Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Mysterious Ascension

p27 - Puharich heads the Council of Nine, which includes Sir John Whitmore, a medical doctor. I guess this isn't the same Nine I've read of & posted of elsewhere. Or if it is, then this The Nine stuff is very questionable. Which it is regardless hehheh.

Geomagnetism in WV heightens psychic abilities. Is this the reason for all the haps there then, like the ufos, mothman etc etc. Same would be true then of Petroglyphs near Albuquerque; & anywhere else - these are the "window" areas.

p40 - According to Stranges there are several types of ufos: US, Russian, Nazis in South America, inner earth, time travellers, outer space aliens, and angels & demons. This just about covers every possibility, doesn't it? So they're all true? Meh.... He leaves out the interdimensional hypothesis, so that must be what they are. Living creatures of some type. I spose... No proof of any of it other than that they're out there & some peeps see them & some don't...

Alien abductions are demonic, he says. See Horsley for a counter to this theory, ie a screen memory to cover ritual abuse by humans. Edit: probably both; possibly working together.

Note: Thor is bogus so much of this book is too. Hardly any new info here until...

p87 - According to editor Colvin, Barker made up the "Eisenhower meets aliens" story. Good article in Flying Saucer Fire and Fury, will revisit with this in mind.

p90 - Colvin theorizes "intelligence community used Stranges to publicize a controlled story that might draw out soviet spies." A decent explanation, except how many peeps ever even read this garbage back in the day? Very few, almost all just teenage nerds with pimples and no girlfriends.

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