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Men In Black: The Secret Terror

p12 Mound WV & Kanawha Valley not encroached on during last Ice Age - unlike surrounding areas - so lots of ancient stuff found there, including the mounds.

p13 - Carbide (in Mound WV) manufactured some of the plastics found at the Roswell crash site (as well as some glue or something that was exclusive to the company, noted by Colvin elsewhere).

Did their Institute WV plant take over production of Nazi saucer-drones after the war? Maybe. Maybe during or as soon as the Nazis had them.

p14 - ET indoctrination program, for social engineering or perception management. Yup.

New line of saucers being built in WV during the 60's - would account for all the sightings in the Mothman era. Kecksburg model in 1965 (whatever that is...).

p15 - Indrid Cold lived in a house near Institute. Does this come from Greenfield? The interview towards the end of his book?

p16 - Colvin's elementary school Grandview - because of its high number of genius kids it became a focus of military interest. Add 2+2 Andy, your school might have been the subject of a military/covert test. "Funded by a special grant organized by RFK." Wonder why... not. Not a coincidence, Andy. A lot of ufo weirdos came from WV; Budd Hopkins for one. If you connect the dots this connects RFK to the ufo/covert ops things; it's not just peeps in the other party, as I keep trying to tell you. Maybe why Colvin & his ilk don't delve into this too much; it destroys the illusion they're trying to preserve - the mainstream media fantasyland.

Regardless of all my criticism of Colvin, his additions to the new editions of these Barker books are fascinating, valuable and invaluable (??). Question: why do valuable and invaluable mean the same thing?

p18 - MK-Ultra, Mae Brussell, her belief that "alien abductions" were all from ex-Nazi doctors who were brought over to the US. International order of ex-Nazis. She died shortly after Barker (1984), a possible victim of induced cancer. If Horsley is right, then you have alien abduction a cover for ex-Nazi doctors a cover for ritual child abuse. Ugh. Brussell could have been eliminated to make researchers think she was "on to something" - or she really was on to something.

p21 - 2 kinds of ufos. Yes. Man-made & whatever the other ones are.

Army psychiatrists hypnotized the Hills into forgetting what they had seen. Because they'd seen military personnel, not aliens. -Righto.

p22 - Peeps believe ET's are real & in cahoots with the govt. Not by chance. Constant drone of ET programming in the media.

p43 - Early 1955 MIB account.

p46 - Maury Island - decent summary. With only Dahl's word for the donut ufos then not much credibility for that part of the story. That many ufos over that part of Puget Sound so near Tacoma & the smelter, no chance nobody else would have seen them. Some aspects still unexplained like the deserted house. Arnold's hotel room didn't need to have been bugged, they could have listened in from the room next door. Only Dahl's word for MIB also makes that aspect suspicious. Presence of Crisman makes the whole thing suspicious.

p52 - Text of Moseley editorial from Aug 67 about new "dangerous phase" regarding harassment of ufo researchers.

p54 - "Read the Bible." - quote to Barker from Gordon Evans who quit the field. Interesting that Keel (Barker called him on the phone) would not give Barker any details, if he knew them. Keel's own visitation by the "MIB" (who drank up a bottle of bleach) was just prior to Jan '67 when he told a visiting Brad Steiger about it. Did Steiger tell anyone else; is it in any of his books? If so, Barker should have known; although maybe he did, which is why he would have called Keel (either way, Barker never said anything about it either). If not, as seems likely, then maybe Keel told him "off the record" & Steiger revealed it later to Brent Raynes. Raynes isn't clear about this in his book. Don't remember Keel himself (or future 2000's editor Colvin) mentioning it, although all of his stuff is due for a re-read. Seems like kind of a big deal, doesn't it?... Steiger tells Raines that he & Keel discussed the bizarre visitors at greater length, but doesn't give any more details unfortunately.

p65 - "The Bible actually lays the whole thing out in minute detail." - Keel

p77 - Heinrich phone call warning not to pursue free energy.

p83 - Heinrich call to Barker's nephew. "We know all things." Warns again not to pursue free energy. Voice could have been faked with text-to-speech dealie. Or maybe a Barker hoax; but would he scare his own nephew to death?

p84 - "International bankers" feared that advent of saucers might disclose secret of free energy & upset financial system. Yes, since they themselves already have free energy & don't want the rest of us to have it. Upset financial balance as in they won't be able to make a killing on oil or electricity or anything else any more.

p88 - Discusses Varo edition of Case for the Ufo.

p97 - Text of letter from "Interstellar Bankers." Probably teenage friend hoaxing 2 teenage recipients. Somewhat unsettling tho... Story possibly embellished by Barker; or another Barker hoax?

p107 - In private letter Menger admits he was contacted by US govt agency to help with experiment, to gauge peeps' reactions to alien contact. Because he had accidentally witnessed something, test saucer experiment maybe. His whole shtick was a ruse; his "aliens" never existed. See?

p109 - CIA hoaxed saucer celebs into thinking they met space peeps & rode in saucers - Leon Davidson. Yup. Menger admitted it. Did Colin Bennett see this info? Don't think it's in his Adamski book.

p110 - Witnesses who collect ufo fragments falling from saucers scared into giving it back.

Another con to set up the ET scam. Why would stuff just "fall out" of a saucer? It doesn't make sense. Aliens are riding around in these leaky things in outer space? They would depressurize & the ufonauts would be killed, if these things were that badly made. C'mon man. The fragments were dropped on purpose & the peeps scared into giving them up, all to make them think it was alien stuff that we weren't supposed to know about; or to prevent them from finding out saucers were made of common earth metals. Keel has already said stuff dropped by saucers is all common earth materials. Intimidation campaign; although 2 witnesses were supposedly pushed down escalators, 1 of them killed.

p122 - Ufos from the future. Nah. But what if ufos from different timelines were coming back to the past to change the future in their favor ie bring about their own future rather than one of the others - stranded tempunauts from competing timelines. Stranded because their futures were poofed out of existence by their own meddling.

p124 - Article about group who repaired a "temporal transmitter," advertised for help, repaired it, & promptly used it & vanished. Pratt - BICR Affair. Bogus; see Pratt debunking in previous notes. Pratt mentions contacting John Sherwood in Michigan, when in fact Sherwood was Pratt himself. Great story though.

p132 - Sherwood/Pratt a plant; trial balloon to see if peeps would buy the saucers as time machines crap - they didn't. See Swamp Gas notes.

p133 - text of 1952 memo from CIA director Walter Smith - on utilization of this phenomena for psychological warfare operations. This is last year of Truman era - no Jesse Helms yet, guys.

"Vegetable Man" alien took blood sample from witness. See also pilot who saw "asparagus" aliens who tried to save him when his plane crashed into their ufo.

 p135 - MIB questions about time & what witness knew of the future. Crazy. What if they (ufos) really are time travellers & wanted to know which future timeline might be winning out; if there were competing timelines trying to create different futures. Nah. Good idea for a book though. Maybe this is a disinformation scheme; still seeing if the ufos are from the future idea will wash.

p136 - Bulwer Lytton, Blavatsky, Theosophy - too close to lifting the veil. Don't get too close, or know too much, or you will be dealt with. Blavatsky made up a bunch of stuff though; she said so in private letters.

p142 - MIB encounter. "I must depart, my energy is running down." Then he staggers out. Weird.

p149 - Moseley admits Straith letter was a hoax by him & Barker.

p158 - ID of Jessup's body impossible cuz of added fluids - then how could Moore identify it from a photo?

p161 - microwave/laser remote antipersonnel weapon - remote monitoring, disrupting, disorienting, causing illness, all from a distance. This was in the 60's; imagine what they can do now.

p174 - Discusses Tibetan knowledge of ufos. 2nd group of ufo peeps who live inside the earth; not benevolent at all. Entrances in Andes & Gobi Desert. Also mentions Ultima Thule north of British Isles (it's not on google earth).

p176 - Theory that contactees had been hypnotized. Most likely explanation. Or willingly made stuff up, like Menger admitted to later on, "in service to his country."

p180 - Barker meets Keel's double at Giant Rock.

p194 - Sherwood again; & Shaver.

p196 - Saucers as holograms. There was a working projection hologram in 1969.

p198 - Leon Davidson theory (in 1962) that ET thesis was used to distract researchers from the fact that US had their own saucers or were covering up for Nazi saucers. Worked like a charm. Still working today, in spite of guys like Keel.

p199 - CIA guiding release of planted information, secret tests of authentic military developments that gave misleading impressions to observers, sponsoring formation of NICAP & others, & ufo articles in major magazines, Adamski & Fry etc, Menger admitted to cooperating...

p200 - Secret navy aircraft taunted air force bases. Ufos are psychological warfare weapons.

p202 - Sequence of CIA-planted contact story buildup, written 1968, Davidson again. Just as I had suspected. 50 years later the ET scam is still in full swing.

p213 - MIB's interested in retrieving evidence that might point to terrestrial origin of ufos. -Indeed, as I suggested earlier.

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