Friday, January 3, 2020

Prisoner of Infinity

p38 - Strieber & others putting together pieces to assemble a coherent narrative that doesn't add up. Holes in the plot.

In other words, the ET fiction is what doesn't add up. Because there aren't any.

p41 - Process Church again - see Tim Wyllie.

Processed to create fake narratives to recruit believers.

p42 - Strieber was doing a documentary on the process church in 1968 (he was probably a member) when he started having missing time episodes.

p43 - Ray Kurzweil first to write program to translate text to speech.

Don't think so, as far as the computer program anyhow. Eric Lenneberg has device in 1935 that translates words from keyboard (typewriter) into speech (see Barker's M. K. Jessup book). Kurzweil could have been the first to write a program to do it but fake voices could have been used since ww2. To hypnotize & otherwise control people. Like Kurzweil himself?

Singularity - his theory - that by 2045 humans & machines will belong to a single species. Nah, just a few atheist elites maybe, if that. Some say the software will never keep up. Look at Windows hahaha.

p80 - Process Church again - overlaps with Scientology, Son of Sam, Manson etc.

p98 - List of bullet points of the narrative - just Strieber's or the stuff they're trying to foist on all of us?

Again, when so few peeps are affected by all this, why the effort? If this dubious narrative is the point of it all? It will affect very few. Maybe that's enough?

p114 - Process Church & Strieber's involvement. Rumors that they were sacrificing young people in pyramids in Mexico. Way to put a stop to all this Mr. Wyllie, unless you were a willing participant? Were you one of the controlled dupes, who foisted your "rebel angels" on us? Another phony narrative? Like Montauk?

p116 - Is this bit not a rumor of Strieber's intelligence work? ie being with the CIA? See Milton Cooper. Night before RFK was killed he had dinner in Hollywood with Polanski & Tate.

p118 - RFK - Polanski - Tate - Sirhan - Manson - suggests Tate overheard something at Hollywood party that she wasn't supposed to hear about Sirhan - satanist group took out contract, hired Manson. In Sanders' book The Family.

p120 - Audience's attention is essential to maintenance of the illusion.

Actors on stage exist in world of their own. -Right, look at all these idiot TV celebrities.

Splains TV & the mainstream media & Hollywood millionaires living in their own little world divorced from reality. What is the illusion? Or are they only maintaining the illusion for the masses while behind the scenes they do... what?

Or is it just a bunch of grown up babies (of all political & media stripes) who crave constant attention?

p121 - Purpose of ufos. My idea - to find the 5% (that's the figure given in this book, Colin Wilson says that figure is 1 out of 3) of peeps susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.

"Recruited for the CIA" - Strieber slip of the tongue? If he's involved with the CIA, which this book presents enough evidence in favor of, then nothing he writes is worthwhile. It's all a big disinformation plot to promote the ET & alien abduction scams.

p123 - Castaneda was a former CIA assassin. Whoa...

p134 - Martin Cannon & "The Controllers" - unpublished.

Nope, it's in Time Travelling Through Swamp Gas by Barker, added by editor Colvin replacing the original edition's summary of that article. Possibly published after this book was written.

p136 - Abduction a screen memory - the "spaceship" was parked in the courtyard of the cult training center. Screen memory installed in case she started to remember the ritual abuse by the cult.

So that's what the alien abduction story is for: to cover ritual abuse by cults, intelligence agents, etc etc. Not just ritual abuse; abuse of children as in pedophilia & breaking their minds to control them. See Candy Jones story.

p137 - Peeps who stopped believing in Strieber's scenario were removed from his website. Way to go Whitley. Way to promote freedom of speech.

p138 - Extremely sophisticated human manipulations are sufficient to account for most of the evidence. Yes. Hits the nail on the head. The narrative the mainstream media doesn't want you to hear.

p142 - A short lesson in how to dig for gold. The author was trying it himself for awhile.

p147 - Alternative methodology - channeled material in Seth Speaks - in SRI report. Future oriented strategic planning. I guess part of this was to promote all this channeled garbage. It's now mainstream - Wyllie, Cannon, Shi-Ji, Ra, Wilcock, etc ad nauseum.

p149 - Stress as a tool for accelerating human evolution. -Hmm, well I don't believe in evolution. We're the same old humans we always were.

p158 - Castaneda at the end supposedly went barking mad, according to a witness. His inner circle reputedly all committed suicide after he died.

p164 - Strieber says a general disbelief in aliens was carefully cultivated by our govt.

Wrong!!!!!!!! They are doing the opposite, using Strieber as one of their tools. They have been orchestrating a belief in non-existent aliens for over 50 years!!! Wake up people! Aliens are now mainstream. Tons of movies, games, books... Way to go, mainstream media you idiots. Way to help promote the lie & help out the intelligence community you so profess to hate. I go back to my argument with my former neighbor when I said there were no aliens & he thought I was crazy. "What? No greys? No reptilians? No pleaidians?" He got pissed haha. Maybe he went to Alien Con in LA last year. hehheh...

p174 - Atlanteans create zodiac to give future humanity a way to anticipate when the next cataclysm will arrive - Strieber "remembers." See LaV, you dolt. Presumably Strieber is referring to the "Age of Aquarius" or perhaps any new age as the zodiac turns, but keep an eye on the tail of Scorpio, the arrow of Sagittarius & the galactic center. If you see a blue light pop up there.... 24 hours or so to prepare for the electron barrage, EMP shockwave & 24-48 hrs later the gravity wave. Sounds like fun...

p179 - Soul traps - still ensnared by lust. Presumably the author is talking of reincarnation but he doesn't say so. Souls at point of death captured and used as energy source.

p188 - Author doesn't get space travel. Long and boring. Good for him!

p206 - CIA asked writers to incorporate coded info in their novels. PKD refused. Maybe others did also. Maybe some (Strieber?) did not. A Clockwork Orange a collaboration between Burgess & former(?) intelligence agent.

Mind control experiments by Dr. Ewen Cameron from 1957-1963. Aversion therapies, misuse of civilians etc.

How many authors participated in this shit?

p208 - Intelligence bodies working in and through mass media. Yes.

p209 - Paranormal still scorned by certain class of "intelligent" people. Yes, atheists. Perhaps some religionists too I suppose. These peeps probably only scorn it publicly while practicing it behind the scenes. Hide in plain sight.

p222 - Alien abductions are a screen memory - aided by Hollywood, TV, ufo researchers, experiencers (I would add Sci-fi authors willing or no). See Cannon's The Controllers, in the Swamp Gas book.

Regarding the transhumanists & the peeps who envision us uploading our consciousnesses to a networked digital utopia & sending ourselves to the stars, I wonder if this is nothing more than a bunch of atheists (I say this leaning towards Hinduism, not a Christian or anything else) who are afraid of dying and thus attempting to not dissolve into nothingness (thus saving their personalities via upload & assimilation into whatever Borg form the internet has taken by then); but later what if they find out they were "dead" wrong and that there really is life after death? How mortifying would that be?

Of course this process would only be for the elite millionaires, while the rest of us would live, die, move on to another state as we're supposed to, or whatever happens. Could a past civilization have done this (the singularity) already? If not why not? Nothing new under the sun, after all. Those ancient atheists... Stuck as a disembodied human (limited) mind while the rest of us advance through the different states of being, leaving them in the dust. Left behind indeed...

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