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Looking For Orthon

Personally I'd be looking for Kalna... Google books has this, I might buy it anyways, I can't read digital for very long. Read & listen & watch digital if you wanna ruin your eyesight & hearing.

p29 - Adamski is discussing saucer sightings in the Palomar Gardens restaurant. 6 military guys are in there, one of whom says, "It is not as fantastic as it sounds. We know something about this. ...the ship was not of this world."

Later 2 scientists on the way to the observatory ask him about sightings of lights and tell him "all indications point(..) to them being interplanetary, because they d(o) not belong to our government."

These casual conversations seem to get the ball rolling for the "aliens from another planet with a superior technology" bandwagon. But the first group is military, the 2nd scientists. Not intelligence operatives. Unless they're posing? The average scientist would probably not know of any CIA or black ops stuff, so maybe a harmless comment; skientists would likely be of the atheist/materialist viewpoint so wouldn't believe ufos could be anything other than ET's. Military likewise, these guys might not have been privy to any special programs (they may not have been Air Force; possibly Navy from San Diego). Still it seems strange that these things would be said at random, in light of what happens later.

p37 - Author remarks on the comical sequence of Orthon returning the photo negative by tossing it out of a hovering saucer. "Perhaps all thinking entities have a touch of Chaplin, whether they live in caves or spaceships, or whether they look like lizards, owls, or moths." If Adamski were making all this up it seems like he would have made it more plausible. Or his dupers would make it more plausible...

p48 - Quote from Adamski that he had a meeting with peeps from all the other planets. On eating: "They usually purchase the cheaper cuts which can be boiled with vegetables like my mother used to cook when I was a boy." He can't be serious.... Bennett is suitably unimpressed; compares this to a Lenny Bruce stand-up routine.

p50 - "Prototype hippies arrived to empty the larder and spend their time contemplating the infinite rather than work." Adamski quote. Hmm... sounds like where I live...

Visit from spaceman at the restaurant, but others present don't think it was a spaceman. Precisely.

p51 - Author asks, Do the space brothers ever take time off from this rubbish? Good question.

Well shoot google books only has 56 pages up. To be continued.... after I shell out the cash er credit to buy the booky book...

Later... unfortunately I did buy the book and find it a difficult read as in the author diverging all over the place to prove how "literary" he is I guess; comparing Adamski to various fictional or otherwise characters many of whom I haven't heard of, or if heard of haven't read that particular book, probably like the vast majority of peeps reading this book - so why include all those "as in..." and "like..." comparisons?

p76 - He uses as sources Mack, Hopkins, & Strieber, all with likely CIA connections ie spreading disinformation; all fairly well discredited by other authors whom this author doesn't seem to have read. He doesn't consider intelligence tomfoolery much at all, or the "supernatural" explanation at all, or that Adamski even while believing what he had witnessed could have been tricked ie hypnotized or whatever.

p82 - Regarding Adamski's experience - "It was almost certainly..." No it was not. He was fed a story by whoever did this: CIA, demons, genies... Read up on fairies, leprechauns etc etc, see Keel & his protege Vallee, Barker, etc etc. Also the author could have read Project Beta in between editions of this book & incorporated some of that info in the new version. Horsley's Prisoner of Infinity sort of blows the whole abduction story out of the water. The Space Brothers were already laughable decades before this author's book came out. Maybe he's desperately trying to revive that theory? I gotta say this is the first book on the ufo thing that I haven't felt was worth reading. Nevertheless the last 100 pages might have something of value. Stick to what's available on google books. 

- Okay, found a couple things worth commenting on...

p101 - Saucer is too crude - almost out of date. Yes if it's really from outer space why doesn't it look like the ufos of nowadays, sleek & aerodynamic. Cuz its made on earth with technology that existed here on earth at the time; ufos improve as our technology improves. That's why. Isn't that a dead giveaway of something? Hmm? Either mechanical constructs made on earth or temporary constructs made from images within our minds; or some of both. A mimic of such that existed in the mind of the percipient, in other words what the contactee assumed the inside of a spaceship would look like based on his knowledge of skience (or man-made using technology of the period); but not made by friggin aliens from outer space for Pete's sake. Hmm, who's Pete BTW?

Space folk - c'mon man, they're not from space. Tailored for Adamski, yes maybe; but by whom?

Author is one of those promoting ET scam? Should Cooper (if he was alive) add him to his list? Although author does ridicule some stuff, like the corny speeches of the "masters," etc.

p103 - "Contact with a highly developed information field." Interesting. (Maybe author is not on ET bandwagon after all.) Tailored to whoever it shows itself to. Keel idea (author this author ignores of course). PKD's Valis. Some sort of living internet that inhabits our airspace? That can manifest things physically (temporarily - until local energy runs out)? Yikes. Not from outer space, it would be from every space. Perhaps living outernet or everynet of ancient civilization who succeeded in digitizing themselves into the universal web, but did not head to the stars, or came back because there was nothing out there; stayed here unable to regain their physical form, thus would mess with us out of spite. Not ancient aliens; ancient atheists. If they had let themselves die like normal they would have continued on the progression from state to state like normal; but because they didn't believe in God or eternal life of the soul, they felt they had to create it themselves, and now are stuck as, as the other book title says, prisoners of infinity (hope you make it Kurzweil, so you can torment living beings billions of years from now - sounds like fun). Formless, shapeless, they would only hang out where life was, & try to get back in, however they could. Ancient Atheists, I like that, should be a tv show. And after thousands or millions or billions of years of disembodied consciousness, how sane would that consciousness be? Would that consciousness become omniscient or all-knowing at the moment of upload, as they possibly expected? Nope. That is reserved for the peeps who actually allow themselves to participate in the natural cycle set up for us. More reason for these disembodied dumbbells to be furious with their new state of existence; especially if through the years of their infiniteness they found out that they had been wrong and there really was a life after life... No wonder they would hate us & always be messing with us... & their knowledge would never be limitless like their Borgnet existence is... Poor slobs... They would try to convert peeps to atheism (through mass media or whatever) to potentially swell their ranks once Kurzweil gets his singularity going...

Btw their physical creations would only be temporary, as they tweak the SQK of matter-producing ether to create whatever they see in our minds that we want to see. But like everything else in the universe(s) these forms decay (entropy) and revert back to formlessness (PKD's Form Destroyer deity from A Maze of Death). Whatever this method of creation/destruction (or let's call it mat/demat shall we?) is, it appears and then burns out much faster than our normal physical things; trees, rocks, people, planets, stars... The process of energizing these atoms, hmm, makes the protons(?) spin faster, thus these forms wear out at an accelerated rate. A temporary bigfoot or other surrogate monster they found in our imagination/unconscious thus pounds on the hood of a passing car because they get pissed because they can't make use of the electromagnetic energy they've detected emanating from under the hood; they pound angrily on the hood & stomp away. They need something to sustain themselves, their forms, which others have speculated is blood (cattle mutilations etc)... "The poor slobs literally melt" - Keel.

Maybe some of them did journey to the stars. Our nuclear tests would have brought them back; unintended advertising that our technology was approaching the level of the ancient atheists themselves when they uploaded their souls to their eternal bore-doom...

Presuming these sentient ancient atheists now Borg-like consciousnesses could survive the periodic explosions of our (or any) galactic center & the resulting destructive waves that I've written about before (if LaV is correct about this). -which is why they found nothing on their adventures into deep space btw... - it's all periodically destroyed... every civ that might have existed, anywhere.

Author goes on to lampoon Adamski's "aliens" (which they are not, as in physical space beings), in addition to their "spaceship." The laughable Space Brothers deservedly vanished into history soon after this... Thx to above paragraphs for new improved blog title. Domain was still available...

p104 - Housecleaning in the higher vibratory regions - from Helen & Bryan Reeve's Flying Saucer Pilgrimage. This author says hints of trouble in paradise regarding these "gods."

p105 - Adamski victim of advertising. Interesting way to put it but essentially correct. Space Brothers are a product like the Elves & Dwarfs were, for us to consume in order to have our belief systems changed to prepare for... hmm... what? The 2nd (or 3rd) singularity? To suck more souls out of the normal cycle & into the every space internet Borg anthill? Ugh. Or the fake alien invasion? Which will bring about world unity to fight it off, thus initiating the new world dictatorship run by the collectivists...

Also footnote 96 discusses Corso's book on Roswell, says the inconsistencies about old-style transistors & question of analog or digital make him look like a fool. -Sweet.

p106 - Swendenborg - "When the angels begin to speak to a man, he must beware, for they will prattle of such outrageous nonsense as would never be believed." See Keel's Our Haunted Planet from 1970 (3 decades earlier!) where he has the translation slightly different. Keel has a lot of copycats.

p131 - Bryant & Helen Reeve - Flying Saucer Pilgrimage

p138 - Adamski meets "Kalna's sister" at cafe near Grants Pass. Yeah, right...

p147 - "Far stranger powers face us than we had thought originally, operating from an unknown base... We are coming in closer contact with these powers." - Werner Von Braun, after deflection of American rocket from its orbit in 1958. Did they know it was a deflection, rather than a malfunction?

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