Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Project Beta

p16 - Botched hypnotic regression by eager researchers.

Yup, accounts for possibly all of the supposed "alien abductions" and "greys" - Colin Bennett should have read this book before re-issuing Looking For Orthon; guess it didn't fit his theories so he ignores it. Hypnotic regression promoted by Hopkins, Strieber & others to further their aliens stories; they're denounced as CIA tools (wittingly or unwittingly) by several researchers (Keel, this book, Horsley, Barker, Cooper etc etc - although Cooper himself is suspect making his suspicions suspect making.... uh hmm).

p47 - The KGB repeatedly misled the CIA to convey an impression of weakness in their missile arsenal. Aha! I just read in some other book how the US overrated the Soviets' capabilities during the Cold War. That's what they wanted us to think, and that author bought into it years later. Have to find that book. - By deliberately skewing guidance communications during live tests - telemetry that deliberately sent inaccurate data to US intelligence. Interesting...

p51 - Author claims Jessup came to attach much significance to Varo edition of his book. No, I don't think so, Jessup is said to have scoffed at it by several writers (Barker etc). He wrote additional notes in his own copy which is the one he entrusted to Sanderson that later disappeared.

p52 - Discusses Bill Moore & Philadelphia Experiment stuff. No mention of Keel giving Moore his own notes on the "dubious" Carlos Allende claims. Keel warned Moore about using it. Keel also introduced Moore to Berlitz, author of this book doesn't mention that either. Also a bit on Roswell story.

p54 - Weitzel sighting near Pecos.

p86 - Kirtland Documents - lights over the base, guards see grounded ufo etc.

p89 - Hostile signal jamming at Kirtland AFB - they never figured out where it came from. Kirtland is very close to the Petroglyphs monument with its reported magnetic energies that the new agers flock to. Could this be a factor in all that went on? Is it coincidence that Kirtland was put here?

p96 - Bennewitz's computer program was modified & refined by the aliens on the other side of the signal. Duh, they weren't aliens, he was being messed with by intel.

p98 - This program assigned words/phrases to the pulses Bennewitz was getting on his receiving gear. About aliens, natch, & he believed it all. He was set up by peeps in the empty house across the street & never suspected it. Hynek may have delivered the computer program, knowing or not knowing what it was.

p122 - Text of Project Aquarius doc, a phony to fool Bennewitz; given to Moore to give to him.

p156 - Device to measure magnetic fields across frequencies - invented by Bennewitz. AF guy studied it & went back & built one - AF has it. What do they use it for?

p163 - Bit about Wilhelm Reich & cloudbuster.

p168 - Gravity conquered by mid 50's - scientific briefing entitled "Electrogravitics Systems;" Moore & LaV both quote from it. Re-read of LaV's book required, and soon...

p174 - Adaptive optics - method of getting clearer pictures of aerial objects from the ground. Also mentions Oswald.

p176 - Satellite espionage programs - reprogramming soviet satellites with lasers & the stolen codes.

p192 - Text of letter from NSA person to Bennewitz; feeding him more disinfo.

p200 - Supposed film of 3 ufos landing (at Holloman AFB) is to be screened for producers of ufo tv show - 3 aliens walk out of one of the ships. The film was never seen - only described. Later not released "due to Watergate" - actually it never existed haha.

p202 - Close Encounters based on supposed Holloman landing. Author implies that someone in Spielberg's office was getting checks from someone to promote friendly aliens.

p206 - William Cooper told same BS as Bennewitz. - However the last section of Cooper's "Threat" book refutes the whole alien thing & puts it on the CIA.

p210 - MJ-12 papers sent to Shandera, Moore & Friedman. Bogus.

p215 - Ewen Cameron - CIA sponsored his research in personality wiping. In 1958. This was 5 years after Adamski met Orthon. Had other research been done earlier, early enough to test on Adamski? Had human-made saucers advanced far enough to use in this test?

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