIA hoaxed saucer celebs into thinking they met space peeps & rode in saucers - Leon Davidson. Yup. Menger admitted it. Did Colin Bennett see this info? Don't think it's in his Adamski book.

p110 - Witnesses who collect ufo fragments falling from saucers scared into giving it back.

Another con to set up the ET scam. Why would stuff just "fall out" of a saucer? It doesn't make sense. Aliens are riding around in these leaky things in outer space? They would depressurize & the ufonauts would be killed, if these things were that badly made. C'mon man. The fragments were dropped on purpose & the peeps scared into giving them up, all to make them think it was alien stuff that we weren't supposed to know about; or to prevent them from finding out saucers were made of common earth metals. Keel has already said stuff dropped by saucers is all common earth materials. Intimidation campaign; although 2 witnesses were supposedly pushed down escalators, 1 of them killed.

p122 - Ufos from the future. Nah. But what if ufos from different timelines were coming back to the past to change the future in their favor ie bring about their own future rather than one of the others - stranded tempunauts from competing timelines. Stranded because their futures were poofed out of existence by their own meddling.

p124 - Article about group who repaired a "temporal transmitter," advertised for help, repaired it, & promptly used it & vanished. Pratt - BICR Affair. Bogus; see Pratt debunking in previous notes. Pratt mentions contacting John Sherwood in Michigan, when in fact Sherwood was Pratt himself. Great story though.

p132 - Sherwood/Pratt a plant; trial balloon to see if peeps would buy the saucers as time machines crap - they didn't. See Swamp Gas notes.

p133 - text of 1952 memo from CIA director Walter Smith - on utilization of this phenomena for psychological warfare operations. This is last year of Truman era - no Jesse Helms yet, guys.

"Vegetable Man" alien took blood sample from witness. See also pilot who saw "asparagus" aliens who tried to save him when his plane crashed into their ufo.

 p135 - MIB questions about time & what witness knew of the future. Crazy. What if they (ufos) really are time travellers & wanted to know which future timeline might be winning out; if there were competing timelines trying to create different futures. Nah. Good idea for a book though. Maybe this is a disinformation scheme; still seeing if the ufos are from the future idea will wash.

p136 - Bulwer Lytton, Blavatsky, Theosophy - too close to lifting the veil. Don't get too close, or know too much, or you will be dealt with. Blavatsky made up a bunch of stuff though; she said so in private letters.

p142 - MIB encounter. "I must depart, my energy is running down." Then he staggers out. Weird.

p149 - Moseley admits Straith letter was a hoax by him & Barker.

p158 - ID of Jessup's body impossible cuz of added fluids - then how could Moore identify it from a photo?

p161 - microwave/laser remote antipersonnel weapon - remote monitoring, disrupting, disorienting, causing illness, all from a distance. This was in the 60's; imagine what they can do now.

p174 - Discusses Tibetan knowledge of ufos. 2nd group of ufo peeps who live inside the earth; not benevolent at all. Entrances in Andes & Gobi Desert. Also mentions Ultima Thule north of British Isles (it's not on google earth).

p176 - Theory that contactees had been hypnotized. Most likely explanation. Or willingly made stuff up, like Menger admitted to later on, "in service to his country."

p180 - Barker meets Keel's double at Giant Rock.

p194 - Sherwood again; & Shaver.

p196 - Saucers as holograms. There was a working projection hologram in 1969.

p198 - Leon Davidson theory (in 1962) that ET thesis was used to distract researchers from the fact that US had their own saucers or were covering up for Nazi saucers. Worked like a charm. Still working today, in spite of guys like Keel.

p199 - CIA guiding release of planted information, secret tests of authentic military developments that gave misleading impressions to observers, sponsoring formation of NICAP & others, & ufo articles in major magazines, Adamski & Fry etc, Menger admitted to cooperating...

p200 - Secret navy aircraft taunted air force bases. Ufos are psychological warfare weapons.

p202 - Sequence of CIA-planted contact story buildup, written 1968, Davidson again. Just as I had suspected. 50 years later the ET scam is still in full swing.

p213 - MIB's interested in retrieving evidence that might point to terrestrial origin of ufos. -Indeed, as I suggested earlier.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Looking For Orthon

Personally I'd be looking for Kalna... Google books has this, I might buy it anyways, I can't read digital for very long. Read & listen & watch digital if you wanna ruin your eyesight & hearing.

p29 - Adamski is discussing saucer sightings in the Palomar Gardens restaurant. 6 military guys are in there, one of whom says, "It is not as fantastic as it sounds. We know something about this. ...the ship was not of this world."

Later 2 scientists on the way to the observatory ask him about sightings of lights and tell him "all indications point(..) to them being interplanetary, because they d(o) not belong to our government."

These casual conversations seem to get the ball rolling for the "aliens from another planet with a superior technology" bandwagon. But the first group is military, the 2nd scientists. Not intelligence operatives. Unless they're posing? The average scientist would probably not know of any CIA or black ops stuff, so maybe a harmless comment; skientists would likely be of the atheist/materialist viewpoint so wouldn't believe ufos could be anything other than ET's. Military likewise, these guys might not have been privy to any special programs (they may not have been Air Force; possibly Navy from San Diego). Still it seems strange that these things would be said at random, in light of what happens later.

p37 - Author remarks on the comical sequence of Orthon returning the photo negative by tossing it out of a hovering saucer. "Perhaps all thinking entities have a touch of Chaplin, whether they live in caves or spaceships, or whether they look like lizards, owls, or moths." If Adamski were making all this up it seems like he would have made it more plausible. Or his dupers would make it more plausible...

p48 - Quote from Adamski that he had a meeting with peeps from all the other planets. On eating: "They usually purchase the cheaper cuts which can be boiled with vegetables like my mother used to cook when I was a boy." He can't be serious.... Bennett is suitably unimpressed; compares this to a Lenny Bruce stand-up routine.

p50 - "Prototype hippies arrived to empty the larder and spend their time contemplating the infinite rather than work." Adamski quote. Hmm... sounds like where I live...

Visit from spaceman at the restaurant, but others present don't think it was a spaceman. Precisely.

p51 - Author asks, Do the space brothers ever take time off from this rubbish? Good question.

Well shoot google books only has 56 pages up. To be continued.... after I shell out the cash er credit to buy the booky book...

Later... unfortunately I did buy the book and find it a difficult read as in the author diverging all over the place to prove how "literary" he is I guess; comparing Adamski to various fictional or otherwise characters many of whom I haven't heard of, or if heard of haven't read that particular book, probably like the vast majority of peeps reading this book - so why include all those "as in..." and "like..." comparisons?

p76 - He uses as sources Mack, Hopkins, & Strieber, all with likely CIA connections ie spreading disinformation; all fairly well discredited by other authors whom this author doesn't seem to have read. He doesn't consider intelligence tomfoolery much at all, or the "supernatural" explanation at all, or that Adamski even while believing what he had witnessed could have been tricked ie hypnotized or whatever.

p82 - Regarding Adamski's experience - "It was almost certainly..." No it was not. He was fed a story by whoever did this: CIA, demons, genies... Read up on fairies, leprechauns etc etc, see Keel & his protege Vallee, Barker, etc etc. Also the author could have read Project Beta in between editions of this book & incorporated some of that info in the new version. Horsley's Prisoner of Infinity sort of blows the whole abduction story out of the water. The Space Brothers were already laughable decades before this author's book came out. Maybe he's desperately trying to revive that theory? I gotta say this is the first book on the ufo thing that I haven't felt was worth reading. Nevertheless the last 100 pages might have something of value. Stick to what's available on google books. 

- Okay, found a couple things worth commenting on...

p101 - Saucer is too crude - almost out of date. Yes if it's really from outer space why doesn't it look like the ufos of nowadays, sleek & aerodynamic. Cuz its made on earth with technology that existed here on earth at the time; ufos improve as our technology improves. That's why. Isn't that a dead giveaway of something? Hmm? Either mechanical constructs made on earth or temporary constructs made from images within our minds; or some of both. A mimic of such that existed in the mind of the percipient, in other words what the contactee assumed the inside of a spaceship would look like based on his knowledge of skience (or man-made using technology of the period); but not made by friggin aliens from outer space for Pete's sake. Hmm, who's Pete BTW?

Space folk - c'mon man, they're not from space. Tailored for Adamski, yes maybe; but by whom?

Author is one of those promoting ET scam? Should Cooper (if he was alive) add him to his list? Although author does ridicule some stuff, like the corny speeches of the "masters," etc.

p103 - "Contact with a highly developed information field." Interesting. (Maybe author is not on ET bandwagon after all.) Tailored to whoever it shows itself to. Keel idea (author this author ignores of course). PKD's Valis. Some sort of living internet that inhabits our airspace? That can manifest things physically (temporarily - until local energy runs out)? Yikes. Not from outer space, it would be from every space. Perhaps living outernet or everynet of ancient civilization who succeeded in digitizing themselves into the universal web, but did not head to the stars, or came back because there was nothing out there; stayed here unable to regain their physical form, thus would mess with us out of spite. Not ancient aliens; ancient atheists. If they had let themselves die like normal they would have continued on the progression from state to state like normal; but because they didn't believe in God or eternal life of the soul, they felt they had to create it themselves, and now are stuck as, as the other book title says, prisoners of infinity (hope you make it Kurzweil, so you can torment living beings billions of years from now - sounds like fun). Formless, shapeless, they would only hang out where life was, & try to get back in, however they could. Ancient Atheists, I like that, should be a tv show. And after thousands or millions or billions of years of disembodied consciousness, how sane would that consciousness be? Would that consciousness become omniscient or all-knowing at the moment of upload, as they possibly expected? Nope. That is reserved for the peeps who actually allow themselves to participate in the natural cycle set up for us. More reason for these disembodied dumbbells to be furious with their new state of existence; especially if through the years of their infiniteness they found out that they had been wrong and there really was a life after life... No wonder they would hate us & always be messing with us... & their knowledge would never be limitless like their Borgnet existence is... Poor slobs... They would try to convert peeps to atheism (through mass media or whatever) to potentially swell their ranks once Kurzweil gets his singularity going...

Btw their physical creations would only be temporary, as they tweak the SQK of matter-producing ether to create whatever they see in our minds that we want to see. But like everything else in the universe(s) these forms decay (entropy) and revert back to formlessness (PKD's Form Destroyer deity from A Maze of Death). Whatever this method of creation/destruction (or let's call it mat/demat shall we?) is, it appears and then burns out much faster than our normal physical things; trees, rocks, people, planets, stars... The process of energizing these atoms, hmm, makes the protons(?) spin faster, thus these forms wear out at an accelerated rate. A temporary bigfoot or other surrogate monster they found in our imagination/unconscious thus pounds on the hood of a passing car because they get pissed because they can't make use of the electromagnetic energy they've detected emanating from under the hood; they pound angrily on the hood & stomp away. They need something to sustain themselves, their forms, which others have speculated is blood (cattle mutilations etc)... "The poor slobs literally melt" - Keel.

Maybe some of them did journey to the stars. Our nuclear tests would have brought them back; unintended advertising that our technology was approaching the level of the ancient atheists themselves when they uploaded their souls to their eternal bore-doom...

Presuming these sentient ancient atheists now Borg-like consciousnesses could survive the periodic explosions of our (or any) galactic center & the resulting destructive waves that I've written about before (if LaV is correct about this). -which is why they found nothing on their adventures into deep space btw... - it's all periodically destroyed... every civ that might have existed, anywhere.

Author goes on to lampoon Adamski's "aliens" (which they are not, as in physical space beings), in addition to their "spaceship." The laughable Space Brothers deservedly vanished into history soon after this... Thx to above paragraphs for new improved blog title. Domain was still available...

p104 - Housecleaning in the higher vibratory regions - from Helen & Bryan Reeve's Flying Saucer Pilgrimage. This author says hints of trouble in paradise regarding these "gods."

p105 - Adamski victim of advertising. Interesting way to put it but essentially correct. Space Brothers are a product like the Elves & Dwarfs were, for us to consume in order to have our belief systems changed to prepare for... hmm... what? The 2nd (or 3rd) singularity? To suck more souls out of the normal cycle & into the every space internet Borg anthill? Ugh. Or the fake alien invasion? Which will bring about world unity to fight it off, thus initiating the new world dictatorship run by the collectivists...

Also footnote 96 discusses Corso's book on Roswell, says the inconsistencies about old-style transistors & question of analog or digital make him look like a fool. -Sweet.

p106 - Swendenborg - "When the angels begin to speak to a man, he must beware, for they will prattle of such outrageous nonsense as would never be believed." See Keel's Our Haunted Planet from 1970 (3 decades earlier!) where he has the translation slightly different. Keel has a lot of copycats.

p131 - Bryant & Helen Reeve - Flying Saucer Pilgrimage

p138 - Adamski meets "Kalna's sister" at cafe near Grants Pass. Yeah, right...

p147 - "Far stranger powers face us than we had thought originally, operating from an unknown base... We are coming in closer contact with these powers." - Werner Von Braun, after deflection of American rocket from its orbit in 1958. Did they know it was a deflection, rather than a malfunction?

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Project Beta

p16 - Botched hypnotic regression by eager researchers.

Yup, accounts for possibly all of the supposed "alien abductions" and "greys" - Colin Bennett should have read this book before re-issuing Looking For Orthon; guess it didn't fit his theories so he ignores it. Hypnotic regression promoted by Hopkins, Strieber & others to further their aliens stories; they're denounced as CIA tools (wittingly or unwittingly) by several researchers (Keel, this book, Horsley, Barker, Cooper etc etc - although Cooper himself is suspect making his suspicions suspect making.... uh hmm).

p47 - The KGB repeatedly misled the CIA to convey an impression of weakness in their missile arsenal. Aha! I just read in some other book how the US overrated the Soviets' capabilities during the Cold War. That's what they wanted us to think, and that author bought into it years later. Have to find that book. - By deliberately skewing guidance communications during live tests - telemetry that deliberately sent inaccurate data to US intelligence. Interesting...

p51 - Author claims Jessup came to attach much significance to Varo edition of his book. No, I don't think so, Jessup is said to have scoffed at it by several writers (Barker etc). He wrote additional notes in his own copy which is the one he entrusted to Sanderson that later disappeared.

p52 - Discusses Bill Moore & Philadelphia Experiment stuff. No mention of Keel giving Moore his own notes on the "dubious" Carlos Allende claims. Keel warned Moore about using it. Keel also introduced Moore to Berlitz, author of this book doesn't mention that either. Also a bit on Roswell story.

p54 - Weitzel sighting near Pecos.

p86 - Kirtland Documents - lights over the base, guards see grounded ufo etc.

p89 - Hostile signal jamming at Kirtland AFB - they never figured out where it came from. Kirtland is very close to the Petroglyphs monument with its reported magnetic energies that the new agers flock to. Could this be a factor in all that went on? Is it coincidence that Kirtland was put here?

p96 - Bennewitz's computer program was modified & refined by the aliens on the other side of the signal. Duh, they weren't aliens, he was being messed with by intel.

p98 - This program assigned words/phrases to the pulses Bennewitz was getting on his receiving gear. About aliens, natch, & he believed it all. He was set up by peeps in the empty house across the street & never suspected it. Hynek may have delivered the computer program, knowing or not knowing what it was.

p122 - Text of Project Aquarius doc, a phony to fool Bennewitz; given to Moore to give to him.

p156 - Device to measure magnetic fields across frequencies - invented by Bennewitz. AF guy studied it & went back & built one - AF has it. What do they use it for?

p163 - Bit about Wilhelm Reich & cloudbuster.

p168 - Gravity conquered by mid 50's - scientific briefing entitled "Electrogravitics Systems;" Moore & LaV both quote from it. Re-read of LaV's book required, and soon...

p174 - Adaptive optics - method of getting clearer pictures of aerial objects from the ground. Also mentions Oswald.

p176 - Satellite espionage programs - reprogramming soviet satellites with lasers & the stolen codes.

p192 - Text of letter from NSA person to Bennewitz; feeding him more disinfo.

p200 - Supposed film of 3 ufos landing (at Holloman AFB) is to be screened for producers of ufo tv show - 3 aliens walk out of one of the ships. The film was never seen - only described. Later not released "due to Watergate" - actually it never existed haha.

p202 - Close Encounters based on supposed Holloman landing. Author implies that someone in Spielberg's office was getting checks from someone to promote friendly aliens.

p206 - William Cooper told same BS as Bennewitz. - However the last section of Cooper's "Threat" book refutes the whole alien thing & puts it on the CIA.

p210 - MJ-12 papers sent to Shandera, Moore & Friedman. Bogus.

p215 - Ewen Cameron - CIA sponsored his research in personality wiping. In 1958. This was 5 years after Adamski met Orthon. Had other research been done earlier, early enough to test on Adamski? Had human-made saucers advanced far enough to use in this test?

Friday, January 3, 2020

Prisoner of Infinity

p38 - Strieber & others putting together pieces to assemble a coherent narrative that doesn't add up. Holes in the plot.

In other words, the ET fiction is what doesn't add up. Because there aren't any.

p41 - Process Church again - see Tim Wyllie.

Processed to create fake narratives to recruit believers.

p42 - Strieber was doing a documentary on the process church in 1968 (he was probably a member) when he started having missing time episodes.

p43 - Ray Kurzweil first to write program to translate text to speech.

Don't think so, as far as the computer program anyhow. Eric Lenneberg has device in 1935 that translates words from keyboard (typewriter) into speech (see Barker's M. K. Jessup book). Kurzweil could have been the first to write a program to do it but fake voices could have been used since ww2. To hypnotize & otherwise control people. Like Kurzweil himself?

Singularity - his theory - that by 2045 humans & machines will belong to a single species. Nah, just a few atheist elites maybe, if that. Some say the software will never keep up. Look at Windows hahaha.

p80 - Process Church again - overlaps with Scientology, Son of Sam, Manson etc.

p98 - List of bullet points of the narrative - just Strieber's or the stuff they're trying to foist on all of us?

Again, when so few peeps are affected by all this, why the effort? If this dubious narrative is the point of it all? It will affect very few. Maybe that's enough?

p114 - Process Church & Strieber's involvement. Rumors that they were sacrificing young people in pyramids in Mexico. Way to put a stop to all this Mr. Wyllie, unless you were a willing participant? Were you one of the controlled dupes, who foisted your "rebel angels" on us? Another phony narrative? Like Montauk?

p116 - Is this bit not a rumor of Strieber's intelligence work? ie being with the CIA? See Milton Cooper. Night before RFK was killed he had dinner in Hollywood with Polanski & Tate.

p118 - RFK - Polanski - Tate - Sirhan - Manson - suggests Tate overheard something at Hollywood party that she wasn't supposed to hear about Sirhan - satanist group took out contract, hired Manson. In Sanders' book The Family.

p120 - Audience's attention is essential to maintenance of the illusion.

Actors on stage exist in world of their own. -Right, look at all these idiot TV celebrities.

Splains TV & the mainstream media & Hollywood millionaires living in their own little world divorced from reality. What is the illusion? Or are they only maintaining the illusion for the masses while behind the scenes they do... what?

Or is it just a bunch of grown up babies (of all political & media stripes) who crave constant attention?

p121 - Purpose of ufos. My idea - to find the 5% (that's the figure given in this book, Colin Wilson says that figure is 1 out of 3) of peeps susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.

"Recruited for the CIA" - Strieber slip of the tongue? If he's involved with the CIA, which this book presents enough evidence in favor of, then nothing he writes is worthwhile. It's all a big disinformation plot to promote the ET & alien abduction scams.

p123 - Castaneda was a former CIA assassin. Whoa...

p134 - Martin Cannon & "The Controllers" - unpublished.

Nope, it's in Time Travelling Through Swamp Gas by Barker, added by editor Colvin replacing the original edition's summary of that article. Possibly published after this book was written.

p136 - Abduction a screen memory - the "spaceship" was parked in the courtyard of the cult training center. Screen memory installed in case she started to remember the ritual abuse by the cult.

So that's what the alien abduction story is for: to cover ritual abuse by cults, intelligence agents, etc etc. Not just ritual abuse; abuse of children as in pedophilia & breaking their minds to control them. See Candy Jones story.

p137 - Peeps who stopped believing in Strieber's scenario were removed from his website. Way to go Whitley. Way to promote freedom of speech.

p138 - Extremely sophisticated human manipulations are sufficient to account for most of the evidence. Yes. Hits the nail on the head. The narrative the mainstream media doesn't want you to hear.

p142 - A short lesson in how to dig for gold. The author was trying it himself for awhile.

p147 - Alternative methodology - channeled material in Seth Speaks - in SRI report. Future oriented strategic planning. I guess part of this was to promote all this channeled garbage. It's now mainstream - Wyllie, Cannon, Shi-Ji, Ra, Wilcock, etc ad nauseum.

p149 - Stress as a tool for accelerating human evolution. -Hmm, well I don't believe in evolution. We're the same old humans we always were.

p158 - Castaneda at the end supposedly went barking mad, according to a witness. His inner circle reputedly all committed suicide after he died.

p164 - Strieber says a general disbelief in aliens was carefully cultivated by our govt.

Wrong!!!!!!!! They are doing the opposite, using Strieber as one of their tools. They have been orchestrating a belief in non-existent aliens for over 50 years!!! Wake up people! Aliens are now mainstream. Tons of movies, games, books... Way to go, mainstream media you idiots. Way to help promote the lie & help out the intelligence community you so profess to hate. I go back to my argument with my former neighbor when I said there were no aliens & he thought I was crazy. "What? No greys? No reptilians? No pleaidians?" He got pissed haha. Maybe he went to Alien Con in LA last year. hehheh...

p174 - Atlanteans create zodiac to give future humanity a way to anticipate when the next cataclysm will arrive - Strieber "remembers." See LaV, you dolt. Presumably Strieber is referring to the "Age of Aquarius" or perhaps any new age as the zodiac turns, but keep an eye on the tail of Scorpio, the arrow of Sagittarius & the galactic center. If you see a blue light pop up there.... 24 hours or so to prepare for the electron barrage, EMP shockwave & 24-48 hrs later the gravity wave. Sounds like fun...

p179 - Soul traps - still ensnared by lust. Presumably the author is talking of reincarnation but he doesn't say so. Souls at point of death captured and used as energy source.

p188 - Author doesn't get space travel. Long and boring. Good for him!

p206 - CIA asked writers to incorporate coded info in their novels. PKD refused. Maybe others did also. Maybe some (Strieber?) did not. A Clockwork Orange a collaboration between Burgess & former(?) intelligence agent.

Mind control experiments by Dr. Ewen Cameron from 1957-1963. Aversion therapies, misuse of civilians etc.

How many authors participated in this shit?

p208 - Intelligence bodies working in and through mass media. Yes.

p209 - Paranormal still scorned by certain class of "intelligent" people. Yes, atheists. Perhaps some religionists too I suppose. These peeps probably only scorn it publicly while practicing it behind the scenes. Hide in plain sight.

p222 - Alien abductions are a screen memory - aided by Hollywood, TV, ufo researchers, experiencers (I would add Sci-fi authors willing or no). See Cannon's The Controllers, in the Swamp Gas book.

Regarding the transhumanists & the peeps who envision us uploading our consciousnesses to a networked digital utopia & sending ourselves to the stars, I wonder if this is nothing more than a bunch of atheists (I say this leaning towards Hinduism, not a Christian or anything else) who are afraid of dying and thus attempting to not dissolve into nothingness (thus saving their personalities via upload & assimilation into whatever Borg form the internet has taken by then); but later what if they find out they were "dead" wrong and that there really is life after death? How mortifying would that be?

Of course this process would only be for the elite millionaires, while the rest of us would live, die, move on to another state as we're supposed to, or whatever happens. Could a past civilization have done this (the singularity) already? If not why not? Nothing new under the sun, after all. Those ancient atheists... Stuck as a disembodied human (limited) mind while the rest of us advance through the different states of being, leaving them in the dust. Left behind indeed...

Secret Knowledge

p25 Eruption of Thera with a force of 200 to 500 megatons in 1628 BC. New Zealand's Taupo Valley volcano exploded simultaneously generat...