Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Forget About Flying Saucers

p21 - Text of letter from Dr. Raymond Bernard, the hollow earth guy - about exploring tunnels in South America. Hmm, wonder if there's any new (within last 40 years) info on this. Hmm, tunnels supposedly all over South America, Nazis supposedly all over South America... Coincidence? Are they in cahoots? Is it arglebargle, or foofarah?

p22 - Witness saw underground city of dwarfs. ?? Send in the military! Not to kill, but to defend themselves long enough to collect evidence, like photos or even some of the dwarfs?

p41 - Simonton was hypnotized - pancakes were real though.

A number of possibilities here. Barker overheard a conversation in a restaurant, of real estate peeps who wanted to set up an amusement park & hypnotized Simonton to be one of their attractions. C'mon man, this sounds just stupid. Cover story? Hypnosis was real but reason for it was a con? To divert attention away from the CIA being responsible for the deception? Hey it's not us! Uh huh... Barker was being put on? Barker was helping the CIA? How would they have known which restaurant he would go to & which booth he would sit in, in order to stage the conversation for him to overhear? Barker made it up? Because he suspected many contactees were victims of hypnosis & wanted to see the reaction if he printed this? Or he wanted to make the hypnosis idea sound ridiculous? Or lead peeps off the trail of the CIA, to protect himself (from them) by saying it might be someone else doing it? Barker himself was hypnotized into believing this story of hypnosis? Blerg... you figure it out. The pancake story is one of the funniest ufo contact stories though; a shame that it wasn't real. Why would ufonauts be frying pancakes inside a ufo? Why would the ufonauts be wearing 400 year old Irish soldier uniforms, as Barker alleges at the end of this article? If the object was to promote the ET thesis, then why make the peeps who "contact" the "ET's" look like fools? Curiouser and curiouser...

p112 - Moseley sees pieces of the famous pancakes at Wright-Patterson.

p116 - Text of report on Villas-Boas case. Hypnosis or confabulation or deception is not even considered in the majority of these early 60's reports. I wonder who Villas-Boas's alien babe really was...

p134 - Entity named Zayron manifesting in trance; member of ICHC obviously. No details of what he said.

p135 - Norman Schreibstein MIB visit. Goings on with lights flying around a room. Someone grabs it momentarily & it "feels metallic." ?? Cud be a clue...

p145 - Ouija Board session attended by Barker. I may have wrote of this elsewhere. Anyhoo Ouija Board warns weird devils are watching. "They are all over." Psychic operator picks it up from one of the group.

The end.

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